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  2. Tempting, I have been looking at these.
  3. If you're not sure you can get a green sharpie and color just the edges.
  4. Just about finished with the Tanzanian Peaberry, next is another splurge on some single source Chiapas.
  5. Yes, I know. I've made several recent purchase decisions based on that link.....
  6. Selling my amazing Primaluna HP. Excellent condition, no issues whatsoever and have original double box . Super quiet unit and audio quality is amazing, has stock EL34's in it and upgraded primary preamp tubes to Brimar 12AU7 from Upscale Audio...also have original tubes as well....Definately lives up to all the reviews. I rated excellent condition and not mint as there is 1 tiny mark on left edge on it. The only reason I am selling it is I need the cash or I'd keep it forever!. Local pick up is fine in Phoenix, AZ. ...Priced to sell!! $2750.00 OBO. Thanks for looking Don
  7. Check this link. Looks like fuseholders I have had to repair or replace in the past. https://www.newark.com/littelfuse/03420012h/fuse-holder-6-3-x-32mm-panel-mount/dp/67K1754
  8. Yes and don't forget sectional area is important too! Wider thicker ties must be aligned properly to work best.
  9. The best thing to do is fix them up as cheap as possible and sell them to those who want them ;D
  10. Never did get real answer on the splitters did I. Loose things act very strange with speakers. I had an odd buzz with a Forte once. drove me nuts and I had checked everything more than once before I noticed a screw stuck to the side of the woofer magnet. Another one was a screen over a woofer hole that had fallen into the dust cap and you could not see it but you could hear it a certain frequencies.
  11. Now ya got it, he and I are both astute when it comes to this, but he is certainly the teacher, I am just the student. He was able to recognize it on the first selection we played. That was good !! Jeff Medwin
  12. I just the same with thighs, marinate with hot sauce and 70 min off the side of the Weber. Potato chip skin chicken thighs. Salt & pepper the skin (or whatever you want really) Fill 1/3 of the grill with charcoal off to one side. Chicken skin up off the hot coals for 70-75 min, no need to flip or check. Fill your belly.
  13. Kinda funny... this is the tricycle my wife's sister drives in the Philippines... powered with a Kawasaki...
  14. Dave, This is a funny story. I especially enjoyed all the splitter criticism. Myself taking the bait, I figured you had a sprung cabinet or buzzing or loose woofer.
  15. A long screwdriver or even a steel rod with a golf ball on the ear side(drill a hole in the ball and shoe goo the ball on the end of the rod) works just as well as a stethoscope, the only difference will be you will hear the sounds with one ear instead of two. Just put ear protection in the other ear to filter noise. Good you have things squared away now and good luck with the project.
  16. Today
  17. Well yea, wife going to the store this evening, already told her to look for wings. I do that every week, put chicken in a couple of zip lock bags and marinate for a couple days in the refrigerator then smoke. Lately I have been using some Dales and other spices. I switch it up to get different flavors, the only one we didn't care for was beer as a marinate. Have one in the refrigerator now, Dales and powdered crab boil for spice. Got a pork loin defrosting now to marinate, it will be Sriracha sauce and granulated garlic and onion. . .
  18. You might think I'm kidding but it was posted once already in a link.
  19. Best thing to do with an Altec A7 is to cut out the bass reflex section and put a Horn Sub underneath. The best part of the A7 is the straight axis midbass horn!! Then you PEQ the 802 driver and time delay the whole thing to match the subwoofer.................or you can juat use it as a top end on your Super MWM from 125 Hz. on up!! Try it, you'll like it!!
  20. Is there a noticeable change in the tone of the amp when it switches to AB wattage? I think the class A operation at lower volumes sounds like a cool idea, but is it noticeably "better" sounding at lower volumes? (4-5 watts is still fairly loud on a Khorn admittedly)
  21. Simple for you to make. me on the other hand... Love it too when I'm South of the Ohio river. The further South I go the better it gets. Never fails. Elden's worryin about 5# of wings. Threw a 5# bag of thighs in a casserole dish w/some BBQ sauce and then cracked a bottle of @oldtimers HOT sauce for a lil dash and out came a double shot! Marinated it all then had a "throw down" on the grill the following day. They made Bobby Flay's "throw down" look like a Mama's boy's work. Fantastic!
  22. So Dennis astutely pointed out something that you had already pointed out. Got it.
  23. Gotta know how big your bank's breaking point is first.
  24. Hump Day! Still craving a bit more of Alan Parson's so I took the easy way out with his "Best of" LP from 1983. Could be a "Best of" kinda day since I just thought of one I haven't heard in a long time! :The Best of Free" from 1974. Now what? Ugh! When all else fails go to my brother from another mother! This showed up shipped to me on my porch one day long ago and I have NO idea where it came from. Forever cherished and only played a few times but today I need that fix! The only one who could ever do it. From 1997 The authorized Hendrix Family edition, digitally remastered from the original 2-track mixdown-master tapes. Compiled as a double album on 180g vinyl for the first time. #3312 of 5000. Break time Imma cookin here in the hood! Sounds fantastic!
  25. I thought it was love and hate?
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