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4.1 vs 2.1 subs

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i worded this wrong. What i was asking was would a 2.1 sub work in a 4.1 sub? i blew the surround out of one of mine and all i can find on ebay are subs out of a 2.1 system. My amp and the other sub are good but wasn't sure about the actual driver specs.

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I just looked, and none for sale right now. I have a bad v.2-400 system if you want maybe I can take the subs out of that one and sell them to you, how much are you willing to spend? the subs themselves are perfectly fine, the amplifier circuitry is no good, well some of it is good, but it does not turn on.

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All right well first of all, this has got to be the easiest project ever. Get replacement woofers (just search the word "Klipsch" on ebay and scroll away), take the grills off, take the back off, and put the new ones in. It's like 6-8 screws, max and two wires. Don't be afraid to just crack the thing open... you really can't break anything unless you try hard.

Secondly, you are not going to want to give up that 4.1 sub, because the 2.1 sub is inferior. It has only one woofer rather than two, and its internal volume is smaller. The overall result is less bass, and bass that does not go as low. The 4.1 sub with some foam inside it is really not a bad multimedia subwoofer. The 2.1's is more limited. When I gave my dad my 4.1's upon going to college, he said "I can't use these, where am I going to put the back ones?". I said, "hook it up as a 2.1, it'll still be better than your PM2.1's by a longshot". Definitely true, my friend. The bass is much, much better on the 4.1's.

Thirdly, $150 OBO for a broken pair of PM4.1's? You must be absolutely insane. I've seen ones in like new condition on ebay and craigslist for under $80.

Just my honest suggestions.

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the eBay link above in this post (http://cgi.ebay.com/KLIPSCH-PROMEDIA-THX-ONE-6-BASS-SPEAKER-SUB_W0QQitemZ350039469535QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116 ) it's for a 6" Promedia sub(s) - but they are all 6.5" subs right?

I'd like to purchase from above but if they have the wrong size listed - how can you trust that they are new / correct / genuine and in good condition replacements.

anyone have another source for Promedia 4.1 / 2.1 replacement sub-woofer speaker(s)?

anyone know how much Klipsch charges for replacements? i haven't heard back from them yet via email.

i need TWO to replace both woofers in my (original version) 4.1 Promedia BASH setup (the foam in both woofers has disintegrated)

thanks for any info

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