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  2. Welcome to the forum...enjoy the kg4 s and always time for some other
  3. Have to remember to wash my hands after eating crawfish.
  4. I’ve got three subwoofers and I live in an apartment building. Luckily, it’s made of steel and concrete rather than wood, so there is some noise isolation between apartments. None of my subs sit on the floor. The two smaller subs (20cm/8 inch, 90 watts) are in the bedroom, one on a bedside table, the other one on a strong cardboard box. On top of those surfaces are sheets of 19mm (3/4 inch) neoprene pipe insulation. The larger living room sub (25cm/10 inch, 500 watts) is sitting on a small table above one of the power amps. It’s also sitting on a sheet of neoprene. After nearly 15 years with this fairly powerful system (details listed in my signature at the bottom), I’ve had no noise complaints. The system is very rarely played after midnight, and if I want to play it fairly loud, I do so in mid-afternoon, when most of my neighbours are away at work. Another helpful thing is to make sure your entrance door is tightly sealed. This helps in two ways: it cuts down on drafts, so your home will feel a bit warmer and be less expensive to heat, plus it keeps the sound of your music inside your apartment. I have an electric doorbell that rings in a central location in the apartment, but new visitors sometimes knock the door as well, because they can’t hear the doorbell from outside my door, and they can’t hear the music, either. To seal the door properly, I turned out the inside lights and looked for light coming around the door. There was lots. The next step was to buy peel-and-stick neoprene (closed-cell) weatherstripping. I cut it precisely and checked the fit with a credit card to make sure any gaps were as small as possible. As for the gap under the door, I got a triple row door sweep that slides onto the door. Now, if I turn out the lights inside the apartment, no light at all comes past the door. That’s what you want. Cold air is kept out, and music is kept in. Hope this helps.
  5. Always buyer beware unless forum me m ber...etc...Have heard that we klf 30's and awesome. Let others offer you opinions...
  6. Thank you, so you would recommend these speakers?
  7. Bob Crites can help here...after you listen to what you may need ...
  8. That is about right on price, if they check out decent enough for you. It is the KLF series ...legendary.
  9. Cannot see dissapointment good speakers all around...bass
  10. I have a chance to buy the KF- 20s for $500 black finish. Any thoughts? These seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. I've seen some upgrades tweeters and if anyone can give me what specific parts can be upgraded I would appreciate it. Thanks!!!
  11. A mis-connected/mis-landed wire would cause a problem with any kind of power amp, Class A, AB, D, H, or whatever. Glad to hear you got it sorted, but it’s not a poor reflection on Class D amps in any way. In my system, I started with one Class D amp over ten years ago, and added a second matching amp in a horizontally bi-amped configuration a year later. They sounded great then, and sound great today.
  12. billybob

    KPT-335 HF/MF

    Looking good ...
  13. Hm. I am guessing a 904 passive xo circuit is easy enough to come by too.....
  14. Today
  15. When I get my frills gonna leave these Tennessee hills...
  16. I thought so came confuseeasy my...listening outside lately during these non humid eves. McCartny lp playing inside the house. Missed the pilgram again. Hope you and Shirley enjoyed...
  17. I like spicy but not really hot things, jalapenos I slice them and don't eat them whole, and stay away from anything hotter. Pretty spicy is fine for me but not just hot where it just burns. No stomach problems just mouth burning and numb I skip.
  18. Thank you Marion, everything is now sold!
  19. Yep whichever path we go down we will certainly make sure its safe!
  20. CANT

    KPT-335 HF/MF

    Looks like it’s now $225...
  21. I guess it would depend on the floor, I will trust the builder to figure it out. Maybe include a strap to hold it all together?
  22. Like that Jimmy Buffet song........"The weather is here wish you were beautiful"
  23. Check out KEF’s comments on Bi-amping https://www.kefdirect.com/blog/bi-amping-101 miketn
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