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If you had $400--what sub would you get?


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I have $400 and plan on spending not a single dime more than that so I'm curious on your opinions on a decent HT sub that'll hit pretty hard for $400 (shipped if need be) Right now I have:

Pioneer D509s

x4 quintets

KSC-C1 Center

I need a sub to finish off my HT system but can't think of which to get Frown.gif I hear the 12" KSW Klipsch subs arent bad but I've also heard of a problem they have with blowing a fuse. My friend showed me this one from PartsExpress.com Looks decent to me also. SO if you guys could just throw some out there that you would recommend, it would be greatly appreciated Smile.gif Thanks a lot.

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The very best route to go would be to buy the SVS 25-31cs for $369 plus shipping wich would bring you to about almost $400. Then buy an old amp to power it. I have on I will sell you for $30. It worked great with my 20-39cs.

That would be a total of $440. Try and scrap together the extra $40 because with this combo you just can't match it with anything else on the market.

If you abseloutly had to you can wait on the amp until you found one in the paper or at a local yard sell or flea market.


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