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  2. Did I say this before? Of all the qualities of a speaker, imaging is the least important, IMO. In a live classical concert, the imaging isn't too good, unless you are sitting very close. In order of importance, from most important to least important, IMO: Low distortion Instruments sound like themselves, yet the integrated, blended whole of the orchestra sounds close to the way it does "live." Realistic Dynamics, including micro-dynamics. Capable of instantaneous peaks of 115 dB at the listening position. A single Klipschorn, in a room the size of mine, needs about 120 watts -- for just an instant -- to produce such a peak, while a typical speaker (90 dB/1w/1m) requires over 1,000 watts -- for just an instant -- to produce that brief peak. Frequency response Imaging My Klipschorns image fairly well. With the room lights off even better!
  3. Thanks! Got a good deal on the new model and will only pay a slight premium for the uniform design.
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  5. I spent many happy hours at Joe Minor's Berkeley Custom Electronics, first as a high school student, and for the next 18 years or so. Everyone who worked there was an engineer, as was Joe. Outstanding ones were Don Helmholtz, who later helped start Pro-Audio Electronics in Oakland, then held forth at Resistance Repair in Berkeley (resistance having a double meaning -- consider the locale), and John Curl, later the wizard of Parasound. Joe Minor had the utmost respect for PWK, and believed that recording studios might have been making better recordings than they knew, because Klipschorns tended to revel more quality in a given recording than the speakers the studios used.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forum! $500 budget for receiver you say, Onkyo TX-NR686 I say. Trust me, you won't find any better "bang for buck" receiver than that. It has all the modern stuff a receiver should have nowadays too. It works great with movies, but better with music. However, I recommend staying away from the AccuEQ. Alternatively, you could also look into Yamaha, Pioneer or Sony and see if you might want something there. You don't need to bother with marantz, denon, Arcam, anthem and such... Anything thats worth it from them is kinda pricy for most. Don't have any experience with the 120SW. I myself own a couple of r-115sw and I personally think they're great. However, for subs you might want to look at other brands than klipsch. Examples: SVS, Rythmik, Elac, Paradigm, Fluance. Might I also say that whichever sub you choose, think about getting two of them.
  7. Hmm alright. Well I know for a fact your onkyo can power three zones simultaneously. However, the most cost effective solution that entails using your passive klipsch speakers wirelessly, would be the rocketfish wireless adapters. Or another product like the rocketfish adapters...
  8. And that's just a few of the total and more are coming. I have too many speakers now. But that's what happens when you build many prototypes for test purposes. My Klipsch K402s will probably be sold soon though. The K402s are great and someone else will enjoy them. The best drivers for them seems to be TAD 4001/4002 and Radian 950BePB. Just heard that the Radian Beryllium drivers have increases with at least $200 per driver. Prices are going up for Truextent Be. I may however be able to get a few Radian 950BePB for yesterday's price with a saving of at least $400 for a pair. If someone in Europe are interested let me know asap. It will only be valid till Radian runs out of stock of Be diaphragms they bought in 2018.
  9. billybob


    Yes, a couple of extra inches to play with beats one...
  10. Glad your doctors are happy, that sounds good, it's just going to take time. I forgot about the humidity, your right it's lower, but it sure is dry and hot. We only went out to eat at one place, it was very casual but great food. I guess you get used to whatever weather you have had most of your life, that seems normal to you. .
  11. I do not see cleaning to be a problem. What ever finish on the speakers, just do not use wet cloth because that way you are producing mud on the surfaces. I would first vacuum clean and then dry clothed, preferably with cheap microfiber cloth. Do it every so often and the boxes should be clean enough.
  12. Very nice....love the colors.
  13. That car was just a couple laps away from winning in 1967, blew a transmission. It's currently in the Indy museum. If you ever get the chance to go there, a museum visit is a must. I'm amazed at how barbaric most of those old cars are, some didn't even have seatbelts. Those mid 60s roadsters are beautiful machines. Most of them were also raced on dirt tracks.
  14. Yes they are. They do a lot of measuring on how much range of motion I have, and they claim my numbers are much better than normal. I completely severed my bicep tendon, that's what's keeping me from lifting my arm. It is finally starting to feel better, but I'm still only sleeping about 3 hours at a time. I've been there 3 times, yes, it gets pretty hot, but they do have lower humidity than some of the other Texas cities. The heat is very intense though. My wife would love to move there, but I work outside and I don't think this fair skinned fella would survive there. It is a great city, friendly folks, awesome food, and a very low crime rate (I checked)
  15. … o O ( I think we've found the next upgrade for Rodney's.... next year)
  16. If I should look for sound advice, would try to bend the ears of the 2 mentioned. Enjoy the Scott's phono stage...
  17. …. o O (the inerds tell the story)
  18. Hi Henrik, Thanks for the detailed reply. I should clarify my needs: 1) Forget wireless rears, I will run wires, it's not that bad. 2) My goal is to connect my home theater in the living room with speakers in 2 bedrooms and one bathroom so I can play music throughout the house. Ideally, controlling volume separately would be great. I don't need these things to be completely wireless. I realize there are systems like Sonos out there that let you connect a house full of speakers, but I was hoping to use the Klipsch I have. So my real question is -- what is the most cost effective way of connecting my living room receiver to speakers in 2 other rooms? I know Onkyo RZ 830 has wireless features, which is why I asked about that, but I realize I need to have something that receives the wireless input. Also, I'm not sure if the Onkyo can control 3 separate rooms at once. My goal is to be able to play music through my Onkyo receiver and hear it throughout the house simultaneously without having to send wires through all the walls into the rooms. Is that doable within reason? It's a condo, so a bit more difficult to run wires through the ceilings as there is concrete in a lot of places. Thanks!
  19. As low as possible - hopefully removing the need for a sub - which adds more space. I totally agree regarding the large gear providing something that other gear doesn't - I lived with Khorns in my bedroom for 3 years whilst flatting, no room for anything else except sonic bliss. I don't quite want to go that far this time around. The SWMWs would definitely not work in the larger of my two lounge areas due to to protrusion, limiting placement to the room I have drawn. Yes, it is a real shame I am so far away from y'all.
  20. That's a strange mix and how did you expect two tweeters and a horn and mid that would overlap to work without tri amping at the least?
  21. How low do you want your bass to go? The second drawing is not far from what my speaker placement is but I also have 13'+ ceilings and the room is much longer but is also full of hard flat surfaces from equipment and stuff. Great big gear sounds good at any volume and does so with a different quality of sound smaller things can't duplicate, in my opinion for what it is worth. The 402 horn is the key ingredient and I chose a big single fold horn because I think it has superior sound. There are a lot of cabinet plans out there as Marvel suggests and many I am sure sound great. It is a shame you can't hear some of these various configurations before you commit to buying something.
  22. JBCODD


    True storey, but amusing.... Had the most amusing con today. After going ISO a fuel line for da kids car, (O'Reilly's, Auto Zone and two NAPAs) ; I found the Hose Master. Toyota wanted $250 and three days. The Hose Master cut the fittings from the old line, brazed them to threaded fittings and fitted a hose between them. For $45.00. In 60 minutes. The Hose Store, 302 East Baseline, Mesa Az, 487-5800. Great service, and comedy too. Hose Master: " I can give ya another inch on that hose if ya want." Me: "Better make it two; ya can never have too much hose." Master: " Yeah, we can do that."
  23. In my 20 years of recent listening to tube phono sections the Scott implementation of 12ax7 is impressive for its day. Unless you visualize analog circuits at a high level and do not mind the risk of ruining the amp....get in line at NOS Valves for a rebuild from a technician with few equals.
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