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  2. someone here should jump on these they should be outstanding loudspeakers and easily outstrip any Heresy experience! Autumn is coming and the music is calling.
  3. 50% is not superior! Jeff statement is very subjective.
  4. I'll assume you're asking Jeff. In my book bananas are fine. Fine enough that they're what I use. But if you want, I'll take the test. I reckon I got a 50-50 chance of guessing right.
  5. Would you like to do a double blinded speakers test using spade terminals vs banana plugs speaker wires?
  6. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?!?!
  7. Ok, so I've committed to buying one of the amps and a friend of mine, who was a rep while I was too, is buying the other one. He's also getting the last P-3000R preamp (like I have) and I'm buying the last C-7000R CD player. I honestly haven't used a CD player for over 3 years now as all is ripped to FLAC but for the price I'm getting it for, it will make for a good looking stack of matching gear. I don't really care that it doesn't play SACD or any of the newer stuff as I maybe own 5 or 6 SACD's and I could care less about all the new surround things or formats. My hearing just isn't what it used to be on the top end, plus having tinnitus, so it's a moot point for expensive/overpriced (to me) DAC's, etc. I just can't hear the differences. I do have an older Panasonic and Toshiba DVD players that will play SACD that I can tie in if needed. I'm not a classical buff so no interest in buying a bunch of SACD's unless they are music I actually enjoy. So maybe over the next month or so, I'll have a new M-5000R amp and C-7000R CD player. No rush as I still have plenty of other things to listen to and keep me busy.
  8. isn't that a JimmyBuffet tune? guess that all I got up early for, was to make fresh coffee. Kittens ate big last night and aren't hungry at the moment. So, I get to watch them play. When we seek kitten/s... we usually get a pair. That way, they entertain each other... sort of. I crack up every time I see them bouncing sideways. We/I named them. Chuckie and Scooter. Both girls. Was NOT thinking of @Tarheel when Chuck was named. It just fit her. She's the kind that will stand in the middle of the food bowl and growl at everyone.... "It's MINE!!!" wife offered to wash my hair the other day. I blew it when I asked her if that includes the beard. Yeah... my back has been acting up. Not crippling, limiting tho. time to rattle wife's cage.
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  10. Makes more sense than anything else. I've heard that before. A dried driver to horn gasket will make noise too or loose driver to horn.
  11. Yep, now all you need is 2 Lab12 TH subs, one in front and one in rear, and you will be in sonic heaven! Went back and noticed you have 684 subs, which are great for music, but if you want to dig down an octave lower for movies, the TH is the way to go.
  12. I have a good friend that lives in the Phoenix area and I agree on the heat thing...they can have that "dry heat". I also wasn't thrilled with taking a black light to look for scorpions before I got in bed. Nope... But I agree; it's a beautiful place and I miss the the rep meeting trips to Tempe for Rockford and playing golf on some awesome courses there and some great food.
  13. Yep, now all you need is 2 Lab12 TH subs, one in front and one in rear, and you will be in sonic heaven!
  14. Oh, and one more thing you should try with this LFA woofer, Mookie.....................short out the woofer inductor in you E network on one channel and see how it sonically compares to the other channel while playing a mono source and using the R and Left channel balance control to do A/B in real time!!
  15. This is why I was motivated to run curves for you. Since that woofer is on SALE at Parts Express, and can still use the same PORT as my original Super H mod, I think it's worth a try and you can't lose. Plus it's a way easier Mod since it's just a woofer drop-in/rear panel cutout for the port with Zero Crossover change from an original Klipsh "E". It's a total no-brainer on a low budget. But please report to us as to how GOOD it will sound as the easiest mod yet available to a Heresy box, and should even win the prize for best bang for buck (sorry, Diz, but his would be a contender to take away your crown).
  16. Do you own, or have access to, a tone generator?
  17. Your comments are from one who has done all this, rather than simply provide opinions based on the words of others, so they have veracity and merit application. Thanks for contributing.
  18. Justin, I was in charge of confusing people on this issue. When you stated the you used the 12LFA in your two way Heresy, I thought that was one of the ones Claude was using in his mod. I was wrong. It did spark a good conversation so my bad had a good result. I have used the 15C with good results so was easily led down this path for the 12" as well. Thanks for the tips.
  19. I did not see where you isolated the bass cabinet only (disconnected the mid and tweet) Your statement about the mid range had me going down a different path. LSi at that time were using the K55M (I think). Those mids had a tendency to rattle as the back plastic plate would get loose. A simple tap with your knuckle on the back of them will let you know. I had one driving me crazy and it took me several tries to locate it. Good news is that if that is the issue, a small bead of silicone around the edge fixes the problem. Not nearly as much work as some of the other possible remedies. Just a shot in the dark but worth a try. Good luck.
  20. Hey Bobby. Glad the PL gear worked out for you I thought it would be great sound on any of the klipsch Heritage It was OVERKILL on my setup. The otari is working fine and sounds great. I got my Bulk Eraser and it works great as well. I have yet to record anything but that will come soon enough. Im not doing anything to the Blue & Black Boxes the rest are getting erased and go from there. You wife was right the otari is a better deck than a pioneer 909. The 909 is quite delicate I had one and it did not stay long, then in shipping the PCB got cracked I had to cover the repairs
  21. I have settled down my system is the same just the FR drivers have changed, For me thats settled
  22. I'm sure Jeff is talking in terms of sonic performance capability, not of safety nor convenience.
  23. Did anyone had any experience with slim line ceiling speakers, Klipsch SLM-5400-C? I wonder how do these sound compared to other in-ceiling models..
  24. WAY TOO COMMON, even in high end equipment. You will see many measurements show volume control tracking.
  25. I was old enough but was too busy working to go. So, I attended vicariously through my cousin who was living at a nudist colony near there at the time. Must have been fun! Maynard
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