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My Klipsch Journey


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I am sure many others have given a synopsis of all their dollars spent on Klipsch, but this was on my mind, so here it goes.

Back in 1987 as a young lad who's dad had Cornwalls, I of course wanted to dive into the Klipsch family as soon as I could. I got a local job and saved my first $800 and bought a pair of new Herey II's, used them for quite a while and loved them. Then, after I got married and surround sound became the new thing to have, I bought a pair of KG1's for surrounds. Later when Pro Logic surround became more main stream I bought me a KV-2 as a center. During this time I found another pair of Heresy's that I used in another room, so I was happy for now.

A few years later as I added more kids and furniture and sat/subwoofer systems became all the rage, I purchased a Rebel sub/sat system, which I was never happy with, because I was accostomed to the sound of Heresy's as mains, and it just sounded weak and thin. I also sold my original Heresy II's to pay for this system... I know, we all live and learn. Then I thought, why not upgrade the mains to KSB-1's. This was better, but the rebel center was still weak. So, I went back to my dealer (they are starting to really know me and like me by now) and bought a KSC-C1. The front is now better than the Rebel system, but the subwoofer is really not good at all. At this point in my life I figure I had better start putting some money away for a new upgrade, and before I had saved all the way up, the Reference series is born. I start to get rid of my system piece by piece and buy a pair for RF-3's, RC-3, and RS-3's. Now I am a happy camper. They sound different than the Heritage, but have a refined slam factor that I am really liking.

At this point I am happy with my Klipsch chioce, but have to move to a different town for a new job. I now sell my last pair of Heresy's and I put the Reference in the basement and make it a home theater, but soon find out my wife cannot stand to be down there, due to allergy issues. I don't have a lot of extra dough, but since were are spending more time upstairs in the living room, I had better get something that sounds good, enter a new pair of RB-5's. These sound great and we use these for a little while, but I still long that great Heritage sound. Now, since I am not in the basement much and not listening to surround sound, why not sell all my reference stuff and buy a pair of La Scalas for the basement. Now I am really happy, but am I? I now sell my RB-5's for upsairs. Buy a pair of RB-3's and a KSW-12 to replace the RB-5's and buy another pair of Heresy II's to replace my original set that I sold years ago. I then have Dean G rework the crossovers on the H II's and put them in an extra room.

I should be happy right? Now we decide to remodel our living room, walls and all - the Wife gives the thumbs up to a HT living room and my budget for this HT living room is zero. I must now sell my La Scalas to get enough cash for my new living room HT, but I don't get as much as I need and now must find a way to make it work. This is where I stray from Klipsch for the first time ever. I buy a Paradigm monitor system for L/C/R/Rear and my Klipsch sub. We use it for a year or so, and you guessed it. I got rid of it and went with Klipsch again - RB-25's, RC-35, and now RS-42's.

I know this was too long, but I just wanted to point out that I and most of us on the forum are never completely happy, but who cares - we are having fun... right?

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