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SACD? Why a burn in period....


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I understand about leaving components on so they stay nice and warm, but what is it about playing a solid state component for x hours that makes it sound better?

I DEFINITELY have noticed my SACD player sounding considerably better as I approach the recommended 400 hours "burn-in" time, but I would like to understand the science behind it.

If I burn it in for 400 hours, then shut it off for a while, will I have to re-do the 400 hours of time because it cools off? (I intend to leave it on all the time based on recommendations I have read)

What exactly is the "burn-in" time accomplishing on SACD player?

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probably not, each IC has its optimum operating temperature, once it is "broken in" then when it warms up, it will sound great again, also as the vening wears on, the power gets cleaner so sound can improve at that time also ...


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Did the manufacturer recommend the 400 hour

burn in time?

This Burn-in thing is kinda like wire.

From what I have noticed from the few CD/DVD players I have had, is that they seem to sound better after a couple days, maybe a week, sometimes an hour.

Seems like it should be ' burned-in' already.

You can leave it on or off, whatever your preference.

But like Colin said, once the circuits are warmed up

to thier parameters, it's more or 'less broke-in'.

I think the idea behind leaving components on, is to make the unit last longer by avioding turn-on turn-off

cycles and warmup.

But I have noticed Break-in with Digital source units, just not that long.

I could see it with speakers, or some exotic electrolytics like Rubycon Black gates, or some of the expensive film and foils.

If the unit is full of high quality components like mentioned, I could possibly see a 400 hour break-in.

Is this SACD player a real high quality unit?

This break-in subject can get like a heated wire thread.


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Well, I've been surfing around looking for info on SACD's and I came across discussions on various forums and in many reviews. The consensus seems to be that ALL SACD players need a burn-in period to sound their best, anywhere from 100-400 hours.

The manufacturer, Sony, makes no mention of a need for burn-in, but I notice that they did NOT put a power on/off button on the remote, if that means anything.

I've got the lowest-end SACD player there is: The Sony SCD-775. At $300 bucks it sounds like a dream to me, and I have to honestly say it's getting better as it breaks in.

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Strangely I have not noticed any difference in my Sony DVP NS900 from the day I bought it and it has been playing SACD's constantly. I suppose I cant be sure it hasnt got better but it sounded fabulous on the first day and it still does.

This is markedly different from my old CD player (Marantz CD6000). That sounded so bad on day 1 that I took it back. The salesman just told me to take it home and leave it playing for 3 days. when I finally got to listen to it after that time it was like a different player. Since then it has just got better and better.

On the subject of burn in. The Sony does play CD's very poorly in comparison to the Marantz. If the unit is burned in for SACD is it automatically burned in for CD, or would that need a separate burn in period of its own? I almost never play CD's on it, choosing the Marantz for that duty. Am I judging it unfairly?

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I've read a lot about the Marantz's being nasty

sounding out of the box.

Then sound great after a few days or whatever.

You could use the SACD player on redbook's for awhile, and maybe see if normal cd's start sounding better.

And if it doesn't, you still have the best of both worlds!

The Marantz 6000 has many articles on the net on how to tweak it. It almost lends itself to it.

I know of one guy who has tweaked a Sony SACD player

already, right after he bought it, the nut.


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