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  2. Just hangin out this afternoon. v
  3. I still have it. Come and get and you may have it. Do us both a favor, you block critters and I avoid having the metal turn into a project for my wife’s garden. It looks like the attached photo.
  4. Nice work. Can we get a close up?
  5. I thought seven, but I’m old. They’re in The Dope From Hope, which I believe I have the complete thing on a hard drive somewhere. In my copious free time I’ll look for it.
  6. The recording of Beethoven Symphony No. 6 you are referencing reportedly was recorded in 1983 from a radio broadcast onto a cassette tape. I listened to this recording for a few minutes via youtube. Of course, youtube isn’t a good way to assess the audio quality of a recording – nonetheless it is clear that this recording has poor quality audio. Recordings such as this may be of interest to music scholars because of their interest in the unique nature of the historic performance, however this is not my cup of tea - I have no tolerance for poor audio quality. It seems to me that there are plenty of choices for modern recordings of Beethoven symphonies. I know of at least 3 Blu-ray audio/video box sets of modern performances of all Beethoven symphonies that feature excellent audio/video quality. There are at least 4 SACD box sets of modern performances of all Beethoven symphonies. There are at least two Pure Audio Blu-ray box sets of modern performances of all Beethoven box symphonies. In addition to the box sets that include all Beethoven symphonies, there are many modern recordings of individual Beethoven symphonies in various hi-res formats. My point is this: For the person who wants digital recordings of Beethoven symphonies that have top-quality audio, there are many choices.
  7. http://www.itishifi.com/2010/05/eight-cardinal-points-in-loudspeakers.html
  8. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this. I just completed a pair of La Scalas from the plans provided on this website. A sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible, including Dave Harris for his amazing Eliptracs. Although I am not completely satisfied with the finish I chose, the La Scalas do sound AMAZING, and that is what counts. For those interested in the particulars: Eliptrac 400 and Eliptract HF - I modified the motorboard and the sides 5" to accomodate the Eliptrac 400. The openings in the motorboards were cut with a CNC router for exact fits. I left the horns natural MDF and then stained them. I deliberately left traces of the rings in the Eliptract 400 as I like the look. The construction is all 3/4" Baltic Birch. I may go back and include the braces if the resonance issue I have read about becomes a problem. The drives and crossovers are all Bob Crites. Tweeter is the CT 120. Mid-range is the A-55G. Woofer is the CW 1526 (Stamped frame). The crossover is the AL3. I am presently using an Yamaha RX A3070 with the pre-outs for the La Scalas routed through a completely restored and refurbished Phase Linear 400 Series Two. The system has to do double duty between an Audio/Video system and a stereo. Anyway, thanks again! ..
  9. As @MookieStl says, it’s sad when you have to be your own straight man.
  10. And the Elizabethans. Using human suffering to evoke a paradoxical response of pleasure (catharsis). The only tragedy in audio is hip-hop.
  11. I believe there were 8 principles when PWK first stated them. I searched for them, but couldn't find them.
  12. You are WAY outvoted on keep it alive vs shut it down.
  13. In learning to do things you have to have both how not to do it and how to do it. Lots of info around here on how to do things but very little on how not to. Maybe I ought to tig weld some caps in and really demonstrate how to avoid the inferior electrical qualities of solder compared to keeping it all copper.
  14. Looks like that would be an echo chamber. But paneled up or push that rear wall out and...
  15. We can find a blacksmith forum for ideas.
  16. A "zip tie" is the generic term for the original Ty-Rap, a cable management device. A twist tie or "twisty" are what are used to secure secure bread in bags. The moderators are confused over which thing you are referring to.
  17. Well, as far as heating that space goes, it does have radiant heated floors. It would also be fun to say at times, " by the way, I live in a barn." 😀
  18. Today
  19. Very pretty mahogany Heresy. I'm lucky you aren't closer... GLWS.
  20. https://www.breakingbourbon.com/review/old-forester-1910-old-fine-whisky
  21. Yes; love it The wife and I actually looked for years to find a church we could convert into a home. But ... not much around in Florida and did not want to move to the MidWest
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