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  2. Nice, Where do you guys get those nice metal hubs ?
  3. I can't say, but know how I personally am and would always think I should have gotten the signature. Not to muddy the waters, but have you checked out the super prime scout at upscale audio? A lot of table for the money. Makes me wonder between it and the prime?
  4. Bad ***. What song is that? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Here is a 'low-resolution' video (to fit on our page here) ... a TOUR of my 5.1 JUBILEE room upstairs. *Notice one of my 2 cats sleeping on the Danley subwoofer. JUbilee Room - August 2019.html
  6. Cool. I've got some 18" EV subs that my K2 and EP4000 could power sufficiently but the Macro 3600vz would really make them come alive. That's an understatement. Serious nuts. Clean nuts. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks Claude. The reason I asked is because I power my dual THTLP's with an EP4000. Total overkill, I know.....but that system typically gets played at low volumes. BUT......when I want to break stuff......and these subs will.....I'm concerned all that power is gonna damage the driver. I'll probably pick up the amp you're using. Does it have a fan? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. I tell ya, this amp paired with a Danley TH50...is to DIE for. Plenty of headroom. I have never had a single issue with any of these amps. CROWN macro-tech 3600vz's RULE on Subwoofers !
  9. Glad to hear that you're still rockin the 3600.[emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. The weight of each box is about 30 kg DHL Paket Premium International USA Paket 31,5 кг 120 х 60 х 60 см. insurance 5000 euros
  11. I own 3 KLIPSCH systems. A 2-ch Ki-396 Master bedroom setup / a 6.2 downstairs RF7iii Theater setup / a 5.1 Klipsch Pro Jubilee Surround DVD-Audio setup , Theater upstairs. . Every single amp used in those rigs are Carver Pro ZR1600's , all bridged in Mono. So I'm using 18 of ZR1600's, and have 2 more as backups, 20 total ! Also for my Jubilee Sub duty's I use the mammoth Crown macro-tech 3600vz , run thru a Danley TH50. I used to have Tube amps, ...never satisfied...then I finally found an Pro Solid State amp that dominated in clarity / dynamics and power to boot ... everything I hadever ever wished for in a Pro amp. ...and Rack Mountable. (Pic below is the JUBILEE 5.1 amp rack, using 10 Carver ZR1600s bridged in Mono...to Bi-Amp all 5 Jubilees.)
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  13. here is still information found Vitavox Type GP 1 Pressure Unit
  14. I have two as well but the remote capable versions I added the 18" version recently. Clean low bass, no boominess whatsoever. Good deal at the asking price.
  15. A very nice Prog album with only 3 tracks Side one - The Gates Of Delirium (21.55 ) is a brilliant composition Artist - YES Title - Relayer ID - Atlantic K50096 UK pressing 1974
  16. I also found information about the price at which these speakers were sold Western Electric 753c
  17. I would guess those are much newer than mine.
  18. Maybe it would be prudent, especially with MDF, to, after removing the screw the first time, grasp the threads with some scotch-brite and twist around a bit to dull any sharp edges / snags. Thereafter use a little wax or soap on the threads prior to installation. With MDF the best solution is machine screws with captive blind nuts (assuming no horns or drivers rear-mount to MDF). As far as merely filling the hole I'd be inclined to use several fine flat toothpicks as opposed to the harder round type. Even before that I'd probably use paper matchstick bodies; along with wax or bar soap in the smoothed screw threads. Maybe a time or two before drilling through for the blind nuts. In ply or solid wood there's considerably less concern with any "patch" tearing out a larger-yet cavity. That's why with "particle board" I like a more pliable medium with sufficient body which will conform smoothly yet build/maintain sufficient pressure.
  19. I personally think that Wish You Here is Pink Floyd’s best album
  20. There are LOTS of all-film Cs, used in the power supply , the KT88 amp build had eight " C " bundles in different critical places. Ran me out of money, along with the trip to Montana.
  21. Thanks for clearing that up. In that other thread I'd addressed the reactance of several of the values you'd declared pertinent to portions of the audio spectrum, and how at each of those elevated levels of reactance they can only account for passing a miniscule portion of the signal on to the driver. As I'd also said, the audio ranges you gave for the values may indeed be more applicable to the impedances inside an amplifier. But aren't you direct-coupling everything there? Not really a question to you there...
  22. Glens, Capacitors are the WORST performing parts in audio, and very few are truly great. Actually, there is NO one capacitor we can buy, at any price, that all by itself, will give us FULL musical expression.. ALL will leave out parts of the recorded music, somewhere in the sonic spectrum, and also, typically will be dynamically deficient. If a person " wants it all " on music playback, we are forced to add to that single film cap a minimum of four additional caps, of much smaller uF values, which will play differing parts of the sonic spectrum, and fill - in where the single cap is deficient. Done properly, the overall playback result..... is wonderful. On that 8 uF designated value of a speaker crossover, it would be MUCH MUCH better to never use a single 8 uF cap, that's NOT good audio design at all, but instead INTELLIGENTLY use a bundle of five or more film caps. Lets say the combined value of the main cap, and the bypasses, totals in the range of 7.0 uF to 9.0 uf. I tell you, this is FAR FAR better, because it plays all the music back to us, than any single cap of 8 uF precisely, can do !! No contest. Why isn't this done much in audio ?? The answer is multi-fold in my opinion. A contrite answer is, most don't know how to do it , or are oblivious to this entirely. Here are some factors that inhibit the use of multiple film bypass cap implementations : 1) The designer has to know, what value caps effect what parts of the spectrum. Few do, world-wide. 2) They have to use only some of the highest quality caps made, and if selling to Joe-Public, it can be cost prohibitive to optimize the bypassing ( IF they knew how to ! ). 3) They have to know , for each needed value in the sound spectrum, which Manufacturers make the best sounding caps of that certain needed value. This takes a) experience, b) experimentation, and c) a large parts budget. 4) A cap could be very good at a certain value, yet NOT combine well in a bundle. Richard Marsh's DynamiCaps however, made by REL, are designed to work when in parallel FYI. 5) The designer must cater to the miniscule number of end-users who would be discriminating, upon hearing the results, and who would be willing to pay for it, to enjoy the difference. 6) The designer must have a good enough system, and musical sensibilities, to resolve parts differences accurately. I will say this, it is possible to use one high quality cap in a crossover location, and have satisfactory results. I would estimate someone like deang does this very very well. The end user is happy. However, if someone who knew how to properly bypass a "C" location, had the budget - did so properly, it would be impossible for the listener to go back to listening to a single cap, upon hearing the difference, assuming the listener had a great system to start with. In amps, since I know caps are so bad, I direct couple my Power Amps, and only use the "C" , often bypassed, in many power supply locations. But a "C" bundle can easily cost me over $200, and its used in eight locations minimum, in my latest KT88 amp build. This adds up, such that most are oblivious to the practice of multiple cap bypassing. Am I clear to you in my answer sir ?? It was so nice to see an intelligent question posted !! Thanks. Jeffrey Medwin
  23. But the top hat was physically modified so there'd be no real going back in that respect? I don't have an opinion on that either way. I was merely wondering about the propriety of the badges. Regarding appearance I have the opinion they look fine as are.
  24. I subscribe to Stereophile to look at two of JA’s measurements. First is the dac measurement of a -90.3 dB1K Hz sine wave with a 16 bit signal and then again at 24 bit. The drop in noise floor in dB can be divided by 6 to see the resolution of the dac. The other is the impulse test on speakers. The tests on the Forte III and the AK6 are the worst I have seen for impulse test results. I guess the people here who say the Klipsch Heritage speakers sound better with the tweeter physically aligned with the mid driver may be on to something. May try his on my Heresy and La Scala. But, not surprised by the listening results. The reviewer used to have his own rag. All hair shirt gear. Art Dudley must have tin ears. All the gear he really praises seems to get a “sample may be broken” when JA measures them. Total distortion and noise generators. The listening with the AK6 away from the corner gave expects results, limited low end. The tests done in the driveway are not as bad as you might think. The standard for speaker testing is an anechoic measurement. No walls. An AL5 might do much better in AD’s driveway. Do not know distance from the speaker to listener, but I think my LS II are better integrated when they are 8 - 10’ away. And 8’ apart. Toed in about half way to listener.
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