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  2. Easily the most popular choice for Atmos. However you can get the 5650's if you want to save a few bucks, they do about the same thing, not much difference for Atmos. The back boxes aren't really necessary all the time. Really needs to be new construction before using them at all. They are for false ceilings in a commercial environment which is required to have these for fireproofing. Typically not required in a residential area unless local codes dictate that for some reason. Really the only thing it's really good for is keeping the back wave from emanating throughout the house, like if you have a bedroom above the theater room, maybe consider it. However, burying the speaker in insulation or using "can light" type of covers can do about the same thing for cheaper.
  3. Unfortunately, or at least unfortunate enough that I'm mentioning this on a Klipsch forum, but this is one of those situations where the SVS elevations are actually a better solution, you can get them shipped with optional ceiling mounts. Maybe consider some of those.
  4. Especially when he's all liquored up and full of pickles and beans, he's a creative genius.....
  5. It's a good preamp, but, the P6 is significantly better, especially the DAC situation, but also with the looks. The new P6 gets rid of the big bright red annoying logo light if nothing else. If those two things aren't an issue then go for it.
  6. All you need is a SUB ! ....for the 2 missing lower octaves ! Cool rig !
  7. Would you mind clarifying what you consider the "splitter"? I have a pair of LSI splits and would like to look at this....I don't seem to have these same issues.
  8. Tired of playing so listing these at my BOTTOM dollar Thats right 1395.00 new get this pair that are near mint 300 hours 500.00 + shipping Price is firm at 500..............I used these with SET amps never over driven they work great in Open Baffle. I also used them in a 5.6 Liter Bass Reflex Box with Front port and the Bass was WAY BETTER than any Full range driver I have heard in the past MUCH MUCH better than any of the ZU or Tannoy I have heard in the past. Simply put if you build the box for these it could easily be your last speaker upgrade. I heard Open Baffle and was smitten I have been putting all my attention to that design. These drivers did VERY good in Open Baffle as well. Will ship double boxed 18 X 18 X 12 and weigh approx 23 pounds thats 2 boxes at that size and weight This is the original boxes and packing. these are listeed elsewhere so can close at any time
  9. There's no right or wrong answer especially not knowing what speakers you have. Just try it different ways. Technically the standard is 80 hz. Some people lower it to 60 hz while some people run the fronts full range. I will say that having your surround back 10 hz lower than your side surrounds is an interesting choice, that's not really normal.
  10. You are so awesome. Thank you for your continued generosity Cory. Travis
  11. Don't know and how would I check? Run a curve with my TrueRTA program? Rather than specific frequencies here I am thinking cabinet anyway since there is one clearly different part (splitter) used in these.
  12. I'd recommend listing them for sale in perhaps South Korea, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and maybe Greenland.....oh wait, they might be busy moving.
  13. It could still work well enough, better than having nothing at least. Chris A here on the forum has cited research showing that people actually prefer surrounds a little more forward but that was a year or two ago when I read that so I can't remember details. Of course it looks like you will have a horn firing right into the side of that fireplace though, and if so, that's going to be a big issue. I'd consider trying some monopole bookshelves on stands if this is the case, pull them forward enough to clear the fireplace. Run temporary wire over the carpet to test if you are unsure if it's worth the effort.
  14. @DanielAndrew Why do you keep posting these listings? They seem to be just a random hodgepodge of current or fairly new Klipsch items listed on eBay. While anyone is free to post any item they find for sale in the Alerts section, most people post things like rare models, great deals, etc.
  15. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Even in two channel the sweet spot effect on these is much larger and sitting directly in front of either the left or right speaker set you can still get good opposing channel sound levels. The bigger the pro gear it seems to me the better you can hear this and it took the KPT-456's to begin to show me this and the MCM 1900's really did it well. What I did not realize was how unbalanced output was with amps even though the name plate said the same thing and channel to channel on the same amp is different too. These Xilicas helped out giving me complete gain control and this made another BIG improvement.
  16. Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll pop a pair in the mail to you. Greg
  17. You've got three lines of speakers just in these first three mentions. I'd at least try to match the towers and center. It will work well enough otherwise but the finish will look better plus the timbre will match better, that 404C will likely sound more laid back and smoother than the 625FA's. I'd say to consider bumping up to the RP-8060FA if possible but I realize it's a big price hike. Normal towers plus in-ceilings may be worth considering if you have access to do so, like you own your own place and are not renting and you can get to the attic space.
  18. After the Livingston, Montana amplifier testing a few weeks ago, at my audio mentor's shop, TEST TWO of the new KT88 amp is happening over the next month, starting Monday evening. I loaded my new KT88 Directly Coupled Pentode amp into my old friend Randy's SUV on Friday afternoon, and told him to take about a month to evaluate the unit. He was the fellow owning / living in the 1911 horse-drawn Kansas City Firehouse station. He was running a Yamomoto A-08 Type 45 amp, and had tremendously huge ALTEC A2 and / or A4 speakers, in his cavernous listening area. Fantastic news, unknown to me, Randy has upgraded both his speakers and amplifier since I last visited him, well over a year ago. For speakers, he had ALTEC 416B woofers reconed and remagged. He constructed a DIY SIXTEEN CUBIC FOOT MLTL enclosure for them. Its a two way. On top of each enclosure is a ALTEC 32 ( 90 degree bent ) high frequency horn, with an 802D High Frequency compression driver doing top-end duty. A KISS, large two way MLTL. When he sends me external and internal pictures of his custom build, I will show you all what they look like. Its a very cool DIY build. The 15 inch is obviously, directly radiating into the listening space. What really pleases me is he upgraded his " pretty " Yamomoto A-08 Type 45 amp ( which my 2015 Type 45 DC amp " destroyed " on a A-B , three years ago ) for a pair of 20 Watt rated monoblocks. A " Thoress 845 amp ", made in Germany by Reinhard Thoress, of Aachen. It uses three tubes, but its only a two - stage amp, which I LIKE, .....always better than a three stage amp. Zero negative feedback , just like my amp, ....which I like, demand. Rated 20 Watts. I was told these 845 monoblocks retail for $14,000 a pair, so it will be a great choice for Randy to compare, to the new KT88 stereo amp prototype . The Thoress website is here : http://www.thoeress.com/en/ Click on 845 amp, their top of the line offering. Here is what one monoblock looks like : and the internals look like so : My friend Randy is employed in the professional audio Installation business, for commercial enterprises / venues, and he has someone who is excellent, who will measure my amp, on square waves, etc etc, as per Maynard's request - in the early part of this thread. We will take scope pictures. Maynard thinks he can tell an amp's " goodness " and sonics from the square waves, and he hopes I will learn something. I think Randy should have BOTH amps nicely measured, post them, and most important of ALL, report to us on how each plays MUSIC, comparing one to the other,. Which amp type does he likes best, and by what magnitude, is one superior to the other !!! . Personally, I just want to know what sounds best to him, on music playback, over a month's time. What I think would be GREAT FUN, is to post the square wave shots of both amps ( 845 and KT88 Pentode ) up here without saying - which is which - and have Maynard comment here to us, on what he likes best,and how he thinks they will sound.. Then, afterward, we need to divulge square wave identities, and compare the data, to what Randy will write up and hopefully share with us, during the month he subjectively performs his own evaluations on music playback. Fantastic !! Maynard, is that asking too much of you ?? Hope not. It will be FUN , and instructive - to see that transpire. Do you feel I have " set you up ?? " If so, feel free to beg - off sir. In any case, we WILL SEE the square waves, and other measurements up here, for both of us to learn from, Maynard. It is also possible, I may be able to find a Kansas City Klipsch owner, and possibly do yet another KT88 A-B there, depending on speakers and gear types he owns. The truth, will be known. It will set us free !! Jeffrey Medwin
  19. making a ticket is your best bet if you haven't done that already. support.klipschgroupinc.com
  20. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I have found that setting the 402's right at the front of the bass bin with a focal point behind me and not pointed right at me and a 6.35ms delay yields stellar results.
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