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    @Chief bonehead gave dtel and I his prototype 1502 sub and came down this weekend to help with the install. While he was here he made some other adjustments to our system. I want to give Roy a big thank you for the sub woofer, help with the install and adjustments to our system. More importantly I want to thank him for the new found love I have for our gear. I am so impressed with the performance of this sub woofer. The only way to describe it is "musical". It takes bass to a whole new level. We put the sub through its paces by watching X-Men Apocalypse. The sofa was literally vibrating! We walked outside to take a break and the exterior walls were shaking.
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    It's not often I find myself without words but every time I think about my dad (dtel), I'm left speechless. He's a spitting image of my Paw Paw. He's sarcastic even when sarcasm is the least appropriate. He's a prankster. He is always 100% bluntly honest (he has no filter between his brain and mouth). He's the best dad I could ever ask for and an even greater Paw Paw to all of these wild hooligans he calls his grandchildren. If you ask Rylee, my 11 year old chocolate freak, she'd tell you he's hider/keeper of the chocolate covered cherries and all things sweet. If you ask Allie, my 16year old, she'd say he has the best taste in music (Bob Marley and Jamaica, mon!) and has the "most bumpin' system EVER". He really is all-around a jack of all trades. I've seen him build/construct/put together some of the neatest contraptions! He's an excellent woodworker, just like my Paw Paw was. The kids would all say "if Paw Paw can't fix it, NOBODY can. It's trash!" There is absolutely nothing my dad can't do...building, welding, cooking, operating equipment, plumbing, electrical, mechanical--you name it. It's only fitting that I sing his praises today since it's his 60th birthday!!! Dad I love you and hope you have the best birthday EVER!!!!! Thank you for being the man you are, the daddy you are, and the Paw Paw you are!!! ❤️🎉🎂🍦🎈🛍 (Please excuse the terrible iPhone picture.)
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    Well I've listened to my 'fridge on more than one occasion and my Jubes sound far superior.
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    Ever wonder what it would be like if you could delete the flypoints on the pro gear then maybe put a premium finish on it, say the matte black Forte III paint? Yeah me neither. Actually I thought about this for months and I finally pulled the trigger awhile back, couldn't take it anymore. They're still at the factory but I should have them soon. I'm excited.
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    Aw, I really need to come here more often. Miss you guys!!
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    Well Thank You Jennifer and Christy, and everyone else, I did not do anything except wake up everyday. I can't believe I made it this long, I would have never thought it. No special plans today or tonight, but I will get to cook the next few days for friends and family, I like to eat so I like to cook. Carl I didn't know you were that old, I feel a little better now. Thanks everybody
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    Evening Gents......last one for the night.
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    It was an eventuality, like marriage, and kids. In that order. Experience and fate leading to another fantastic life experience. OK, maybe not the marriage bit... LOL! I have been a Klipsch fan for decades. It started with a pair of Heresy's, then Tangent 500's, RB-61's, RF-3's, Heresy 2's, Quartet's, Forte ii's, Corwall 1's, Cornwall 2's, and CF-3's. Today it jumped a valence. I was afforded the opportunity to bring home a pair of 1992 LaScala's. At close to twice the price of the next dearest pair of Klipsch I've ever bought it was a calculated leap. I heard a pair of Belle's at the house of the gentleman I bought my first pair of Forte ii's from. He was listening to them when I arrived to audition the Forte ii's. He had both pairs for sale but I could not afford the Belle's and had heard great things (on here!) about the Forte ii's I had come to buy. When he switched to "my" Forte ii's it was as if the life got sucked out of the music. But I brought the Forte ii's home, switched out the (non-Klipsch) speakers I had and was blown away by the clarity. I also got up to turn the bass down only to find it was at defeat. My take on it was a basement was no place for Forte ii's. Still , I never doubted what I heard from the Belle's. That experience never left me. After years of trying to recreate it with various incarnations of NON HORN LOADED woofer designs time had run out. The closest I have come is from dual woofer cabinet's like the CF-3's. I had "heard/read" so many negatives about the Lascala's bass dropping off at 45 hz. But I also remembered my Heresy 2's sounding punchy with a higher cut-off. MANY on this forum have stated a preference for their LaScala's and after years of reading their comments HERE, I felt re-assured enough to take the leap. I now know firsthand, without a doubt, what all the hype is about! I now know why people sell their Cornwall's, as incredible as that may seem! This un-moddified pair of '92 LaScala's blows everything I have out of the room! Tractrix horns, titanium diaphragms, and the lower frequency response of the other's notwithstanding, these LaScala's are at least as revealing and punch HARDER, at all volumes. What little bass that is missing is not what drives the music that inspires me. I had accidentally switched my amp to bridge today when I re-wired it for these (no banana plugs!) so initially only one speaker was working and even at that the soundstage nearly filled my modest livingroom! I had to put my ear right up to the "dead" LaScala to confirm it! The presence is that big. My Cornscala's are now serving as "Atmos" speakers. LOL! Hearing IS believing!
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    Anyone up in Houston that wants out can come camp on the floor here in Corpus; all I can offer except for food and drink but it's free. Seriously, if you folk need a place to run come here.
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    Time to sell off the summer projects. These started out as beat up La Scala. Replaced some of the beat-up outer layer on the ply Dog house was re-glued for stiffness (PL90 used). Doghouse braces installed. Stock barrier strip removed and new binding posts added. Fasttrac Wood Tractrix horn installed with K55s. Eliptical tweeter installed with Eminence HF driver. Woofer replaced with new Eminence 15Cs. All rewired in silver plate hookup wire. ALK Cornscalawal CSW450 (2nd order on bass sec) installed. Rear of LS had 1/2" added and recess for top-hat cover with modern binding posts installed. La Scalas lacquered in deep walnut. Front of speaker and top-hat cover in back Lacquer. Buit 2 dollies custom for the LS, with rails that do not interfere with LS bass horn. These sound simply amazing. I have $1800 in parts and labor into them and looking to get that much out of them. I can ship via road freight without much issue, typically $300 to middle of the county and $500 to the east cost. Restored/upgraded La Scalas $1800 Justin 323--868-9722
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    Here's another direction, "Spread Your Wings " will be one to compare with on the new phono stage next week.
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    Yes, I'm 54, he's 66, he turns 67 in one month. What's funny is...Mike just turned 65 two weeks ago, Steve is 65 right now, Steve turns 66 tomorrow, Tom is 66, Tom will be 67 in 1 month. The rumor is my Mom stayed in the hospital for a couple years, and my Dad just visited.
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    One thing to do during a hurricane that I never heard before. If you have to evacuate and come back home you wonder if the food in your freezer is safe. If the power went out for a couple days and came back on, your freezer food could have thawed and refrozen and you'd never know it. Before you evacuate, freeze a cup of water. After it's frozen, place a penny on the top of the frozen water. If it's still there when you come back, your food is good. If it's now at the bottom of the frozen cup of water, throw the food out.
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    I miss Boxx. I wish this could draw him back. @Boxx Bill
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    Well you guys no I'm old school.....don't believe in all those fancy gadgets but today I broke down and got me one of those camera phones. Ain't she a beaut?
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    One summer evening I convinced a friend of mine to pile 3 couples into his 72 Cutlass Supreme to go to Milan Dragway. He, who had never been to a drag race in his life, decided to enter. Things didn't go well, as he cut a finger while removing the trim rings. Finding a band-aid proved to be tricky. The first aid facilities were sub-optimal, which was surprising, given that Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney and her AA/Fuel dragster were in a match race against another AA/Fueler.s As my friend, Fred, likes to tell it, he lost in the finals to a guy from Chicago. Which is true, as far as it goes. The two cars came to the line and staged. The announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Oldsmobile against Oldsmobile. A red one against a green one. Only the driver makes the difference." Nothing could have been further from the truth. The lights flashed down to green and the two cars exploded away, at least the red Cutlass left in a cloud of smoke from its slicks and hurtled away from the green Cutlass. As he eventually passed the grandstands, Fred waived to us as if he were going to the corner for a loaf of bread, The red Cutlass was trailered in from Chicago. It was a stripped down bench seat post car with slicks, headers and a roll cage. The green Cutlass Supreme was driven from East Lansing to MIlan. It had bucket seats, a vinyl top, A/C, whitewall street tires, and about every option you could imagine. "Red one against a green one. Only the driver makes the difference." Not true. "Lost in the finals" True, but there were only two cars entered in the class. The attached photos, although not the specific cars, illustrate the disparity. These car posts should probably be in @burninator's "Car Thread" to be seen by @Davis and other likeminded gear heads.
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    Been a whirlwind last few days, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Black Hills, Badlands and Devil's Tower. Devil's Tower was COOL! Off to Yellowstone today and points west.
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    Someone here brought up an online place to buy lps a couple weeks ago, Soundstage Direct. Well I was able to replace something I have not heard in a long time, heard it not even a bit wobbly, crosseyed or slurring any like back in the day. That's why I had to replace them, they didn't hold up to the abuse as good as I did (that is debatable). Just took a trip back to `73 & `77. Never-ever heard Skynyrd sound this good before though!!!!
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    Well... My Xilica XP-4080 is now programmed with brand new settings from the Jubilee creator at Klipsch himself- Roy Delgado! I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Roy for working on this for current and future Jubilee owners!!! And... another big thanks to Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for working with Roy to make this happen!!! Right now, without any added EQ my Jubilees sound natural right out of the box! I personally believe this is going to be a huge game changer for anyone previously scared to mess with Jubilees and an active crossover. Heres the back story... Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters ended up with a set of Roy's Jubilees after the Klipsch Pilgrimage... something about a friendly competive fishing bet (but only Cory and Roy know the real story). Afterwards Cory sent Roy a Xilica XP-4080 to work with. The Xilica is a more modern DSP than the previously popular Electro Voice DX38 that has been discontinued. Long story short- we now have settings from Roy for the Xilica. I've been listening for a few days and the results are fantastic right out of the box! I'm loving it! So what does this mean? Technically your Jubilees can be ordered with a pre-programmed Xilica DSP when you buy your Jubilees! Follow the simple instructions included for connecting your Preamp or Receiver to the Xilica, then to your amps (bi-amping is required) and then connect the speaker wires to your Jubilees. That's it and you're done! Pretty cool.
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    Another masterpiece by filmmaker Ken Burns.
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    When you play the Bob Marley tunes, please DO NOT let him dance in public places
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    I'm glad to see a person like you supporting them Cory...! Thanks, miketn
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    When you look at "high end" loudspeakers from other manufacturers, Jubs really aren't that big, and are much, much less obtrusive than those other monsters, since they fit into the corners of the room: Chris
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    They are actually readily available from me, and you can even come audition them, but the problem in the current form is that the product complexity, shipping logistics, aesthetics that aren't most people's idea of being living room friendly, and for dealers having to be somewhat immersed and personally use them in order to do the product justice in sales and support, kind of makes them a poor choice to just throw up on the website and let any customer buy them and any dealer sell them. That could be somewhat of a nightmare from what I've seen, that doesn't need to be reality right now. They are starting to push them more in the residential space though. Notice the brochure below which was just handed out at CEDIA.
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    Rainbow Lake, a little north of Saranac Lake. This shot is from the nature preserve at Paul Smith's College.
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    A request from my lovely wife Good to see her getting involved She may be weaving a web to lure me to the upcoming concert in December? We a listening together with a coffee in hand One of her faves For me this album is just brilliant from start to finish Artist - Cat Stevens Title - Tea For The Tillerman
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    I say, good morning there. Say that some nice music has come through lately. Excuse me...always! Cheers to the spinners! Just say no Billy Squier Capitol:
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    Friday night at home....
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    Nice Paul...............I was going to do ELP because of the King Crimson album you played.........then, the blues got started up on RTM moments ago, so I joined in with my LP copy of SRV's 'Soul to Soul'..... I was mentioning to the group that we did a tune off this album in the 'Arthur Holmes Blues Band' and I tried to 'emulate' Reese on Hammond the best I could, ended up being my favorite SRV tune in the setlist ! Wine all poured, seasonal pumpkins are in, I am all set for the evening !!
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    The only math a lawyer can do is 33 1/3 %
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    i miss the real me -- he’s been missing for a long time now.
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    Is there an un-friend function here? Spaghetti trivia. If you need to light your pilot light on your water heater due to an igniter being out and you don't have long matches, you can light the end of a piece of spaghetti (Yes, James, uncooked) and use it as a long match.
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    Rick here in the West Palm Beach area. Riding out the storm with my family and Havanese dog. Power still on.
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    My Klipsch Forte III Special Edition Matte Black
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    @Allan Songer I thought of Allan over the weekend while looking at a Studebaker truck at the Gilmore car museum in Hickory Corners, MI. @ShapeShifter Labor Day weekend means Jazz Fest in Detroit which reminds me of Shape Shifter. @picky Glenn and Verna are in my thoughts any time I'm near Allen Park, MI. This is much better than listing those who are best forgotten.
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    Aja is very good. I can't argue against anyone who advocates for it. For some reason, though, I can't just pull the trigger. I think about "Can't Buy a Thrill," "Katy Lied," and "The Royal Scam." All 3 of those were really great albums.
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    Morning gang.... and a happy Saturday/long weekend to all... Just swinging in and catching up on some posts. Not a whole lot going on today just some rain...the remnants Harvey will be blowing through for the next day or so. Man, the rain fall from that storm was unreal Will be going into the shop for a few hours today.... gonna be working on my Honda CRX. Got the block back from the machine shop last week. Just doing a stock build on this old gem. Good vibes too all..... later... MKP :-)
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    Hey Dave -- hope all is well up in Alaska. Do you have a DD-214 or any documents that show what unit(s) he was assigned to? If you do, the service that he was in can help you. Not sure about the 40s; but, i retired in 2003 and the DD-214 listed all the units that I was assigned to. Many award citations list the unit assigned to as well. If you’re striking out with any of those, i would ask the service that he was in for a list of the units he was assigned to, they may also be able to tell you the names of any campaigns or operations associated with his unit; or like you said, you would have some good information to start your internet research. Good Luck. My Uncle was at Normandy. I didn’t find this out until after he died. He would tell me war stories while i was growing up and i remember him talking about how the bullets were flying the minute the landing craft doors opened. It was later that i saw his canteen with NORMANDY etched into it. Can’t help but think of him every time i watch Saving Private Ryan and think, “Uncle Frank was there for real.” When i young, his stories were so cool, i hoped that there would be a war when i turned 18. At age 16, his stories took a turn and i remember thinking, “I hope i never have to go to war.”
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    Precisely. To some extent, an retirement place for those who'd been here in the old days when the entire Forum was Dodge City and there was no sheriff and it worked very well...especially after making it open to all after 5k posts. But like our country, law and order comes and there's no stopping it. KGI is about business, and I have said and will state again here that their tolerance for that area, which I believe PWK would have spent a great deal of time in, went way beyond that of any other company. I appreciate that. Thebes, more PWK remains with KGI than you think...but PWK himself isn't there and unless those who knew him really imprint those who didn't with his spirit and legacy that will gradually change and the magic will be gone. It is almost the rule with audio companies. I really hope it doesn't happen here. While I will be around here until they throw me out many of us have found a refuge on a desert Isle in a galaxy far, far away where there their is no law, the spirit of BS lives on. Dave
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    I think we're going to be good here.
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    @Jeff Matthews just know all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. I don't think anyone can understand the feelings unless they've experienced them firsthand. I'm thankful everyday that we evacuated for Katrina, but the news reports and first hand observations upon our return home the next day are enough to last me a lifetime. While watching the reports and reading posts like this my heart just breaks. It's difficult to keep my emotions in check.
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    This morning, I updated the forums to the latest version, which included some cosmetic changes, a few new little features, and a ton of security vulnerability fixes. I've done my best to tweak the themes a bit to cover for some of the changes that happened (some colors were changes and stuff like that). Is something looks odd to you, please let me know here. The forums may be a little sluggish at the moment while all posts are being re-indexed. The reindexing has been completed. Site performance should be normal.
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    Good afternoon my friends..... Just got back last evening from my annual trip to see my folks in NC. Instead of putting miles on Chris' Mariner, I decided this year, we would rent... MPK, I must tell you, we ended up with a '17 Santa Fe' pretty well loaded, seating for SEVEN !! AWD and a 290 HP. v6.... 6 speed auto/manual shift.. It was quiet, comfortable and had every bit of power my Escape has. But with a bit more room inside... We returned it this morning... The most amazing thing was the fact that it got GREAT fuel eco. ! Our trip home was 12.5 hours actual driving time. Took many photos of the fuel mileage we were getting. When it finally settled down about half way home (about 6 hours into the trip), you can see the average (and the trend gauge) for yourself.. It pretty much stayed this way right 'till we got home! Keep in mind, this thing can tow 5000lbs. !, so it must weigh in over the 3500lbs. of my Escape. I got some photos when the average ran up to 30.3 mpg. when we here headed down the long hills of the highway, but once we settled on the more equal grades, it went back to 29.... This at 73 mph. with AC and cruise pretty much in continuous use.. Here is a photo..
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    Up, family fine. Must take stock of situation, just checking in.