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  2. No problem I paid 900.00 found them on ebay they were 1300.00 buy it now or make offer I offered 900 they were 15 mins from my house so it was an easy decision. Wow, you did good, twice! Khorns in Good condition average $2177. In Average/poor condition it's $1433.
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  4. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/ele/d/san-francisco-klipschorn-79-klipsch/6961943047.html no affiliation
  5. You always get what you pay for. Royal Pedic cutout. How’s the new mattress holding up so far?
  6. Lifeform mid-back executive chair. I found mine on craigslist for $400. Retail 2,000+. Its worth adding to the random items you may search for. Your back will thank you. My hospital uses Herman Miller Aerons which are fine but not as well built. This chair is probably around 40 lbs. The base and mechanism are stout
  7. I am fondly recalling those Jensen type A of yours I quite enjoyed... against medical advice.
  8. This is sold? I’m in WNY and wanted to see if you wanted to trade for some speakers I’m letting go.
  9. Hey 314, what mods did you do to your C2's? Just curious as I got a pair a few months ago. I have to get them to NY before I can listen and see what needs doing. I saw your SET12 mention but can't find anything beside the Audiogon posts. I don't think I can spend $$$ but maybe if I got some background I'd get pointed in the right direction. BTW, I recapped my RB5's via Crites.
  10. ... o O (now I'm wonderin' what AMA stands for in the bourbon world)
  11. +1 HM Aeron, used one for 10 years at work.
  12. Y'all know horns are honky Couldn't help myself @Coytee
  13. I will post some additional pictures. The finish is Dark Walnut oil stain by Watco. Probably would not use it again. The Eliptracs are MDF and absorbed stain differently than the Birch. My family room is big with 9 foot ceilings. They are 39 1/2 " tall. I am working on the reflex bass bins for them.
  14. In Alberta we have station CKUA which is public sponsored radio akin to PBS. The hosts all play different music. Listen long enough and you’ll definitely hear new music you’ll like. Yes they provide an internet stream.
  15. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    Good bye to Andrew Luck, sorry to see him go, but surely the right decision for his health. Colts fans going to be very interested in Jacoby now, who’s their backup going to be? Cut down Aug. 31 get ready for a few busy days!
  16. I was going to just tack this impression onto my Jube thread but when my first draft got erased I realized @Md5150 system deserves its own topic. My honest thanks to Mike for demoing his system a week ago. I'll let him detail exactly what he has going on but basically I experienced his K402/Faital driver/MWM system with dual THTLP subs in his purpose built dedicated basement room. We listened mostly to a live Joe Satriani recording at moderate and loud levels. While admittedly a short session and limited variety of music, let me say upfront that I have never in 45 years of musicphile/audiophile life heard a system with such a combination of power, clarity and ability to convey the emotional intent of the music! In my experience most systems fall apart when turned up and the distortion tells my brain that it must be loud. Really what's happening is the system itself is compressing and otherwise distorting and/or overloading the room. Not Mike's system! His purpose built dedicated basement room is solid! It has a much higher than normal ability to handle really LOUD. Combine that with this level of horn loaded Klipsch Pro goodness and you get real power, explosive dynamics, and enormous head room akin to the best live music. At first as Mike turned it up in several steps I expected the usual cringe worthy reaction to turn it back down, but, just the opposite, the louder it got the clearer the illusion of being at the gig became. The drums in particular had that very unusual hit through my gut and chest that says LIVE! When Satch was shredding those tasty licks of Surfing With The Alien I found myself shouting for glee. Then I asked Mike to put on my Satriani fav Always With You Always With Me. This tune has long had a spiritual meaning and joy for me. One of my barometers of good sound is a system's ability to communicate the emotional intent of the artists. One reliable indicator of this ability is the "goosebump" test. Mike's system has it BIG time! Thanks Mike for a peak audio experience!
  17. I'd suggest the 62 or 250C over the 25C. The larger centers such as the 504 and 404 can easily handle the weight of a TV set on top of them if that helps.
  18. I predict McIllroy will take it.
  19. How do you feel about the Sit 2? That is the direction I am wanting to go for the k402s. I’d love to hear a detailed explanation of how it sounds compared to other things you’ve tried.
  20. Awesome setup. I may have to finally lower mine like this and have Chris work his special xilica settings with new method filters. I didn’t care for the look at first. It is starting to grow on me now.
  21. The LS do not look so big in your room. They appear huge at my house. Really like the mid horns. Do not know if they work better than my K-400. But sure look better.
  22. Turistta

    Bar 48

    I am having the same problem. Does anyone have a true solution to this problem? This is not s cheap soundbar. Should not be having any issues
  23. i know of a person in Canada that bought an old chapel and renovated it into her home. I love the place in the video. I’d live there --if it wasn’t in Ohio. Now, if it was on a West Coast beach ... i’m interested.
  24. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    For anyone following my previous posts on the Taurus SHO, 1320 Video posted a video on it a couple days ago. Also, you can catch it on Netflix in a week!
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