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    They're here. They look and sound AMAZING.
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    Steve, if you don't mind my advice.....take care of your physical self first, and your mind will follow....Do you exercise? Do you need to lose some weight? Are you sleeping OK? These are just a few things that can really help with your attitude and ability to motivate yourself. Is there a music store in town? A bar or club where they have jam sessions? Try to connect with folks with the same interests. JMHO
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    First of all, for you to share this here is superbly brave, and I applaud you. And, I hope you stay well for a long time.....
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    (Update- page 3 for REW curves and Xilica settings for my particular room from Chris A) 'm up and running!!! Everything went smooth today with the delivery. I was listening within an hour. A great big thanks to Chris A for his knowledge, help and Xilica settings!!! These things are awesome!!! Huge thanks to Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters it was an awesome purchasing experience. I ended up talking to him on the phone several times. Super guy and knows his stuff when it comes to a special order like this. Since I bought Jubes from him he even gave me a killer deal on the Xilica XP-4080 and a couple of Parasound A23's. Now that I'm broke, lol, I'm going to retire down to the dojo and have a listen. My first impression is these things look big and sound concert big. I was very nervous selling my Klipschorns, but these Jubilees are definitely the next step, and it's not a small step! The bass kicks you in the chest and they actually dig pretty darn deep into the 30hz range. Drums are unreal through these things!
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    My new Heresy III's in East Indian Rosewood arrived today, part of a system for my office. This is my first pair of horn loaded speakers... my assumption is they need some decent run-in time. I've got them running-in all night tonight. So far I prefer them bi-wired with basic 12 gauge wire. I've got a pair of Canari speaker cables on order and will install next week. Amp is a Yamaha 501SL and MacBook Pro as a streaming source. Any set-up advice is welcome.
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    Just one of our weekend rituals.. I crank tunes and they dance.
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    So much sunlight coming in from that back window it's ridiculous. I will take some better ones later. These were going to go upstairs, really not sure about that now. Think the Palladiums would make the trip up the stairs much better than these beasts. Why didn't anyone tell me? I rely on you people to keep me out of trouble. I believe they are twice as heavy as my old LS 1's. Good grief the top hat weighs as much.... At any rate I have to say the packaging is amazing. Really. So here's a few shots, most are bad but hey with this toe take what you can get.....
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    I'm sorry to hear this, J., and so far, all I have is a problem with sciatica in my left leg. Don't know your beliefs, but I will add you to my ever growing prayer list. Bruce
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    "Can you blow a klipsch" Klipsch are known to be a bit horny, but that is taking it too far.
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    Idiots? I think you could have taken a different approach to voice your opinion and introduce yourself to the forum. By the way, there are a lot of idiots here.......
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    Evening gang 95 today, tolerable. Farmers Canam finished, looks like a Chili Verdi run in the morning. One Quad to go, tune up / repair things falling off.
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    Accepted a job offer today and start my new gig on Monday. It was scheduled for 45 minutes at 9:30 and turned into 90 minutes plus lunch. I'll be employee #3 of a small MSP that's been around for the better part of a decade and was (still is) a customer of the colocation/hosting company I left in April. He's looking to grow and I get to be a part of that process. We really clicked and he's basically polar opposites to all of the major gripes which caused me to quit my last job - so I'm really excited. This was a great experiment, based on some calculated risks and known limitations. We took camping trips, went to the Pilgrimage, did a ton of work to the property, grew our chicken flock, added a goat herd, two turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, a couple of all day road trips, had a ton of concentrated family time. Accrued a little debt, but overall managed to rely on what we had set aside for this break. As far as I can tell it was a huge success and we're rested and recharged for the next phase of our family growth - the girls are starting their home school regiment, i'm heading back to work, we've got a growing farm, so on and so on. All with fresh attitudes and energy. Today was a good day.
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    Enjoying the hell out of all my old 90's stuff with these.
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    I think we are all guilty of that to some extent at one point or another in the audio journey. The visual appeal of of countless audio products probably far outweighs the sonic qualities. As upgrades to components go I have swapped out resistors in the signal path, capacitors, different types of tubes etc. while they do change the sound it can be difficult to determine if the change had added something or taken something away. In all of these situations the changes have been very subtle and probably only perceptible to me being very familiar with how my setup sounds. My experimenting with room treatment has yielded much different results so far, and I am only in the early stages. I ordered some roxul rockboard 80 and began to place a few of the panels in the obvious areas that would contribute to "early reflections". I did a measurement for every panel move around the room. I am away from them right now but I will post them later. The addition of every panel improved the excessive group delay readings throughout the spectrum. After about twenty measurements I decided to just listen to some music. The "improvement" is immeadiate and obvious. Any listener would perceive the difference. I usually keep my pre set at one volume. This has been this way for a few years. For lack of a better term it is my reference volume. Everything seemed balanced, it was perfect. With the panels I have in place I cannot help but raise the volume well beyond this point. The soundstage has a whole new focus and depth. The separation of voices and instruments is amazing. This is simply put a new system. I won't go on and on with audiophile jargon, but treating the room is by far the most important change I have made, maybe even more important than adding a sub. Please don't spend any more money until you build some panels and see for yourself.
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    unboxing pics.
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    Wife is up, iv just informed her she gets to go out for breakfast as i will be purchasing a new caliper press set.
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    Where's my time machine? I want to set it for noon tomorrow. By that time the colonoscopy will be in the rear view mirror, so to speak. The prep for the 8:30 am procedure is unpleasant. Four 8oz glasses of Miralax dissolved in Propel down. Only 12 more to go.
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    keep or sell them is up to you but please never do the automated picture thingy...it annoying as all get out. I wanted to take a close look at the speakers and could not figure out a way to stop it from changing photos every split second.
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    I picked up some nice Quartets this afternoon and have been running them all night. What a revelation (to me). Now I understand the dynamics, immediacy and the 'live in the room sound'. I'm not hearing any horn honk, harshness or all of the negatives I've read and expected. As soon as I lit them up my wife said "these are the best you have". The vocals sound very natural, the bass is very solid, strong output. The top end is not as extended or airy as the EMIT ribbons in my VMPS speakers. The soundstage is not out in front of the speakers as much as the planar mids, slightly less 3d imaging. But everything else is better. It just sounds live. The dynamics of horns, guitars, drums, much better. Vocals more natural. I have them out 20" from the wall, it's a big room. they fill it. I don't hear the boxiness some complained of, in smaller rooms with the speakers too close to the back wall. I hear no reason to damp the horns or mess with the mid horn. I'm guessing the titanium diaphragms will give me the extension I want in the tweeters. I'm very happy with these. I should mention I am using a big high current CODA amp 200 watts per channel at 8ohms 400 at 4ohms. But, The IRL preamp I have is very neutral sounding with variable gain settings. I'm on the lowest setting.
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    My Grandfather purchased this car new in December of 1954. I have owned it since 1984. Here is a picture of my son taking possession a few weeks ago. Four generations - one car - a million memories.
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    Hey dinkwad, check out my list of ammunition!...oh yeah, and kiss my a**!
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    Morning gang 95 projected....... Donut / Deli / Farm Coffee X
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    OR, just behind me sits these......
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    The Hell you say. Show the wife these, NOW anything you wish in the future, you can point out as......SEE Honey they are smaller than these!
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    My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary down in West Palm Beach. I'm truly blessed as we are more in love today than ever before. Here is some footage from West Palm.
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    Picked up a Sansui 8080db and a pair of E-V Four speakers today.
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    Verdict is in, day is over. Wife not pouring molds today, task with shopping. I'm going for a Nap........
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    I don't believe there could be a more appropriate day to pose this question and Happy Fourth Of July to all! Just saw a post by Travis(thanks for that by the way)in another thread of a quote from The Declaration Of Independence and it got me to thinking about some of the things that truly have an amazing and sometimes inexplicable emotional impact on me or the things that give me "Goosebumps" . I realize just knowing the type of folks we have here on the Forum that a good majority of "Our" first few on the list so to speak will probably be somewhat similar. We would probably have to go down that list a bit before we start to diverge much. The unfortunate thing for me is(because a lot of times it is in public)that number one still brings the tears as well. I have tried like Hell over the years to control that and I just cannot seem to make it happen. Is what it is I suppose. Some of mine are: 1) The Star Spangled Banner. I have never failed to succumb to it when performed in an at least close to traditional and what I consider an acceptable, respectful(to the Anthem)manner. I don't think I need explain myself on this point. 2) The stories behind the folks whom have been awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honor and just the Congressional Medal Of Honor concept in general I suppose. Very, very moving to me and I cannot think of anything else on this planet that commands more respect, gratitude and admiration. 3) Reading The Declaration of Independence. 4) Reading The Constitution. 5) Military "Flyovers" at ball games. 6) Knowing that a woman as good as my wife Loves me. 7) How much I Love my Son. 8) Watching my Son shoot Trap. He is good and he got that from me hence the "Goosebumps" on that one. HaHa! In the spirit of this thread, what are some of yours?
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    Too much power??? Want to see the two channel overkill of the century using Heresy III's? Try two Heresy III's hooked through XLR's, to the Xilica XP-4080 and out to three amps! The two Emotiva XPA-1L mono-blocks are running each 12" woofer in the Heresy's. The Parasound A23 is on mids and highs. Too much power??? Nope!!! I did this the other day while waiting for my Jubilees to show up.
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    Reminds me of the first time I met Carl. I moved to rural Texas to a spot hundreds of miles from the nearest house but one day I spot this cloud of dust way on the horizon. As the speck got closer this guy gets off his horse and says he is my neighbor, He introduces himself as Carl and says he is having a shindig Saturday night. "No need to bring anything there will be some drinking, eating, dancing, and maybe some sex". I replied "that's mighty nice of you....what should I wear". Carl hitches up his pants and says "wear whatever you want it will just be me and you". True story!
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    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. THOMAS JEFFERSON, Declaration of Independence
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    IMO, if he has an Electro Voice Patrician, as his screen name suggests, he's more than entitled to learn the secret handshake.
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    Morning Gents.....Jake (124 pounds) and I had a bath before 9am.
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    Welp the wifes up and making breakfast It seems the Dodge mechanical work will be based around the daughters "Hair" appt. So iv plenty to do around here wile waiting for transportation for parts later. Hummm Breakfast, Tunes, Libation(s), RR Dually Bearing Assy< cant wait to see whats wrong with this critter........
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    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Cath the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain
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    I myself have had cancer of the prostate diagnosed in Nov 2010 and was operated on Feb 2011 ( Big backstory to this as we had natural disasters in the form of floods to contend with as well, search Brisbane floods 2011) My wife wanted me to be secretive about it but I went the other way and told all the people that needed to know Funny thing is I felt normal and my wife forced me to get a regular checkup at the local GP That checkup was the one that diagnosed the cancer At first and due to my overly good health we assumed it was at the start of the cancer cycle However further tests revealed that on a scale of 1 to 10 the severity was 9 Hence the need to operate quick smart I let the wife worry about me while I concentrated on my fight that I knew I was going to win Anyway long story short - This is my method of combat against it Don't give in to the bastard organism called cancer Use your imagination and call it out on every occasion - I have said on hundreds of occasions to it that you are harmful to me and you won't win - friends don't harm each other - and I gave it a name - the bastard I would also imagine that we are at war ( big Star Trek fan ) and I would always come out on top using any form of weapon my imagination can invent Great to see it dead over and over again Now I am in full remission and talking about it with you now
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    The anesthesiologist used propofol. I requested shaken not stirred. My wife was concerned about reintroducing sold foods gradually, post procedure. The young anesthesiologist scoffed and said after his colonoscopy a month ago he made a beeline to Redcoat Tavern for cheeseburgers and chili fries. We went to a diner for eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. It tasted great, especially after a diet of Jello and Propel.
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    Morning gang 1st cup and firing up the news / weather. Yet to decide days task......
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    Well we drove 3 hours to lafayette La and stayed at kevin's house, we got up Fri morning and Kevin drove the rest of the way, about 7 hours to San Antonio. Left Sun morning staying again at Kevin's and we drove home this morning. Doing it that way made it easier, plus we were in a nice 4 door truck which was very comfortable, plenty room for just 4 people. That was as far West as I have been since I went to California in the 60's when I was a kid. The trip was mostly about going to see some nice people, listen to each of his 3 very nice setups, and drop off a set of Cornwall 1's that will be veneered. If I ever go back to that city I want to go eat at the same place. I don't know Mexican food or the names, but the fist pic is beef and bacon, second is sausage, chicken and beef, these two was for 4 people with rice and beans. The place is not fancy but the food is very good, and that pepper was hot.
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    Sorry to hear that. My mom who is 87, has been dealing with mild symptoms(shaky left hand) for about 25 years which has resulted in her having to teach herself to write with her right hand. She is blessed that it has not progressed any further. Stay as active as you possibly can. Bill
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    Picked him up at an antique store a bunch of years ago. Just had to adopt 'em.
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    Going to hail @BigStewMan about this one. He knows the ladies...