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  2. Agreed. I was really pleased with the 280s, they sounded really sweet. The only reason I returned em to crutchfield was to purchase the Corns. A really good deal became available and after giving it much thought, I made an offer on the Corns. Believe me, I had to give pause to spending $3200 for a pair of speakers. But the Heritage line is worth it imo, made in the USA, and the rosewood cabs are gorgeous, ditto the nickel silver speaker grills. At this point in life, I wanted something more than just big black boxes. I believe one day Klipsch will stop producing the Heritage line in Hope. Not many consumer products are made in America any more, not wishing Klipsch to stop the Heritage line, just one day all good things must come to an end. But for ~ $950 delivered, the RP-280s are a no brainer to me. Most anyone would be quite satisfied with them. Why spend $300 more for the 8000s? Black vinyl versus walnut vinyl? And even with the fake walnut vinyl on the 8000s, the front face and grill is all black.
  3. Could you move next door to me, very nice
  4. Yes, looking older can help at times. A buddy of mine told me that when a cop pulls him over for speeding on his sportbike, the cop’s attitude changes as soon as my friend removes his helmet, and reveals his head of grey hair. He suddenly gets respect. That definitely helps. Of course, it can go the other way, too. Back when I was nearing forty, I was chatting up a young co-worker at a table in the lunchroom. She would have been in her early twenties. I thought things were going well, until she said, “I know somebody from your generation!”
  5. The RP-280fs look fine and I have seen reviews on Youtube where they compared them to the 8000s favorably (one guy like them better actually), but it seems they only come in Black? My wife views these things as furniture and I know that she'd prefer Walnut. Also, I'm not sure my local Audiotronics shop (I'm trying to get them local, if possible, because I like to support local merchants and the support is easier that way) can get them, I'd have to check that. Do the Reference Premier models ever go on sale? I saw a good price on the RF-280 recently (like $324), but I decided I was better off with the RPs after reading some and comparing them.
  6. Has anyone tried these with extended heritage models? I did a forums search and not much came up. I have to replace risers on Chorus II so I thought about stands but there aren't many platform type stands in the 3.5" to 6" range. I'm not interested in building my own nor having custom stands made. Also, I like the theory behind the IsoAcoustics stands. Any comments are appreciated.
  7. I have a specialty tech that services their rear ends.
  8. Standard parts except the steering column and gear naturally. Those can still be ordered through a Jeep dealership. Be aware that the transmissions and brakes are abused heavily in these due to all the start and stop driving they do. We routinely install external aftermarket transmission oil coolers during the first overhaul which seems to help.
  9. Why wouldn't the RF-7 be an ideal candidate? After hearing it beside a Forte III, it needs work.
  10. Great patina on that old pick-up truck, the goat is cool too.
  11. A1UC

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    AL2 pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What do they have in common?
  13. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Very nice... does it have Be drivers?
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  15. That Klipsch walnut table is a handsome piece for certain. I was lucky to snag one from member a year ago or so. Keep looking on Epay or other sites. Good Luck!
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    focal scala utopia evo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I've only lost my coffee twice in the last 15 minute's... it's June, I have to get my old truck inspected soon...
  18. oldtimer


    A terrible place to live But I don't want to die... hehehehe
  19. The only time I didn't' like the wall around the smoker was the day a snake came out of it and looked at me face to face!
  20. … o O (I am mesmerized... )
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