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  2. I personally recommend the seller. David, I like your pricing now! Agreed, give the forum guys a break, otherwise I think your good. I remember when I sold my quartets in 24 hours once I put them on the auction site. Got $675 net. That guy drove 350 one way miles to get them (Michigan-Wisconsin). Good luck with your sale. Chris
  3. Ok by me. Pick the time I’ll pick the zip code b
  4. glens

    Super MWM

    Like Hewlett-Packard's RPN. Takes a minute to get used to, and thereafter it's difficult to use a "regular" calculator 'cause it's so cumbersome. (RPN for those unfamiliar.)
  5. If only I was about 8000 miles closer
  6. No current issues with the original K55V's, they sound great. I'd still like to utilize the K400 horns though. Are the A55G's significantly better sounding to the K55v single phase push pin connector transducers?
  7. Got lucky the other day. If you can get here by 1230 you can pick what you want and you're the first one I'm letting in. The others can wait but I only have til 4. Maybe 430 at the latest. Two hour one-way drive and I'm on it! He met me and we went to HIS basement. Nothing big time showing then he said the albums are back here. Help yourself. Mind in INSTANT over-load! Took my pic first then started looking thinking i was really gonna put a dent in this place. Started looking at condition and they were ALL like new. I looked at about 4 and he said you don't have to look at them. I was on the road, would buy the LP's and then put them on cassette so they've only been played maybe once or twice. Sure there's a moral to the story... ALWAYS take a boat load of $$$$! Sure I'll share them with you! Til prolly the 4th of July! 😂
  8. Jason or anyone else in the know. What are the dimensions of the mouth /opening? I know it is 24" wide, bit how long is the opening?
  9. Today
  10. I suspect it's mostly to do with being a DIY guy at hears, like many of us.
  11. Higher frequency dips can be PEQ's with less Intermodulation Distortion than lower frequency rolloffs, especially below horn cutoff. A those longer lengths, directivity becomes a bigger issue, which PEQ can't fix, but crossing lower to a midrange driver that can do 300 Hz. is better than trying to cross at 500 from that big bad horn.
  12. I suspect you’re still testing, but, can you begin to say what it is about those other horns that’s got you thinking you’ll sell the K402s?
  13. Yup, whether it is good or bad is another question.
  14. A bargain at only three TIMES the going rate! Said no one, ever.
  15. Let's just be realistic here... if we're going to point out the inherent flaws of a horizontal center channel, then taking a Heresy and laying it on its side shouldn't get a free pass, come on. Off-axis measurements would be jacked plus you'll be spraying sound all over the floor and ceiling.
  16. Yes the method I described extracts the files from the disc at full quality both audio and video. I used to be big on Torrents back in the early days but I always had a problem with quality. Once I started ripping my media this way and saw the diff I began replacing all of my torrent downloads with rips of media I buy. Now I cruise pawn shops and yard sales for titles to rip. I'm at 400 ripped
  17. jwc

    Super MWM

    Im talking about dips after 100Hz. I doubt that would matter with 1802 or "subs". It matters for basshorns...or LF. Yes the jube has a substantial dip....making the horn longer....could make that dip worse.
  18. Another question? AM vs FM antennas for the tuner. The AM antenna connectors on the back of the MX113 are very clearly marked as one GND/black and one NOT/white! But on the FM both are simply RED! Is one RED FM antenna connector the GND corresponding to the shield and the other to the pin of a Coaxial FM antenna? There are NO polarity markers on the MX113 that I can see! Just 2 red push- to-attach antenna wires? Help please? John Kuthe...
  19. Thanks! My new question is about dispersion from the horn loaded drivers. Their axis, standing straight, is very obvious. Does it change being laid on the side?
  20. HWO12- Matched pair, original owners, oiled walnut finish. Very good/excellent physical condition with all original finishes and components. No damage to drivers or cones, excellent working order. Serial# 3J414, 3J415. K77 tweeter, K55V mid and K22 woofer. A basic stereo will be available to check the functionality of the speakers. Local pick up only (NW Chicago suburb, 60056). eBay listing has photos and more details: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143239033245 More photos, information or details available upon request.
  21. Why the recommendation to replace the stock squawker drivers with A55G models? Are the present drivers showing any problems?
  22. Beautiful home. Bet ya can't wait to get moved in and crank up the system! Enjoy!
  23. That is exactly why I like the K-43's over the 33's. Double the wattage capacity too so they just loaf along at any level you can stand.
  24. Lobing is caused by interference between side-by-side speakers. The soundfield in front of them has high and low volume areas, where the sound from one driver either cancels or reinforces the sounds from the other one. It may not be super-obvious, but it’s there, and should not be produced by a Heritage speaker. Good enough is the enemy of perfection.
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