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  2. New livestock on the farm. My wife's uncle wanted to give it a shot but needed the space. I've got the space and been wanting to learn, but on someone else's dime to start out.. so here we are.
  3. JohnKuthe

    What I Got Today!

    You don't know the illegalization of cannabis story, eh? After being LEGAL for 5000+ years and never harming anyone? Used industrially for YEARS! John Kuthe...
  4. Got a real gem for y'all tonight easy going and an exceptionally recorded half speed record of two pickers just a grinning: Open it at youtube and look at the list of musicians on this one.
  5. What a mess to get through, I have spent hours to get to this one liner....How do you ever get new people in your forum....If I have logged in once I have logged in a hundred times, the system is designed to confuse, with no thought to new people trying to get reasonable information from informed people .....I have been several years trying to use this forum and by the time you get one message you are completely worn out.....What does a "tag" mean, what does "ticket" mean ??? What a mess to try and get through.......Please don't attempt to answer this because I won't ever be able to get back here for a comment........Much less trying to get a answer for a technical question ......I can't believe there can so much printed matter and so little usable information........This all of what I can come up with after spending three hours signing in at least a hundred times..........Good-day klipsch forum
  6. I've got what you need. *YOU still looking for these single drivers? Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  7. Yesterday
  8. I guess you could rent a fancy crane. The post has been removed for some reason anyways. What really matters is response in your room.
  9. Can't help; but, Welcome to the Forum, all the same. Sure someone will help.
  10. The basics are pretty hard to learn as I have watched interviews with the Bitcoin fund managers and after the interviews (Nightly Business Report, Conswalo Mac) and explanations the interviewer just shakes his head in disbelief and the viewers just dismiss the explanations as pyramid schemes. JJK
  11. Exactly what I’m looking for! If only Chicago is closer to LA.
  12. Mute, mute, mute.
  13. Like I said wvu80, suspicious to me also. Just saying if, and real ad. I've been watching, with Crites and boxes. Listing was as low as $800 couple days ago. Would not be too bad. I'm not in the market. I've more Klipsch than rooms. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  14. JohnKuthe

    What I Got Today!

    Poison! I prefer hitherto ILLEGAL healthful Cannabis! Made illegal in the 1930's nefariously! Triad of Corporate/Politically CORRUPT EVIL!! Harry J. Anslinger a racist sexist misogynistic corporate/political climber ******* in the U.S. Treasury Dept, plus William T. Hearst the magazine and newspaper EVIL CAPITALIST who had just bought many trees in Calif. to use for his EVIL magazine and newspaper LYING MACHINE and did not want to compete economically with hemp for paper, and DuPont Chemical who just came out with their new wonder fiber Nylon who did not want the competition of hemp for ROPE! LIED to the U.S. Public about the speciously "evil" drug "marijuana", the Spanish/foreign word for hemp/cannabis. And the Ignorants in the U.S. BOUGHT THE LIES!! Movies like "Reefer Madness", etc. John Kuthe, RN, BSN, Cannabis Nurse!
  15. Great for a 2 way stereo active setup with sub. Much like you're considering for 402s on top of khorn bins.
  16. Nothing smaller than 12 gauge. I recommend Knukonceptz Karma SS cables. They’re good quality, corrosion resistant, and are in twisted pair configuration, which helps them to reject interference. They’re also very inexpensive. Just get yourself a 35 foot length, and you’ll be all set to cut it to size. After spending so much for great speakers, it doesn’t make sense to cheap out on the speaker cables.
  17. A crane's not fancy equipment?
  18. These forum are not set up for people me but here goes.....I have a belle klipsch that was built in 2005 as a center channel only.....It has a factory built summing network which I am trying to hook up, but I don't know how........I need some help on this.........
  19. I hear a lot about timbre matching and frankly to my ear its a nonissue. I have LaScala AL5 fronts, a Zu Audio cube center (highly sensitive, very musical) and Sonance VP80s in ceiling-sounds great to me. Had to use ceiling for surround due to 14ft floor-ceiling windows on 2 walls.
  20. Seadog

    What I Got Today!

    My wife surprised me with an early Father's Day present!
  21. What does that mean?
  22. Loved these guys back when Leon was still circulating on the airwaves. Days at the river, sunburned, burgers on the grill, Bud in my belly, a babe waitin' and this blasting all over the inlet from those big Advent speakers. This was the first record of theirs that I'd heard. RIP Ronnie H
  23. So guess where this record was back in about 1998? A filler at the end of it is one my favorite parts of the LP. Not complex. Just filler.
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