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KG5.5 Woofer appears blown

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I don't know why the lower woofer sounds grainy, rattley, distorted - I guess I need to replace it. I found this post:


Can anyone verify the correct speaker for this, and where to get it? Also, I assume installation is obvious (although I've never replace a speaker before) - just unscrew it from the cabinet, and unclip/reclip the wires (or solder) - TBD

Thanks -Dave

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From the Klipsch main page...give their customer service a call...I always have great service from Klipsch...recently replaced a woofer on my KSP-S6 Surround...they had the part, it wasn't way over priced and it was shipped safely and quickly...installation was a snap even for the likes of me...removed the clips and reinstalled the new one and a zillion screws (my speaker grill was screwed on as well...)

Good luck.


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If you'll lay the speaker cabinet on its back when replacing the new woofer you're less likely to have one of the screwdriver mistakes. You probably thought of that but it took me less time to type this than it would for you to buy yet another woofer.

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