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Klipsch Stage Monitors


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Grille from the back side. I can't believe that Klipsch would cut particle board for a frame for pro grille. Roy?

speaker side to performer side we have:

corner gussets

1/2" particle board frame (cracked in several places)

expanded metal protection grille

Heritage cloth spray glued to metal grille

aluminum logo badge Klipsch in white on black background

I can do better.



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Inventory- ok, we have a great cabinet, OEM mid driver/ horn, non original but working Eminence woofer, bastardized but operational jack cup, non-oem crossover badly installed, original? but beat grille.

Luckily at the House of Klipsch we keep parts, lots of parts (ok not as many as BEC). I stole these out of a totally beat KSM cabinet that I threw away from the FL MCM/KP600 haul. It just wouldn't fit the load pallets. So I grapped a horn/driver, network, and jack cup. Those are going to come in REALLY HANDY about now.



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Here's the old network which I think I'll install. The bottom of the plate is partly eaten by termites but they've long since become ex-termites. The bottom of the cabinet this was in was completely eaten through.

See the puppy feet on the top of the photo? This network is installed on the back (upright) side of the cabinet with one end on the bottom of the cabinet, hence the puppy feet placement to avoid any vibration.



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Ok, working on a MCM project today. If I get time I'll finish up this KSM.

I think I'll put a waffle grille over the woofer, leave the horn exposed, and put a KLIPSCH PROFESSIONAL logo placard on the front panel.

Need to get some bumper stickers made of the Legend in Sound logo to sticker on the audience side, that'd be cool!

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Hi how are you doing? I have a pair of the KSM 2 II's that you mention w/ the pole hole and the bannana plugs w/ 2 1/4" jack holes. They are the 15" version. I am selling them because I'm setting up a hot-rod & restoration shop. They are awesome. I was wondering if you know how much they are worth? Thanks for any info you can give me.

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Those KSM2's are some killer monitors by older standards but today's much smaller cabinets with 12" woofers and higher powered horn drivers will blow them away. Depends on the condition and manufacturer of drivers, many come without the oringinal woofer, which costs around $250 today.

Got pics?


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I had a pair of KSM-2’s 

first Gen from the 80’s and they were the best speakers I’ve ever heard in my life. I had an adcom amp powering them and a McIntosh c-11 as the preamp and they were just insane how great they sounded. If I could find a pair now I would jump in a heartbeat. Thx for all the ksm2 love!!

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