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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-Sept. 15


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I do believe it is officially Fall, one of my favorite times of the year. Days are cooler, but shorter, kids run amok after school, laughing and playing like somehow they now they will soon be stuck inside. Adults have a more brisk air about them, gone is the languid days of summer to be replaced by workers as they gather their nuts for the Winter to come.

Still and all a little laziness, some slow pacing remains, and what better to celebrate this aspect of the time then:

Damien Rice "O", indie I guess, cd

I really, really love this cd. It's one of the few that combines incredible detail with pacing and the uncompressed sound of a good classical recording. In other words, there is no compression. the music builds during the stronger passages, and ebbs and flows like a well made recording should. I like the vocals a lot, and the lady opera singer on "Eskimo" is killer.

So what do you have to share this week?

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Elton John - Elton John (CD)

Very good recording and just a great album.

Your song,

I need You to turn to,

Take me to the pilot,

No shoes on Louise,

First episode at the Hienton,

Sixty Years on ( one of my favorites),

Border song,

The Greatest discovery,

The cage,

The King must die,

Bad side of the moon,

Grey Seal,

Rock N Roll Madonna

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I'll be auditioning my Genesis box set this week. It's CD/SACD format which my Yammie will do. Not only remastered, but with additional tracks and a DVD in the box set as well. ImportCD on the Amazon network sold a few of these for like $10.83! They honored the price and several Forum members were lucky to get in under the wire thanks to a tip off!

WIll report back later.


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Was reminded by Tech Steve Phillips that in order to use my multi DVD/CD/SACD/DVDaudio Yamaha player I have to hook up the 5/6 analog output wires into my Yamaha receiver's Multi-input jacks. These PCM signals from the Genesis SACD discs are not converted in the player but remain 'analog' signals throughout the chain.

Gotta go find more wire bundles. Then give a listen

Right now I'm playing some old Rick Wright Pink Floyd stuff. Relics and More on LP. Haven't had those out in a long time. They're all available on CD now. Drummer Nick Mason did the cover art for Relics.

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