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  2. How about a big bowl of popcorn, and an ice cold beverage of choice? A sense of humor helps too
  3. Continuing with this line of inquiry, it seems to me that there are people that are listening to something quite different than flat phase/SPL direct radiating loudspeakers for a reason. The iconic example of this phenomenon is the Khorn and the people that love them, in my view. (There are other offshoot listener groups, such as those that prefer "full range drivers", planar dipoles, quasi-omnidirectional, and even more design types. These groups of listeners eschew the typical monkey coffin designs that have been discussed, above. So what is unique about the Khorn lovers? The first set of factors (#s 1-7 above). Even to the point of dropping the requirements of the following three requirements (FR flatness, impulse response, electrical impedance), these people are quite happy with what they've got. Especially when they achieve a good listening environment and have found a way to equalize the on-axis frequency response somewhat using amplifiers, preamps, and the like. Some Khorn owners go further: they replace the midrange horns/drivers and even the tweeters, crossovers (including Zobel networks to tame the input impedance swings in output SPL when using high output impedance amplifiers), and false corners/enclosed backs, etc. What's most important to note, however, is that for the people that don't change their Khorns to do these "enhancements" (changes), the existing performance of the Khorn is enough for them. This means that the loudspeaker requirements set and their relative importance are not monolithic from all listeners, as Olive/Toole would have you believe. There are significant groups of listeners that have been systematically screened out of the group that Harman performed in its "listener qualification" trials that resulted in their final reported requirements precedence(s). "So what? " There are obviously large variations in what people prefer and listen for. In the case of the Khorn, we have a body of technical papers and articles that explain these differences (low modulation distortion, higher efficiency, full-range directivity, etc.). Atkinson, et al. have also tried to screen these type of listeners out--and to glom onto the "Harman bandwagon" in that regard. The interesting thing is (anecdotally)--this group of Khorn listeners also tends to include professional musicians (formally trained, etc.). Now isn't it interesting why that might be the case? Chris
  4. Greetings! Decided to revamp my system and try something different. Offering my mint condition Yamaha A-S801 integrated amplifier in the nice silver finish. I purchased this new through a Yamaha dealer. Very nicely balanced sound with plenty of power for most speakers, 90 w/ch into 8 ohms. Full specs. are available at the Yamaha website so I won't list them all here. Features a very good built in dac which sounded impressive. Also a fine phono section for those spinning vinyl. Tone controls, variable loudness, coaxial and optical digital inputs and well as a nice array of analog inputs. This is about as full featured, one box solution as you are likely to find. I have original packing, manual, power cable and remote. No disappointments with this one. Thanks for looking! Asking $650.00 + $25.00 shipping to CONUS.
  5. From the ludicrous to the sanctimonious. What more could you ask for?
  6. Nice to have a person who was there Thebes. Although you already mentioned some of it above, what would you say are the main misconceptions about Woodstock now? 😎
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  8. Chris, I am not sure we disagree. That is a very impressive graph and you have done a great job especially around the "trouble spots" at 100, 200, and 300 Hz. Given my own experience, I suspect not all of that has been cleaned up with DSP and you cleverly used some acoustic (not electrical) strategies. You are to be congratulated. The factory measures come nowhere close to that. Getting back to the original point however, Klipschorns and Jubilees will have peaks and dips (with factory delivered cabinets and measured in the "correctly loaded" space). That does not seem to diminish anyone's enjoyment of them. I do agree that folks who do not have the ability to listen to the Klipsch offerings ahead of time are bored to rely on the various "measures" floating around. They should be measured appropriately prior to publication. At the end of the day, John Atkinson and Art Dudley, have little impact on my enjoyment. Good luck, -Tom
  9. JJkizak

    The Cola Wars

    That's a huge compilation of stuff so I put that site on my toolbar. JJK
  10. Most people that own them do--as well as quite a few that don't yet own them but wish that they did--along with a listening room that does them justice. I think that the recent magazine article writers forgot that. Richard Heyser didn't, however. Since Heyser's Khorn review in 1986, things have changed, most notably the ability of virtually anyone to measure their own loudspeakers in-room using even more powerful measurement means--and that the cost of these measurement instruments is now free (except for the cost of the personal computer that most people already have amortized for other purposes than measuring loudspeakers, and the cost of a "good enough" calibrated microphone that costs ~100). This is probably 1% or less of the de-inflated cost of the equipment that Heyser used in 1986. The Khorn wasn't designed by committee: it was designed by PWK (recently updated by Roy D, et al.). All loudspeaker designs represent compromise. It's how those compromises are determined that makes all the difference. If you use the requirements sets and their relative importance promulgated by Atkinson, et al., you tend to get the same results...that all sound about the same. If instead you recognize that there are people walking around that say that they much prefer the sound of Khorns to those many thousands of "monkey coffin" designs praised by Atkinson, et al., then you have the opportunity to learn something new by examining why that is. Chris
  11. Agreed. But is there today truly an industry standard for testing? I know 30-40 years ago there were no regulated or hard standards for testing loudspeakers or audio amplifiers. Is there a controlling body over test standards/conditions? Perhaps by an electrical engineering board or society? I don't believe so even today as i see different amplifier output test settings used by manufacturers to rate their equipment. A few of them I believe are actually deceptive with their published results. Not all but a few.
  12. We should all be very proud to be forum members today.
  13. Truckin' got my chips cashed in. Keep truckin', like the do-dah man Together, more or less in line, just keep truckin' on....
  14. DizRotus

    The Cola Wars

    Ditto that, but it takes a month to reach 5 IPAs.
  15. That Viet Nams got some good Coffee.
  16. [emoji15] Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night.
  17. you’re not alone there ... i think the same thing.
  18. Ye of little faith! Don't split hairs between nominal and actual impedance. And don't look at DCR as actual impedance. A K-43 has always been a drop-in for a K-33. So its impedance in a horn would be about the same, 8 ohms nominal. Two in parallel would be 4 ohms and you really should have a 4 ohm tap to run them. The impedance curve of the Jubilee is pretty typical. Both of those woofers are 5.7 ohms Re (DCR). jubilee imp.pdf .pdf
  19. I went by the grocery store today (on my day off) and picked up some Folgers Breakfast blend...so I'd have some coffee next week, when I expect my regular tub to run dry... nevertheless... they didn't have the classic folgers stuff lol... I progressed into chilies later tonight, and the opportunity popped into action, to try a Irish Pancake shot.... sooo, wth, I ordered one..., jameson & buttershot's in one glass and orange juice and a piece of bacon in another, and it reminded me of my forthcoming folgers selection, albeit, fine & dandy... just tired of the summer n 100 degree days, and wishing for a nice low pressure system to bring wet rain this way.... with the hope's of being able to snarl dtel on his yearly ocean cruise lol...
  20. So did you make it sing steadily while you poked/prodded around or did you start at the bottom and work your way up checking every fastener, finally stumbling onto the pea under the mattress?
  21. ... o O ( after 15 year's ) thinking that we need to see sawdust, and a 4" horizontal splitter screwed in there, along with a woofer motorboard reinforced with 1/2" steel angle iron.... .... o O (just because)
  22. Jaydon Electronics - Jacksonville 11239 St Johns Industrial Parkway South, Suite 7 Jacksonville, FL 32246 904-290-1335 jax@jaydonelectronics.com Just repaired my SUB12 HG amp... Great work.....
  23. Dear Dave A: Ship all three to me for careful inspection. You maybe won't like front-firing, directly-radiating at you 15 inch woofers , woofers that are front horn loaded, from 135 hZ on up. The two-way A7-8 has a very poor deep low-end compared to any Klipschhorn . That alone, is a critical negative amongst true audiophiles. And besides, there are no provisions for employing banana plugs. Jeffrey Medwin
  24. bkwa1959 , I live 1.5 hours away , I am gonna drive down , maybe take my Heresy with me , Bill says we can hook 'em to anything they have . They even let you take home stuff for a week or so . At any rate , I hope to be patient enough , or ,might just buy a PL
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