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  2. Don't have but about three that are jazz and a couple more that lean towards it. I'd probably enjoy it much more these days. Friday nights have sounded like some of this around here forever!
  3. Those are bed risers. Once my kid got out of college they became my TV risers, very stable. I think I paid ten bucks for four. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=walmart+bed+risers
  4. Very nice! Glad you have Khorns once again. Cincy
  5. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/milwaukee-klipsch-legend-series-klf-7/6982561453.html Acorn Larry got 'em and is reposting on CL now. The KLF C-7 is listed @ $325. KSB 2.1 @ $100 a pair Definitive Technology 1500 @ $375 No sign of the Belles...yet.
  6. if you are suggesting that the K700/701 of the Heresy(s) is a better horn than the horn used in the Forte 3 you would be very much mistaken and the same would hold for the drivers. You need to look elsewhere to explain your preference of a Heresy over a Forte 3 because it is not in the level of performance of the horns and drivers. You may simply prefer the sound of the K700/701 horn and if you do then you do but don't think that the reason is improved performance of the horn/driver combination. Enjoy what you like and be happy especially if what you really like saves you money.
  7. that's one thing I really miss living in the desert. I can go to the lake and catch 9in bluegill. Those fillet. That's the best I can do. There is another lake. I guess it's about 75 miles and you have to pay to use it... StatePark. You can get catfish and crappie in addition to gills.
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  9. And don't forget seafood in the meat collection. Like shrimp, soft shell crabs and catfish.
  10. Half a mile makes a difference here.
  11. from What About the Morgans? PETA stand for People Eating Tasty Animals topless? I'm for equality... Unfortunately, most who will take advantage are the ones who really don't have the "physique" for it. the weather models have come to some form of agreement. Both say we are going to get some rain. How much is a mere matter of magnitude. One calls for 1/2 -3/4in. The other calls for 2 or 3inches. 3 inches of widespread rain will cause some inconveniences. This storm is sposed to go into next week. They say that we might get some rain starting tomorrow... and here ain't Tucson. That 45 miles away. 5 miles makes a difference.
  12. Klipschorn were supposedly used as monitors in Nashville recording studios in the '70s. Per the Klipsch Dealer of the day Audio Systems.
  13. Sold my Khorns 13 years ago but now I have some again. 1979 vintage. 20ft spacing and listening spot is 18ft back. Room is 24x20x8. Running a James Burgess custom built tube preamp and 2a3/45 tube amp that is 3wpc and 1wpc respectively. I am very happy after being patient all these years.
  14. It's a craigslist scam. They've been on craigslist in my area for quite a while. Someone lifted the image.
  15. September is deaf awareness month, but not too many people have heard of it.
  16. Hello people I'm trying to do the firmware upgrade on this soundbar 48 I also have the rear speakers that go with it I have tried it 5 or 6 times using multiple USB sticks to different laptops and I can not get the buttons to flash when inserting a USB drive is there an error with the firmware or am I doing something wrong thank you
  17. Only when I watch the news. Otherwise, it's all rubbish except the music
  18. Only if you believe everything you hear.
  19. Yeah, they stick a straw in there to keep it open. It used to be pretty common among aviators with persistent blocked ear issues. I haven't heard (haha) much about it lately.
  20. TrueHearing is the company that made my hearing device. It was purported to be ‘musical’?? I have not had much time to assess the music system....... other than having to turn it down. I am suffering from sensory overload. Before things were softened, muddled and I could not discern which direction sounds came from. Now that the hearing balance is somewhat returned I can hear birds and know which way to look to see them too. To be clear this is nothing like normal hearing, but it is a ton better than squishy conversations you had to lean into to catch 1/3 of their content. I still plan to see the ENT doc. The same ear suffers from a persistently shut Eustachian tube that perhaps could be treated.
  21. The larger layout of the Crites crossover is a part of why they sound better, less interaction between parts and better orientation of parts which do interfere with each other. Just so you know jamming your expensive parts onto the pcb on the terminal cup is not your best option.
  22. Fair enough. I certainly need that sort of thing for a task like this. I see this thing as evolutionary, so understand that it will take multiple revisions over time to get into a complete enough shape to be a one-stop-shopping tutorial. Not that I'm not trying to make the effort larger than is absolutely necessary, but in the end the product has to be good enough and complete enough for those new to the subject to use to dial in their systems without high levels of angst being generated. Chris
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