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  2. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to put B&K Sound or Crites in the center of the pie badge?
  3. No problem will try to keep it current. Love to do the cabinets but have limited space in my shop.
  4. Dave can you post the contact information for the badges
  5. Nice build list. At some point, I will do the same (some time down the road). Will keep an eye on this thread. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Congratulations to #16 Buckeyes for defeating #10 Villanova yesterday. I hope the B1G’s luck continues as #3 MSU takes on #12 Seton Hall tonight in South Orange, NJ.
  7. You are correct, thanks for the save! I have edited the ad.
  8. Well I'm finished with my Super Hersey Build and now on to a Cornscala Build. Right now here is what I have decided to do, CABINETS Will order from Bob Crites Russian Birch unfinished. WOOFFER Eminence KappaFER Pro-15LFC 15" Professional Low Frequency Woofer 4 Ohm MID RANGE B&C DE85TN-8 2" Titanium Horn Driver 8 Ohm 4-Bolt B&C ME60 2" Constant Directivity Horn 60x40 4-Bolt TWEETER B&C DE120 1" Neodymium Mylar Compression Driver 8 Ohm 2/3-Bolt Daves MAHL Version 2. CROSSOVER NETWORK ALK AP12-500 ALK ES5800 Please chime in with any thoughts.Have purchased only the crossover network as it will be the longest wait time for it. I will start sharing photos as I get parts together and cabinets in hand which I will order this week. Here a picture of the super hersey
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  10. And that requires headroom out of your amplifiers. Of course it ALL depends on how dynamic your source material is.
  11. Pete H


    No, I don't because
  12. I'd appreciate some help in determining the manufacturing date on the II's? It doesn't appear to follow the way I'm seeing some of the other postings. Much Appreciated. Ken HII Oak Oil sN/09000331110 41532 41533
  13. People that tag their "for sale" listings with things that don't even come close to representing what you're looking for. To all of the people that put their POS Blose speakers or any other garbage with a Klipsch tag, a big F off. I just sent another reply to an offender just really letting them know what I think about them. So how's your day going and what really lit your fire today?
  14. Dynamics is what gives music LIFE.
  15. @tromprof Just for clarification, your post says DTA-80.3 but is this the DHC-80.3? The DTA series are amps and the DTR line are receivers. Great deal for a lucky buyer!
  16. I have the 600m's paired up with the 504c and works spectacularily as well. I've used REW and mobile Denon multieq to verify. I would go( space providing) 1) 504c 2) 600c 3) 500c Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  17. Patience is a virtue? Nosin last nite and found an auction. Some staging/production company unloading EVERYthing. Scaffolding, portable stages, road boxes and so much gear I don't know where to start. EQ's, Synths, Senn mics, Mackie amps, and speakers out the ying yang. Even a 5' Coors tap bar. Everything is pickup only so no shipping. Then there it was with my name all over it. Leftovers in a different color it seems. Panels to hang or spending big money on prefab junk? I'm ALL over this one unless it's goes nuts price wise. $21 now isn't too bad is it? Approx. 15 yards of Inherently flame-proof theatre fabric, Rose Brand certified
  18. Remember that 14F is better than 13F. JJK
  19. Dan, here's my take fwiw. 1. Trust these guys in here cause they know what they're talking about. 2. Ya might have a "small" space but you found out Klipch sounds great in ANY space. Well, almost. lol 3. Craving and drooling is always good and we all know you're wiping your chin. It goes with the territory in here. 4. I bought a pair of 81 LS and went over them. I've NEVER been happier. Also have a pair of 81 Heresy's. I'm running tubes and truly amazed at what I hear now. 5. I'd go with a pair of Heresy and cut to the chase. Find a nice older pair and go over them. Ya may as well step up your game into the Heritage Line since that's where you want to go anyway. Keep an eye on the Garage Sale section in here or CL, Fb Marketplace and you'll find something close. Go listen, load 'em up and go to work. You've got the support right here. In the mean time relax and enjoy just stay woke! ha! Save ur money and welcome home!
  20. True true, trolls will be trolls and the internet might not have gotten any better, but this forum has. Joined myself early january this year. I've been fairly active, and haven't come across one single post or comment that had any whiff of malintent. Maybe I've just been lucky....
  21. A set of original 1972 Heresy speakers. If I want to play loud, I use my ss Marantz, for quiet listening, tubes.
  22. took the words from my mouth. You won't be sorry
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