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    No matter your political leanings/beliefs, John McCain deserves our respect and admiration. He is a hero, someone who put his service to this country above himself. I am compelled to start another thread because I feel so strongly with respect for this great man. Courage, integrity and passion are but a few words to describe him. You all know the rules. Please do not cause this thread to be locked. Thank you.
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    I know this one is. Saturday night at the movies is one of our favorite things.
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    THESE ARE SOLD. THANKS ALL! I have been working on these projects for quite some time, and they are finally done. All of the speakers have been fully rehabbed, meaning cleaned and polished exteriors, updated crossovers and in a couple of cases, new drivers. All have been tested of course, and simply sound fantastic. All the work has been done, plug and play....These setups don't come around very often. Terms: $3250 for the whole shebang. I would prefer to sell everything together at this time. If there is no significant movement, then I will consider individual sales, however, that might take a while... I am located in zip 46544. If you want this shipped, you will be completely responsible to arrange and pay for that service. I accept Paypal, USPS Money orders, bank drafts and gold bullion. PLEASE PM me with any questions, or about any options you might see below. 1. Pair of one piece La Scala Industrial, model LS BG. Consecutive serial numbers, 1029 and 1030. Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior. AA Crossovers updated with ClarityCaps New Crites CT-120 tweeters New Crites A-55G midrange K-43E woofers, consecutively numbered (which I have rarely seen), with PWK silver medallions 2. Pair of Heresy Industrial Ported, model HIP Consecutive serial numbers, 5066, 5067 Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior K-42E woofers K-77M square mag tweeters K-55M midrange (option to upgrade to K-55V solder lug, dual phase plug driver) Additional cost HIE networks updated with Dayton 1% Precision audio capacitors 3. Single La Scala Industrial Split (I'm never going to find a match, so here you go....) Cleaned and polished fiberglass exterior LF Bin serial - 1307 HF serial - 2218 K-77M square magnet tweeters K-55V push terminal midrange (option to upgrade to K-55V solder lug, dual phase plug driver), or (option to upgrade to A-55G driver) Additional cost. K-43E woofers AA crossovers updated with Dayton 1% Precision audio capacitors
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    First day back to school ! New back pack loaded and ready to go ! Thanks Christy and Elden !
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    What? I pity the fool that doesn't like...T.
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    Just read that Burt Reynolds died of cardiac arrest earlier today. Man, another one of my childhood "heroes" has moved on. I remember going to see Smokey & the Bandit at the theater and, like many almost 11 year old's then, thought that was the coolest car ever....the black and gold Trans Am. He may have had his share of troubles and issues through the years, but he definitely did a lot of great movies and shows. RIP, Bandit.
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    MX110x Playing nicely with the VRD's Now I just gotta put the wood cabinet over it.....................................
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    Some pix uv my birthday at Niagra falls. And an instructional card given to me by my wife. BTDubs: the chemical symbol on my shirt Iz caffeine.
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    After a year of accumulating parts for DIY La Scalas, I found a set of originals for $110 plus tax and BP at a local online auction. Too cheap to pass up. I figured they would be a mess. Nope - perfect. The item description was inaccurate, so that may have driven the price down, and the auctioneer was not a Dallas firm. They were listed as a single "Klipsch X-2 Loud Speaker System". There is no such thing. Surprising because they have the original labels on the back clearly identifying them, so the clerk lotting the items messed up. Maybe others here went to look at them during the preview. Raw birch, consecutive serial numbers, and all of the drivers work. Sure they are 1986 models according to the serials, meaning the less desirable AL crossover and K-55m, but it saved well over the cost of the pair in just the time to build cabinets. They are not completely perfect, both needed a good cleaning, and hauling them 20 miles home was painful. It was interesting, on one, the barrier strip screw for a wire to the squawker was missing - thought a driver was bad but replaced the screw, and it works fine. So, if you get used speakers, be sure to check for bad connections. They are a bit large for my office, but that's OK, they will eventually go in a listening room. One fascinating thing is how different they sound from the DIY top units (K400 and K77 on a baffle) that I was using with an Adam LF driver for the last 6 months to test - wonder if it was the type A crossover and the K-55v on the DIY units? The other lesson is to wait for a bargain rather than do a long parts search. By the time you find all the drivers, pay shipping, then buy decent plywood (hard to find), you will be out way too much. I paid the same for a set of K77 tweeters as I did for this complete set. Now, to unload the parts I no longer need - but just the thought of packing it all up wears me out. Is it worth swapping in the PD-5VH and the AA crossovers from the DIY pile? Of course, I'd keep the original parts. If you were going to keep some replacement parts in stock, what is the best choice? The K77 tweeters? The other question is if they should be left raw birch, or if a finish should be applied to protect the wood? I assume that they are worth more in original condition.
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    Not my picture,............................... i wish it were. A volcano lighting up the sky during a snowstorm in Chile 2 days ago, great picture. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/09/04/volcano-lights-up-snowy-sky-in-stunning-photo.html
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    Remember these guys? Clicked on a youtube an hour or so ago and have not left this exceptional bands music yet! /\ (that's my arms hailing him) Warren Haynes!
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    Can honestly say, I've never even been down an aisle that had a boxed up Moccamaster… but would generally believe that it would begin in the garage with a vise, then proceed with a string or cable, a couple of pullies, a video or two, all while sipping on a hot Mr Coffee, Hey !!! Have a Great Labor Day Holiday Ya'll
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    I just received a brand new OPPO UDP-205 Straight from the factory!
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    Nothing beats the Band. Got the latest pressing of the Last Waltz and giving it a spin. I have loved the Band ever since I found a cover of their song "The Night They Drove ol Dixie Down" by Joan Baez on one of my dads records. I am not sure about all of the people they brought on during the show but some of the rendentions of their songs where magical. Also got the newely released Metallica Master of Puppets box set. 3 LP's, 10 Cd's, 2 DVD's and a cassettee tape. A lot of live stuff on there to go through.
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    the word "wastewater" used in a coffee topic, even using a piping system, sans backflow valve's, yet under thee sink, seems useless... shouldn't you have a settling pond somewhere… along with a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide flow, smoke stack, vents, some gauges, hourly ph testing, and a three guys in a control monitoring the situation ?
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    This guy Gavin Harrison is an amazing drummer. He has played with King Crimson, The Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief among others. Truly one of a kind with amazing fills. Hope you like him too.
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    Okay wth is with the Bunn shopping links? Plz link me to the beginning of this joke. Kthx.
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    I usually post in the home theater section with my blu-ray reviews but I listen to my records during the day in the office so I thought I would join in. I do not have any Klipsch in my office set up so dont hold that against me. Spinning a lot of different stuff today ranging from Sturghill Simpson to Fleetwood Mac to newest release of the Appetite for Destruction on vinyl.
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    Taking one in the gut for the team in the name of better sound, nice!
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    I watched a bit of 'Mama Called' on PBS earlier tonight and learned something that I had never heard before. Upon his death an inspirational poem was found in Paul 'Bear' Bryant's wallet. It was given to him by a motivational speaker from Texas, Heartsill Wilson. Here it is. “This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.”
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