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Hrm- well if you have control in the play room - get some good rears and a 5.1 amp, and let those subs do what they were meant to! :)

Check my sig; I've got all that.

These are specifically for my 2-channel rig.

I picked them up today; LORD they are heavy. I was able to get them both in my Ford Probe in 5 minutes with no issues! Wish I had a pic of THAT...[au]

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Well I hope someone jumps on these,if not they are fools.

No fool here! Now if I can just convince my fiance` to not KILL ME for buying them and let me insert them into the system (she's very fussy about aesthetics)....Stick out tongue

What woman isn't?

Saw the 2-channel setup on MTF.........pool table huh? nice.

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