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  2. It's that time of year! HS Pep Rally was last night. This little guy was into it!
  3. Uhh.... Someone literally said that? In a sober and functioning state of mind?
  4. That was from " Uncle Stu " or Stu Ohno ( sp?) , the recently deceased Audiophile, and much loved audio dealer in Hawaii. He posted that in the Tweaks section of AA, and I copied it for all the Klipsch folks to read. Black pigments has been widely discussed before, The other colors were new to me. Jeffrey Medwin
  5. You wont be disappointed....It's an amazing amp and can use 6550, KT88,120 & 150's if you so choose. Best price you'll find. i need to sell this ASAP!! Don 623-889-1327
  6. Suggest you look at some vintage amps ... haha; many of those will not break the bank Am using a Yamaha CR-620 (35wpc) on my rear Cornwall's ... very nice sound. You can find these for about $100 (or go for the better CR-820/1020). Have also used a Marantz 1060 on various Klipsch speakers ... excellent sound, but prob around $400. OK; how about a Marantz 2252B ... prob in the $700 range. OK; one more. Got a Kenwood Basic M2 amp (220wpc) with a C2 preamp. Using it on CF-3's and it blows everything away - except for my Pro amps/speakers. Think I paid $400 for them. Good luck with the search
  7. KI 396 or 362 or older Kp 301's might work. I used a set of KP 262's as rear fills for an event I had and they performed ok. The output of the 456's is hard to keep up with!!
  8. What don’t you like about your current sound don’t you like? I’d start with a measurement mic and learning REW so you know what is your current response. Adding a parametric eq (or even better a DSP) will allow you to tailor your sound to your own tastes without jumping on the endless amp upgrade path. Khorns take very little power, so I doubt you are driving that little amp to clipping distortion. Plenty of people here will tell you an expensive tube amp is the way to go with khorns. I say save your money until you understand what you have and exactly what you’re wanting to sound different.
  9. Found it. . On Zip Ties Believe it or not the color of the zip ties do make a difference in sound. We believe it is due to the pigments used in the manufacturing process. If we use the clear ( actually milky cloudy semitransparent plastic) as the base, red ties have a more open top end. Blue ties have a bit better bottom end. Black ties actually restrict dynamics and detail as the black coloration is probably due to carbon black added to the mix. The carbon is slightly conductive and will capture and retain the EMF field instead of allowing it to move unimpeded and freely. @Deang pay attention.
  10. Hey Jimbo Should be your year but the games still need to be played https://athlonsports.com/college-football/michigan-football-game-game-predictions-2019 Let's Go State! 😃
  11. I wanted to say, we are not headbangers either, and don't identify with 'louder is better' type attitude. I don't believe what we are looking for is anything beyond printed specs and reasonable expectation of a relatively large-format speakers with 15" drivers on board.
  12. A friend of mine has a bit of a baffling situation. A while back he purchased a new pair of Cornwall III's from a Klipsch dealer. When I first heard them, I felt they sounded quite light in the bass department and harsh in the mids. We worked hard to treat the room and sorted out the midrange brashness, but there was still a real feeling of and absence of bass to carry the music along. The room is square and less than ideal - you do hear more bass against the ceiling and in the corners of the room. More treatment is necessary. With some very basic measuring gear, the bass appears to peak at 60hz, and then fall off a cliff - almost nothing below 60hz. Measuring in the room corners shows an increase in bass amplitude (I hope that is the right word), but no increase in measurable bass below 60hz. A second set of Cornwall III's became available to him with a different finish. These measured identically. We brought this pair to my house and measured them in my room, which has traditionally been pretty bass-friendly. They definitely seemed more reinforcing in my room, but still with the very sharp drop-off below 60hz. My testing gear is very rudimentary, however my Altec 19's by comparison show plenty of bass down to their peaky 40hz tuning, then lower levels down to about 32hz, tested on the same gear. Side by side, there is no comparison - the Altecs are able to set my whole house alive with bass, whereas the Cornwalls seem like a bookshelf speaker by comparison. We have tried literally dozens of room placement options (corners, walls, open space, etc etc), different amps - Leben, LFD, Yamaha, Prima Luna, cables, sources, you name it. Everything we read suggests the Cornawalls are phenomenal bass speakers - is there something I might be misunderstanding here? As it stands, another friends KLF10's with Crites crossovers seem to offer a more cohesive and driving sort of a sound. Your help and guidance to work through this is greatly appreciated.
  13. I would not worry about the so called splitter witch is really a reflector, as short wavelengths bounce off the reflector they lose their cohesiveness as a wavefront emerging at various angles of phase canceling each other out . Same thing is happening when short wavelengths hit the sidewalls off the rear throat. These bends act as a series inductor killing high frequency response, its just part of the design.
  14. Tempting, I have been looking at these.
  15. Today
  16. If you're not sure you can get a green sharpie and color just the edges.
  17. Just about finished with the Tanzanian Peaberry, next is another splurge on some single source Chiapas.
  18. Yes, I know. I've made several recent purchase decisions based on that link.....
  19. Selling my amazing Primaluna HP. Excellent condition, no issues whatsoever and have original double box . Super quiet unit and audio quality is amazing, has stock EL34's in it and upgraded primary preamp tubes to Brimar 12AU7 from Upscale Audio...also have original tubes as well....Definately lives up to all the reviews. I rated excellent condition and not mint as there is 1 tiny mark on left edge on it. The only reason I am selling it is I need the cash or I'd keep it forever!. Local pick up is fine in Phoenix, AZ. ...Priced to sell!! $2750.00 OBO. Thanks for looking Don
  20. Check this link. Looks like fuseholders I have had to repair or replace in the past. https://www.newark.com/littelfuse/03420012h/fuse-holder-6-3-x-32mm-panel-mount/dp/67K1754
  21. Yes and don't forget sectional area is important too! Wider thicker ties must be aligned properly to work best.
  22. The best thing to do is fix them up as cheap as possible and sell them to those who want them ;D
  23. Never did get real answer on the splitters did I. Loose things act very strange with speakers. I had an odd buzz with a Forte once. drove me nuts and I had checked everything more than once before I noticed a screw stuck to the side of the woofer magnet. Another one was a screen over a woofer hole that had fallen into the dust cap and you could not see it but you could hear it a certain frequencies.
  24. Now ya got it, he and I are both astute when it comes to this, but he is certainly the teacher, I am just the student. He was able to recognize it on the first selection we played. That was good !! Jeff Medwin
  25. I just the same with thighs, marinate with hot sauce and 70 min off the side of the Weber. Potato chip skin chicken thighs. Salt & pepper the skin (or whatever you want really) Fill 1/3 of the grill with charcoal off to one side. Chicken skin up off the hot coals for 70-75 min, no need to flip or check. Fill your belly.
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