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A Little Help Please with these Klipsch Heresy's...


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I just bought this vintage pair of Klipsch Hersey speakers from a neighbor who was moving on.

I looked inside and found that the mid range horn was dated Nov 1977. I am not familiar with the variations offered, but the fronts of these speakers are absolutely flat and without the flange that a grill might fit into. Were these some sort of a version made for studios or for locations where they would be located behind a screen?

Also, the domes on the woofers have been dented in (one is completely inverted). Is there any sort of fix for this? If not, what are my options for replacement?

Thanks for any help out there!



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Others will correct me I'm sure, but...

I think all the flat-faced Heritage speakers sans grill were called 'designer series'and a great many went to DIY finishing.

As for the dusk caps... being crushed like that won't effect sound (unless you believe you can hear a mouse phart from 1000 paces) but you can pop them back by CAREFULLY applyin a vacuum to the center. I don't know that I'd try it on 30 year old drivers tho.

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...you can pop them back by CAREFULLY applyin a vacuum to the center...

1. Put the vacuum hose against the dustcover

2. Turn on the vacuum for about a second, then back off. Leave the hose against the cover until the suction drops off.

3. This should pop the cover back out. Applying it while running full bore will probably damage it.

Nice find!

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