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    Margarita Recipe

    dtel: Verna and I have tried all 3. But, the best one, in our humble opinions, is the Casamigos Reposado, which is aged about 1-1/2 years. Very smooth, detailed with a buttery-peppery finish. That is the one I believe you've tried with us. -Glenn
  3. Not sure what you mean by reengaged. And do you mean did I turn it back on before the speakers shut off? No, I have tested it multiple times. DBE is always enabled when the system is powered on, no matter what the setting was when it switched off.
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  5. wow , great soundsystem in every room. may be its better to wrap my brown speaker into black, so i can make it original , when i want.....?
  6. They look nice. Is that a terminal strip going to the woofer? I'd pull that and check the woofer from what's connected at the bottom of it. You might find something unsavory for two screws' effort and not have to open the boxes. Most certainly no expert whatsoever, but the mid horns look legit from here.
  7. Maybe he chose a pot because it was less expensive than an L-pad, sizing it's values appropriately, designing the crossover to be right for what should be the proper position within a narrow useable range of motion, and called it a day?
  8. So here is what I have. My theater room is in my basement, but it's only taking up about half of the space. So on one side you have an exterior wall and then on the other side it's open toward a bar area and pool table. I have photos attached showing how the room is open on one side. The room is 13ft wide by 21 ft long. I have a 75" TV and a sectional that is about 10' from the TV. Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 9.2 Four RP-500SA mounted on the walls as surround speakers One RP-500C Two R-120SW It actually sounds really good, but I want to add ceiling Atmos speakers and possible two surround speakers for the sides. Do you have any recommendations for the the side speakers? Also, is it worth it to go with four Atmos or can two get the job done? Any other ideas on how to improve the system? The graphic above seems like it would work the best. I would get two side surround speakers and mount them on pedestals, then install two atmos speakers in the ceiling and flip the switch on the rear RP-500SAs into Atmos mode.
  9. Update... I just ordered 4 Klipsch rp160m speakers in cherry. These will be used as my front channels until my k402s are ready...once the fronts are ready these will be used as my surrounds, and surround back speakers.For the time being I will use my 4 channel Yamaha Pro amp for powering them until I get the B&O AMP modules installed in their case. Hopefully I will have 7 channels plus 4 Atmos channels by November. Next year will be projector, screen, and new AVP time.
  10. I guess I see the same genius's hand in the veneer choices as designed the permanently classic proportions of the top hat and permanently unbeatable performance of the bass horn into a package that could go down to a 16' organ pipe's low C, fit though the household doors of the time though the present day, and make it up a flight of stairs. Who else but Paul Klipsch? No one else.
  11. Crossovers still available
  12. My parents both also had something like Tri-care when they retired....All I can say is I took care of both when they got sick and eventually died and they received EXCELLENT care from the doctors and nurse staff I had to deal with...Honestly, I don't think our Government was ready for all of the Veterans coming from war and that was a problem from the onset. Again, we talked about that in the BS Forum but suffice it to say Congress still has the purse strings and there are only so many dollars to go around--Good luck w/ your coverage and definitely you shouldn't be worrying about Healthcare.
  13. Yes, that AND iIt doesn't advance the medium in any substantive way. ..It's cool to see a levitating platter. ..But does it reduce rumble or W&F in any noticeable way? ..No, not when grove noise is what it is.
  14. Sale pending. Amp is doing an 8-hour test to make sure everything is in working order. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. I feel for you guys, I have many friends / family that have to deal with it. I am retired military and until just a few years ago I thought I was covered for life under what is called Tri-Care. Tricare is really nice in that for a family of 3+ it cost (now) about $500 annually with very little co-pay ($3-12) for medicine unless you are near a military pharmacy and then $0. I then learned that when I turned 65 my Tricare became secondary and Medicare becomes primary. Oh, OK, live and learn. Tricare premium didn't go down since it is covering 3 instead of 4 so I still pay the same amount. I do the drills and then find out that they used my 2017 tax returns when I sold my rental house in GA so I have to pay an additional premium because "I make too much". Now trust me, I know that this doesn't equate to what non-military, non-government are paying but to have an annual 600% increase was a WTF!
  16. Looks like a home build. Construction inside the mid horn bin is not Klipsch and the mid horn driver and crossovers are not either as far as I can tell with the grainy picture. Basic box looks good though so the right components will give you a great speaker. No telling what your woofer will be. I have had K-43's and K-33's, generic Eminence (more than one type) and speakers marked "Taiwan" for the brand name and model number.
  17. Love the name Stew, ah the memories.
  18. I discovered that VTI BL304-series AV shelves with rubber dots on the posts make a perfect speaker stand for the SH50. Imaging has _drastically_ improved. Toeing the SH50s in about 15 degrees turns into about six feet of couch width where the imaging is still holographic.
  19. They might be but that does not stop the satisfaction of giving them a hard time in a most entertaining way.
  20. I don't know what they go for either, but they will probably sell for somewhere near the asking price, I'd guess.
  21. Yep. I think the other side is way out of touch on so many things, but the R's are definitely in dream-land on this one. Thank, Jeff. At least they changed from their stance prior to the ACA being enacted which is that it was too expensive for Insurance companies.......Now both parties seem to agree if you can afford Insurance it will cover Preexisting shit. ...Now comes the hard part.
  22. === 9 pm - showin’ 92, KC. Next few days to be hotter -
  23. hot... sunny... cloudy... rainy ... and sunny again. Just in time to make a nice sunset love the monsoon it's not as hot or humid as the SE...
  24. I appreciate you joining the discussion and had a thought about this. I have been in the private insurance market for 40 years. Most American get their Health Insurance from the Government or their Employer while I had to deal with everyone form salespeople, underwriters, billing folks, just to be in the/our Healthcare system. I've been fortunate to be healthy, live an active lifestyle. and already express we were on the verge not being able buy affordable insurance... Insofar as your trainer is concerned. He may also be in the same market I am and before Obamacare (ACA) the money he is paying doesn't sound unreasonable but back then he was probably like me and not understanding exactly how every thing worked. If He's paying $1,000 a month in premiums there are several factors we could discuss because all of us who are in that market are in the same boat and need to research our options.
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