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    Gonna be a good 4th of July. Forte III's arrived a couple of hours ago. Strapped to a pallet-that's the way to do it! Well done Klipsch.
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    June 19'th. National martini day!!!!!
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    I agree with mangofirst tomatoes are a great part of summer. Alas I have quit trying to grow them because of pesky squirrels😑 Thought I would post a pic of the new Jake who at 17 pounds is about a fifth the weight of the Jake in my avatar. A Norwich Terrier and a rescue.
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    Happy Father's Day to me...
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    Have a great day everyone and be safe!
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    Rescued this little fella after his parents moved to a nursing home. A Norwich Terrier, 9 years old, and 17 pounds. Hasn't barked yet and has been house and leash trained. What's a hoot is that his name is Jake which was the name of the dog in my avatar who passed away in January.
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    Holy cow ... crating my set up for transport
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    Not much on showing "what I got" but thought some of you old school bike guys might remember these baby's - just brought out of a deep sleep - -2002 Kawi ZRX1200R fancied up a bit. She is a blast to ride. Big bore kit, Muzzy full system, advancer, pods - She will pull your arms out of their sockets if allowed -- Enjoy -
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    On a side note, small story for this thread. I bought a pair of klipschorns from a gentleman who had spent quite a large amount of money in cables, amps and TT/ other sources, all PREMIUM. However, within about 5 seconds, I could hear that one tweeter was blown. I pointed it out, he had been using them for years and had no idea....
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    Godspeed United States of America...
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    Out and about tonight. Bourbon, cigars and my sweetie.
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    Son taking his CNA certification test this morning (he'll be a H.S. senior next year). We are going for haircuts after he's done. Taking son and daughter to a Hook's baseball game tonight with a group from work.
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    Gia just moved on to third grade !
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    I have to collect and send in sales tax now for Arkansas. It is an extreme pain to comply with all the sales tax laws in just Arkansas. There is the state sales tax, there are county sales taxes, there are city sales taxes. In a given county, your tax rate depends on where you live in that county and whether or not you are inside city limits or outside. And this tax is on where the product is delivered, not where I am. I get letters almost every week updating sales taxes for several different cities and counties in Arkansas. I have so much difficulty keeping up with the Arkansas situation that I cannot imagine having to keep up with 50 different states and all their different tax laws and changes to those laws. And, for one small mistake on filing, the state can and will padlock the business and freeze all bank accounts unless you very quickly fix whatever they say you need to fix. They threatened me with that over $17.00 they said I owed. I disagree with owing them that, but just paid it.
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    It was a big deal for me, not gonna lie. It isn't just the speakers, we had to get fancy turntables and nice tube amps plus furniture. One of my amps alone was $3,200. Then there were space considerations as I already had a Jubilee setup which was taking up my only two good corners that K-horns could have used. Just a huge investment in time, money, and effort, and I still need to work on the syndicated content. It wouldn't be for everybody but yeah I felt like it made sense for me.
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    I checked out this ole girl last Saturday. Sure wish I could justify the $450 to take a ride someday. Also another local airport was hosting Fields of Honor. 800 flags were displayed.
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    Got some new Rims and Tires Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One daughter thought it would be funny to give me this, it was, they know me. I told her I will not wear it when I have to go through customs, she said maby around the yard.
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