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    Here is a picture of some speakers that I just completed. You could call them Cornwall III clones or Cornwall inspired, but they are DIY scratch built speakers. The cabinets are Baltic birch covered in South African waterfall bubinga. They are filled with factory drivers and crossovers, so of course, they sound amazing. I'm trying them in different rooms with different amplification to determine where they are going to stay. I Love this hobby!
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    It does have a 3D look to it. Reminds me of a topographical map.
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    Pre ordered me a pair of forte 3's in cali black walnut today. Pretty excited about them.
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    I really don't have anything against the man, it's not like I have it out for him, I don't, but this form is not the place for his business. I know I am not the only one to remember how it all went down. I love my klipsch, I know there are tons of other brands people feel the same way about, no problem. But we try not to let this become a place for people to put down what PWK designed and kept the company going with, especially when they are copying his designs for the most part. To open a speaker company like this in the early 40's and keep it going this long in a little town like Hope is a amazing accomplishment in itself. Speakers are NOT a necessity, and he made it work through some tough times with a quality sound and product. There are always better parts that could be used, always, but when designing something to sell to sustain a company you have to consider the cost to the consumer and balance cost to build with performance, and i think he did a pretty amazing job of that.
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    photo of my new backyard...
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    I can't agree more about cabinetry you mentioned. I'm into speaker business in my own country and I just tried myself to see if I can build something similar to Volti when it comes to woodworking. with all the limitation in Iran - no paper-backed veneer, no veneer glue, no vacuum press I just had to invent everything from scratch! - I did it and the result turned out to be liked by just everybody here. building a Bruce Edgar type of horn is piece a cake (check this out: link). and building a folded horn by mixing a Belle and LS with a curved side is not that big deal. I did it to prove this could be done and here is the result: and now I have a more efficient way to laminate plywood to form curved panel and I can build a pair of these in less than two weeks actual working hours but I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna rip off someones ideas even if his idea is a rip off of Klipsch designs. but I guess we still can comment on the price right? I don't think putting together a Faital Pro 15PR400 with a BSM4592-Mid behind a wooden horn and a Faital Pro HF10AK behind an 18Sound XT120 elliptic horn and using a XOver from NRE and putting everything in folded cabinet Mark Kravchenko did in Hornresp is a big deal if you ask 4-5x of the real price. Maybe many of you are not aware of driver-making companies price lists. I do business with most of the European companies like Faital Pro, Beyma, B&C, BMS and some others but not mentioning the price details something like Vittora could be built for about 5000USD in my country with all the craftsmanship and all the drivers Volti uses including labor cost and everything. how about a version with a single piece curved walls from right to left? Rival is not an exception. it's a Cornscala with a little bit of cosmetics and high heels. You can still build a speaker using Eliptrac horn with a BMS driver and use some nice woofs and a tweeter like Faital Pro Hf108 or HF10AK and for about $2K you'll have a great speaker. just my $0.02
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    Guess moving to a place where you don’t know anyone can drive you back to a forum. I’m alive and SoCal is a memory. I just found out that I got a farewell gift from The OC -- credit union called and it seems that, before i left town, i used my ATM card at a “compromised” ATM. I checked my online banking account and it appears that the only ATM that i had used recently was the one attached to the credit union building! They didn’t mention that part. I’m not out any cash; but, they cancelled my card and a new one is in the mail. Hopefully, it shows up before the movers do with my stuff--the driver doesn't accept credit card payment. So, i’m much further north...so much so that it was 39 degrees last night. Got some cool photos of my new “backyard” but for some reason when i email myself a photo from my iPhone--i don’t receive it. Trip was uneventful. Except i loaded ALL of my guitars in the Flex with me, so loading/unloading was a hassle; but, there was no way that i was leaving them in the car. One cousin (aged 70) gave me an acoustic that once belonged to her biological father. No markings, no labels on it. Some research indicates strongly that it is a circa 1931 Kay, violin head, archtop, hollow body. I’ll post a picture. Already have people drooling wanting it; but, it is staying put with me. My brother bailed town with me. He’s already back to work here in our new location. He had five places recruiting him and had the opportunity to pick the one he liked best. i can afford NOT to work; but, maybe a part time job just for some social interaction may be a good idea. Me being alone with my thoughts too long generally isn’t a good idea. So, i’m safe and the good Lord smiled on me numerous times during this trek. Including stuff like giving my fridge to my daughter. When i got here i went to the stores to shop for a new one. Found a stainless steel one that i liked; but, didn’t buy it at the time...i wanted to get the keys to the new pad first so i can see the kitchen dimensions. What i didn’t realize was that this place was just totally remodeled and sitting in the kitchen was the EXACT fridge that i has picked out the day before. People seem very nice and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper...just renting until i decide if i’ll stay; but, rent is over $700 per month cheaper and i got one more bathroom in this place. Utilities are going to be half the cost as well. Auto insurance dropped by $500 per year too. Later.
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    Jake turned 10 today. Happy birthday big guy!
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    First coat of finishing oil on. Several more go on over the next few days.
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    Here they are in the living room.
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    20 Acres about 350 miles from me , going to design a house and have it built over the next few years or sooner . 5 min away
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    To push my Cornwall II's. A very early MX110, and a MC250(restored by Audio Classics). I'd say I'm all set for summer.
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    I took the speakers to a meeting of the River City Audio Society yesterday. Everyone LOVED them. It was held in our local audio/video dealer's meeting room. The sales manager came in for a listen and said he needed to get a pair in the store. They are a Klipsch dealer.
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    hey, the sign didn’t say not to do this...
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    i’m trying; but, not there yet. confused definitely...no idea what to do with my life now. I do have a new venture that i need to focus on. But, not to let any of you down, i’m still being very irresponsible. My household goods haven’t arrived yet, so i had to go out and buy a 60” television so i can watch my Golden State Warriors. Now, i’m going to be stuck with two televisions when the moving guys arrive. I gave away thousands of dollars of stuff before i left, and i’ve spent thousands of dollars already buying new stuff. oh well, that’s a first world problem i guess.
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    Onkyo PR-SC885 purchased from fellow forum member Rich_Guy .
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    They look great Luther.....now box them up and send them on to me.
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    my little "Black Betty" Hot Rod. '23 Model T, supercharged 355 Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    The top with some natural light gives a better idea of the real color. Still the sun light on the left lightens the color and with less light on the right, darkens it. The red tint in the middle is a reflection off the wall.
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    Woooohooooo..I got my order in! 2 x CBW F3's!!!!!
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    Greetings C,C & Cers! To say life has been busy lately wouldn't be accurate. I read far more often than I post, but anyway - solstice was mentioned and I thought I'd share a pic from Sat night about 11:15pm. Days start getting shorter from Thursday - we're at the time of year that I think that's ok! We stay up Waaaayyy too late in the summer...
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    Coffee....................................................... My wife and I walked around the house all day yesterday with mild headaches. We really couldn't put our finger on the cause as neither of us had an inordinate amount to drink on Saturday. Come to find out she had accidentally bought decaf beans and yesterday morning was the first time we had them. LOL, we got it bad.
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    Taking snaps with the new camera. My little one after 2 mile run at 100 or so degrees
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    Can't wait to get these bad boys home
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    LISTENING VS. HEARING I often have older customers tell me they don't want to spend a lot on gear because their high frequency hearing is diminished and they wouldn't be able to appreciate the quality it offered. WRONG! To illustrate the point let me recount an experience I had early on in my audio career. At 18, and just out of high school, I went to work at the local high-end shop (we didn't use that term then, but we handled McIntosh, Klipsch, Marantz, etc., so I guess we'd fit that description today). The owner was a good friend of Paul Klipsch and Paul would visit the shop from time to time. Mr. Klipsch was a pilot and owned a small private plane that he flew regularly. I’m told that instead of headphones to monitor radio transmissions, Paul preferred a midrange horn (or, squawker as he called it) out of or Klipschorn. I can imagine how loud that must have been to hear the radio over the engine noise! Considering that and his rather advanced age, I'm sure Paul had zip for high frequency hearing. On one visit, Paul, and the rest of the crew at the shop were chatting and enjoying some tunes when Paul lept out of his chair shouting "Did you hear that? Play that part again!" We cued the cartridge back a bit and replayed the section, again with Paul exclaiming about what he'd heard - the rest of us struggling to perceive what he was describing. After several plays I could pick up a small amount of distortion that he heard immediately. Here I was - with pristine 18-year-old ears - struggling to hear the minutia that a gentleman approaching 70 picked out in an instant. It was a great lesson and taught me that "hearing" was more of a learned skill than an innate ability determined by physiological assets. The subtleties that a high resolution system can deliver should not be thought of as exclusively high frequency events requiring bat-like ears to recognize, but rather a wide ranging sample of different aural attributes easily perceived and enjoyed by people with a broad range of hearing. Audophiles who’ve trained themselves to “listen” easily hear and appreciate the nuance that a high resolution system can offer. It does not require 20Hz - 20kHz hearing to appreciate and enjoy a high end audio system.
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    Purchase the most economical drone you can find and turn it into a kamikaze drone
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    Glad to hear your catheter is working.
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    Not the best picture but it does show the grain. They are not this red. My phone camera reacts to the lights in here.
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    It is an old project I started a few years ago and never completed. While I was putting the finish on the speakers, I decided to pull it out and finish it too. The plinth is made out of paperstone. The base is made from one inch solid marblewood. It will have two arms and be fitted with the mechanicals from a Fairchild 412.
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    NO, we really dont need that today.
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    It has not been de-classified!
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    Got home a couple of hours ago after an 11 hour day of driving, loading, unloading of my first pair of La Scalas. Installed CT-120 tweeters and A-55G mids that conveniently arrived this morning. Had lunch with Mallette. I've had RF-5's, Cornwalls, H2's.. I very much like these new speakers and will be settled on them for quite a bit.
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    This will give you a glimpse of what they will look like. The bases; one with a coat of Liberon Finishing Oil and one without. Bubinga does have a red tint to it.
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    Yes sir I did and thank you. Very excited about getting them and very thankful to be in a position to support the fine folks in Hope.
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    Well that's okay Mark I have plenty of Jake to share,
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    The Heresy III Signed Museum Edition speakers that were auctioned off for the new Klipsch Museum that Luther donated have arrived and are in their new home. They are the walnut finish and both were hand signed. Here is a link to the pictures: https://www.idrive.com/idrive/sh/sh?k=v9m9u7o6i3 Thanks to the people who built and signed these along with Jim Hunter: Jim Hunter, President & Curator, KHMA Roy Delgado, Principal Engineer, KGI Jerry Calhoon, Plant Manager, KGI Terry Willis, Finishing Supervisor, KGI Mike Beasley, Quality Manager, KGI Victor Ballance, Craftsman/Quality Tester
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    Arrived here today and is one beauty of a unit. Happy to see a bonus too on unpacking. It's times like today I'm glad I was raised on LP's, the assembly reminded me of putting together old Pioneer's that my dad used to show me the ins and outs. It goes into the console tomorrow, and should see its first spin either then or Saturday. Excited! It was a pleasure doing business with @DizRotus and that packing was exquisite. ETA, realized I made an error...I forgot to upload a picture of the beauty safe and sound...
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    Evening all, Just got back from a great dinner with The BOSS, youngest daughter, son, his girlfriend, my mom and dad, and two of our good friends. It was a birthday celebration for me and my youngest daughter. My eldest daughter stop in the restaurant with my two grand kids just to say hi. We had dinner at this Japanese steak house that we go to quite a bit. We know most off the staff & owner so we don't have to behave. Also had a good day at the shop. yea Carl... work has been picking up quite a bit. and I'm good with one or two jobs a day. It just get real scary when I see only one or two jobs booked for the week..... that aint enough even for a one man shop. I've stopped trying to figure it out and just enjoy the fact that we have traffic through our drive. For real.... My busiest month ever at the shop has been a December. Go figure, I don't know how or why. It used to be that tax return time and the beginning of summer "was" the busiest time but it's just not so any more. Right OK...... later MKP :-)
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    The day he learned to cuss
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    I picked up a pair of mahogany KLF-30 (little rough), black KLF-C7, and Denon AVR-4802R receiver.
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    Morgan helped me unload and then went to bed. She came downstairs this morning expecting to hate them, but I got a big smile and thumbs up.
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    Even if you had drivers in them I think I'd still be staring at the finish. It's mesmerizing. I say again, very cool.
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    This is in a neighborhood with Million dollar homes. Seem to have read that Ford wheels are especially prone to this sort of theft.