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I have loved my Klipsch speakers for several years and have been an unofficial Klipsch "salesman". I have a complete Klipsch system including the sub-woofer. I bought a 150 powered subwoofer about 8 years ago and had to store it for 4 years due to living arrangements. For the past 3 years it has made rattling sounds when it has any type of base requirements placed on it. I initially thought that it was due to a mediocre Pioneer receiver. Since then I have purchased a high quality Yamaha receiver and it has been connected via a Monster sub-woofer cable. It continues to make a rattling sound. My father-in-law had similiar problems with his Klispsch 150 and scrapped it.

The question is: do I need to replace the entire sub-woofer system and consider it a lesson learned, or can I replace the woofer only? Is it an amp problem that can be fixed? Or would I be better off just buying a different sub-woofer system. Thank you for helping!!!

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It sounds like you've blown the woofer by your description. Woofers can be replaced cheaper than the complete sub. If it fits your needs it may be that replacement of the woofer may be for you. If you need "more" you can always replace the whole thing.


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Is it a ported subwoofer? Are there kids or pets in the house? Before ordering any parts, you might remove the woofer and check for army men or toy boats. many of them has caused a rattle. Also, is the port tube securely glued in place? That can come loose and rattle also, the fix is some RTV silicone or liquid nails to glue it back in place.

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