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Sunfire Grand question


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Hello, I was wanting to ask a question for the masses. I have located a Sunfire Grand Cinema Signature 7 for sale and was wondering a few things about it. What is considered a good price for one of these units? It will be powering a RF35 setup and I know it is way beyond the rms and peak for these but I am considering upgrading in the near future and wanted an amp that would last. The only drawback is that I have never heard a Sunfire amp in person, so that leaves me with a doubt about the sound. I have tried to locate a dealer locally to listen, but with no luck.

Any help would be appreciated due to I think 1100.00 shipped for the amp is a good deal. Thanks for your help

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That is an OUTSTANDING price for the 400~7 amp! The cheapest I've seen one go for is around double that or more. I've had mine bi-amping a pair of Carver Amazing III speakers for over a year now....I think it's the best amplifier value on the planet! Sounds as good as or better than amps 5 times it's price. I have a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver powering an RF-83 surround system and it's more than enough power to rock the house apart.

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