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  2. That would be a freak out moment...
  3. Yeah, I have the basic pressing and a few years ago scored a copy of a half speed master. SF Sounds, I think before MOFI started doing it. It is one of those significant lp's of rock/psych/prog history.
  4. I was on a ladder and dropped a hammer that bounced off the floor a few inches from a Palladium. It did not hit, but my heart stopped. I was being lazy and I keep everything in mint condition. Next time, the speakers will be completely removed from the room. I don't let friends with kids over anymore. I have seen what they do to others houses.
  5. No Jeff. Medicaid is a need based program for those with disabilities and below a threshold of income. It is not age based.
  6. It sure did, BabaDono. Thanks again, Carl. (He's one hell of a nice guy!) The custom made 18' shielded RCA cables came in today. I've swapped them in, and they sound fantastic. No more hums when the system is idling! Even with the volume turned to 11!
  7. Keep this in mind, too: Medicaid kicks in at 65. This age group costs the mosts because it requires the most care. It would be quite a lot less for younger groups.
  8. I'm glad all my stuff is upstairs now in my bonus room which she doesn't vacuum....I do that. So it would be on me. She hardly ever goes upstairs which is fine with me.
  9. You can also use some white magic sponge Works great to also clean the diamond
  10. I believe you're right, stain, not paint. Not sure what I was thinking.
  11. The last one I went to was near Pearl back in the 90's. You typically brought a cooler and lawn chairs and sat in front of the car, or pick-ups would back in for tail gating. A nice tropical breeze was a plus. The old beetle didn't have a working radio much less one with fm so we brought a portable. It was the last on the island and is long gone. Back in Mineral Wells Texas the family used to go to the drive in on the edge of town. It was across the highway from the US Brick factory and the whole screen was built out of red brick. Probably the most impressive drive in structure I have ever seen. Back in the early 80's it had been converted into a bar/pool hall, it's a dry county so you had to pay a token "membership" fee to partake. The closest for a long time had been one in Graham, about 2 or 3 counties (50x50 mile Texas counties) west, but I have heard someone opened a new one up near the river in Ft. Worth. That's still a good hour away and I haven't checked it out. Overall I saw some good movies at them and the experience was more fun than being all serious about surround sound and air conditioned comfort. Some here know my opinion of "films" in general so that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Caddyshack with college buds in the Chicago area was a blast, btw.
  12. Today
  13. I have been looking for a while now at outdoor projectors but have zero experience with them. Which one did you choose over this?
  14. It was. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2019/04/09/playboy-braille/ The only problem was trying to finger out how to print a 3D centerfold!
  15. Used to enjoy going to them when I was a kid with my parents. Went with friends and or a girlfriend through high school in the late seventies up to about 81. I haven't seen one around in a long time. A real shame as I enjoyed them - especially once they started broadcasting the sound on FM. If you had a half decent system in your car it was pretty good. I guess these days with the value of land one would have to be outside of or on the very fringe of a city. This is something I would support making a comeback.
  16. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    Man this design has me excited!
  17. Fire ants are tougher than that.
  18. is there something wrong with the originals? I have tried the EH coin base version and have always gone back to the original westinghouse collar based type. To me they sound considerably better. I have not tried the new collar base Tung-sols so I cannot comment on them.
  19. I bought a matched quad from Viva tubes about a year ago for my Fisher KX-200 and have been very pleased.
  20. Same with this one just not using it and am transitioning to new QSC Cx amps. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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