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    Last weekend I took a trip to California as a mini vacation... go to Disneyland, play some poker and visit some Klipsch scenes. Fist stop was an audition of a pair of Jubilees at fellow forumite babadono's wonderful home in southern California. Eric was kind enough to allow me a visit with him and his wife to hear these magnificent speakers and he tolerated my playing of some rather eclectic music that I am sure made him go "hum". The set up was still in it's infancy and eric really hadn't had much spare time to get it completely dialed in, but despite the very spacious listening area and many highly reflective exposed surfaces the system was over powering and very potent. Like a caged tiger ready to pounce at the moment any volume was applied. The system gained more and more significance and impact as the db's rose higher and higher. The 402's were being fed by a pair of TAD4002's and they lived up to the expectation I had for them. thank you Eric for the great experience. Next up, I went to Los Angeles to a place called "In Sheep's Clothing". This is a highend listening bar in the swanky Art's district of L.A. that offers up great Japanese whiskeys and hand blended teas for patrons while they listen to non-stop Vinyl playback via two vintage Garrard 301 turntables. main speakers are Klipschorns driven by what looked like an A23 Amplifier... but I really could not tell. Yes... that is a $680 glass of whisky... not a bottle of whisky. Directly across from the front stage is the bar which houses two Heresy's and what looked like an extrea pair of mid/tweeter section sitting atop to bar. when I first got there, they were playing two channel only... later as other patrons began to show up, all speakers were firing. The sound was absolutely magnificent... zero issues. The detail was quite profound (even with six speakers firing). The room was mainly hard surfaces, but ringing the entire room had an absorption ring that was centered at the HF section of the Klipschorn... the sound was extremely spatial and detailed and fully enveloping with no dead zones... every seat in the small room was a good seat when all speakers were firing. Next up... I went to "upscale audio" in La Verne to see if they possibly had a pair of the new AK6 Klipschorns to listen to, unfortunately they did not. As a Heritage dealer they did however have several pairs of great speakers... the Cornwall III, the Forte III and a pair of beautiful La Scala II 70th's I was slightly disappointed that I could not hear the new Klipschorn, so I began asking about the new VPI HW-40 direct drive turntable (since they were a VPI dealer). I have been following this model for some time, and fully expected to buy one when it comes out in a few weeks. It's an anniversary model that is a direct drive unit (which is a departure for VPI)... I had thought the unit was going to retail for that 1500-2000$ range as a low end direct drive convenience model in the VPI line... imagine my surprise when they range it up and the receipt said 15,000$... I had to kindly decline that purchase... OOPS! all in all a great weekend wit great people and great speakers.
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    I had my first member visit to audition my Jubilees this past Saturday L to R Michael (Schu) his wife Sonja and my better half Schu and Sonja -is it love at first hearing? Yours truly and Schu. The visit was too short but a good time was had by all.
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    Finally! Road trip tomorrow.😀
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    After 6 years in the band. Senior night.
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    I was fine with #1, #2, #3, #4, or Michigan, but(t) I think Tarheel may have found the holy grail. I doubt very much if she would talk to me, or I would be able to talk if she did approach me! Some people get irritated when a member keeps quoting and repeating the same photos but I doubt there will be any complaints here.
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    Happy All Saints Day to all my CC and C buds🖖
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    How about some home made slow baked pumpkin then made into soup This was our dinner on Halloween night Canon EOS70D no flash to give ths image mode depth  
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    Stopping infrim somewyin the middle of the Gulf of Mexicoto say hello. Jamaica tomorrow!
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    my new to me...2008 ser spec v winter rat !
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    17 hours in with temps ranging from 187-195 but the bone test says that they are close. Should be all done by the time I drop off the kiddo at school.
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    I'm actually excited about the release of this movie. I hope, but am not too hopeful, that the inevitable re-mastering of Queen's best hits will rock. From what I can glean, there will be digital releases accompanied by a vinyl release next Spring. On the downside, there will be a number of songs from their 1985 Aids concert. Given how layered and processed their studio albums were, a 7.1 rendition might be very much fun indeed. Re-mastering live albums, well that's another challenge altogether. I've always felt that Queen was a fun, dynamic, jumping around type of band and I'll be in the theater next weekend to see the movie. My only caveat on the movie, is can I watch closeups of really bad English teeth for two hours without rushing out of the theater to the nearest dentist.
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    I've had the pleasure of growing some of the peppers that OT has used in his fantastic hot sauces, and have tried just about every variety that he's made in the last couple of years. I think the latest "Red Menace" and "Yellow Peril" are two of the best yet, particularly the Yellow.....just the right amount of heat, great combo of flavor from the ginger, garlic and lime juice. Simply terrific! Thank you @oldtimer
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    On behalf of us "little people" everywhere: you gave up your little people card when you got Jubes. Just sayin'!
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    I’m 64. And no I’m not a troll. I’m not sure why not knowing who Freddy Mercury is or isn’t makes me one. I never intentionally listened to queen ( I now know that is the band he was in) or journey or foreigner for that matter. Just not my cup of tea. Steve Perry’s season tickets for giants games are right next to me and someone had to tell me who he was and why he would lead the stadium sing along for Don’t stop believing.
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    2 second (maximum observation threshold) pattern test... test instructions - time limit 2 seconds, then return with the answer - was there a car?
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    OK leaving in the AM to float South on a boat with a couple of friends, be back in a week. We will have at least a couple drinks for each of you, hope it's what you like.
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    Set up a nice little system in the Library of my new office space. I had the blumenstien single driver s and set them up with a uturn turntable and a nobsound integrated amp. Sounds amazing. The amp was 295.00 and the tt was 400. Pretty affordable. Young folks in the office are amazed. They can’t get enough. Great to see them appreciating something better than mp3s on their cell phones!
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