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help me troubleshoot my sub issue


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I recently picked up 2 identical subwoofers (M&K VX-4's). One of them is fine, the other only hit's at about 1/4 of the good one. All wiring outside the box is fine, so it would have to be something internally. Does anyone know what I should check?

Acoustically, the low powered sub sounds fine, it just doesn't get enough power running to it. If I turn up the sw settings in my receiver I can get the sw working, but since I'm running 2, that isnt an option. any ideas?

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You have the luxury of having one properly working sub to use for diagnostic purposes. It should be a breeze to figure out. Just start swapping components till the problem moves to the good sub and you have your culpret. Start with the parts that are easiest to access.

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No, it's definately something with the sub and not the way it's hooked up to the receiver. So are you talking about swapping transitors and stuff on the amp or just swapping the amp and stuff?

No, the amp itself and possibly the driver. As previously pointed out, you can check the resistance on the voice coils of the driver. If there is a big difference from one to the other than you've found your problem. It's nice to have a properly working unit to compare things to.


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Well, it's definately something to do with the plate amp. I don't know what the deal is, but it's like the amp is only going at about 50% power or so. Does anyone know anywhere to get a dirt cheap 50wpc plate amp? I'm talking 25-50 bucks? I really can't spend much more than that because I just can't justify it to myself. If I were to pay more than that, I would just get a 500w one and start from scratch. Let me know -I've already looked at parts express and wanted to see if there was somewhere I could go used - Ebay is no help.

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