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    My living room last night. These sound super nice. Kick drums are snappy and full, I love it.
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    I briefly interrupt this coffee discussion to share this pic of our family DC/Marvel mashup last night. The boys loved being superheroes of course. Little bits was Superman. He’s one month today. Time scoots. On the coffee note - we had that white machine on the cart in the Tonys coffee corner (gray box). It worked well - we got it as a wedding gift and my wife was a barista for a while so that worked out pretty well for me!
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    Forte III in distressed oak with custom cabinet made to compliment..
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    I saw these yesterday morning and threw a hail mary. I took off bright and early on a 8 hour round trip.going as quick as possible. Seller was a real nice guy and didn't mind getting rid of them. He mentioned your inquiry after I loaded them in the van. These are definitely keeper. ...
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    It is not that I am not bound by what paul wrote in the dope from hope. It is that I am bound to paul principles. Back then active crossover are not today's crossovers. And paul was never one to deny advancements in tech. When I started working for paul he was 82 years old. And believe me he was not set in his ways when it came to audio. He was working on the effects of steep slope filters when I met paul. And paul HAD to give his blessing when I started playing with tractrix. I wanted that blessing. And he was convinced of the acoustical advantages of tractrix over exponential or any other curve of the day. That told me that paul certainly was looking to use advantages of what new tech was out there or what we could come up with.
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    All of you vets out there...have a good Veterans' Day! Me about to make a balloon jump in England December 1975:
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    It was great to have @jimjimbo visit my house today. It is always nice to visit with him. It was sad to see the HIP's go back home with him but a deal is a deal. Jim left a lil something behind, well not so little actually. I can not be more impressed with the Belles. The condition of them is incredible. They sound much better than I ever dreamed and blend seamlessly with my K-Horns. I even skipped a party Saturday night so I could stay home and give them a proper listen. It was a long wait, almost 3 weeks to be exact before we could arrange getting them down to my place, I didn't go crazy during that period as I was very busy and traveling some of it, but it was getting more difficult by the day. I was very anxious that cold Saturday morning when he arrived in his familiar vehicle, the same one he drove when we first met in a Walmart parking lot when I obtained the HIP's. I was so excited I forgot to take any pics while he was here. Thank you so much Jim, you have made a long search come to fruition.
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    First time to check in, almost sunset in Key West. A pic from the balcony, sorry it's with an iPad, no way to load any other better pic's. Was in Palm Beach for a bunch of days, Miami beach tomorrow, then back to PB then home.
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    Second album, the TD160 is being fed the best.. Mark
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    I just wanted to share with you people a little bit about my daughter. She's 16 and has been gigging around town for over a year. She does typical 3 hour gigs, usually solo but sometimes with a bass player and a percussionist. She plays acoustic guitar and of course sings. She's a regular at a few places and there are weekends that she's making $500-$600 bucks. It's crazy and yes I'm the roadie/sound man. In August they had a Charleston audition and she got a golden ticket, which did nothing but get her thru to another round. Then in September she had another one in New Orleans and made it thru again. Next week is the "real deal". The stuff you see on TV. Judges are Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie. If she gets past this one she goes out to Hollywood week. They really spent a lot of time with her in the first rounds, filming her a lot doing various things like playing her guitar and singing around the venue etc. They really seem to like her a lot. Usually I one to hope for the best and expect the worst but I really think she has a legit shot to at least get thru to Hollywood. I just wanted to share this and yeah I know American Idol is looked down on by many for quite a few different reasons but damn I'm proud of this kid. Wish her luck and I'll keep you posted, although I'm not sure how much I can actually say if she does make it thru since the show won't air until January. I will definitely say if she doesn't make it so....well you can do that math.
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    Finally finishing up rebuilding the bedroom. Furniture and stereo started going in this weekend.
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    Well some cables and cocktails Spending the empty house time rebuilding the home network. Ubiquiti gateway, 16 port switch, Cloud Key and access points. Learning is a good thing but I am slow. Terminating new cat6 cables to custom lengths is a PIA. Darn good thing the wifey is at her Mom's for month as this mess would not pass for more than a few minutes....might be days.
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    I purchased these new on 10/30/17 and they are are fantastic! My last three speakers these past 15 yrs have been PSB Stratus Minis, Vandersteen 3A Sigs, and Paradigm S8 v2’s. Though I loved each, I enjoyed none of them as much as I do my Cornwall III’s. I feel kinda stupid for not giving horns a chance before now. I pretty much accepted, without hearing for myself, the claims that horns sound shouty and harsh. This couldn’t be further from the truth as far as the Cornwalls go; there is nothing bright or forward about them. To summarize some pros, cons: Pros Transparency & dynamics: They have Incredibly lifelike sound at ANY volume from a whisper to a hair raising holler. And though they sound clean and undistorted at ear-bleed volumes, it’s how they sound at quiet levels that most surprises me. More than any speaker I've owned, I feel like I'm "right there" w/ the performance. Build quality. The fit and finish is beautiful; the wood veneer is flawless and the grill cloth has a super cool feel - like something from a Marshall guitar amplifier. At first I thought the grills weren’t removable but they are - they’re held in place with 6 small, but powerful, earth magnets. Efficiency: I guess this is pretty well known. Anyway, I first powered the Cornwalls with a 50w Arcam integrated amp that I borrowed while my McIntosh MA6600 (200w/ch) was being repaired. At 50% volume the modest Arcam drove the speakers to shockingly loud levels without a hint of strain or distortion. The sound was perfectly smooth, clear, and effortless. To play this loud I assumed the little Arcam must have been pumping out nearly all of it’s 50 watts. Yet, to my surprise when I got my Mac MA6600 back - which features wattage meters - I found this wall-shaking volume was barely 10 watts!! Again, this is CRAZY loud - like loud enough to attract police and cause hearing damage. So you don’t need an exotic, pricey amp to drive these - any high quality NAD, Rotel or other quality moderately-powered amp will suffice. By the way, my usual listening volume, which most people would argue is still too loud, is barely 2 watts! Bass: Very tight and effortless bass. I thought the big 15” woofer would sound muddy compared to the (3) 6” woofers of the Paradigm’s, but not so. ..The bass is well-defined and deep at ANY volume. Cons: Size: There’s no getting around the fact that they are massive, hard to move around, and very boxy looking. Obviously, you’ll need a big room and a spouse/partner who is willing to put music ahead of aesthetics. Personally, I very much dig their retro look. Among family & friends it seems the millennials dig their bad-*** size and throw-back appearance, while the older crowd preferred the sleek, furniture-like appearance of the S8’s. Imaging: While the Cornwalls do a solid job of placing the instruments within the stereo soundstage, I would not say this is a relative strength. Maybe it’s the way the horns disperse sound, or maybe it’s just that I haven’t spent enough time experimenting with placement. Whatever the reason, I have had speakers that do this better. Personally, I feel imaging is a bit over-rated anyway. Yes, it’s cool hearing instruments floating in air, but it doesn’t really correlate with how much I “feel” and dig the music. I’ve heard speakers that image beautifully that I otherwise did not enjoy. Cabinet bracing (is this really a Con?): The first thing I do when I checking out speakers is knock on the cabinet to gauge how hollow the speaker sounds. I always thought this helps predict whether the cabinet will resonate while playing music. Well, the Cornwall III’s indeed sound a bit hollow when you rap on them, but they don’t resonate at ANY volume. No matter what kind of music or test tones I played, I could not detect any blurring or buzzing from the cabinets. So I guess this isn’t a con at all. Perhaps Klipsch feels these that since these already weigh 100lb ea. why needlessly increase their weight. Again, after years of owning many great loudspeakers, I have never enjoyed a pair as much as these. If you have the room for them, you will love them!
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    My daughter was working on her HT system and enlisted a helper. She said that the sound quality improved greatly with his intervention! Maynard
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    A close friend has let me borrow me his only Yes album and one that I need to round off my Yes collection He sent it up with my 82 yo mother that is visiting me from Newcastle NSW AU, and going back with her in a week ( I have a copy on its way from the USA 🤐 ) And it’s a brilliant album that up until now have only listened to it on digital media Without further comment I present 🔥🎹 Artist - Yes Title - Fragile
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    Sometimes I just can't sleep.....even with meds. Nice pic.....I'd rather have the Strat
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    Just had to share this build. I started it at the beginning of the year with the horn build and ended up with a sealed dual 15 low end. I threw out the smaller dual 12 ported cab I started because I knew where my heart was. This set up is a complete hodge podge set up of parts I had but it does sound damn good to my ears just a little lacking at the very high end 14k on up its like 6db down next post graph will show. Eminence 4015lf definmax K55m mated to a 2in horn yuchi a290 no fins never got that far. Crites tweeter apt50 Alk es500 and es4500 All processed through dbx venu360 into evq66 amp. Full right side weighs in at 306lbs the cab alone is approx 200. The cab is a solid dual layer 13ply baltic birch. Inside is also 1.5in egg crate foam lined and 2.5in on the back panel. The cab is covered in formic a 9012-nt ebony naturelle.
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    Gave them a week to fully dry and did some more touchups on the finish during that time along with working on the grills to try and get them looking close to new. Used the Howard Feed N Wax on them and like the results. Since the staining was done recently they already had a good amount of "pop" so the change with the wax was subtle but I like it. Evens the finish out and makes it look .... rich ... for lack of a better word. As good as (I think) they look in the pictures they do look better in person. Overall very happy with the results and done f'n with them for a while.
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    Picked up this beast today....MUCH heavier than it looks. Haven't hooked it up yet.....
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    Happy Monday all! Our first snow melted away, but we had a visitor in our backyard yesterday - my boys (5 & 3) were pretty excited. He’s a good lookin fella - should lose his rack soon. Thought I’d share with the CC&C crew!
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    Good Saturday to all... What a great weekend this is gonna be... weather wise... Got a few friends coming over this evening for a back yard fire. But not just any fire..... a Disk Fire!! That's right a Disk Fire... what is a disk fire you say???? I am proclaiming my self inventor of this "Disk Fire". It came too me a few weeks back when I built the 1st one. I got a small Oak tree taken down that was next to the house. The tree was dead big time... The tree guys left the wood for me. It had a maybe a 10" dia. at the base. So again not real big. So it just came to me... what if I cut the the logs into disks about two inches thick or so..... stack the disks into a circle for the base and just work my way up... making it smaller as I go up... like a cone shape. The inside of this cone is hollow so I filled up the inside with all the sawdust from the disks I cut up. I put some other wood inside also. Once complete I soaked the top with lighter fluid and set it on fire. It took alittle while for it to get going.... but once it did it burned great... as it burns the disks just fall into the center and burn. My friends that came over that night were quite impressed with this Disk Fire. I'll put some pics up later of the Disk Fire.... gotta get out and start cutting some disks.... the tree that i had taken down is gone. So last week I took the old Ford down the road next to the shop into the woods and cut down a few old dead trees. Later... MKP :-)
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    For fans of Led Zeppelin, like me, check out this new band from Michigan. Close your eyes, and you hear Robert Plant. The band is called Greta Van Fleet, and they are really good! Check it out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New pic of the living room analog system. Well, the left hand part anyhow. Mark
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    Thorens and Decware Rachel SET amp. Sounding ridiculous through La Scalas. Mark
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    Executive Directors quarters at the Regional Music Heritage Center. Decent chance it will be ready by Christmas. Looking forward to it! Big year 2018 with Otis Williams, Texarkana native, receiving the RMHC Lifetime Achievement Award and performing with the Temptations in the main event 31 March of the 2nd Scott Joplin International Music Celebration. Plan for it...it's going to be a great weekend. Friday night "Gala Preview" has proven popular, and with Otis Williams there this year likely even more so since it's "up close and personal." Will have great jazz, plus the debut of the "Texarkana Ragtime Orchestra" developed as per leading Scott Joplin musicologist Rick Benjamin's specification of what Joplin would have orchestrated for his music. If you've looked at the Texarkana Jazz Orchestra videos on the Regional Music Heritage Center YouTube channel. you know they will be good as it is being formed from that group. Dave
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    1st Place is: Lynyrd Skynyrd "One More From The Road" 2nd Place: Blue Riddim band "Live in Jamaica"
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    Roy Clark really was incredible.
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    since when did this turn into such a hoity-toity place? Back in my days on the ship, they gave us coffee that we needed to use a fork & knife ... and we were grateful.
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    Great pic, did the kids get a bunch of candy? Love the stone!
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    I'm still having to mow the yard.
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    My son found this on the lawn this morning amongst candy wrappers. Now where did I put my evidence bags?
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    I have not had a trick or treater in 30 years. Helped LF tonight and had plenty.
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    This is the real thing we had on the jeep for a few years, we got it on a dare, Kevin had one on his truck for Louisiana and dared us to get one for Mississippi, after a few year we didn't renew it so we could hang it in the bar.
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    One more for good measure! The moose likes Italian roast coffee I believe...
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    Hello everyone, from Iowa. I have been reading through much of the current postings and this seems like a good group of people. I will receive my Klipsch speakers on Tuesday, and at this time, can not really give much info on them. It was a deal that one can not walk away from. No matter what model or year. I know that Klipsch speakers are the better choice especially for tube amps, and that is the issue I was facing in the near future, of what speaker to build/buy. Then a neighbor mentions he wants to sell/get rid of some old speakers, so I had to look. 12" woofer, Large mid horn (Squawker) I guess that's what its called, and smaller tweeter horn, cabinets slanted to the floor, wedge base, and barrier strip terminals on the back. The front covers are removable, but that was all the time we had to get a good look at these. I figured I couldn't go wrong so on that one short observation told him Ill take em. From what I have seen on the internet they look like Heresy or Heresy I. So, paid for, take delivery Tuesday and Ill be the new owner of a pair of Klipsch. Sadly the amp wont be finished much before March if all goes well. But till then Ill find a way to drive them. Also I am sure that they are going to need to be recapped, so will want to hear what everyone thinks on Capacitor brands. So that is my hello here. Tim
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    Guitar pickin' , bass and vocals only Ronnie could do are coming out of the new AT33PTG/II nicely. Skynyrd: Pronounced 1973 "They're gonna ruin the air we breathe Lord have Mercy They're gonna ruin us all, by and by I'm telling you all beware I don't think they really care I think they just sit up there And just get high"
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    It was the shrooms. Have you ever heard more juvenile lyrics from a rock band? Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend.....gag.
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    Not really except for the dead ones. True, and not really, when you get old a picture is accurate, what your brain remembers is sometimes questionable. Michael Jackson ? Up to 18,100 pics so far.
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    I got to meet Priscilla Presley once... around 1978. Alone with her and another woman for about 20 minutes.
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    Looks like a little angel! Know family are proud of her...
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    Yes man, PCB clear water with sandy bottom. Mexico Beach grassy bottom and dark mostly. We have gone there off season for just the view and Nan picks up some shells, walking, eating seafood and just puttering around the area. The Cape mentioned is off shore not far away. Usually in the past would go around Thanksgiving and stay for the weekend or so. Nice wave sound action, nice for some sleep. Need to go back soon. Meanwhile her brother is at Shands in Gainesville where I just got back from leaving her there for a couple of days. Motels around about there booked by FHP to the max. Guess they and guard on hand in case of major trouble with the events taking place similar to Charlottesville. Shands hospital and others in area providing decent care and cutting edge technology for the seriously ill, as has been they case for many years.Tired but unwinding here. Cheers and for sure, St. George!
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    This has been discussed many times. Search high resolution or hi-res. Opinions vary, but IMO, the original recording and mastering are more important than the resolution. The most high resolution file of a bad recording of a bad performance will not improve the experience. Higher resolutions are worth the expense and file space if the original recording is worthy. Whatever you think of Michael Jackson as an artist or person, Thriller is an excellent recording. Everyone who has heard Billie Jean through my Pono player can easily distinguish between a high resolution Pono version and the mp3 version downloaded from Amazon. The dynamics and detail leap from the high resolution recording. The mp3 sounds ok until compared to the Pono version. When I buy used records of old performances that are not available on formats other than old vinyl, I clean them with a Reg Williamson Cyastat laced PVA facial, and then rip them to a hi-res FLAC file. Storage is cheap. While hi-res doesn't improve an older vinyl recording, it preserves it in the best way possible. Eventually, pondering whether to worship vinyl or hi-res digital will be as relevant as debating whether to get crank or power windows in your next car.