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  2. I personally recommend the seller. I like your pricing the way it is David! Also thanks for the in-house discount. Quartets are so underrated. Oh well, as you know, we all MUST move up the Klipsch ladder. Good luck. Chris
  3. Wow thank you for the advice. I am not a handy person at all! I am looing into getting them professionally refinished. The wood veneer is bubbling and looks like crap.
  4. Jason’s right, 14” id, I didn’t subtract wood thickness from plans. haven’t built a pair, yet...
  5. No idea. I’m using the stock K400 horns myself, albeit with Dynamat XL applied to them. I’m sure someone else will know which flavour of K-55 sounds best, or why one or another is preferred. As far as I know, all of them screw onto the K400 horns.
  6. No problems and not under normal conditions. Horns are not air pushers like normal DR types but will move stuff under high spl.
  7. Never left, just taking it easy.
  8. 14" x 23" on a 24" wide cabinet
  9. Response is flatter and sensitivity higher the wider you go.
  10. Thats what I did, give or take $. 18 months for mine. At least one more person is off the list. Move forward one space.
  11. You have a point, but keep in mind that a Heresy has 3 different drivers, each covering a different section of the frequency range, so lobing is not much of an issue, except near the crossover points. Those horizontal centre speakers, on the other hand, typically have 2 or even 4 drivers that cover the same range. That’s what makes them ripe for lobing. As for the sound spraying over the floor and ceiling, it may well be, but perhaps my tin ears made it hard for me to notice. I usually sit on axis anyway. Considering that it’s covering mostly vocals, it didn’t seem to be much of an issue. Naturally, the right-side-up Belle sounds much better.
  12. 16” tall opening by however wide the enclosure is made. They are 36” tall by 36” deep and can be made 18” to 36” wide using a 15” driver. 12” drivers can be used in a 15” to 30” wide enclosure. Enclosures under 18” wide are recommended to use 12” drivers and anything 18” wide and over a 15” driver is recommended. Straight from BFM plans...
  13. Yes sir I did buy the 701! Mt KLF 20s are in pieces and tweeters and crossovers are being shipped to Bob Crites. I did have a question for you Bill, Looks like the previous owner applied a wood veneer the speakers as the tag states black color. How can these be refinished? Looks like it may just peel off and is bubbling on the sides. Thanks Tom
  14. Take a KLF-C7, get a replacement FIII mid horn + k70g driver and drop it into the KLF-C7. The k70g is used as a 2 way in some PRO surrounds-which brings me to the next best option outside of 1. A Forte III center(which still isn't ideal given the passive radiator creates more placement issues-i personally own a single Forte III as a center speaker), is to use a KPT-1260H Klipsch pro surround speaker which uses the same Forte III 12" woofer and the mid horn/driver combo as a 2 way. 102db sensitivity. Built-in 8° downward angle with 15° angle option for different placement options.
  15. I personally recommend the seller. David, I like your pricing now! Agreed, give the forum guys a break, otherwise I think your good. I remember when I sold my quartets in 24 hours once I put them on the auction site. Got $675 net. That guy drove 350 one way miles to get them (Michigan-Wisconsin). Good luck with your sale. Chris
  16. Ok by me. Pick the time I’ll pick the zip code b
  17. Today
  18. glens

    Super MWM

    Like Hewlett-Packard's RPN. Takes a minute to get used to, and thereafter it's difficult to use a "regular" calculator 'cause it's so cumbersome. (RPN for those unfamiliar.)
  19. If only I was about 8000 miles closer
  20. No current issues with the original K55V's, they sound great. I'd still like to utilize the K400 horns though. Are the A55G's significantly better sounding to the K55v single phase push pin connector transducers?
  21. Got lucky the other day. If you can get here by 1230 you can pick what you want and you're the first one I'm letting in. The others can wait but I only have til 4. Maybe 430 at the latest. Two hour one-way drive and I'm on it! He met me and we went to HIS basement. Nothing big time showing then he said the albums are back here. Help yourself. Mind in INSTANT over-load! Took my pic first then started looking thinking i was really gonna put a dent in this place. Started looking at condition and they were ALL like new. I looked at about 4 and he said you don't have to look at them. I was on the road, would buy the LP's and then put them on cassette so they've only been played maybe once or twice. Sure there's a moral to the story... ALWAYS take a boat load of $$$$! Sure I'll share them with you! Til prolly the 4th of July! 😂
  22. Jason or anyone else in the know. What are the dimensions of the mouth /opening? I know it is 24" wide, bit how long is the opening?
  23. I suspect it's mostly to do with being a DIY guy at hears, like many of us.
  24. Higher frequency dips can be PEQ's with less Intermodulation Distortion than lower frequency rolloffs, especially below horn cutoff. A those longer lengths, directivity becomes a bigger issue, which PEQ can't fix, but crossing lower to a midrange driver that can do 300 Hz. is better than trying to cross at 500 from that big bad horn.
  25. I suspect you’re still testing, but, can you begin to say what it is about those other horns that’s got you thinking you’ll sell the K402s?
  26. Yup, whether it is good or bad is another question.
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