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    Silly, I know... first wife passed away from malignant melanoma. Second wife is a wonderful Filipina. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Enjoying weekend away in a cheap motel and having fun. It doesn't matter much what goes right or wrong, we are together. Blessings to all!
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    Well, after some electrical and cable issues, we did get in hours of great listening switching between, EV's, Split LSI's, 3 way Mini punch's, 396's and the devastator. All the speakers are set up outside and today, all driven with Carl's ATI amp which sounded great. I'm sure you will see some pics that others took with the setup, and had a great day. Time for a little evening socializing and maybe and adult beverage or 3. @Thaddeus Smith we're sorry it didn't work out too, and that applies to so many that would have been here in April. Strange times indeed, but great to see everyone that has made the journey.
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    Next to my house, Roman bridge "Le Pont du Gard" : aqueduct which supplied the baths and water of the city of Nîmes, Gard France. It is almost 2000 years old, The stones are placed one on top of the other without cement because at the time there was none.. In the middle of the 18th century, a road bridge was attached to the first floor to transport goods.
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    Big thanks to Klipsch for replacing all six woofers on my circa 2012 speakers. They were out of warranty but Klipsch went out of their way to back their product.
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    Sunset from my backyard. No snakes were harmed in taking this photograph.
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    Mine says "Large Member".....wonder how they knew!
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    The 1st SWAG is history, but what a great time. Except for the audio gremlins, the cattle in neighboring pastures, and a stray dog, the photo below from Saturday afternoon includes everyone who attended. L to R: Kirby, Babadono, Ceptorman, Seadog, PeteH, Rockhound, Rockhound's son, Cecaa850.
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    @Tarheel and naturally others like moi!
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    Just finished with an afternoon "throw-down." Rough work! THEN my buddy stopped by! ALL down hill after that! Durn Kids anyway! Gave him something to think about! Ha! Left him w/a diff view of Janis. Hahahaha! He was mumbling just a bit before he left.
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    Ha ... I think my marrying days are behind me. Thanks for your concern about me my friend and I hope you are well. I'm fine -- just don't feel that I have anything to contribute -- not that that stops anyone else around here ...
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    Well...it´s 3 pm early afternoon , very autumnal outsite, windy rainy, the leaves falling down from the trees. YES I try to distract myself and have a little fun. Laughter is the best medicine. I am now the 5th day in the hospital and I am examined by doctors every day.They told me today that I have a good or very good chance of recovery, maybe they don't even have to cut open my skull because there is a medicine that can dissolve this " tumor". These are indeed good news that makes me feel positive. My father will probably be buried next week on Thursday or Friday. I think I will be able to accompany my father to the last funeral as the oldest son. This is very important for me. Thank you for your participation and keep in touch . Regards
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    He only shows us his spare fridge which is in the kitchen, the fridge he uses is in the dark room in the basement
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    @grasshopper... @Tarheel @KROCK @JohnJ @dirtmudd @Buck115 @oldtimer @Dave1290 @billybob .... I would like to thank you all very much for your condolences.I am listening to music from the YouTube spinning thread. Listening to music helps me to process the grief. The albums of Genesis Family Rarities Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 as well as Genesis " Friends and Relatives " which correspond to my state of mind. I never thought that these three albums would become so significant. Please do me a favour ...keep on spinning and having joy and fun in this thread from now on ....everything is said and mentioned now. Keep in touch Regards George
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    Here is an IPhone shot from down the road from me. I haven’t really been out to use my camera in a while.
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    Ode to my newly acquired H/K 430 Please bear with me. I know this anecdotal, and I have read similar stories on this forum but I would like to share it with you anyhow. So in the beginning of the week I bought a H/K 430 on an auction site from a private seller. He had a 100% rating as a buyer, but never had sold anything on the site. So that made me a bit nervous. It arrived on Friday (yesterday). After I contacted the seller to thank him for the excellent transaction, he told me he actually hadn't intended to sell it. He had owned it for a while, unused, and then put it on the auction site. Then he started listening to it. He loved it so much that he decided to restore it, so he had ordered an upgrade kit. That's when I came into the game and bought it and paid for it immediately with Paypal. He then realized he'd forgotten to take it off the auction site. For fear of losing his 100% rating, he reluctantly decided to let it go. So when I got home from work, the H/K 430 was in my carport, packed in a Canon A3 printer carbon box. I couldn't wait to unpack and to start listening. The amp is in pretty mint condition (for a 44 year old) and all the lights are working too. Connected to the 1972 Heresy's, The sound is simply amazing. After I connected an FM-antennae, the vu-meter went up to 7 or 8 for the main stations. At first, I thought the phono stage was just average, but later in the evening, it sounded much better (or my brain had adapted). Now I think it is amazing. Also CDs and my DAC sound pretty amazing. As the hours progressed, the bass tones became even more prominent. But all this, my friends, is just introductory. Late at night, my wife returned home. She was in a terrible state: a very long, tough working day, followed by 3 hours of difficult cello class. She was exhausted. I convinced her to take a seat in my listening rocking chair to have a quick listen to my new amp. Just five minutes. She reluctantly gave in and sat down. I started playing Katie Melua’s “The Closest thing to Crazy”. The wife closed her eyes. ‘Now play “Nine Million Bycicles” please.” Her eyes were still closed. When that song ended, she said: “Now play “Oblivion” (Il Gardellino).’ And she added: “Does it also play any louder.” It was already past midnight. Our 3 teenage kids were already in bed. She: “Turn it up a bit.” Now usually, she would say something like: “Can you turn that damn music down please.” But not tonight! So we ended up browsing through our Spotify playlist until way past 1 o’clock. All stress and exhaustion was wiped off her face. As we were going through the ‘usual suspects’ on my playlist, I had an existentialist experience: it was as if I had never heard them before. Really. Just like that. The more I focussed, the more they sounded completely new to me. Mind you, no alcohol consumption was involved. 😉
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    Dinner and a movie? How about baking and new music? Heard this a while back after seeing it posted here twice or so. Hauntingly beautiful voice, exceptionally clear recording and as close to good ol' Country that I own. Even a good copy of a Lou Reed classic! That's a half batch of cornbread with stew beef and cheese and salsa. Coated the beef with chili powder, garlic salt, cumin, cayenne pepper mixed the chunks of cheese with the extra stuff and it turned red when it popped up and melted. Dinner in a skillet!
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    Time for some electro synth from the UK It’s also a 12” single @ 45rpm Artist - New Order Title - Sub Culture Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/New-Order-Sub-Culture/release/940469
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    Will never get tired of listening to this album, especially the track Jacob’s Ladder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't know about today but I did this last night.
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    I've been, uncharacteristically, quiet today. Got a phone call at 9PM last night. A friend was having some medical issues and wanted me to take him to the hospital. He decided that he would rather go in an ambulance... so we stopped at the FireDept and loaded him into the ambulance. 11PM, got a phone call from him telling me he was in a hospital in Tucson. 2AM.. another call. He's being discharged.... 4:30AM, we get back home. Diagnosis was pleurisy. Last time I was headed home from Tucson at the time was when I was dating the dancer... This wasn't near as much fun.... Our weather is almost seasonable... not 100` for a change.. Still drinking coffee. Went to bed later than I normally get up Shot today all to hell.... like I had plans....
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    Its a Weiner wrangler. That'll do dog, that'll do.
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    Maybe this model would be better ? Liquid food
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    devoted to my beloved father ...RIP
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    Amateur pictures as promised:
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a couple boxes today so chillin and sharin. That IS what this place is all about isn't it? The last RSD paid off for me and I really can't figure this one out. Maybe then or just maybe the album God's blessed me. Dunno but the jacket cover is signed and was sealed AFTER he signed it. The shipping tag on it said "signed copy" and it was only $19.95. Couldn't find the signature on it anywhere then spotted it up top. I've always enjoyed Bruce Hornsby! A bit uneventful but still a nice touch. Can't help but love this guy. Sorley missed by so many. HAD to! Great album. 180 gram and clean as a whistle! It's a keeper with or without your boots on!
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    Topless and bottomless. Superior wire management practices too.
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    They're trying to tell me that this is the way I looked before they left Saturday night. Nope, nope and nope!
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    i don't post here because I don't have Vinyl anymore, but I did run across a picture online I liked and thought people here would like it.
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    We never had a clicker either. But we knew of them from better off relatives and such. Us kids were the remotes back then, and we fought over whose turn it was, especially in the winter, because the dry air made it extremely likely to get a static electric shock. No, it's your turn...
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    I did that eventually and I am glad I did. Just choose carefully and pounce when you can.
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    It's a Spicy Meatballa!! Here is the other I scored on Discogs... They're Dealin' Looked for a good copy for over a year and the NM and Japanese pressed ones were too much until I saw this and got those two new to me fine LPs!
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    Encore! Encore!! My 2 cents for that LP is: Also one of the best every time I saw them, this one just grabs me by the ..... the lyrics, crescendo plus just flat out beautiful sounds from one of my favorites!
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    Presenting a very unique collaboration album Heads up to @Tigerman and @MicroMara Predominantly Jazz fusion and one of the main instruments is a Vibraphone Artist - Gary Burton and Chick Corea Title - Duet Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Gary-Burton-Chick-Corea-Duet/release/1007851
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    ALWAYS have a hole card!
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    And the reason for the season [emoji41] This is a tough one (for me). What a loss. Great days gone by...and a girl gone bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Indeed .....there are uncauntable thouthands of cases like mine in every town, district, countrie and continent. Just imagine who many humans are going to die just in this few seconds, while I´m writing this post and how many babies will be born in the same period of time. I call this " the circle of life. We are all just glimmering falling stars that for a fraction of a second are making their way through the night sky. Have you seen one of them it has already gone again.
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    What a fantastic day. Better than any Christmas, I have to say even knowing how large these are I was still surprised at how much space they take up in their boxes. Unboxing and putting together was super easy thanks to how well Klipsch packaging was. I haven't stopped listening to music and even watched Avengers End Game for a completely new experience today. Some of the most impressive tracks of music so far: Enigma: The Omega Point Tori Amos: Cloud Riders Chicane: No Ordinary Morning Armin Van Buuren: Mask But honestly. EVERYTHING sounds incredible on a Klipschorn.
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    Are we past the time where we should have a separate section covering nothing but DAC's, Streaming Equipment/Streaming Services? We seem to have categories for everything else but the information for those items, seems to be scattered around. What say you?
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