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  2. It’s a good deal, but I don’t have a place for them. Though it would be a fun project. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Duracrest fabrics in Elk Grove IL. 847-350-0030
  4. @Edgar You could build a really tall pole barn and do a double Klipschorn stack. @JustAuBy @jackrcox @Terry Palmer see these?
  5. That may be what they did for "web" purposes, but perhaps not. My Forte IIIs (in walnut w/ black grilles 'cause momma said) sure look extremely close like that, too, in real life. Just get the stock walnut setup. You won't care one whit about the grille color once you've got them up and running. And do yourself a real favor by having Cory ship them to you new. He just might could customize the grilles, too.
  6. Coytee

    Super MWM

    Just make sure you turn it up alllllllllll the wayyyyyyyyy for me!!!
  7. This Kettle Pizza thingy has been fun. I get it up to about 750 degrees to fire our pies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just what I need ... more speakers. Must ... resist ...
  9. Today
  10. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-louis-klipsch-horns-corner/6873823576.html I'm so tempted, but I'm fresh out of storage space, drivers, and don't feel like building a top hat or veneering.
  11. The distressed oak Forte and the California black walnut comes with Lambs wool grills ask Cory if he has any of those.
  12. Try calling Cory he may be able to get you the ones with lambs wool grills or at least a discount on the Forte's.
  13. Yea and then some people get bent out of shape when they call Bob Crites for parts.....You would think they woud sell a Klipsch owner any parts he needs. I see the reason for having a serial number thats a reasonable request to prove you have a product.
  14. Buy the material and make your own. https://www.123stitch.com/cgi-perl/itemdetail.pl?item=59-135X
  15. Marvel


    Was already on my knees giving thanks this a.m. after seeing your email when I woke up this morning. Hope you can get some rest now, too, Steve. Lots of folks one their way to Hope for the weekend, but we have the THE Hope! Thank your Jesus! Bruce
  16. Agreed. Somehow everything is a little better when on the water. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Very nice room by the way. Sometimes simple little rigs do the trick. Enjoy. Bill
  18. During the years, I have come to realise that what I am looking for in a speaker is not ultimate details, deeeeep bass or Concert level sound pressure. The Heresies are very dynamic and lifelike. There is a presence to the sound that resonates with my ears. Currently they are resting on the TV console and that places them just a bit to high for the tweets to be more at ear level. I hope that lowering them on custom stands is going to do help creating a stronger 3D illusion, which is one of the traits that I value in a speaker. (the small Tanbergs in the photo excel in this but lack the snap the Hereires have.) Amplification curtesy of this little gem. EL84 push pull VA-One by QUAD
  19. Current list of tweaks 1. sanded down and oiled up with 1-3 turp oil ration 2. new 2uF sonicaps installed 3. Tweets Crites CT120s 4. Swapped back with 3/4 plywood and installed more user friendly terminals 5. no plans to change woof or k55...yet 6. move from temporary placement by TV and build appropriate stands playing sweet music now
  20. Asked the same question but got an answer. $450.00 for the lambs wool grills from he factory. I'll pass at that price.
  21. Ceptorman


    Excellent news Steve. I hope for the best for your Brother. The power of positive thinking is very powerful.
  22. any more info on these?????
  23. For months I've been trying to find Klipsch Forte IIIs in any darker wood (e.g. walnut, rosewood) but with the lighter grilles such as lambswool (beige). It's no trouble finding the speakers but the beige grilles are rare as hens' teeth. So the simple solution, I figured, would be to buy walnut speakers on the aftermarket and then source the grilles from the factory. But when I've tried corresponding with Klipsch to determine availability and pricing they won't discuss it with me until and unless I can supply them with serial numbers. Advice? Look at these pages--they just reversed the image to demonstrate veneer 'bookmatching' https://www.klipsch.com/products/forte-iii https://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition-rosewood
  24. I used to work with a guy who'd owned a Harley, a BMW, and a Gold Wing. He told me each bike was a pretty good machine that he'd been happy with. He also said that each one had its own cult following, and each one looked down on the other two. He found all of it amusing.
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