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    A couple buddies, a couple brews and these Jubes will be at their new home. More to come ----
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    That's what she said I can't keep the camera shaking around MKP :-)
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    Yes yes... granddaughter's birthday Was a good evening, she turned 12. She's really starting to come around, She lived with me and the BOSS for years while her mom was not doing good. But her mom has been back for the last 5+ years..... and she's doing GREAT... They all live with The BOSS's mom since The BOSS's dad past last January. All the kids came.... my son and his girlfriend, my youngest daughter..... we ate diner and did cake & ice cream..... was a good night and I got out of the shop MKP :-)
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    Glad no one was damaged. Now on the Flip side, i see a "ManCave" design pending........
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    I ate some rattle snake when I was in San Antonio TX back in my Army days. Came back from a flight and a couple of the guys killed the rattler and skind it. It was still moving with no skin on it...kinda freaky... they cooked it up with a bunch of C-rations. Couldn't really tell what it tasted like cuz of those nasty C-rations. But I did try it.... Needed some of OT's hot sauce outta "likes" ....... till tomorrow MKP :-)
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    When I was about 16, i had the bright idea to catch rattlesnakes and sell the venom to the local hospital. I was going to be the king of antivenom. I kept up my end of the deal; but, the hospital told me that they buy their antivenom from a laboratory. I said, "what am i going to do with this rattlesnake then?" P.S. Don't leave a rattlesnake in the trunk of your father's car. It will make him mad when he wants to get to his golf clubs.
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    Morning yet again gang Second 1/2 pot perkin. Noticed my "Like" content today, i dont pay much attn these days, however i WILL be crackin into the void of 17K TODAY Wife takin the kid out for a local road trip, Hood is Quite, Amp(s) are dusted and waiting. I will FIX this "Quite" problem later today.......
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    Toolshed amps, that is. As promised, I just wanted to give an update on my system. I purchased a pair of black Heresy 3's back in November to pair with an old Marantz 2270 in a 11'x11' mancave. That combo sounded pretty good but a bit harsh up top. After reading this forum, I realized that tubes were the way to smooth that treble out. I noticed that a forum member, Toolshed Amps, was held in high regard. After an e-mail (or 20) I commissioned Matt to build me a SET amp and preamp. Well, the end result is stunning! Custom zebrawood and wenge exterior, polished metal top/front plates with a custom transformer-cover art that I asked for. The volume knobs even go to 11! I'm not a technical guy but all I know is that I just don't want to turn this rig off! Soundwise, that harsh upper treble is tamed and the bass is TIGHT. The glorious midrange is silky smooth and overall the soundstage is 3D...wall to wall. I couldn't be happier. I will try to attach a few pics. Thanks to all for the guidance and allowing me to brag a bit.
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    Hi there. I live in the Netherlands. Been using Klipsch for a long time now. My first pair of proper speakers were Klipsch RF25 which I still use today. Love seeing setups of others so wanted to show mine. I have a 9.2 / 5.2.4 Klipsch setup that features: Klipsch RF25 fronts Klipsch RC35 center Klipsch RB61 rears Klipsch RB51 front height Klipsch RB51 rear height Klipsch R115 dual subwoofer setup Receiver is a Marantz SR7011, BD5007 for Blu Rays. This is in a dedicated home theater room two seating rows. The back row is elevated. No proper photos of the back. Still have to carpet the elevation. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    I brush my teeth and hair. My teeth are okay but my hair is falling out. It's falling out from the top of my head but is making up for it by growing wild out of my nose and ears.
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    Morning gang When Dutch farmers lose someone in the "Old Country" the whole family goes back to handle things. Couple Farmers brought over their 5th wheels, ran power/water hook ups stations for two Rv's. Rain started here again last night, that was our deadline to have trenches filled, plug-in flip switches and turn a valve or two...Done All this was done Wend morning then the bottles started coming out, i could not drive till last night. Daughter #2 back in from Dublin, states she will be on the new boat that services Cuba. cool, cigars anyone?
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    It's pretty good grilled over a campfire, like most anything.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to stumble on a yard sale with all Mac and Marantz gear in mint condition and the owner says "$10 and it's all yours" "oh and I have a bunch of those glass tubes still in the boxes I'll throw in".
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    That's when he IS the boss....
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    That used to be my pick up line.
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    Afternoon all. Busy weekend....I'll post on that later..... Just checking in...trying to catch up on posts.. Happy Birthday Chuck I made a lil' snowman for ya......have a great day..... and a good day to all...... MKP :-)
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    Afternoon gang, and a Quite one at that. Wife steamed up some Tamales, and i do believe a Siesta is in order.
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    Talk about feeling the wrath of nature. This is my brothers garage. As you can see two massive white oaks took it down last night. Since this photo we have cut the tree from the door and have been carefully removing his woodworking tools. At least the ones we can get to.
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    Is there any chance you could actually give someone a break with regard to a posting like this? Perhaps they don't know what is expected to be able to sell, perhaps they are young and inexperienced, perhaps elderly, could be anything. Ask for price, condition, photos, etc. and see what happens. It's honestly becoming rather annoying that upon seeing a "common format" or similar that the poster is jumped on. Let's have the forum admin deal with stuff like that.
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    MKP's Boss is in rare form tonight!
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    Afternoon Gang Restfull day. Rv cabinet and window sealing work continues. Bloody Mary time, Smokin Marys with a touch of baker Bros to kick it up a notch. 0roville Dam water level has now dropped 50'+, and they think that will handle the storms we have coming in NOW. Reserves are standing down, so NO more road trips north for me for now. Oldtimer has just recived the Latest bloody mary care package, so we shall see if he chimes in here and his thoughts on Calif's mix's. Sent him a couple for helping me out last week obtaining 17K Goal. "Likes" I needed a few, and there were not many people on the forum that day. I'll make the same offer when i get near 18K.
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    You know I don't ask for much but I have asking the wife to pick me up some house shoes for a couple of months. I swear the next time we go out in public I am wearing these>
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    I'm thinkin form here on out till you leave the OC, you better be checkin in here at least once a day.
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    Evening gang Just in from Babysitting a Farm, maybe fours hours rest in 26. Too tired to "Like" anything.
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    Way to go "TarChuck"! Cheers to longevity, long threads, long cables and uhm... "long" cups of coffee.
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    But he does look good for his age, to me he does not look 68, could be the lack of real martinis keeping him young ? But I really think it's the ladies and trying to keep up with them, either way he's doing good, don't know if I will hold out another 9 years the way I take care of myself ? In honer of his long thread CC&C
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    Anybody looking for a pet?
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    Morning Gang 35 and feels like it. Shopping the Bay. Ya-All know what day it is.....
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    I think he said it was his granddaughter's birthday! and no, he can't be Boss for the night!
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    Oh I know.... The BOSS told me to do my "Duck Face" We were out the shop at 3:00 this afternoon..... Going to our granddaughters birthday party later.... MKP :-)
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    Check out that ladder at the top. Anybody want to polish the spire?
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    thinking you ought to bring that badazz camper to maryland and pick up a couple strangers that might be as strange as you...lol
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    Never really got into the stuff. >Quanity's were being made in cement mixer(s) i was invited to set up the machines one time, with what was floating around in the air as well as handling the powder, well let's just not go there. It was quite a time in my young life where stupid is as stupid does...... Got me thinkin, that was almost 50 years ago.....dam.
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    Hello friends of mine. Mark, think you are onto something. Not new news, however it has been shown in trials that lsd given to patients in a controlled study. Cure rate for alcoholics is spectacular, even after one trip. Think it would take me a few, trips that is... Happy Birthday @Tarheel !!! And many more. We were following the weather and week before last a pine limb got Nan's electric line again so, went over Thursday week ago to survey situation. Power still on and crew came about 5 days later. Yes it was locally widespread. Hope all are well. Just been busy... is all I can say for myself...
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    Good afternoon gang Obviously break time. I learned today common spray paint (without) mask can kick your azz, even though spraying in the wind Getting older takes it's toll. Resting, Breather, Scotch, Guinness Blonde Chaser.....i'll be fine.......Whoooo
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    Good Sunday Morning gang Cannot remember when this forum was this quite. I know the Super Bowl is coming up, my god man, is everyone preparing for that? Good morning for a Donut run.......just one.
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    Well the theater is nearly finished. Some harnessing and hiding of wires to do. 90 " Samsung 4k Fronts: TSCM Center: Two RF 82ii crossed Sub: Tuba 24 and down firing Klipsch F. Surround: RS-52ii R. Surround: RS-62ii Rears: RB-62ii 4 ceiling Klipsch in the wall speakers Main seating 400 watt shakers Control Center to left of main seating: Marantz 9.1 AVR Samsung Blue Ray Epson Projector 110" electric screen
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    Good Tuesday Morn gang 40 and dry We had a little but of Hail yesterday, for the last hour, our Media will not let us forget it. Ya-All know what day it is......
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    Three places i will Never return to: Vietnam Pakistan (Lepers) The OC
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    Couldn't find the possum fur forte's there probably hiding and top secret ? Did get to listen to the regular model for a few hours, very nice, makes our original and ll version sound weak driver pic
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    I hope everyone is safe with all the storms down south.
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    Blount County 911 has that drone video on Facebook. Here is a ground level photo. Really is destroyed.
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    Evening Gang Coffee perkin......supply's are on site. Wife just rolled in from the Casino, fleeced the Indians she did! She Pinched those boys for 5 Bones, well done. The Rv interior work continues, taking a break wile the Locktite Foam goes off. I wish i was working on the Stereo, few months off for that yet. Winter is Im feelin it's road trip time, we could use a few days rest from all this retirement BS. I just ask the wife, Redding outing?, local concert, Chef @ the local Irish Pub, stay @ the local casino for $50 a night. Yep, this is a good thought.
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    My current situation!