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    my wife didn't understand either. When I brought my LS in and heard them.. she got it. And she likes the looks, too.
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    Happy new year to all! Soon, the year of the metal rat. I'd like to take the time to toast everyone, and thank you all for playing. Our world is a better place between us because of all of us.
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    Are you aware that Guttenberg creates a new video each day? Are you aware that Guttenberg's reviews of Klipsch loudspeakers has probably significantly influenced an increase in sales? Are you aware that Guttenberg does a fairly good show as compared to say, Srajan Ebaen, whose purple prose is so bad that you can't tell what he's saying...and you have to read it instead of seeing the man and watching him speak--as well as his body language, etc., which is probably at least 10x better from an understanding viewpoint of what he's saying? Are you aware that the idea of listening to loudspeakers over the web that have been recorded on a smart phone, compressed into oblivion, then replayed on your setup has no validity at all? Are you aware that it has been Guttenberg who has plucked Klipsch and Pass Labs/First Watt from the pack and has given more than a cursory review of what he's hearing and how it relates to the emotional involvement of the listening experience? Are you aware that Guttenberg himself might actually read some of these posts here? I think it would be fair to tone down any rhetoric and talk about the guy as if he were a real human with feelings--just like you... I find that, for a guy that doesn't use technical language and doesn't appear to have the ability to connect the technical aspects of the products he's reviewing to what he's hearing, he actually does a fairly good job in reviewing and giving a fair assessment pro and con, in a way that leaves the viewer with a more informed view of the products. I also think that he's pretty fair,, actually (speaking only from the Klipsch and Nelson Pass videos). His videos of Nelson Pass are almost legendary in my assessment--because he's giving us the man--not the reputation, especially as compared to something like Stereophile or something like that. Video takes more time than reading, but that's just the point, isn't it? Taking a little more time to think about the subject, and being able to form more informed opinions based on conversation. YMMV. Chris
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    Hi Gents...I am from germany and an fantatic Klipsch Lover ....... This report is based on a purely subjective description and can only be assessed by the author. There is no one who can confirm or confirm this as this project took place exclusively in my music room. Even from my acquaintance / circle of friends, nobody was there to officially confirm it and to be able to certify it accordingly. I bought the RF 7 MK II in March 2015, never before had a series loudspeaker so impressed me with its performance, so packed, so fascinated, that I cried 2 packs of handkerchiefs while listening in the demo room Seller was completely unsettled. He had never seen that before. I told him after an hour ... wrap up ... where can I pay. After the demo, I took a closer look at the beloved object of desire and found "it is the loudspeaker of my life" ...... will be with me until the last day of my life. Regardless of the emotional force with which the RF 7 MK II acoustically captured me and its "classic beauty" as a loudspeaker, I said to a friend who was with me, who also confirmed to me with the words "I have never heard anything like this in my life and felt ", .... imagine you go back to it when you have it for a few years and start to tune it .......... I said this for a good reason, because I had designed, designed and built speakers myself in the late 1990s with the absolute top chassis from Dynaudio at the time, 2 x WW 30 basses / active passive, D 54 mid-range dome and Esotec 260 tweeters Crossover was a 3 way base crossover from Dynaudio which I modified completely with Mundorf components together with another friend who was running a very successful DIY loudspeaker store in my Hometown at that time. We gave the project the name "Dynaudio Pentagon". At various demos in HiFi shops in surrounding cities, we played numerous dealers speechless with the Pentagon. You are the cool speaker was the general tenor after a demo. During this time I work for a leading manufacturer for sound / light / laser technology with a 1,200 m2 showroom in which we advised international customers about these professional technologies, developed, designed and distributed concepts for sound / light / laser technology systems and distributed them worldwide , I was export director in this company, looked after the international clientele and built up a dealer distribution network on 3 contenders. In our showroom there is an 18,000 watt, 5-way active system from JBL, which was gigantic in the purest intravenous form, both acoustically, as well as lighting and vice technology. By mid-2010, we had become one of the leading global outfitters for multimedia projects of this type. After that, the company was bought up and broken up. Based on this background knowledge in audio technology, it was clear to me from day one that I would not be able to avoid using my knowledge one day on the RF 7 MK II in order to really exploit its potential. So I started tinkering with her after half a year already, i.e. during the guarantee period, because I always knew ... she can do more than that ... I feel that ... I know that ... she can much much more ........ All the little things that I have done with the so-called mini-modifications do not play a major role. However, it became clear to me that she immediately reacted acoustically to each of these small interventions. So she is a highly sensitive lady .... a sleeping princess waiting to be kissed awake and then to mature into a queen. I decided that one day I would completely modify it, just didn't know when it should come. Sometime when the time is right ........ I also forgot all of this thought, also for time and professional reasons. In November last year awakened this forgotten project.............. I divided this project into 4 phases, in the end there were 6 .......... 1st phase> Optimization of the current flow within the loudspeaker by massive reduction of the contacts, incl. the installation from new internal wiring. 2nd phase> Acoustic optimization of the interior sound room 3rd phase> Mechanical optimization by rebuilding the stability and resulting housing-space decoupling 4th phase> Optical revision with new heavy spikes, the horn and the two Medium Bass woofers. 5th phase> Use of physical-chemical fluids influencing the flow of current on the chassis and the crossover, which were developed by NASA 6th phase> Reconstruction with external crossover from high-end components from different manufacturers, with 2 additional optional modify levels in the sound image Phases 1 to 5 have been completed and I kissed my princess awake .... breathed her new life. Never before has she played with the basic crossover so energetically from a single source at such a fabulous level. The radiance and beauty of music, its immense power and at the same time tenderness, its emotion and precision. She captures me and doesn't let me go, enchants and plays with my feelings as she likes. She breathes the stage into the room. as light-footed as a tap dance by Fred Astaire. It is soulful and smooth like the tender kiss of a beautiful woman. She whispers in my ear with a hint of a sunny, warm spring wind .............. I love her like never before. Thus, the potential analysis phase 1 to 5 is completed and can be rated subjectively as, that is the maximum. This potential analysis is also based only in combination with my electronic playback equipment. Phase 6 is in preparation, the necessary material for the external high end crossover is already available. Thre might be some grammatical faults within my Topic , please so kind an do not pay any attention to them .. 🙂 Pictures will come up soon ............ Regards MicroMara
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    Happy Friday my peeps.... A good weekend to all. Looks like we're getting some weather Saturday.... snow, ice, rain oh boy. Fire place gonna be working overtime.. Later.. MKP 🙂
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    Going to Hope be back in a few days, maby Monday night.
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    Is there a Klipschorn rescue? I'm new here. I just had to retire my Klipschorns I bought in 1973 because I no longer have corners for them (I moved to Klipsch towers). I don't even care if I get paid for them as long as they find a good home either for restoration or for parts. They were "Theater Black" without veneer, tops, or grill cloth but I applied 1/8" veneer panels to them and made a top, and only cool if you live in a frat house. How do I find a loving home for these servants who brought me so much joy? Type K-D-FB ser. no. 4K316, 4K317. Drivers K-55-V, K-77. sniffle, sniff.
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    A new pair of CWs would look great in your living room, do it, you only live once. They will give you enjoyment for the rest of your life, and then pass them to a family member.
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    I spent Christmas alone.... But Gia did not...
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    @Emile, your post reminded me of this album I rarely play, not because I don't like the music (I'm quite fond of Handel's Messiah) but simply because I want to preserve the vinyl as much as possible. Purchased this in the late 70's, Argo label by Decca Record Co. Neville Marriner (deceased) conducting The Academy and Chorus of St. Martin-In-The-Fields with various soloists. A three-record set that I may have played twice in all the years I've had it. Happy listening, and Merry Christmas !
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    Merry Christmas from Calgary today and Victoria BC tomorrow! I hope you are all safe and have family and friends around. Best wishes for 2020!
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    Feeling almost good enough to run my amp to Tucson. Bet they have some good bday presents for me there. 65 years old tomorrow..damn... never thought I'd last this long. Temp swing... oh yeah. Sposed to make 65`. Frost is starting to melt. Went out to uncover my garden...brrr Prolly 50 in the sun. I feel OK... just no gas. I'm good for a couple hours and need to rest.... sleep/nap. I was up a 0130... hungry. Had some toast with honey and butter. Getting time to eat breakfast. 3 or 4 eggs, toast or tortillas and some juice sounds good. Can't let wife do that for me. She tends to overcook eggs and a lot of other things. She will kill good shrimp. Cook 'em to rubber... same as eggs. Then wonder why she doesn't like them. She does great curries/Asian style... anything else, I tell her AuntRuby taught you wrong. A lot of it comes from trying to multi-task while preparing very fast cooking items. I do most of the cooking around here. How y'all doing with that storm? Came thru here w/o much more than a dip in temp. It rained east of us. Not far east... a mile or two east was wet/damp when we went out yesterday. We got zero precip.
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    Same here, except the added layer of fun ... doing laundry!
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    One group I and many others related to back in the day. EVERY thing they did was ahhhmazing! Wondered just how this would sound outta the sleeve. Live? 1st recording? Isle of Wight? How's it really gonna sound? Side 1 done and into 2. Holy crap! Side 3 "Light My Fire" and Side 4 "The End"? Can't wait and just sat back down from tweeking it up just a bit for "Roadhouse Blues!" Now "When the Music's Over"? Mmmmm, yea ya better cause it's amazing! #966 of 11k.
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    I let it to 120` .... came out perfect. wife needed to finish hers in the microwave, which is OK. And it was the end cut.... she doesn't like to see pink/red. Told her to turn the lights down and enjoy the juicy tenderness... She dinna go for it. I'm the opposite, OK with it not squirming on the plate.
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    Merry Christmas to all. Got light snow and a rib roast in the traeger. Enjoy.
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    OK; old, old one Small Faces on "Lazy Sunday." Has "Lazy Sunday Afternoon," "Itchycoo Park" and others on it ...
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    A wooden one! Like I know or care? I just listen to 'em IF I had to guess a Martin?
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    I was blessed to see BB King live twice. Once was at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with Linda and my special friends Becky and Marion. The second time was with Linda at the Tennessee Theatre on January 8, 2010 and until recently I had forgotten I had this numbered print 198/1000 from the event. For Christmas my sweet Linda had it professionally framed for my music room. Sure brings back a wonderful memory of spending an evening with BB King and Linda..! Would love to see and hear of others memorabilia of concerts you attended...🙂 miketn
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    Happy Birthday today WB aka Grasshopper! This may or may not work at your place today.
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    I don't want to take the fun out of it. Speakers are what I do when I'm not doing what I do for a living. (did that make sense?)
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    Top of the morning to ya, grasshopper! Had my coffee @ 0400. Claude pointed out something pretty valuable to me a few days ago in a post. $500,000 a pair Wilson Audio speakers are bass reflex cabs. I was really surprised.
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    I received this album for my birthday last month - however I just opened it up for a spin today This classic album needs no introduction But it sounds fantastic on my horn system with a little extra volume 😎 Artist - Mike Oldfield Title - Tubular Bells
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    Darn, Thank You Neil for coming to my town dozens of times, enjoyed every minute! I salute y'all with the encore you left us with often
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    Sad news, great drummer with a great band. Glad I got to see them live once. He will be missed.
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    And on a more positive note. Never miss an opportunity to tell the people you love that you love them. As awesome as we are we are not telepathic.
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    Don't know what to say about that @JohnJ that's why I get up between 3 and 4AM... Withdrawal never figures in... I'm ahead of that. Normality returns to the house. Wife is back to work after the holiday break. She was not ready to get up at 6AM. Been sleeping until 8 or 9. Asked if she was gonna get mad for me stirring her "early"... She didn't get angry... but she didn't get up either. She did not seem too happy when I rousted her at 6:30, to be ready to go at 7. You've been hearing me wondering about the drivers in my audio card in this laptop.... Plugged into the tv as a source... dtv has "music choice" as their music channels... Way mo' bettah. Now, is spotify that much junk or is it the computer?
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    Through my iPhone, the midrange on that system was a touch muddy. 😉
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    I might take to shooting a scrawny buck or two around here soon. Besides the young maple that they have been scraping their antlers on for a few years they have started destroying bushes lately. Heck I cut down the rock peach tree that ends up with fruit at 20% meat 80% pit. Left the stalk for them but they haven't used it yet. These three stayed here all of Thursday evening before moving on.
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    Outstanding! I will be looking forward to it. Dave
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    Hey MKP......would you work on a Chevy Cruze? Only driven by a little old man on Sundays. Can pay with venison steaks.
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    Brother Claus left here a couple hours ago and after putting the place back to normal got to check my overloaded inbox! In a predicament here, he brought me a handful of records from the first crate of that haul he had a while back. Clean vinyl with several careless bad scratches. Those decades old covers are in pretty good shape! The Boston is the most clean but it's also their worst release if I remember right.
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    My adrenal gland is working properly.
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    It's why I didn't put the name. That's what there called in some places yes YES that's what we call them here and most of Louisiana, well the southern part anyway, mirliton. There are many ways to cook them, one is like were doing for tomorrow. The other I like just as much is when raw peel them and slice 1/4" or thinner, dip in eggs and good italian bread crumbs and pan fry. The same way you do eggplant, just as good as eggplant but without that slight acid tingle of eggplant.
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    Lou Reed stole the song Sweet Jane from me. He did it very cleverly by stealing it 30 years BEFORE i wrote it. Was noodling around with a guitar at my brother’s pad and he said, “Oh, Sweet Jane.” I didn’t know what he was talking about and he said, “That sounds like the song Sweet Jane.” So, i had to check out the song and sure enough, the opening was a match. Still not sure how Lou did it ... tricky fellow. 😂
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    Smoking some pork butts, there 3/4 done maby. One of the Granddaughters is in her first year of college for engineering and wanted pulled pork as one of her presents. After it's cooked I will pull it and put it in freezer bags to freeze for her to take. She does have good taste, she grew up here and still her favorite music is whatever I like because it's all she remembers growing up, reggae is her first choice.
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    Later gator! You guys be safe.
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    https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?forums/digital-audio-converters-dacs.10/ Listen to Amir. DAC's should be transparent. You'll be surprised how many expensive DAC's are NOT worth the money, and how many inexpensive DAC's are very well made.
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    That's what happens during "dry" January.
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    I landed an 8lb bass on 4lb test and size 10 hook . Funny thing... it wasn't hooked. It inhaled the 1/4inch plastic maggot and blew it out thru its gill, it wound around the main line, essentially, I lassoed the fish
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    } Christmas Day - a beautiful 65, washed two cars in the driveway. I believe a first for me on Christmas. Today - 38.
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