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  2. Just don't forget that the industry standard frequency to get to that number is 1kHz. That sine is coming from the midrange so I really don't see why this measurement is being applied to the woofer.
  3. Glad you got it solved. Would have drove me insane racking my brain trying to figure it out.
  4. How, I am amused that this tread is still going on like this with no reference to the original post.If a moderator wants to close it that have at it. Oh yes comedy gold and no one has to tune in here since they know what is going on. Admit it MookieStl you could not sit down and be this creative and there is a form of literary genius at work here.
  5. OK the old OEM coil measure very close so is there an advantage to replacing it with a new one? I figure these are not like caps that go bad.
  6. OK here is my stupid speaker guy story. Turns out that when you put a nice shiny new set of those great MAHL tweeters in a La Scala that you ought to remember to tighten the clamp plate to the lens body. Finger tight does not work real well and when the start loosening it gets real interesting. As I hang my head in shame and slink off tonight thinking you just never know the limit to bone headed things that can be done. The flip side to the story is that braces work and I will post pictures of quick and easy later this week.
  7. 'design by committee' is the worst idea for a true designer and only leads to compromise...
  8. Chris A wrote, One of the great missing links to the loudspeaker engineering repertoire (IMO) is a ranking of loudspeaker performance attributes by measurement type--not based on someone's opinion of what is important, but rather by subjective preference by listener groups on particular loudspeaker types (by listening group preferences), and then an analysis of how the most preferred loudspeakers actually performed, i.e., an approach that is reversed from the engineering literature on loudspeaker measurements. The person who is perhaps the most responsible for quantifying listener preferences in a loudspeaker is Floyd Toole. He has conducted hundreds (if not thousands) of blind listening tests at Canada's National Research Council with participants ranging from professional musicians to volunteers. I won't spoil the resulting findings. His latest book is well worth the investment. Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 3rd Edition He also is on several informative YouTube videos. Lee
  9. Downloaded Xsim and started to play around with the inductor values I didn't have with the earlier schematic I posted. Screenshot below is what I came up with, and should be fairly close for a 2,200 Hz 2-way crossover. The RLC filter inductors were based on the assumption of a .7 Q factor. If that's valid: Low-pass RLC knocks out three decibles centered around 1,850Hz, useful to take out some of the 'beaming' effect of pushing a pair of 8" drivers separated by a 7" high horn up to 2,200Hz. I have a feeling these speakers would be decent candidates for a 2.5 way treatment, but I'm not gonna be messing with that while The Toddler is in charge around this house. High-pass RLC is centered around 5,050 Hz, likely to tame some effect in the horn/driver combo. Hi-pass has a 1st order slope up to about 11KHz, which seems about right for a C/D conical/tractrix horn. Again, this is my educated guessing at what's actually in there, unless someone comes up with an official schematic, or pulls one apart and measures the values. Again, I'm on Toddler Time, so... The first low-pass inductor could be larger, on the order of .6mH or so to also roll-down some of the beaming issues in the midrange. It is significantly bigger than any other inductor on the board. Assumed driver efficiencies: Horn: 106dB 8" Woofers: 89dB Figured those values *might* get us into a fairly close ballpark, so don't get all snippy if the output looks weird; this was an ASSUMPTION. Yeah, it could all be crap, but I had fun while the kid was napping. Thanks. P.S.: I'd really like to multi-amp these with an active crossover and filter setup, but that's just not in the cards for the near future...
  10. Today
  11. Tuesday already? Throwin a lil easy peasy on the table this evening. 3 night of music during the festival here took it's toll. Had to dry out and reclaim what hearing I have left! Lil Don Henley, his first solo album released in 1982. Got any dirty laundry? Time for a lil Alan Parson's? His 3rd LP from 1978 and a "concept" album centered around the public's fascination w/the "pyramid power" in Giza and King Tut's goodies. A great old dynamic, yet flowing beautiful LP that's just simply Alan Parson's at his best. Did he ever have a worst?
  12. Well I swapped the speakers from side to side and played some random streaming service and it seems to be gone, wife says its gone anyway. I was playing Radio Paradise when it showed up. I have a MingDa MC-7 Tube Pre with a Schitt DAC and a Bryston 2B-LP with a Microsoft surface hooked to the DAC.I will need to do further testing but right now does not look like it is the speakers. I have the same setup playing through some EV Aristocrats with no issue though.
  13. The line magnetic amp is a single end triode amp and the Primaluna is a push pull amp,so they will sound different. The Line Magnetic amp will have a magical midrange with a more open airy sound,The Primaluna will be dynamic and dead quiet,I have used a Line Magnetic LM -219ia with my Klipschorns and that amp was one of the best sounding amps I have even had in my system.Mine had upgraded Psvane western electric copy 300b’s and 845’s and upgraded Telefunken 12ax7’s.The only reason I sold it was the weight and the heat of the tubes,plus the fear of one day having to replace the tubes.I now listen to 3 different amp,preamp setups and each one has its strong points Dennis Had sep tube amp with matching lp3a preamp great combo that is great with my Klipschorns sweet sounding pair,very detailed with alive like isound that is easy to listen to..I just wished the preamp had a remote control. line Magnetic lm-126ia Limited Edition amp based of western electric design very close to the LM-219 and I have it for sale due to weight and size. I am using a Primaluna Prologue Premium amp and preamp and I am using it now,a little closed in compared to the Inspire pieces or the line magnetic amp,but dead quiet and very dynamic on my Klipschorns .If I was going to buy a amp now Primaluna has just released new models and you should be able to get a deal on the older models.I don’t think you can go wrong on either of the amps you have on your list.
  14. Heck, the Moderators participate in the threads !! At least I specifically suggested to you : wire to use, lengths, and showed you a photo of my crossover as of 8-2019. Best wishes, have fun. Jeffrey Medwin
  15. https://utica.craigslist.org/ele/d/west-winfield-vpi-turntable/6915826274.html VPI turntable - $1800 (West Winfield N.Y.) hide this posting image 1 of 4 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: like new make / manufacturer: VPI model name / number: Prime Scout size / dimensions: 1 VPI Prime Scout audiophile turntable. Purchased January 2018 . $1800 obo. This is in like new condition. Comes with shipping box and all original paper work . This is a cheap entry into high end audio. Call or text
  16. How, I am amused that this tread is still going on like this with no reference to the original post.If a moderator wants to close it that have at it.
  17. LTusler

    The Cola Wars

    For you drinkers, have a look at http://getdrunknotfat.com/ it list calories, carb and ABV for everything you can think of.
  18. Prima Luna is designed/engineered in the Netherlands and built in China. Right now I'm running their integrated w/my LS and love what I hear. Love my PL and won't do anything but go up w/the Amp and Pre selection they have. It's dead quiet and sounds great to me but then again everyone hears things differently. Purchased it w/o actually hearing anything and couldn't be happier. It's everything they say it is. Just my thoughts.
  19. So was it for 2 Forte II's or the 3 speakers shown?
  20. Pulling the ad. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking.
  21. Pulling the ad. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking.
  22. Yesterday
  23. you always feed kids ... i think it’s a law or something.
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