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  2. Greetings fellow Audiophiles....found a super clean pair of KG 2.2 today to go with my Luxman R115 reciever.....I sold my pair of 4.2 last year to down size & wanted to replace them with something a little smaller....& not quite so load & powerful.....they get good reviews
  3. I think I remember seeing your write up on thay somewhere .... Sounds familiar. Good idea, thanks for sharing
  4. preface with... I/we live in an area that is referred to as "remote". Wife works 25 mile further out. Dry creek beds/washes. Bridge? Whatever for? We're lucky to get a culvert. Most of the roads parallel major washes. It can rain up in the hills and make trouble when it crosses the road en route to the "river" In the rainy season, there are "wash parties" while we wait for the flow to go down. It's a good idea to keep a little non-perishable food, water and some extra clothes in the car. You can get cold and hungry waiting. Not uncommon to take 4 hours for the road to get passable.They call the road passable well before that declaration would be made in the city. The Olds is a boat in more than one respect. One reason I keep it. It is proven in water. It can take a foot or more w/o ingesting it. The new car is not [to be' tried. Wife will stay in Sasabe first. The other 3 gals that work there have truck/4WD. She rides with them.
  5. My RF-5's have the RF-7 / RC-7 horn driver (they're the same) and the top end of the RC-7 crossover and they sound great, little softer more midrangy / bigger sound than the stock drivers well worth the switch IMO.
  6. Truth be told, these rf5s are incredible outdoors at any sane volume (and well beyond that if need be). One of the better sets I have had outdoors in awhile...
  7. Swap all drivers, horn and crossover and have an rf7 in a smaller cabinet or.....? Hadn't thought of that....
  8. I love my RF-5's will always have a pair around great little speakers and easy to modify with RC-7 parts to make them even better plus real wood veneer is a big plus for me.
  9. same comp driver and horn in the RF5 as the FR7 afaik ought to make the RF5 the better sounding option especially if you want to play louder at times.
  10. Thanks for your response, I didn't want to give a, spoiler alert, but I am leaning heavily on keeping the Rf5s....
  11. I can only offer my experience of the RF5, I've owned them since buying new in 2000. Many speakers have come and gone in my house, but they have remained. They pair up nicely with my Marantz 2245, and never fail to please.
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  13. My wife’s 10 year old set of X10 just died (mini plug ... and yes I checked to see about fixing). So, if anyone has some good to excellent used X10 or X11, I offer for trade my Sony Xba-4 in very good used condition. The Xba-4 sound great but are too big for my wife’s small ears. Happy to exchange photos and discuss any other particulars, I know it’s a crazy request but what the heck! P.s. could offer a set of B&W P3 instead, also in very good used condition, if on ear works for someone. Thanks
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  15. As the title hints, RF5 Vs RF82 II, Which Would YOU Keep? I have both and I'm going to keep one set for outdoor and sell the other (got them on a trade and don't need both sets). They will be powered by a QSC PLX1602 amp. The RF5 has nicer veneer and they are in great shape. Rf82 iis are in mint condition (not super important for outside). Just curious as to your thoughts. Did a quick search and didn't come up with a previous thread comparing the two. If there is one, feel free to point me in the right direction, thanks. I know what many will say, keep the pair that sounds better.... Rf5s have cleaner mids and highs and tighter bass. Rc82ii has more bass output and softer highs. Mids are similar....
  16. MC39693

    Stay Away

    All of us old time folks love our Klipsch... whatever ... but here’s a chance for Klipsch to fix a problem and convert someone who has had a poor experience. OP, sorry to hear of your problems. My wife’s Klipsch X10 just died after 10 years of daily heavy use, so my experience is good. They are the only headphones IEM that my wife liked due to very small ears, they were comfortable and excellent sound. I’m looking for more! Best wishes to get your problem resolved.
  17. 100 compression... Thin skin for da win! Always!
  18. Yummy Tarheel Can I come over?? Beer since I got home...Time to nuke something
  19. === I just pray to Gawd you’re playing Titleist —. Fore —🏌🏼‍♂️
  20. SWL

    What I Got Today!

    I think I like these better than my big buck Teles and Mullards. These weren't exactly cheap either but man they sound nice. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  21. A1UC

    What I Got Today!

    Waversa Router & WCore 2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. 3 count 'em 3 Jack Daniels Old Number 7 on the rocks. Followed by filet mignon, crab stuffed mushrooms, cauliflower mashed potatoes.
  23. I have and it is very good...I'm a bitter beer fan😀
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