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  2. Yes hoping everything is going a little smoother.
  3. Welcome Not sure about that, what would that be for ? You could easily set up 7 speakers and the RW, what would you want the other speakers set up for, another room?
  4. You will need to research that and learn. My first audio mentor, a recording engineer, used precious metals in his microphone wiring in the 1970's. Gold as I recall.
  5. Here's a snippet of what it was like for us. It's a very rough draft and I really want to make into a book. if not a movie (thus the music edit inserts). I started writing mine about 12 years ago and once I met got back together with Lorrie she wrote her side; although I really wish she'd finish it. The Lorrie Story Rough Draft Master - Music Insert Edit.pdf The Tommy Story Master - Music Insert.pdf
  6. Well we killed a little time while you wait, still have to wait a little more.
  7. Edgar

    Sunday Morning Blues

    I read once that a 70 year old man has better odds of surviving five more years than a 65 year old man. Apparently there's some kind of a threshold between 65 and 70; men who get past it are hardy enough to go on for much longer. Enjoy your lives together with my best wishes (and envy)!
  8. h - just here for news -has everything resolved itself at the house -------let's hope so ,
  9. A1UC

    What I Got Today!

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  10. I'm 54 and my girlfriend is 55. It really bothers me when she talks about getting too old to do things. Of late she's in a mad dash to finish all these house projects because she won't be able to do them again later. She and I were starting a beautiful love afair when we were 16. But a tragedy happened that seperated us that was neither our fault. But we paid the price for 37-years. Now we're together again.
  11. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    It is reassuring to live in area with lower population and very low Covid levels and can have test results in three days —
  12. It’s been sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Edgar

    Sunday Morning Blues

    What a sobering thought. To someone who lives their whole life alone (like me), old age comes as a complete surprise. I still feel like I'm 25 inside, even though the person looking back at me in the mirror indicates otherwise.
  14. Cool, keep us informed, thanks!
  15. @Jakersnet, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  16. Even if no one reads it, it maybe time to write your memoirs. I had a heck of a good group of friends growing up that all lived within a few houses away. I only talk to a couple of them anymore. But it gets to be 10+ years to see one of them in person and 6-months for the other. One lives 30-miles away and the other almost 100. Phone calls just don't seem to cut it. Think of both American Graffiti movies and you kinda get close to what my neighborhood was like.
  17. That is what I am hearing, hopefully they will be kind to me on Monday...
  18. There is a lot more to the answer - but most say yes. If you have the means try it.
  19. KG's commonly came in a lacquer coated medium oak, looking at the pics after sanding looks like they could be a lacquer & not oiled finish. either way of you wand them down they should be ok to use oil or restain & coat with a polyurethane for added protection over oil. also be careful sanding, the veneer is pretty thin.
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  21. My friend has a sales job with area down to Outer Banks N.C. and up the eastern shore of Virginia also out toward the Richmond Va area. So drop off outside of Va Beach is an option. Thanks!
  22. I would think that any of the cheaper stereo receivers and integrated amplifiers from the major brands would be up to the task. These would include Sony,Pioneer,Rotel,Denon,NAD,Onkyo and Yamaha.
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