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  2. In his defense, I get nothing, too. It starts out looking like something might render, then nothing. Perhaps you being a member there, and having a necessary cookie to send them is a factor?
  3. Think I like Mayer now! Like to hear my faves done with him, have to search...
  4. Notice in the pic that the miter-joint appears to be separating? Must be due to moisture absorption into the underlying MDF core of the box panels at that miter-cut...swelling it outwards to separate the mitered joint....just one of my pet peeves about MDF-cored veneered panels...one of the many reasons I am not a fan of MDF for speaker cabinet construction! I will never use it in any of my own builds, unless for prototype-parts-fit purposes (worse-case scenario, even for that!). "Everything is just fine with MDF" ….until a hard edge/corner bash or moisture absorption enters into the picture....then it becomes something that becomes difficult to repair, if even possible at all to repair! IMHO!
  5. Yesterday
  6. I hate it when that happens... What do you mean, specifically, by "cracked?"
  7. Not the same at all, and fresh? don't get that or fresh pasta anymore. But the bag of Mission tortillas we had lasted five days this week, no signs of life except for montezuma having me turn the ceiling fan up a notch a couple times
  8. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/maumelle-klipsch-belle-stereo-speaker/6894221750.html
  9. quiet here everyone out doing family things, I guess. It's kind of a regular weekend for us. Wife has the kid while boy is working. We, the kid and I, had a good traditional local breakfast. Scrambled eggs, beans and tortillas. The beans and tortilla ... wife knows who made them... fresh. these home-made tortillas last about 2 days before they mold. The commercial ones last how long? As in, they don't support life. ..........Just a thought We used to get good bread from the store. A local[Tucson] restaurant/small order bakery. I put it in a bread bag. Rather dry than moldy. Left to the normal R/H, mold doesn't happen here. The sun is formidable. They had to turn the dial past 10 for UV index. It's around 12 now.
  10. Here it is: "Audyssey FAQ Linked Here" The first one I posted works for me, so good luck! Do try searching for this one in particular. Several others contain misinformation! Here is another one, broader, but excellent, but one user observed that it is the length of War and Peace. The way around that is to use the Cliff Notes he so generously provided. These two guys really know their stuff, and can write clearly. I wish they wrote equipment manuals! GUIDE TO SUBWOOFER CALIBRATION AND BASS PREFERENCES * The Guide linked above is a comprehensive guide to Audio & HT systems, including: Speaker placements & Room treatments; HT calibration & Room EQ; Room gain; Bass Preferences; Subwoofer Buyer's Guide: Sealed/ported; ID subs; Subwoofer placement.
  11. Hey all, I have a KLF 20 woofer that is cracked and prob have to be replaced I’d imagine, does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get this repaired or replaced? Thanks Tom
  12. Pics of them and the labels will tell entire story of what you have and the year of manufacture, .hint, hint!
  13. Klipsch RB 61II, pair, black ash, in excellent condition I am the original owner, and used them rarely. they are in mint condition functionally and cosmetically. Had them for about 6 months. I don't have the original box, but they will be packed very carefully. Shipping via FedEx Ground insured. Price: 239 shipped to the 48 states. PayPal.
  14. Here is a good example of where he's at with the group now. I'm pretty impressed. It will never be the same, but that doesn't mean it can't be great.
  15. They updated the tone control components. Looks like at least some new caps. Notice there is a cover in one shot, then the cover off in another where you can see the work done.
  16. It is. As are the KG2s. I’ll try to update the OP
  17. I did just that. Had a pair of HBRs veneered with mahogany for my rears.
  18. Marvel

    Super MWM

    Probably more accurate to move it closer to the date you started, late '93 into '94. Sheesh... long ago and far away...
  19. Is the K-701 horn and driver claimed? If not, I'd definitely be interested.
  20. Here is the link and a few pics from the ad. Not affiliated, just sharing. https://offerup.co/PixkLATnZW
  21. Looks like the pair I sold Phil in Arkansas last year.Chevk his ads on eBay and see if his pictures has that carpet in all of his pictures
  22. Im gonna keep these up for sale for a few more days.
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