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  2. I was specifically referring to A5 & A7, but domesticated versions fit too. I agree completely regarding 901s.
  3. Spread the speakers a bit. It’s deceiving but from the plane of the front of the speakers there is 5 feet. To the rear wall. Besides the fire place obvi. The sound stage is awesome. Not pinpoint but all encompassing. I listened to a lot of live recordings so it’s pretty accurate to what it sounds like live.
  4. this brown , i need to repaint in black klipsch rf-63 colour....
  5. Haven't looked at it beyond the posted pic. I was going to already say, when I got to your post, that the "flashlight" on my phone is entirely good enough for most uses, and I've always got it with me (scads times more processing power / memory than even the giant mainframes when I graduated H.S.). If I'm going to carry a dedicated flashlight, it'll be either a 2 or 3 D-cell Maglite LED, whichever's handier... ;^)
  6. The average value may be constant, but there will be local perturbations to keep the platter level, at a constant height, and rotating. They are not DC, and they may interact with the magnetic cartridge.
  7. Any suggest on these setting that would be different than my single driver speakers set up. Or my Heresy 3s.
  8. Hey. Update here. New crossovers installed from dean. New tweeters from bob. Up and running. Everything sounds great. I do feel like I’m getting a bit of muddy bass. I do has a sub that I turn off and on to see if it helps balance things out. I’ve moved things around, spread the speakers. And used rubber isolating 2 inch risers, to decouple from my wood non insulated floor over a garage. to see if anything would help. I think it’s getting better.
  9. Yes, and I only read Playboy for the articles!
  10. Not only is Paul Klipsch “somewhere” smiling, I’m pretty sure he’s laughing out loud at this review. “- only the relatively soft-sounding Auditorium 23 speaker cables would do” - bwaah ha ha ha!
  11. While there may be an "AC" appearance to a strip chart of the {levi|ro}tation current, it'd still always be DC. A bearing of some sort (though not thrust) would be required but it would otherwise be cool to tie-together, and float, both the platter and tonearm. This would ensure the lateral tracking "tangent" stayed at least consistent. I'd bet the tolerance on that specification opens quite a (variably) bit with the current product. Alternatively, assuming good-enough repeatability of platter-to-arm rotation axis distances with what they've got now, it'd be cool to laterally shift the platter axis through the pattern required to keep the stylus cantilever on a perfect tangent to the groove at all times, just like the cutting head was (and nominally the Rabco [and one other with glass rods, the name escapes me] of the later 1970s). Shit! Did I just give away a patent idea?
  12. Take off your watch before changing a record.
  13. Saw a 1606 model on craigslist for $300 local pick up with no remote... Would say for your shipped price with mint remote, you are being reasonable. Make someone a nice 5 2 channel with front channel amp capability... GLWS
  14. Someone else thought like I do! What box? John Kuthe...
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  16. I bought some LaScala look alike. I don't know they may be real just redone. One woofer will not play now, I hooked it directly to the speaker wires still no noise. (my way of checking the crossover) I'm guessing I need to replace it but not sure how to do that. No screws are visible anywhere. My guess is to remove the bottom, will that give me access to replace the woofer. picture is the back of course. Any suggestions on replacing woofer or do I need to do any more testing to make sure it is bad.
  17. Fantastic amp. Dead quiet and powerful. Bought and sold with Jeff for many years so NO "buyer beware" applies here. Great price. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  18. The manufacturers of this TT is actualy close to me. I have been following development od this, not closely but out of curiosity. Early this year we had a chance to hear it playing music. This is not a "high grade" turntable. It usualy comes with entry level moving magnet cartridges. The audition was with Ortofon 2M black. It had problems with stability of the plater when starting. Later on the plater went smothly, not wobling on axis. Playbeck was ok, nothing to shout about. It is cool looking, fancy and expensive toy. May be it will mature later.
  19. I'd think it's black stain, not paint. Either way, black stain will get you where you want. Gonna have to strip the top coat if there is one, first (either way?).
  20. Just wanting to sell some items that are not being used. Need to go to a new home that will appreciate them. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  21. I try to keep things light. But I really like to drill down and solve these kind of problems.
  22. Always... Latitudes. Almost always been good designs, but they are very good.
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