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how does the RP5 compare to the new Reference line?

Manuel Delaflor

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Actually, the RP5 is part of the Reference line. It's basically an RB5 on top with a built in KSW-12 in each speaker.

If you don't overdrive the built in subs they probably sound very good.

They originally listed for $2000.

Lot's speaker for $400 a piece.



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thanks deang

does the RP-5 were in production for little time? how come they appear to be the least reviewed Klipsch? (at least I can't find the reviews).

I also want to know how they sound compared to both the new Reference line and the Heritage's

I have the Heresy´s, and I want to tell my brother if he will be better with a pair of them instead of the RP-5's?

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There will be more bass than the Heresy's - much more.

RP5's will not be as dynamic as the Heresy's, but will still have considerable punch.

The RP5's will sound warmer by comparison.

I would probably prefer the RP5's over the Heresy's.

That doesn't mean anything though because there are plenty here who would prefer the Heresy's over the RP5's.

Think of it as ear candy. They are both sweet in a different kind of way.

If your brother really likes the Heresy's - why not just find some used ones on eBay?

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