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  2. That is true.... I might just do that... Thanks..
  3. I second the motion. The "bass reflex extension" is a half assed solution. You need an F-20, THT, or THTLP to do the job from 100 Hz. down to 20 Hz. The (Tuba Home Theater Low Profile sub by Bill Fizmaurice) THTLP is like two Cornwalls stacked up to the ceiling, so it takes very little floor space. Get 2 of those built for two corners or front/rear center of the room and you are set for life. If you want to improve the midrange detail, get a pair of Eminence Kappa 15C's and sell the K33,s. Make you recap your networks. Now you are set for life.
  4. Ok, Rotel is on my list for future purchases.
  5. But have you ever actually heard a Lascala with the mod? You realize that the Lascala is only horn loaded down to 100 Hz right? You're already hearing direct radiator bass below 100 Hz with the Lascala in stock form.
  6. Gift idea for the extreme audio enthusiast on your Christmas list. https://www.yankodesign.com/2019/11/20/a-vinyl-turntable-inspired-washbasin-to-hit-you-with-a-wave-of-nostalgia/
  7. close, Mike South of GreenValley, elevation goes up, the cactus disappear. It's subtle. 1000ft higher than Tucson. US Ag call us "Semi-arid grassland". A little higher and you get passed mesquite and into oak and juniper. the want for Christmas carols led me into a project. I dug my old Casio keyboard out of the shed. So I could play some... Cleaned it up. Kicked the wasps out of all of the wells for screws. If I'd been thinking, I bet those larvae would have made good fish bait. Like a cross between "spikes" and waxworms... Then, to find a power supply.Found something close. Correct voltage anyway. Had to reverse polarity and modify the plug a little. Alrighty... we have it lit up. No sound. Display shows the machine is registering notes. Oh... volume is at 00. Bump it up... still nothing. Check the mixer... channel is on. Moved the slide pot for volumes again. Scratchy noise.Deoxit to the rescue now, I don't feel like playing. nah nah I banged around for a half hour or so. Just jamming to the rhythm section.
  8. RF-7 III . They're better in every way to the RP series. I don't think either would be overkill for that space.
  9. What about "The Three"? That thing filled the education center pretty easily.
  10. For sound quality and budget the Marshall Woburn is a great buy.
  11. Today
  12. X2. I have several Sonos products throughout the house and my friend has an entire 5.1 setup for his TV. The software interface is by far the best....and I've seen plenty. The sound is quite impressive for the form factor, slightly bass heavy if anything but in a good way.
  13. } You might look into the Sonos lineup. They seem to have their act together when it come to connectivity and the ability to daisy chain their speakers. And they don’t sound too bad for what they are - although a bit pricey —
  14. I'm putting together a 5.1.2 system with RP-8000Fs and an RP-600C in the front. Trying to decide what's best for the surrounds: RP-500M or RP-600M. The closest listener position will only be about 4 feet away from one of the sides so I'm concerned that the RP-600M might be too overpowering/overkill for the distance. On the other hand, how well will the RP-500Ms sound when paired with the larger drivers in the front? Thanks!
  15. I am woefully unschooled on modern Klipsch lineup for powered and bluetooth speakers. The conference room at work is in need of some bluetooth powered speekers. I'd like to stay under a grand. The conference room pc is windows 10 pro and needs to connect to speakers via bluetooth. Any recomendations much appreciated.
  16. It doesn't take first hand knowledge to realize that you are trying to turn a LaScala into a Cornwall with this mod and I have lots of experience with horns being less distortion than a direct radiator. I also have a pair of Pro Split LaScalas with K-43s in them and at one time had forty some Klipsch 15 inch drivers. I tried 8 different Klipsch 15 inch drivers that I tried all of them in a LaScala Bass Bin on the same day; those drivers included K-33 Round magnet, K-33 Square Magnet, K-43, K-44, Crites 15, K-46, and K-48, and Electrovoice EV 15W-K. Woiithout a sub, both my brother in law (also a Klipschorn owner) and I prefered the Electrovoice Klipschorn driver. Roger
  17. Willing is a Lahore farmer...
  18. } Wow. That ain’t your Kansas ditch weed (as I remember it being described to me) —
  19. You have received some great advice. Leave that LaScala alone and ad a horn sub and keep ythe system fuylly horn loaded for cleaner and tighter bass. As for the K-43, the only thing I would add is the K-33 is more efficient and as such is better for filling in at low listening background levels like a loudness button is, but if adding a sub this will not be an issue. Roger
  20. These look interesting, anyone ever heard them? I'ver never seen them before. I am out in Vegas and perusing the local Craigslist for anything interesting. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/las-vegas-shure-sr-108-speakers/7019726040.html
  21. Depends on the size of your room a lot. I used to have a Velodyne HGS-10 wich is a 3000 watt sub and added my first HGS-18II sub and you absolutely could not tell if the 10 was on or off. I ended up giving the 10 to my parents and now have two of the 18s
  22. How about the La Scalas? Still no takers? Where are all the Northeast Klipsch lovers?
  23. You'd have to pay the shipping but $90 ?
  24. Nice well worth the price imo I'd be all over this if it were in my neighborhood good luck with your sale!
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