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    WOW! I am truly humbled by you all! Your prayers have been heard and answered, In the nut shell, I am being released today! No more fever or other symptoms and breathing mostly back to normal. Still need two weeks of quarantine. Funny thing is my test came back negative. Yet, every doctor says I have it. I think the POTUS elixir made the difference. More to follow,,,,,nurse is here.
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    Once again all, thank you for the camaraderie, the prayers and the great well wishes. It made a difference and it brightened my day! First round at the SWAG is on ME! You are all a class act. I don't know of anywhere else where a group of mostly strangers, tethered together by the love of music and gear, can be so thoughtful. True Americana in my book. I am so glad to be back home with my wife. Much more comfortable here than in the hospital. Safer too. In the next day too, I'm spending the whole damn day in the media room listening to music. It has been since the 19th and haven't hear the AMT's sing! I'm stoked! I'm grateful for each and every one of your friendship!
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    Dad's virus came back negative. Out of critical care unit and feeling better, hopefully the doc comes in tomorrow with the all clear to head back home. Dodged a bullet but it came close.
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    Miss talking to you.
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    Finished tonight except for screwing down back board - waiting for black screws to come in Wednesday. Bass is much better than Heresy 1 even in my garage. Need to get them in the house to hook up on the floor near a wall. Sound really good. Thanks for your help Claude.
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    I checked in with Rudy this morning and shared this thread with him. No idea if/when he'll have the energy to check in, but it sounds like he's actually doing ok still. No respirator to this point.
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    To my fellow klipsch brother and sisters in the U.S, Here in New Zealand we are now on a 4 week lockdown to try and battle the covid19 virus that's sweeping the entire planet, from reading the news, I can see that you guys in the U.S are starting to see the huge impact of the virus and I just wanted to say that our thoughts and prayers are with the members and their family's who are struggling with the impact of this situation Please be kind to each other and please be safe and take all the precautions you must to stay well, Deano
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    Amazing how this thread is an accurate slice of our society. GTFO your political views and meaningless opinions and try to focus on how you as a human, can help others in need. I'm strongly conservative and disagree with many of you on political views, but I'm not putting that out here as it benefits nobody. Please, pull up your panties, set your political views aside, and just be a good person. Ask yourself, what can I do to help someone affected by the situation, instead of trying to state that you, or your party, would have done something better.
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    I love this place. He buys thrift shop speakers and IMMEDIATELY gets advice on modding. LOL.
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    Are you absolutely clueless as to why you get put in time out or can you just not help yourself?
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    Repurposed a home office (14'X14') at lady friends place. Removed carpet and installed hardwood floors. Replace the equipment cabinet with a sleeker model. Bought 2 Zero Gravity chairs and two floor lamps. Purchased some new gear too. Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube that removes surface noise without removing content. Bought a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP that you may have already seen. Using the Spatial M3 Turbo S speakers. The equipment cabinet was ordered with a heavy duty slide out turn table shelf ( which was the devil to install). A rug and narrow table to go betweeen the chairs is on order.
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    Two very rough looking horns.... done! Now I can see what all the fuss is about!
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    Finally got around to getting a frame for it. Limited edition numbered print that Klipsch sent me last year. Now to figure out where to hang it.
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    Cornwall has companion to share the corner with. From Prathermade, my new Bedford LP storage unit. It’s handmade and took about 8wks from order to arrival. Holds about 200 records. $800. Note that the copper rails perfectly match the Klipsch insignia on the speaker. Other than being a happy customer I have no association with the company. Just wanted to give them a shout out. https://www.prathermade.com/shop
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    I find your post sincere and goofy at the same time. Nice. Your adamant response to there not being much difference in ported or not intrigued me. So I really was curious as to whether you had measured said difference or at the very least listened to the difference. Not all will behave the same way for not all follow the same recipe. Yes there have been books about this for years. And if every manufacturer followed those “recipes” then they would all the sound the same. But it’s the difference in the recipes, like a pinch there, and a pinch here, that make them different. And why I think Paul Klipsch was very successful. I like to to remain anonymous although some of my fellow boneheads rat me out. I do that to find out just how persistent someone will be in their position. No need to bully as the so called experts in the past and present have tended to be and then soften up. As you said lighten up bro. No negativity. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I like it. I dont assume you are correct in your assumption. And that is due to the fact that I would have to ignore the data gathered over the years to agree with you. You talk about that there are more serious topics to be discussed as current events dictate. And I agree. So why were you so sure that the the differences in the 3 vs 4 were so hyped up that you chose to be so negative? As I stated in another thread.....I stand by my data. And I hope that the heresy iv is exactly where Paul wants it to be......
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    Other than just the gallery, I don't see a dedicated area for members systems and such, as well as no area for new members meet & greet or anything like that, so here's this instead... I just wanted to make a quick post of my system and just lightly touch on my history with Klipsch. I was 4 years old when I was first exposed to Klipsch, in a pair of Cornwall's back in 1979. Not that I actually remember that, but still. I grew up with those speakers in my father's system. Move ahead 20 years and I was able to have said Cornwall's in my own system for around 7 years. In that amount of time, I replaced all of the original motor-run caps with new ones from Bob Crites. Shortly after that and hearing the stock tweeters come back to life, but still a little too rolled off for my liking at the time, I contacted Bob again and purchased a pair of his drop-in tweeters. I also modded the stock crossovers slightly to make the midrange into a true bandpass filter instead of the squawker blasting all the way out to its limits, creating that honk and shrill all of the older Klipsch were known for (unfortunately). Spending very little money for those upgrades and mods really transformed those old Cornwall's. The other unfortunate thing is, he wanted them back so he could sell them, so I removed the Crites tweeters, put the stockers back in and left the crossovers modded, and he sold them a couple weeks later. Really sucks because I really liked those speakers, but didn't make the big bucks back then to buy them off of him. Oh well. Move ahead another 14 years or so and I now have a pair of Klipsch that I can call my very own, a pair of mint Heresy III's, purchased second hand from a gentleman up in Georgia a few months back. He bought them new and barely used them for the year that he owned them. Anyway, here's a list of the gear and a pic just taken moments ago... With a kitty! Preamp | Amplifiers: Schiit Freya + | Schiit Mani | Schiit Aegir x 2 Analog Sources: Music Hall MMF-7.3 w/ Ortofon 2M Bronze DAC | Digital Sources: Schiit Bifrost 2 Multibit | Bluesound Node 2 | Roku Ultra Speakers: Klipsch Heresy III | Polk Audio PSW505 x 2 Power Conditioning: Blue Circle Audio | APC Cables: Audioquest | Wireworld | Pangea Audio | Mojo Audio
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    Steve is this true???
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    Took a trip to the Grand Canyon this weekend with my wife and my son and his family. My first winter visit and the first visit ever for my daughter in law and the grandkids. Still very impressive. Sculpture in the visitor center. Either a squirrel doing a handstand, or a native with Dietary issues. Vishnu's Temple, in the mist. High angle view of the Bright Angel Trail, including Indian Garden and Plateau Point. Close set up of the same. About a twelve mile round trip on the hoof, five of it uphill. Did the hike in September (three yrs ago) Bring lots of water and protein. ) View with a rainbow Cabin in we stayed in at Fort Tutthill, just outside Flagstaff.
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    My wife just asked me if she was the only one. I told her yes, most of the others were nines and tens.
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    Take a bong hit
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    Many may have seen that our Forum Friend and Brother @Rudy81 apparently has Covid-19 and has been moved to a hospital. A forum member @Chris A suggested (see below) that some audio posts and well wishes might do Rudy some good so I have featured and pinned this thread to make it easy to see. Great idea Chris. "Instead of harping on with morbid COVID-19 stories, let's keep Rudy entertained with good audio stuff on the forum--don't you think? I think he'll respond better to that. I know I would. It can help to lift the spirits. Prayers to Rudy and his family for a speedy recovery." Chris
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    Guys, I picked up this pair of Traynor Trijectors (circa '85) with folded horn woofer at the thrift store for a whopping $20.00. The are made from 3/4" birch plywood and sound amazing. I think it was a pretty good score. 😄 What do you think?
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    My first clue that something wasn't right was a fever. Mind you, I was constantly keenly aware of my body since I knew I was a perfect candidate for the virus. I was tested on the first day I got a fever. Test results took until the 31st, and initially reported incorrectly. I spent 9 days, self quarantened, trying fight the fever, body aches and other symptoms at home. On day 10 my doc sent me to the hospital due to decreasing O2 levels in my system. I did not start the turn around until the hospital put me on the chorloquine, Zpack, Zinck cocktail. About the 3rd day of that is when I started feeling better. I'm still on the mend, but feel somewhat normal compared to the symptoms I've had. The cocktail broke the fever almost immediately. I had a fever since day one. Sometimes as high as 106. In my book, it was the POTUS cocktail that helped.
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    Just hangin and spinnin! It's all good. Well maybe! Good to see ya again Mossy!
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    Just a comment re. the health care workers ... Wife has a recurring debilitating tooth/nerve problem. Dentist has done a bunch of work, but it comes back once in a blue moon. It is terrible pain, she can't function/sleep etc. Of course, it came back a few days ago. We went to emergency at best hospital here. She didn't think they'd even talk to her, I said they'd be more than accommodating to help. Wife went in, I stayed in car. Sure enough, emerge wasn't overflowing and they were very organized. Doctor and all staff could not have been more empathetic, helpful and kind. She was out in record time. Spoke to her GP and Dentist, as well as corporate medical officer (she's senior enough that they care). All in all, the health care workers are busting their butts, in front line and doing it with amazing care. Thanks to all, stay safe.
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    Day 8 of my exile...So this is fitting. Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. A new re-issue. My trusty original album had to finally be retired. A victim of being a great lp any my days as a heavy partier.
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    Happy I have friends like dirtmudd, and micromara and others. You know (of course you don't) this place and another saved me back in 2004 when my mother died. Not that I ever announced it, but just from the camaraderie.
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    Well, I don't really know .... I live in Europe with about 350 million people. Europe is very densely populated and therefore the risk of infection is very high. Nevertheless, we live with the restrictions set by the European government and we are very considerate of each other. People are all aware of the problem and act accordingly with caution. Hospitals and health care systems are prepared, as well as the whole of society, to be even more restrictive. Of course, everyone hopes, just as you do, that there will be good vaccines and few deaths as soon as possible. We are simply trying to live a very 'normal' life. Hope is given to the number of those who were infected and can now go home because they are healthy. So please don't worry too much. You can do it ...
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    Woke up to a cow parade, it's much longer, this is the front. Ipad pic, not good
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    Dear Klipsch fans: Thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm in celebrating all things Klipsch at the annual Pilgrimage. It is with regret that we have decided to cancel this year’s event scheduled on March 20-21 due to widespread health concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and its unprecedented impact and unknown duration in the United States. We are committed to doing our part to help protect our staff, attendees and the residents of Hope, AR. Information regarding refunding fees will be forthcoming. In the meantime, we will continue to work hard to make the 75th anniversary of Klipsch in 2021 the best Pilgrimage of all time and look forward to seeing you all next year. Be safe and rock on! Klipsch and KHMA
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    The Klipsch speakers you are listening to at the time?
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    I can certainly identify (I'm 61), but for me it's this notion that there's just not enough life left to put up with BS any more.
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    Supplies were getting low on the front lines. Morale was low, panic was setting in. Today is a good day, reinforcements arrived. The troops are happy and I believe I can see a shine on their face.
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    Yes I know ...Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel ...you all know, but the solo album of Paul Simon " The Rythm of the Saints " from 1990, WB Records Label, is certainly the most experimental one Paul has ever produced. It is truly extraordinary when Paul's delicate angel voice is combined with African rhythms. Musically, lyrics, compositions and acoustically a real highlight.
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    But i do enjoy cool vandalism when I see it. I love this
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    Nothing beats those stuck at home covid-19 blues, than a little Mud... Muddy Waters - The King Bee.
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    I'm a tall guy and it's eye level. What can I say?
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    Red vinyl. It's like you are there.
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    That is an awesome tune.
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    will say a prayer for you all.
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    Kind of what I was thinking. Just self quaretining myself for a week, or something like that. The lake is black at night, all you can hear is frogs , waves and a fish jump every once and a while.
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    Good to GO!
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    Opened up one of the new records today A favourite artist but hardly any LPs in my collection - yes this needs to be corrected as time moves on 😎 A mini review of the 2016 remastered album after listening a couple of times https://www.discogs.com/David-Bowie-Hunky-Dory/release/8162088 First noticed that the album had a very black and quiet background They did a good job on the remastering possibly a touch more dynamic and mid and high Htz dominant from what I remembered This is not a criticism as no voices or instruments get lost in the crescendos because they seem to hold their place Artist - David Bowie Title - Hunky Dory
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    I always ask her... Who is uglier than me.. she replied NO-ONE
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    Verna, Bill and I were heartbroken when we had to cancel our plans to come this year a few weeks ago. I was shocked this morning when I read a text from my son, saying that the pilgrimage is canceled. I think it's for the best, to err on the side of caution. Many world-class acts have already canceled their tours for the year or postponed concerts until the fall. I feel Klipsch's decision is prudent. We can't wait until next year! Plus, Verna should be feeling better by then. Note: I teased Verna this morning after I found out about the cancellation: I told her that because SHE wasn't going to be there this year, that everyone else bailed, too! LOL Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
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    FOCAL MAESTRO UTOPIA EVO Bricasti Design M1 SE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shrimp sauteed with butter, olive oil, and old bay poured over angel hair pasta. Side salad and vino. Bien!
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