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  2. The short answer is yes. If you want the long answer, read on. The pavement at Ledges was bad in the Seventies, when I rode three 5 hour events ('73, '74, and '75) and quite a few sprint races, on the TD-3, a 350 R5, and an RD350, and it was even worse in the Eighties, when I was one of the riders on Team Leonard, in the 1984 and '85 24 Hours of Nelson events. I really recommend the 24 hour races, because each rider gets so much track time (6 hours if you have a 4-rider team, 8 hours with 3 riders. 2 riders are not enough.), in varying conditions (day, night, dry, rainy, who knows?), and you learn to ride at endurance pace, not sprint pace, because a crash will cost your team time for repairs, or might end the race for them, which would be extremely disappointing, after all the planning and prep it took just to be there to start the race. This means you keep more of a safety margin than usual, while the sprinters pass you and crash, because it can be hard to be at 100% of your attention at 4 am in a downpour, after you personally have raced for 250 miles, and hopefully have another 250 to ride before the chequered flag falls at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. In the 1985 event, I crashed the team's bike (an '84 RZ500, with top speed around 220 km/hr (140 mph)) and broke my ankle, but it was in Turn 1, not far from the pits, so we were back on the track in less than 15 minutes, and I was able to finish my shift before becoming a spectator for the remainder of the race. We did well in both 24 hour races, but the pavement was so rough in Turn 1 by then that speeds had to be kept down somewhat, because the bike would be skipping from bump to bump, so extreme lean angles were definitely out. If the track has recently been re-paved, that would be great. It deserves it. The track layout is excellent, with several high speed sweepers, my favourite kind of turn. Turn 1 is the first- high-speed sweeper, exiting onto a slight downhill and a second small turn that's important to be well aware of, or you'll find yourself running wider than you had planned on, at a pretty high speed. Nelson Ledges has either 8 or 13 turns, depending on whether or not you count the small kinks here and there, like the slight one on the back straight, before the actual kink. If you look back while entering the Carousel, the big banked right-hand sweeper that wraps around well over 90 degrees, then sends you onto the back straight, you'll see your fierce competitors leaning hard left in Turn 3 (or is it Turn 5?). That looks weird and cool, because you'll be leaned over hard right at the time. Wow, that went on for a while! For anyone who read this far, thanks for your patience! Ceptorman, I realize that this will mostly be familiar to you, so the explanatory parts were for those who've never seen that track. It's a fondly remembered piece of history for those of us who raced or spectated there.
  3. I got a pair of 22s in my Heresies that I am am freshening up. The only thing that I noticed on inspection was that the cloth surround was rather dry to the touch compared to my GPA414s. But they were much newer. Wonder if they should be treated once in a while. At least the surrounds don’t rot. To counter potential sag from 40 years of gravity I Did considered monting the woofers upsidedown when putting them back in the cab. But the leads didn’t reach far enough to get to the crossover so I dropped the idea. They sound great anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. @Dave S Congrats on the build, hope it sounds as good as it looks. Did you get a chance to compare the A55-Gs with the K53? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. Some art sites or galleries might have plinths that could make suitable stands. I've seen them listed in a selection of heights, to suit various situations. Some years ago, I was in a storefront art gallery and noticed a nice tall plinth holding up a stone bust. The plinth was essentially a tall box (roughly 40 inches tall) with no external features and a glossy dark paint finish. It was just the right height, and its top matched the width and depth of one of the Heresy IIs that I planned to use as surround speakers. After a bit of bargaining, I left with the plinth and they kept the sculpture. The other speaker already had its stand arrangement sorted, so the two surround Heresy IIs were ready to go.
  7. … o O (initial observation)… cold = No way... no matter how many ph studies are performed.... 2nd theory - the use of the un-news worthy statement in the article above, grasping the phrase "but so far, researchers can't confirm" ... o O (debate among the cocktail crowd) …. that chit better work ... o O (in conclusion, a summary granting the motion) hot.... black.... easy to make …. morning routine... no studies ….
  8. Dave I am running 2 Danley dts 10’s (just babies in comparison to your monsters) but I have had some fun finding music infused with low frequencies. I know probably not your kind of music, but for some room shaking lows check out : Linkin Park Frgt/10 Question: I using a Behringer NX6000D with dsp amp. Would you recommend a different amp ?
  9. I have four of them would they do well in a sealed enclosure?
  10. Correct. Pure speculation on my part. My small effort to rally the Klipsch fans out their to show some love. You never know who might poke their head in and look. I am sure corporate would appreciate the feedback as well. Thanks to all who choose to participate in this effort.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was an illusion at first. I looked at more pics of Heresy Industrial's and they all seem to have the slotted port.
  12. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    @Schu Just showed my girls. They're in love. Enjoy.
  13. Almost forgot, I like my water hotrod too!
  14. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Two brothers... no names just yet
  15. Very nice rides both, sure miss my old FXR. I had it ten years and did well over 100,000 miles on it. It was down all the roads you listed and many more, some of my favorite haunts! West coast rules! Remember the days before helmet laws? <sigh>
  16. Thanks I can add some pics tomorrow. Not sure about the price I'm open to offers. Are they 8 ohms?
  17. That’s called the English wit
  18. Yup, I'll be there in time for dinner Friday and stick around until Sunday morning.
  19. Heresy Industrial Ported have two ports in front. $500 +- is the going rate for used Heresy. You can post them for sale in the Garage Sale section.
  20. I can’t wait to try some of this. Thanks ahead of time for the efforts huge amount of work.
  21. I've been driving a 100% electric Nissan Leaf for just over two years and I LOVE IT!! The performance is amazing, and NO GASOLINE, NO POLLUTION, ETC! NO Farting!! 80 miles a charge, and I outdrive every Internal Combustion Engine powered vehicle out there!! I DO NOT burn petroleum gratuitously anymore, ever! ON PRINCIPLE!! And because I HAVE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE. John Kuthe...
  22. I consider myself fortunate to have owned two "stepchildren" of the HD family: '90 FXRS-SP which I kept for 20 yrs, and my current ride, an '010 FXDF. Both these bikes were controversial in their appearance relative to much of the MoCo's products, but are now somewhat esteemed by a small portion of the Harley riding populace. I rode the FXR through the Mojave Desert on the way to the Grand Canyon, and both bikes have seen PCH-1 along CA's coastline and US-50 going up to Lake Tahoe. I don't hit the road as much as I used to, but whenever I do, it still makes the day end better than when it started. To the OP: I can understand your angst regarding the unwelcome intrusion of hi-decibel exhaust tones from certain bikes, whether its the banshee wail of a high-revving 4/6cyl "track bike" or the rolling thunder of a big-bore v-twin. Hopefully these raucous episodes are short-lived and spaced far apart; even more, I trust you won't develop any prejudices against the motorcycling public as the vast majority of them are really good people. ~
  23. Thanks brother you going to be able to break away from the goats and come to Hope? F20 just humms along BTW 😎
  24. RobF

    Technics 1200GR

    https://monterey.craigslist.org/ele/d/salinas-technics-1200-gr/6858145311.html selling a new unboxed Technics 1200GR I purchased from Value Electronics. $1400. Located in Salinas Ca. CL listing posted above.
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