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    More Gender Angst

    Listen to Brain Damage, Pink Floyd. That's what I thought of... Lol
  3. YK Thom


    Funny you mention the Wave. I know a couple people who have and enjoy them. One is a younger guy who wanted an all in one, the other are a retired couple who downsized. That might be a market worth exploring with a Three which has a radio and CD player built in, a Three Point Five or something along those lines. That is something I would purchase for my office.
  4. Hey fellas, The long and short of it: I've owned Lascalas for the last 11 years, which I purchased dirt-cheap shortly after having read the Trends TA10 review which claimed the Lascala + T-amp could, for all intents and purposes, be an end game system for most people. They've been placed in at least four different locations before being installed in my new artist's studio/listening room I built last summer. It could be said that the studio was built around the Lascala. The dimensions are 16'W x 26' L x 10'H, for a total of 4160 cubic feet. Jim Smith suggested that for most people these dimensions would yield great results. For the first time in my audiophile life I've got a perfectly symmetrical room in which to play! YA! The building is built out of SIPs (1/2 plywood interior walls, 4" foam insulation, 1/2 OSB exterior wall) which I chose mostly because of the terrific insulation value (R26.5 for a 4 1/2" wall) and ease of self build. Plus I can avoid the drywall on stud resonance, though I trust my walls invariably resonate at certain frequencies. It was with great interest that I discovered Chris A's fantastic FAQ on Cornerhorn Imaging. I had already decided that the speakers would be placed in the corners at 45deg because I had read PWK eight cardinal rules. I told myself that I'd use the speakers as the good Colonel had designed and intended them. My goal for this system is to have it be balanced and compelling from everywhere in the studio, not only the sweet spot. Needless to say that I also wanted the sweet spot to be of particular interest! I think I've totally adhered to the FAQ and here is where I am at... System consists of: Dedicated 20amp circuit with some industrial type receptacles. AA Lascala with bass bin Scott 299b and Denon PMA-890DG (tubes at night, SS during the day) Amps are switched via Niles DPS-1 Denon TU-500 (I listen to a lot of FM radio) Oppo DVD/CD player Mass Fidelity Relay (bluetooth streamer) Lenco L70 with Shure M7N21D cheap interconnects and 16ga tinned copper speaker wire (cheap boating wire) Acoustic treatments: Absorption: Side walls: 4" thick 3'x4' Roxul Comfortboard (much like Owen Corning rigid fiberglass) Front wall: 2" thick 3' x 8' Comfortboard, hidden behind a decorative textile Diffusion: Poly diffusers made with 1/8" coroplast. I chose coroplast on a hunch that it would be easier to work with than masonite or plywood, plus it is light, quite non-resonant and relatively cheap. I had lots of reverberation in my room (understatement!), there aren't any couches or soft things to absorb the sound. In fact everything is quite hard and reflective. Well, without any way of measuring except my ears, the hunch was conclusive! For a short while I had only treated the listening area with the Poly diffusers when my wife came to check up on me. She asked if they "worked", so I had her clap her hands in the non-treated area then again in the treated area. Her eyes widened and she clapped again and again. In her words, the clap sounded tighter and had more attack than in the non treated area, which obviously still reverberated a lot. I've since treated the four walls with approximately 200 sqft of poly diffusers, randomly placed. I've taken care not to place ANYTHING between myself and the speakers as has been suggested, also like PWK's rule of no shadows. Here are my impressions on the room... The primary goal was to have a balanced sound from everywhere. This is, first and foremost, a work area where I spend entire days drawing and moving. I am continually impressed that I can walk around and still get some stereo effects, even slight imaging. Above all, I find the tone and coherence to be way better than I ever anticipated. Now the sweet spot is something else altogether! I'm still moving my listening chair to find the smoothest bass response, it's generally between 10' and 12' from the tweeters. The center image is mesmerizing and the imaging is much as described in the FAQ, breathtaking. I've always hoped to become that fabled "wise" audiophile who isn't chasing perfection, but rather assembles a lifelong companion and loves it, warts and all. Truth be told, I have't invested that much money into this hobby in the 15 years I've been an audiophile, so even if I do purchase new things it doesn't feel compulsive. I'm getting there... Next steps: 2" thick 4' x 6' absorption panels on the ceiling (I've got all the material, just need to figure out where is the best placement) REW measurements of the room, I have a friend with a calibrated mic and software and knowledge. Should be done in the next few months. I would love to build some of Claude's QPie horns for a fully horn loaded system... any thoughts? True end game would be some Jubilees with DSP and the whole kit... I'm not yet 40 years old, so I'll leave that one for a little later on in life, the water's good for now!! Many thanks, please share any comments and thoughts, Daniel
  5. OP updated with more photos.
  6. How many speaker manufacturers do you think are going to spend the time and effort to break in speakers before shipping them out? It might seem like a small thing to you, but the big boys have a schedule to adhere to, and it doesn't include this. Now I have heard of small outfits that will do it. Sometimes it's a free service, others charge for it.
  7. Dejavu, seems like we may have had this conversation before with respect to Oris drivers. My memory is suspect ;-) I had Tang Bands; and for the money I think the Audio Nirvana is a much better driver. A lot more detail, very airy and crisp. The TBs were not bad by any means, but having the ability to have both in my room for an extended period of time and try with lots of different music the Audio Nirvana drivers were the clear winner....to me. I've yet to hear Lowther or AER in them. Sounds like a parallel path of sorts. I'd like to eventually get a Jubilee 2-way and figured I'd cut my teeth on the active XO with the Oris and see if I wanted to play around with all the settings. I like the control and learning what does what, but I'm lacking in time to devote to it. I've run them without XO, simple DSP on a Crown amp so bass bins got the low wherever I set it and now Xilica. Xilica does give them what I thought was lacking in other configurations. I was reluctant but I did sell my Khorns after about 6-7 months with the Oris. If at all close I think I'd pounce on some Jube bass bins if I ever see them. Eyes peeled! How do you like the eTap? I'm very much digging my Sram. I've got the 1X11 set up and really like not having a front derailleur. They are doing some innovative things with their gearing and 12s set ups. I like them a lot. As for Campy I've been hooked since the 80s and the C-Record group. I don't think I'll ever own a Ferrari but an Italian frame and components is pretty special. If you are inclined I strongly suggest it. Hard to explain, but I don't believe it is all in your head. There is something about a true Italian bike. I've had a few in steel and carbon.
  8. dtel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Just heard from a friend who went to get a Colonoscopy today. He talked with his insurance earlier this week and they told him they cover it up to $1500 so he scheduled it and went today to get it done. He walked out when they told him his coverage up to $1500 only covered part of it and they wanted him to sign a note promising to pay an additional $3500. He was not happy they expected 5K for the test. I had no idea it was that expensive.
  9. CECAA850

    More Gender Angst

    Did you ever watch the video?
  10. In my journey down the tube road, I had several different tube preamps. What I ran across was that some cheaper units I had experienced a bit of hum.Also watch out for "hybrid" preamps that are nothing but solid state preamps with a tube buffer added. If you are going to spin vinyl, I'd look into a unit with a tubed phono section. I really enjoy mine Good luck on your journey!
  11. Please be more clear. I have no idea what you're saying here. Again, I can't fathom Totem shipping a $15,000 speaker system that is performing sub-optimally simply just because they couldn't find a way to break-in a handful of drivers for a few days.
  12. dtel

    Show us your great photography thread!

    I have to ask is that a HDR pic. Just wondering, it's great lighting for the subject.
  13. Jeffrey D. Medwin

    Bel Canto REF500M class D amplifier monoblocks...

    Schu, Amps or speakers?? Amps ARE the weakest link. I find, to get a great audio system, the first thing you do is get a great triode tube amp, one to three Watts, then you find a high efficiency speaker for it, 100 dB or higher, and wire it together well. Then..... you are THERE !! Getting a great 1 to 3 Watt amp, is the hardest , but most important part of the task. If you don't do that, in my opinion, one remains lost - forever. Jeff
  14. Same reason a $20 driver won't sound its best until its broken in. They are new and not broken in. Break in time varies from driver to driver. Who better to know how long one of these drivers in the design takes to break in than the ones who have been testing them ?
  15. There's just so many choices... hard to say what will work for you or what you cost to pain threshold is.
  16. Specs say minimum load 3ohms
  17. I don't, I am sorry. I can't imagine it would be much of an issue. It may be that for big db's you might need more than 250/500watts @ 8/4 ohms... but I don't have much experience with planars.
  18. Zen Traveler

    More Gender Angst

    They don't. Does anyone here know a transgender person?
  19. I am thinking of trying an 2A3 circuit... or save the money for more speakers. Is everyone seeing the text now? If not try doing a select all and the highlite will illuminate the text
  20. Neither, in my case. I decided I liked the ideas Klipsch Heritage embody. I knew from first-hand experience in my youth that they didn't sound the best (to me then). But I've come to the realization that what sounds good is what you're used to or what you want to sound good. I absolutely love the Forte III. I bought them without audition. More so now I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  21. Hello Deang, That is easy. It has far better transfer efficiency, so it allows you to migrate from an ugly-sounding 50 Watt amp, to a best-sounding-in-this-world 1 , maybe 2 Watt triode amp, and hear it all optimally. Amps, not speakers, are the weakest link, as I have previously pointed out - from probably my first or second posting on this Forum. Why don't you read this thread, posted recently on AA, and pay particular attention to those posts by "Tube Wrangler" . Dennis is a great person, a good friend of mine, who has a lifetime of experience owning / servicing movie theatres, high-efficiency speakers, audio. He builds, IMHO, since 1989, the best amps I have ever heard .........................after me having attended audio shows for the last 60 plus years. I hope you learn much, from his comments. Here you are : https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/t.mpl?f=tubediy&m=266718 Jeff
  22. Zen Traveler

    More Gender Angst

    Truth indeed. People can be delusional about what they wish they were but genes do not lie. Man or Woman like it or not. I dunno....I think the argument is should they be allowed to compete in Women's sports and I think not. Otoh, you guys seem to be focusing on your belief that it's important to identify with your sexual identity/genes from birth--Who cares? Have you ever met a parent of a transgender child? How about a kid whose parents were openly weirdly religious? I have both and feel the latter posed more harm to their children/society than the former. I agree when it comes to Women's sports but keep in mind Bruce Jenner won his Olympic Medals as a man.
  23. Just starting to get back into 2 channel after years away, I need a preamp so I am starting with a tube set, if I'm not happy with the sound from the tube pre and the SS amp I will update the amp too. One thing at a time. Simple as that. i'm leaning toward the Vincent SA T-7. Next step will be to restore/replace the old Dual Turntable.
  24. Cheekyfish

    Klipsch RF-7's RC-7 RS-7's Black $1500 MI

    Long time lurker on this site is what actually brought me into klipsch originally and then a friend of mine who is on these forums brought the site up again. So here I am. Thanks for the welcome
  25. Hey, I'm a bit of a newbie here. I own a Yamaha A-S501 amplifier and I've recently bought the RP-160M Reference Premiere bookshelf speakers, rated 8 ohm. The amplifier has an impedance switch (see attachment taken from Google Images) and I'm not sure which of the settings would be applicable here. It says LOW - at least 4 ohm or higher / HIGH - at least 6 ohm or higher. Well that's clarifying. I've found nothing helpful in the manual, let alone the internet where everyone seems to set it as they please. So I'm using only channel A. What is the correct impedance, low or high?
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