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    This is an open letter I sent to the company today...I wanted to share here too. Happy Birthday Paul W. Klipsch! I would love to tell the old man that a few more times. I have been to a few of his birthday parties. I think my favorite one was his 96th. My wife at the time and myself were invited to visit them at a friend of theirs home in Hot Springs. We met with Steve and Becky Phillips there. They had just been to Hope for the first Pilgrimage and received the invite from Mrs. Valerie. Once we all were there, we ate, talked and listened. That’s right, we set and listened to Khorns with PWK on his birthday. In my book that has a supper high cool factor. Not long after that, Klipsch offered Steve a job and he and family moved up to Indy and I made a new best friend. I would like everyone to take a min. to think about their job and that PWK made that posable. We owe a ton to that man and I for one am very thankful. When Paul passed, I told Valerie that Gabriel needed help with his horn so they called Paul up to help. I look forward to hearing that horn someday. Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer
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    Granny’s love child from the Clampett sessions?
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    Gia and I , just received a special gift.. From a legendary Klipschster ! Thanks so much ! time to make so COFFEE ....
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    Well not today, but last Saturday. Good enough? Nice pair of Klipschorn that I bought from 76 year old gentleman for 2100$us.Great deal! I’m so happy! They’re awesome. Never heard anything like it.
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    I got a grade A goofball. He is ascared of the other dogs, so he has to be shut off from the rest of them while we acclimate him.
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    Lily is doing extremely well. Being young they bounce back quicker like kids? Here is a week... Sunday was her first day time walk around the block. (Prior to this I had her walk at night a couple times to get her used to the "sights" as best as she could by our neighborhood street lamps and scent to break her in slowly) Lot's of stops and hesitation. Took half an hour to go around our circular block that with normal walking is maybe five minutes. (Five time around it is a mile) Monday same thing and less hesitation but still stop and go. Kinda jerky walking with leash. Fifteen minutes this time. Making progress! Tuesday decided to take her on my usual big oval three miles walk that I do and she did great. Still a little leery of people going either on their own morning walk/jog/cycling and would hug my leg for "protection". Even the HOA landscape guys were suspect as she would tip toe past them. Wednesday semi normal walk around and learned to sit before crossing the street. Proud of her! Oh and walked past the HOA landscaper sloowly but did good. Lotsa "atta girl" belly & head rubs. Today she trotted along side of me while I huffed and puffed shuffled this 230 lbs as best as I could. She was on her tippy-toes light as ever like a butterfly. I was envious her. I let her know between gasp of breath I would have outrun her at 18. Felt better after that. Now this is how she greets us every morning... https://photos.app.goo.gl/FZrsZPuj8UvRC0wp2 So progress is slow and she still occasionally reverts back to her crouching when I walk towards her sometimes. But follows me around the house freely. She's potty trained too. Our two older daughters came over along with the two our grandsons ages 3-5. Lily did OK with our daughters and more importantly our grandkids. Sniffing them (everywhere ) and walking with them. It's obvious she likes kids. Our middle daughter (26) used to work for SPCA so she knew right away seeing her the first time. Lily came right over to her. She loves that family room couch you see in the video. Exhausted, yesterday I took a nap in the formal living room and Lily woke me up with kisses and lots of butt wagging. I'd been out two hours! Vet check up Friday to assess her weight and overall health. Hopefully she's gained a little fat. Thanks for asking. My face after her sneak attack..got the boxer kiss.... yuk!
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    Yesterday rescued a boxer from some idiots. Not exactly "abused" just severely neglected and left for couple months in the back yard with four other dogs for survival of the fittest. Answered an add in the CL and once there which was a 158 mile one way I was seriously depressed. I've raised boxers and their disposition is happy, go lucky how are you types. THIS boxer ran from the owners hiding under the bed of a truck, running across the yard to wedge itself between a trailer and the home. They managed to drag her out and it was all I could do from letting my blood hitting boil. I thought there is no way I can work with this dog. It was filthy and scared as all get out. The owner picked up a stiff as aboard dog and started to bring her to me but seeing that she was already scared of men I let my wife and daughter take the lead. She immediately responded to them. She licked my daughter right away and those two hit it off. You could just tell "Lily" (I got to name her) liked kids. My wife she was equally ok with. After about ten minutes with them I came over and just squatted there letting her get used to us. My wife said "we need to get her out of here". I agreed. I'm good with dogs but.... However, this would prove challenging. There is no instruction manual just go by gut. So I gently grabbed onto her collar and held her and talked to her for ten minutes petting her. Then I had my daughter hold a treat out from ten feet away. She responded! Stiffly walking to her she gladly accepted it. That's a start! Did this maybe ten times just to get her to walk. The owner "you can pick her up and put her in the car". I calmly (wanted to use other words)told him "She has to do it on her own. She has to come on her own will." An hour later she made it from the front yard to the bumper of my car. That's a win in my book. All of 75" took an hour of coaxing and a little bribery. He was pissed it took so long. I so badly wanted to yell at them. She was a good girl on the ride home too. I had to carry her to the bathrooms for shower though. Well after a good hour of shampooing, pampering she's white again! Her ears were really, really dirty. Got out as much as I can could but the vet will do the rest tomorrow. First night at home she was SO exhausted almost falling asleep sitting up. Kinda funny. Swaying left to right. I stayed in the downstairs bedroom and she was staying in the tv room. About 3:15 in the morning I heard her yelping and whining. Checking up on her she was panting as if she has run 5 miles. Clearly she had a nightmare or panic attack. Stayed with her for about 10 minutes then I decided to sleep on the couch. After that she slept like a baby. This morning her appetite was very good as she is WAY underweight for nine months old. As I greeted her this morning I got ONE butt wag but wasn't sure I saw it. However when my daughter came downstairs there was so much butt wagging to power small home. Another good sign. Today she was trained to walk with me. Only took an hour but she decided she would go with me. She started out not so sure kinda jumpy but with some encouragement loosed up a bit as we went around the block stopping fifty times as she jumped at every sound. It broke my heart as she came to me with her nose almost touching the ground. I brought her head up and told her "hey you gotta hold your head up. Your a good girl". She SLOWLY started to "take pride" walking. The COOLEST part. Called the SPCA.to get her spayed explaining the situation and told them she's in heat too. Unfortunately they were booked out for couple months but reservation do get cancelled. That was 8am. By 11:30 am I got a confirmation of her operation tomorrow at 7:30 am!!! Blown away. That NEVER happens to us. I guess someone was watching over her. Today much more but wagging and healthier disposition. Time will tell what her personality really is. But so far she doing ok. Below her resting on her first day home. Checking her "Pee-mail" on our first walk together.
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    Same here, seen many other legends but this one was an accident. A long time ago I was in a bar in New Orleans called Rosie's up town along the river on Tchoupitoulas st. The music went off and they made an announcement, anyone want to see the show go to the stairs and pay $10 so i figured why not. The bar was upstairs and was a big open room underneath for bands, I went down and walked up to a table pushed up to the stage, it was just a room with tables and chairs. I sat down and a minute later a man walked up and asked if anyone else was sitting at the table and I said no. He sat down and we started talking as the room started filling, I told him you look familiar but I don't know your name, it was Allen Toussaint. This was quite the surprise, So I asked who is playing tonight I have no idea, he said B.B. King, I almost fell off my chair shocked, I thought it was some local band. He noticed I was shocked and laughed and said were good friends your in for a treat. When BB came out he pulled his chair right in front of where were sitting and played and talked with Allen the whole show, 6' from our seats. It was the best and most personal performance I have ever seen, and for $10 plus a 100% accident.
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    New to me CWO cane grills. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cable work yesterday afternoon before cocktails....well one during as 12 banana plug install is pretty boring. Coffee this morning to test things out. Just opened this MM 45 Blue note LP and it is a good one. Art never disappoints.
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    Pic with the system.
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    Everybody does, it's the french way to spell it, you should see how people spell and pronounce my last name. Luquet french would be luquette This is a etched mirror we did for Rodney, he owns the place where we have the Pilgrimage. This was a gift with other things from forum members for taking care of us. Rodney and his daughter
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    Here's how clueless she is. You know those tests that they do on how alert dogs are? I think it's safe to say she totally failed. She won't be no home guard dog Look REAL close. Ninja cat 1. Boxer big fat 0.
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    I was home schooled by my mother...I mean my sister... ...same thing.
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    Just returned from our New Zealand Cruise 🚢 Need to sort out the photos But I have a few taken at Milford Sound on the iPad I was told that this day was the most idealic in a long while ( lucky me ) Rain had fallen over the previous week and we saw dosens of Waterfalls
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    Listening to the Wilsons reminded me of their Led Zep covers for encores that were good. Guess lots of musicians played their songs. Got to see Plant do some of his "different" stuff in the 90s, The fresh Black Crows opened and their guitarist played with Plant for all of his set too. Knew the stuff well. This set of three lps is heavy and sounds good for a live recording, not like the 70s live stuff. If you like Zeppelin this is great!
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    Good morning all - At 6’ 1” 210, I’d like to get below 200 and stay there, but I’d also like to be younger than 69, and that ain’t happenin’. I remember when that number meant something other than my age. My internist is a great guy, even though he is a diehard Wolverine. None of that wham bam thank you mam rush job. I usually have to say, “This is fun shooting the breeze with you doc, but I gotta be places.” The best part is that he’s not in a position to scold me. He’s younger than I am — but so is just about everyone — but he’s overweight, has an implanted defibrillator, and he doesn’t get regular exercise since he collided with a pizza delivery driver’s car while riding his bike. A few weeks ago I got rejected by the Red Cross at a double reds donation appointment. I’ve donated my O+ hundreds of times without a problem. Apparently, when the young nurse took my pulse she detected more than 6 irregularities in a minute, so I flunked. I tried to convince her my pulse does that when an attractive woman squeezes my wrist. She wasn’t buying it. Long story slightly shortened, a 24 hour Holter monitor and bicycle stress test confirmed all is OK cardio-wise. Since my father dropped dead at 64 from a heart attack — not his first — at 69, I feel like I’m playing with house money. The day will be spent rehabbing the 1929 duplex purchased as an investment to rent to my adult sons. This will either be a genius move or a family fiasco. I’d hate to have to evict my sons for non-payment of rent. Have a great weekend.
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    oh yeah ... I know some of you will find this hard to believe; but, I haven’t eaten fast food or visited a restaurant since I got a pizza on New Years Eve. So, if you own stock in Del Taco, you should probably sell. Honestly, i no longer crave fast food or going out to eat. This change would be so much better if i knew how to cook. I can fry an egg, so a lot of fried egg, grilled cheese sandwiches; or I buy stuff and my brother cooks it (he can cook). And, i started working out again. Yeah, i’m just awesome now.
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    My wife is on The Book of Faces, I have a profile but seldom go on there. Until a couple years ago, her profile said she was married, and waiting on her husband to accept her friend request
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    Good for you. I joined several years ago to keep tabs on my kids. I've yet to post. It could flame out as far as I'm concerned and I'd be fine with it.
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    I'm walking to South B to get me some tickets soon!
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    The whole place is 12 acres, I don't know how much is building ? Never been there but I did alot of testing for them in the past, they just didn't know it.
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    Right up the street from me...
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    WTF is going on around here? I need a new puppy @dirtmudd You knock your noggin? care for ya bro but I'll always love Led Zeppelin better!
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    A fascinating individual. His ability to deal with his ALS-like condition was admirable. May he RIP. I spent all day Friday with a friend who is a paraplegic Vietnam War veteran. He was again an inspiration as he drove us around Tucson in his heavily modified Toyota SUV. He enjoys unusual success in Casinos. He described taking significant winnings at Christrmas time and driving around Tucson giving $50 bills to those he felt in need of some Christmas cheer. Observing Hawking, my friend, and others persevere and succeed in the face of adversity, puts the inconveniences in my life in perspective. Now a shameles plug for my friend’s new book, The Reunion by Thomas Conrad. He describes it as a novel, not a memoir. It’s available from Amazon. If you read it, I’d like your opinion.
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    Ok, so maybe not a "great" photo but here is Lily knocked out cold. She didn't hear me open the door. Not like I was quiet either as there is a chain on the door. So much for being a robust guard dog.
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    okay ... my curling commentary this week has concluded. Jamie Sinclair defended her title and repeated as National Champion. Now she represents USA next week at the World Championship. very proud!
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    Good morning CC&C Crew (at least still so in Alaska)! Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy reading this thread even though I so randomly post and flee again! Have a rarity in my world in that last week I spent 10 days in Hawaii with my wife, the boys and her parents. We had a GREAT time! Natural Vitamin D in Feb/Mar for Alaskans is wonderful! (also why they have almost daily full flights direct from Anchorage to Maui! ) Home this week and leave Saturday for Florence and Rome with my mother. I've never done back to back trips like this, but I am so grateful to be able to spend quality time with my family! It's still bouncing between 6 and 26 right now - but with the clock flip Saturday night - It will probably be light out until 7:30ish @ night (from 3:15 on Dec 21) and spring should finally feel like it's commencing! Aloha and Ciao! Hope you're all well! One day I hope to make the trip to Hope and meet a bunch of you!
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    No way, I already told her to think about where she wants to go so we can plan it. I said it does not have to be anywhere special, as long as I'm with you. After this long I have to remember to kiss up, I tend to get in enough trouble just being myself. I really do
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    TARHEEL 1800 pages, Congratulations. Like the comedian says, Here's your sign........
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    Good Saturday morning my C,C and C friends. Two cups of organic Mayan blend down the hatch, I like it, it's pretty earthy(it was just ground this morning yuk,yuk). Well finally got some rain last night and weatherman says showers off and on today. Time to get some inside chores done like tankless water heater yearly maintenance. And while I'm at it TUNES on Klipsch speakers. Great day to all.
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    I love Wish You Were Here and Animals and The Wall... This newer one is still pretty good though, got to see them when this came out! Got Piper at the Gates coming on a cd soon.
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    by definition doesn't the good LF end up heating your wood?
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    My wife use to wear cut-off overalls with no shirt years ago. The bib was too small to cover and support private areas. It was somewhat embarrassing when people stared at us. I told her to quit wearing the army boots and people would quit staring.
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    Sounds like a Monday morning company meeting !! Glad I no longer have to listen to that shit ?!?
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    Gonna have fun this week! Got one replacement for a fave that is worn out, it's a direct metal mastered heavy one with a tshirt thrown in. Then the start of my own King Crimson collection that I never had. Supposed to all be the original cuts, had two/thirds of their 80s on a well recorded cassette but this is much better! Mike, you and others posting the tunes here reminded me of what I hadn't experienced in a long time! KC on bigger speakers than these pc ones.
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    My newly arrived Heresy pair were packed amazingly well by the eBay seller. See the following thread for details. They've been rode hard and put away wet, but they sound great. They'll clean up nicely. The attached photo shows them set up in the 1929 duplex I'm rehabbing. It's amazing how great they sound when powered by a lowly TDA7297 chip amp that was less than $5 on eBay. It's nice to work to music. The project of the day is to replace the antique electrical outlets with modern grounded outlets. Fortunately, they used steel flexible conduit (I can't recall the electrician's name for it) to wire the place decades ago, so the outlet boxes are all grounded. Naturally, no one ever bothered to label the circuit breakers. The Heresys come in handy when determining which circuit breaker to trip so that I can work on the outlets. I just plug the power supply into the next outlet to be replaced and start flipping breakers until the music stops. The Heresys have no trouble being heard from the second floor to the basement.
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    At 69 years old, 6'2", and 187 pounds I'm in better shape than men twice my age
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    Alright Elden, you’re going to force me to admit that most therapists would want me on this forum as it is the only place that i can get a “like.” Generally, i just get strange looks and the comment, “What were you thinking?"
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    Just a heads up, Big Stew is alive and well. Well, as well as normal, lol.