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Oldbuckster Update?


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Hey guys, Old Rob isn't doing well at all. It's time for prayers and best wishes for our friend.

Right now he needs all the good Karma and God's good grace he can find.

I talked to him this morning and all is NOT well. We've become good friends the last year or so and as I write this I have a face flowing with tears.

God Bless you OB, my prayers are with you buddy. I hope you can read this. I love you my friend.


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I am stunned...I too have become good friends with Rob and "met" him over the tiniest of things...I answered a question he had about Heresys...since then we had exchanged many emails...he is a straight shooter and I need to send him prayers, good thoughts and positive karma...OB you need to get back here on your feet soldier 'cuz this place needs a shakedown cruise that only you can provide...proud to call you friend...


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