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  2. Regardless of the bandwidth limitation in the audio quality on youtube, this guy still manages too push through a very nice sounding vid on the platform.
  3. I have the SNs...they are right above the terminal strips.
  4. Sorry this went south on your first post here. We usually treat people better (at first). But I can tell by your reply that you get what is going on here. Hopefully between the BS and the snark, you found some useful information. Most of this is a carry over from other threads. Gone on WAY too long.
  5. Eldon get's the first prize. Wired for one 15 from each side. Sounds pretty nice that way. At least that's safe for my Moondogs. I'll leave it that way for awhile. I'll be picking hp a Crown xli800 before december. I know that will work.
  6. They do look great. I would think a SN would be somewhere on the back tags somewhere, that's where it was on the older ones ? .
  7. How can you not believe someone who refers to his soldering with this quote? Just always remember this fellas: " The bigger the glob, the better the job ." That's money right there.
  8. It’s really simple to put the money where your mouth is.
  9. If you need an extra $150 for a couple of weeks, let me know If this is "for real," can't afford to pass it up
  10. I am back in the game! Purchased a set of KG5.2s in pretty good shape! Only visible issue is a small tear in the surround of one of the radiators. I thought I'd sniff around and see if anyone has a used radiator before I pay $50 to have the rubber surround replaced. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Schu

    MC 240

    What condition are the belles in? Where are you located?
  12. Agreed, they are, overall in great shape. Are there SNs listed anywhere for the pro gear?
  13. John Albright, who designed the DHA2 crossovers I built, said I could replace the 2.5mH inductor on the woofer with a lower value to raise the woofer crossover point back up to 400Hz. Plus, I'm not sure how well my 2a3 amps would deal with the current. I could swap in the Duke to try it. Might try Eldon's idea of connecting a single woofer to it first.
  14. Nope. You have to use clear GE Silicone 2 bathroom caulk.
  15. If you get a chance, and feel like experimenting a bit, try the Eminence Kappa 15C woofer from Parts Express. Major upgrade in fast, clear bass and tonality. I use them in all of my La Scalas and previously in a pair of Belles.
  16. The 2 ohm load will affect the passive crossover's frequency point. That can be compensated for with a slight re-design of the x-over. The other consideration is an amplifier's ability to handle the electric current at 2 ohms without overheating. That depends on the amp you choose to use.
  17. Today
  18. I should note as far as the A-55. I never really liked most of the various 2" drivers I've heard. They all sound a little too PA industrial to me. I much prefer the smaller diaphragms in my living room.
  19. I'm another huge fan of the Bluesound Vault 2 system. Best thing since sliced bread with some cheese and a nice Chardonnay!
  20. I am using Crites AA crossover, stock. I am very impressed with the Belles and the new components. They are very modern sounding but with more punch and dynamics and anything else Ive heard. Low bass will come later. i am thinking a pair of 12" servo subs. However, being in an older apartment building, the subs may wait... Currently using a current model Luxman 507uXII 110wpc into 8ohms. I'd love to demo their 30 wpb Class A amp...
  21. I use the same A-55 mids and CT120 tweeters but went with a new pair of K-33 woofers so I have no comparison to the difference in the Crites woofer. Which crossovers was it you went with, again? I guess I forgot that part. I built a set of Type AA's using the Audyn Plus and do enjoy the way they sound for the most part. I go back and forth with other speakers as the missing bass gets to me and I haven't had time to mess with building a subwoofer yet. But for certain music, and recordings, they do sound great. I had initially run them on the 35 wpc VTA ST-70 amp after we moved in but changed over to a 120 wpc Carver M-200t S/S amp as I didn't need a room heater right now. lol Honestly, the Carver sounds darn good and obviously hardly uses any power at all. I had even hooked them up to a 460 wpc highly modified and upgraded Carver M-1.0t amp and they sounded even better...definitely coasting along.
  22. Unless you stack a bunch of smaller zip ties on top of the main zip tie, in which case it will allow you to hear every single bit of sound.
  23. Yes banana plugs are a standard size + or - manufacturing tolerances of course. And you know those four flaps of metal contact that look like a peel of a banana(hence the name) can be gently pried out to give a tighter connection if necessary.
  24. No pics, and too bad I can't spend it right now. https://ocala.craigslist.org/ele/d/ocala-stereo-equipment/6960100963.html For posterity, since Craigslist ads don't hang around: ELECTRO VOICE SH-1512-ER SPEAKERS ON WHEELS . EXCELLENT CONDITION,$350. KLIPSCH HERESY FLOOR SPEAKERS , $150. STANTON PMC-46 MIXER , $75. CROWN MACROTECH 600 AMPLIFIER $150. ALSO AVAILABLE, STEREO CABLES, MICROPHONE, CD PLAYER , THORENS TURNTABLE AND MUCH MORE. CALL FOR ADDITIONAL PRICES OR MAKE OFFER. MUST SEE!
  25. https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/
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