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    Oh boy! I think we may be busy for awhile.
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    Did not get it today but this is why I was relentless in trying to sell my Cambridge Audio 751BD player. Bill
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    I think I see my wife putting all my stuff on the front lawn...
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    A nice pair of 1978 la scala's with Crites crossovers and updated tweeters. While they are not the Forte I's I was looking for, I think I'll be able to soldier on.
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    If Klipsch had made a three way RF-7 with a limited edition Peruvian walnut veneer, they might have looked something like these. I had previously done a few upgrade to my KLF-20's, the titanium tweeter and upgraded crossover from Bob Crites. They really helped improve the sound. The one thing I still missed was the copper drivers my previous RF-5's had. So I found a set of 4 RF-7ii drivers and started a project. My cabinets weren't bad or failing like some of klf speakers can have, but decided to rebuild them anyways. I kept the width and depth the same and increased the height closer to the rf-7ii. I left the ports on the rear the same, this dropped the factory tuning frequency by only 3 hertz or so due to the increased volume inside the cabinet. I've seen some people change the tuning closer to 30 hz but since the speakers are usually crossed over at 70-80hz it was easier to just reuse the stock klf-20 ports. The cabinets are made from a combination of Baltic birch plywood and Peruvian walnut. The walnut and plywood were bonded before being cut into the panels for the new cabinets since the walnut is not a thin veneer. No dyes or stains were used on the walnut, just a tung oil based finish. In the first photo I was testing the fitment to see if i could use the dimension from the stock cabinets. The drivers were fortunately the same size which made things a little easier. The only different really was where the screw holes are.
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    Wow, just wow. I received a PayPal notification on the Klipsch Pilgrimage account that someone had paid $250. I was thinking...I don't know anyone that has tentatively said they are bringing five guests. I log into PayPal and see the $250 payment with a note that says..."I can't attend but I want to contribute." I was shocked. I've seen a lot of this member's posts...but I was completely caught off guard with this contribution. Everyone says I'm a "softie"... I am. I'll admit it...I cried. Thank you just doesn't seem to be adequate. I'm going to make sure his contribution goes to someone that wants to attend and can attend, but simply can not afford it. Several of you have done the same thing...thank you. I just don't have the words to adequately express my gratitude.
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    One more day of this and then the weekend!
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    Mornin Gents "Pissing off the Neighbors", Check Three Cups of Coffee, Check Truck loaded for Farm, Check Cash for Wife/Indians, Check Donuts!, must get Donuts, do not wish to upset the Farmers
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    This may just be me but, to often, I hear things like this speaker is better than that speaker or, this speaker kills that one. This type of info tells you nothing, did I say nothing. Newbies are always asking for speaker selection help. They will get the, this will kill that? What should we be telling them? First, a speaker is a transducer that converts an electrical signal to an acoustic one. This is no different than the job done by the CD player, BDP, amp or turn table. That is not the whole story, how do we judge a speaker. You need several pieces of info, room size, application and will it meet it's objective of accuracy and clarity. Room size is a big factor. To many blanket answers of buy the biggest you can get or afford. If the speaker is to big for the room, namely the bass production of the speaker, it will create modal issues. These problems can be difficult to overcome in a small 2 ch room or HT. If the speaker is to small, poor bass attack and the thing sounds like it does not have enough gas. How much low frequency energy can the room handle? Getting a speaker to large for the space will take a lot of EQ and room treatments that would not have been necessary. No reason to make problems that can be avoided. A speaker to tall will cause more reflections off the ceiling. This will cause delay issues. This also causes SBIE, speaker boundary interference effects. This show up as comb filtering and create a phantom image. Sometime you will hear a sound where it should not be or blurring of the image. For those with low ceilings, speaker height should not be greater than 50% of room height. Now, how to evaluate the speaker in the room. Look for accuracy and clarity. Judge how the speaker presentation is, things sound balance from top to bottom, wide sound stage, tonal balance, strong bass, clear vocals and a sparkling treble region should be heard. Do cymbals and triangles have air, slowly decay are signs of good treble. How is the off axis performance? Without some of this type of info, it is hard to say will one speaker be better in a given room.
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    just agreed to a quote from a moving company to take my stuff up north. Cheaper than those PODS, cheaper than renting a U-Haul and driving myself. Let me say that i saved A WHOLE LOT of money. I don’t have much stuff and they have room on a truck already going up there. win-win scenario.
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    I posted a picture of my home cinema earlier. Finally took care of some unfinished business the last couple of weeks and added acoustic panels to the room and carpeted the elevated second row of seating. The room itself is now finished. Only intend to upgrade my projector. Loving the current sound of the setup. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Good Friday evening gents No Rain for the next week predicted, so i washed the Dodge for the first time this year. Hit it with small pressure washer once a month, that farm dirt gets thick. Wife is mellow and veggin, pain pill and Netflix. Im spending my Friday night on the Bay/Amazon, parts sourcing.
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    I like mine, we all get along great, at about 600' to the closest.
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    Cleaned up the legos, here they are. I've always loved Cherry, in the evening light the wood is very deep red and during the day it appears lighten up in color. Klipsch does a very good job with the veneer and is very picky to the grain matching.
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    that's almost all of Pa. except the big cities...
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    Here you go Carl, you can live vicariously through the photos....and a shot for you fellow drummers.....
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    Morning Gents. Raining here and suppose to get 3-6" by Tuesday. Watching This Old House with my second cup. Cheese grits with 2 over medium eggs finished.
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    that’s okay--some people never like me.
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    An audiophile is someone who hears a girl singing in the bathroom and instead of putting his eyes to the keyhole, complains about the acoustics and soundstage of the bathroom. LOL. Cool. Srinath.
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    "Thank God I'm not an audiophile. Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something." I'm a registered stereo molester...
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    and Nope Nothing pending, maybe another cup. Wife hangin in there, dam sure better than i would be.
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    After the Bantam Gold arrived I moved my gear to the other side of the room to better suit the Heresy llls. Here's a couple of pics showing the Bantam Gold in situ compared with a CD:
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    i hate you a little bit for making me look at the image in the toaster. I thought we were friends...a little warning would be welcomed. oh yeah, if that was the Duder’s reflection, somebody needs to do an intervention ... and quick.
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    First cup of coffee down. Now off to take the grandson to school. Then later this morning I continue the job of putting up wainscot on the living room ceiling, at my friend's mom's house. This not having a job sure is tiring. By the way, I will be in Hope on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
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    i hope you all are proud of me.
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    I had a toe nail pulled at a podiatrist not too long ago (pictures available on request LOL!). They checked my insurance and told me how much I would owe prior to the procedure as I haven't met my deductible this year. They actually took my card as I was in the chair waiting on the procedure. That was maybe 5 or 6 weeks ago? I got an additional bill for more money this week. That didn't set well. as I've already paid them what they asked and they checked my insurance before they touched me. My wife works in medical records and is very familiar with insurance billing, much more so than I am. One call from her and it was written off.
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    so you have time to detail my car then?
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    Afternoon gang Nap was good, Carnitas on day two of slow cook. Shopping the Bay, Chinese are getting testy at their pricing lately. We may be affecting their economy in some way. Sun is out now for the first time in a week. Nap sounds good.
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    Good Monday afternoon Quick Farm run during a break in the rain.
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    HDMI is going to handle HD audio formats, such as DTS-MA, Dolby True HD, and the like. It will also support the Atmos and DTS:X formats. Optical will only handle up to DTS:ES and Dolby EX. You won't get HD audio formats out of TOSLINK. Based on your purchase of the 3060, half of the features would be unavailable if you use TOSLINK. Stick with HDMI.
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    I got ya'll beat...least for today. I got my first baby niece. And I couldn't be more excited. Audio gear pales in comparison to this excitement.
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    read my posts again...they’re worth a million at least. well done to the person who donated.
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    For that, you get a "Like' Normal here is you dont get them if you dont give them, fair. I do believe his "Toe" should become a member, it seems quite popular.
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    last one I'm done for the evening Quote Edit
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    Here's my grandpa only the back right. Check out that awesome outfit. So stylish! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is a site I had bookmarked, it has many old pictures from NO. http://www.thepastwhispers.com/Old_New_Orleans.html The old french market, 1911.
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    Spent the day at junior high district track and field. Our school kicked them folks AZZ. 7th and 8th grade boys and girls = 3 district titles and 1 second place. 3 outta 4 ain't bad according to Meat Loaf. My little 7th grader does pole vault (at 8' 7" her pony tail took the bar down on last attempt...hair cut time), 1600 meter and mile relay (as anchor handed baton in fifth and brought in a third sealing the deal).. BIG CONGRATS Erika!
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    Happy Friday to the working folk! Glad I'm not a commuter in Atlanta today... or for the next three months or so after that I-85 bridge collapse! A new coffee shop opened up below my office, they deliver to me and my clients, I just have to keep the tab paid up - it's a great arrangement! If you need me, I'll be at work! I PROMISE I can quit whenever I want to~
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    ok guys ... i’m home for good. Now time to start to my SEVEN-DAY weekends. It was a bit weird...a couple of people cried when i left...including the 6’5” biker! He teared up and told me to be careful and to keep in touch. Going out to this Mom & Pops Chinese joint for the evening meal (although i haven’t seen Pops the last several times that i’ve been there and fear he may have passed away. I’ve been known to say things from time to time that are awkward; but, haven’t asked the son where his Dad is).
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    ^^ it's all over the place. My 12 y.o. daughter got blindsided with a punch to the forehead after school, on the grounds, about the time the angry Korean wife pulled up and took off after the 8th grader female. My daughter tackled the wife yelling "stop, I'll be kicked out of athletics for retaliation". Meeting with the principal and school security today was all about if my daughter had swung back. If she had raised her fist in self defense she too would be suspended. Wonder why there are bullies? Attacker gets two days of in school suspension and daughter has option to press charges. Today after school one of the 8th grader girls that is in choir with my daughter challenged yesterday's attacker for picking on a 7th grader and it became a cat fight until a male teacher dove in between them. The wife and I are at odds over this tonight. I told my kids that if they are physically attacked to stand their ground and defend themselves. Wife, after talking to police and principal, says never to hit back. Me to principal: if you are saying that my children cannot defend themselves from attack then the school is responsible totally for their safety and injuries. If you are unable to prevent attacks, I will sue you. If she is attacked and fights back and then you suspend her I will sue you for false promise to protect. Ms Principal didn't think that a low life, ordinary citizen could challenge her. Cop was all good. Might need a lawyer soon. Video of the choir group shows that yesterday was an unprovoked attack. BTW, Eri was not really hurt.
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    Saw this sign in TN and thought of you guys that hang out in here!
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