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  1. I'm yet to install them but have designed sealed boxes out of 3/4" MDF with a capacity of 1.29 cu ft. I don't have drywall, I'm building my own framed drywall against a solid wall at the end of my room so the boxes will fit between my drywall and the solid wall. So I have no idea yet how well this setup will sound I'm afraid.
  2. I guess, infinite baffle. Thanks all.
  3. By best way I mean open baffle or sealed box really. I know how to physically install them with either option. @001 says sealed box, @Scrappydue says open baffle and Klipsch themselves say ask a professional installer. 😭
  4. I'm just after the best way to install them as there is no guidance on that from Klipsch that I can find. They just suggested "reaching out to a professional installer" but I'm not in that market.
  5. I bought them (lightly) used so no, and I'm happy enough to DIY some sealed boxes. I just needed some advice on optimal volume.
  6. They don't have enclosures. See my original post:
  7. They don't have enclosures. See my original post:
  8. Okay, so aim for around 1.29 cubic feet. Does that make sense? My boxes will be sealed.
  9. Thanks. So that's the RP-504C II I guess. Assuming a wall thickness of 3/4 inch (18mm) that would make the internal volume around 1.29 cubic feet. Does that sound reasonable? I've seen posts elsewhere suggesting 1.0-1.2 cubic feet.
  10. I have three THX-504-L speakers that I plan to use as LCR in a home theatre setup. I'll be building a media wall/baffle wall at the end of my room into which the speakers will be mounted. I am assuming that a sealed enclosure behind each speaker will give me the best results but I'm unclear what volume the enclosure should be. I did email Klipsch support but they just said: I can't afford to use a professional installer so can anyone here provide any information please? I'm just after the optimal volume for the enclosure. Thanks in advance.
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