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    As I alluded to in CC and C thread yesterday these things are making sweet sounds in my man cave. Thanks to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @Trentster5172, @Chris A everyone at Klipsch and Assoc. Hope AR and most especially to @Chief bonehead. I've got more fine tuning to do. Chris I have the UMIK and a microphone stand but still waiting for a laptop(guess I have to order one before it will show up). I will get back to you when I get it. But so far the settings for the TADs sound pretty darn good to me. Also I have some veneering to do. And cable routing and clean up etc...etc....Oh and listening. Forgot, thanks @cincymat for the XP 4080
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    Front yard during a drought. Six feeders and a swarm all day long. I went through a 50 gallon drum of confectioners sugar that summer and it's a good thing I got it for free from a food manufacturing customer. You could stand away from the deck about 100' and all you saw was hummers flying to and fro. Hundreds in the air and around the feeders at a time.
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    Caught this beauty eating a fish in a tree by my work. A family of eagles has been there for the last 8-9 years.
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    Listening to some boot shufflin' guitar boogie from down south tonight!
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    1900 pages of a dripping coffee mess , empty cocktail glasses , and tripping over cables
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    Here are some more photos from China. Guizhou is a beautiful province and easy to photograph. Here are a few shots from the rural areas. The small houses on the hillsides are hundreds of years old. Leaky plumbing?? I don't know the story behind this. A few street scenes from a small Miao village (the Miao one of the Chinese minorities native to SW China.) Huangguoshu Waterfall - one of the largest in China. There is a walkway behind the fall about 3/4 of the way up where you can get really close to the cascading water. A smaller waterfall or two. A last shot from the Great Wall near Beijing.
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    Yesterday I drove 9 hours and picked up my first set of Heresies, and actually my first set of heritage series. They are 1979 Persian Nut and are stunning! Practically mint all the way around and inside out. The crossovers were rebuilt with the Crites kit about a month ago. I have never seen a nice looking speaker. I cannot find any reference out there to a set with this finish. Has anyone seen a set of these before? Is there anyway to find out how many were ordered with that finish? As for the sound, I am coming from a set of KG 4.2s that have Mundorf caps, mills resistors, and the Crites diaphragms. The Heresies are clearer sounding and they really shine with some songs but seem to get overwhelmed and muddy with most. I am thinking something is not right here as my KGs play everything flawless, and the Hereies seem to have a better reputation. Is this a sign that the mid K-55-v diaphragm needs replacement or something else. So far in testing I have listened mostly classic rock, Pink Floyd, Grateful Deal, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Chicago, and lots of other stuff. My music is mostly flacs ripped from CDs playing through Roon, and my turntable. I find it hard to believe that these would have the reputation that they have with what I am hearing and want to get them to 100%. Thanks
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    New living room bling. Thanks to Hpower. Nice workmanship!
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    The oak Chorus II sold in 24 hr.
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    Been TOO LONG since stopping by...............here is what I am playing over in RTM right now............this is my most recent LP added to the Bill Evans collection. Another great LIVE recording sounding very nice via all the tube gear this Sunday night....
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    I just opened it...first time playing since it was purchased in the early 80s.. The power of the CLAM u know!
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    The Embassy Theater in Ft. Wayne is one of my favorite venues. This will be an excellent show. I saw them in Indy a couple years ago at the Palladium.
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    I have been stewing over buying a new lawnmower for some time. My "entry level" Honda has served me well for a decade or more. Reliable, first pull starting, just a joy to use(if you consider spending 3 hrs plus every Saturday during the summer in 92+ degrees and 80%+ humidity a joy). I loaned my Honda out to a friend to use for a while and when I got it back it just was not the same. Weird noises, stretched cable, and a few other annoying things. Not the same mower that I loaned him. I seriously considered dropping it off to a Honda repair facility and let them diagnose all the things that need repairing. I know it needs four new wheels, oil change, new blade, and whatever is causing the strange noises and slower operating speed. My bet the minimum $$$ would be close to $250.00 or more to get it up to spec. Not a huge amount for such a reliable product but still some uncertainty what is really wrong with the mower. I spent over 3 hours in HD this morning looking at the Honda mowers they had in store, watching YouTube video reviews, reading reviews, and talking to a very informed HD employee. Even after all that I was still undecided what to do. Along came a very nice gentleman customer who saw me playing with one of the Honda mowers. He said(in a Brooklyn accent), "great mower, great mower, you can't beat a Honda." I said that I have been very pleased with my 10+ year old mower and was considering breaking down and buying another. He said, "Do it, I bought the same exact mower a few months ago and I could not be happier with my purchase." He went to to say that his 9 year old Honda was starting to need repairs so he bit the bullet and bought another one. I went on and inquired about the things he liked about the Honda and said everything. He then asked me was I in the military and I said no but my wife is a veteran but not sure if she carries her card around in her wallet. He said "no worries, I'll let you use my veteran's discount, 10% is 10%." So needless to say, I brought home this baby. https://powerequipment.honda.com/lawn-mowers/models/hrx217vka Bill
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    Got this email from Klipsch and thought it was funny. DEAR NEIGHBOR, I'm incredibly hurt that we had to get the police involved with the noise complaint last week. If only you had the experience of feeling a Klipsch subwoofer resonate through your bones and into your soul, I think you would understand. Long story short: Friday night is movie night. You should come over so we don't have a repeat of last week. If you could bring the beer, that would be great since I spent my last paycheck on the speakers (#WorthIt), which you will soon be enjoying. NOT SORRY, ELDEN
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    Time for some New Wave Synth Pop from 1985 I have already presented the very popular Heatland album released 1983 The Flame album was released next but had big shoes to fill They did that convincingly — All great tracks But listen to the track - Cathedral Artist - Real Life Title - Flame
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    I agree. Without cables there will be a discernible difference.
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    No that was Forte-fied. Now Forte-II-fied if I am understanding correctly.
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    ^Whew! When I first started reading I thought you were going say dropped 1 or worse fell off the ladder. 10 years of dust we can handle.
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    OK so I had a project today, we are going to give our oldest daughter a pair of forte's and a sub for her new remodeled house. We had for rear surrounds a pair of original Forte's for L&R and a center forte ll for the back 3, in a 6.1 setup. We had an extra pair of Forte ll's we thought about giving her but she does not care so I decided to switch them out and have 3 of the ll version across the back . I was being lazy not wanting to switch them out but decided it had been like that for 10 years and it will probably be forever after this switch I might as well do it. Problem was they are mounted up on the ceiling against a beam, and they weigh 70 pounds each. Plus the one version was Walnut and the ll version is Oak like the center, they will all match, not that were that particular. They are aimed like that because the sofa is against that beam right under them. I got the 18 year old grandson to help catch them as I lowered them from the ladder. But I'm glad it's over, except for putting the next ones up. You would not believe the dust on the back of the speakers behind where you can not reach 10 years worth, I put them on the front porch and used the blower to blow them off, next I need to wipe them down. They are Walnut oil so I will oil them before we give them to her, plus I am going to order those metal grate speaker covers for the rear passive radiator because they have cats dogs and kids. This where they were. I did this because there years ago because there is no other place to put anything on the sides rear. It's a sickness.
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    Say hamburger one more time, I dare you.
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    A young horse hiding behind it's mother.
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    Here's a picture of my daughter (black shirt) and co-worker. Seemed appropriate.
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    My sweet wife bought this Fleetwood Mac album new. We found it cleaning her parents house. Very cool.. Cincy
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