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    This is me about 7 months before I went to work at Klipsch in July 1976...about to make a few jumps from converted WWII barrage balloons in Brit Jump School in LATE December 1975, right after leading an Airborne rifle squad in continual freezing rain for three and a half weeks on the Salisbury Plains...my feet never really recovered from that freezing rain/SEVERE immersion foot fiasco. My feet were in excruciating pain when this pic was taken, but REAL PARATROOPERS just NEVER miss a chance for a balloon jump! : This is me (Second from left) after working at Klipsch for a year or so...with a group from the Hope area, down in Shreveport, LA getting pre-partied-up prior to going to a WiIlie Nelson/Leon Russell concert at Hirsch Memorial Colosseum: And this is me with the hat on...at Rodney's Place during the Klipsch Gathering year before last (I built that Cornwall back when I worked at Klipsch):
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    Hoping he knows "I've always got his back." After 39 years of marriage I couldn't imagine it any other way. Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers. Christy
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    In the "What I Got Today" thread I mentioned that today was going to be a day of music and self indulgence. It begins here:
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    Evening gang Wife cookin up fancy eats of some sort. Mid-afternoon Siesta was great. Snow line has now dropped to 10 miles east of here. Cold azz weather.
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    E-5 grunt working the jungles of 'Nam, '70-'71. Carry weapon was an "over/under" M-16 with attached 40mm g-launcher, aka M-203. HDBR: might interest you to know that from time to time we met up with friendlies from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who came into the country to help the cause - might even have been a British serviceman or two mixed in with them. Nowadays I have more leisurely pursuits. If not listening to my 'Scalas I sometimes jump on the Harley and hit the road.
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    Me and my wife Susan when we dated in 8th grade (circa 1984) My wife and I when we decided to throw everyone a curve ball and start "dating" again at our 25th reunion) Me and my personal hero (refuse to refer to him as my Step-Dad....he raised me from 3 years old)
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    Update, since there is new news. And Christy told me I was chicken sheet to not let people here know what's going on....Christy was not happy from the beginning after reading what this medicine does. What happened after having a biopsy done, and being prescribed a certain cancer medicine. A friend, Kevin Harmon had questions about the biopsy and medicine, we answered all we knew and he said he would ask some doctor friends of his which he did. He also said to send JC a message and ask what he thinks. Jc asked friends of his as did kevin and all of them came back saying "why this medicine"? So this was like 3-4 different doctors, including Oncologist, Surgeons and other doctors who know about what I have and and the medicine prescribed. All of them said this medicine is for someone who has multiple spots of this cancer and definitely not for just one spot. Well a couple of the doctors recommended to us a doctor who has a great reputation 45 minutes from us, her opinion matched the other 4 doctors. So we just got back from seeing her and supposedly it has been removed, which is what seems to be normal treatment for this, we go back in a couple of months for her to check it. Not the medicine which has some bad side affects like the worst, making any other possible cancer cells become aggressive, with lesser affects like losing hair and feeling sick of the stomach all the time and a few others. So it turns out that two forum members helped me avoid a rough medicine and hopefully be done with this. I doubt they will read this but I just wanted to say Thank you to both Kevin and JC, and as soon as I see them in person I will make sure they know how much I really appreciate them taking their time and asking questions to the others that specialize in this. Come to find out the first doctor I went to is not a board certified Dermatologist, and prescribes this medicine more than any other in the region. We never think to check credentials, this doctor has 6 different offices so we thought everything was ok, not really what happened. Just for a note the medicine was going to be free through this doctor (somehow) but normal cost is $75,000 for 4 months and 4 other doctors said it's not right for my situation at all. So I told everyone here, as to not be chicken sheet as my wife called me, she said they are your friends, you talk with them everyday, I got called a few names for being quite, so there it is.
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    The girls seem to be having a good time.
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    Here's an interesting weather related issue from the shore of Lake Ontario:
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    Best wishes to both of you in dealing with this. Together your're more than twice as strong as you are individually. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Just seen this, well can't keep any secrets. Well I guess if I'm going to tell everything, I should also say I pooped today, now were all done no secrets.
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    So...dtel will probably be upset with me for posting this...but...I've never varied from what I thought was the right thing to do. He was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma last week. The dermatologist recommended the drug https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3541861/#!po=57.2917 as treatment for his condition. The side affects vary from fatigue to muscle spasms and a few others in between. You guys are some of our best friends and I just felt you had the right to know what is happening with him. He would never post about his condition. Of course, I'm gravely concerned, but he accuses me of being paranoid. Im not paranoid, but I believe in the power of positive thoughts and prayers. The side affects of the medication concern me, but the risks of surgical procedures appear to be greater. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Also, please tell him to "give me a break" for posting this.
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    Every time I see a pic of the Adams Family, I have to sing that 3rd grade song to myself. I crack myself up sometimes
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    Afternoon all..... Carl, hope the toe is feeling better.... Got this old Accord in the shop and it's got some headlight issues..... they work sometimes then they don't...... there bright then get real dim..... Hmmmm I think I found the problem......lol lol MKP :-)
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    Kathy carries Smith & Wesson with her when she goes to the ATM. She has NEVER has any problems. Smith is on the left, Wesson on the right.
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    Evening gang Nice Nap completed, only to be woke up by the wife returning from the Indian casino. She seems to be Fleecing for the last couple of weeks, "C" note here and there. Tonight she comes home with a Grand, soooo, two bones @ Red Lobster, killer choc cake and now a Nap. Monday for retired folks is meaningless, catch You-All in the morning.
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    Finished bowling. 10 pins under my average but we won 3 out of 4. I feEl like Curt Shilling lol.
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    Evening gang Just got done with the under-counter lighting. Everything to do it was finely on site, so one more project done. Wife knows i was giving here some fancy LED's, she does not know they are also on a dimmer. Each of these LED's @full brightness draws .10 Amps, from the Bay.and China, all maybe $10Bucks.
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    Morning gang Coffee/Duggans tasting mighty fine Yesterday picked up the wife's toyota repair parts, pulley(s)/belt on my Sat venue. Rv work yesterday completes my underbelly work securing the fresh water tank to "My" standards.
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    Alas, the job hunt continues. It is a tough market here. Especially for senior level management. My sister's unexpected passing a few weeks back has had me doing a lot of soul searching, thinking about life, what-ifs and tomorrows or lack there of. I have always been a work-a-holic. Maybe it is time to slow down and smell the roses? Maybe do something for the fun of it and not for the money. There may be a job out there dealing with audio. Now wouldn't that be a fun gig?
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    Gary's weekend will be more eventful .. Just more relaxing. Here's a under $10 stress reliever !
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    This was from my drive to Anchorage on Monday. A leeetle icy... (no injuries)
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    Good evening friends....... MKP, that looks like a real 'OUCH' ! Can it be saved? Ok, as you probably have seen in your news/weather for the East Coast, we had high winds and warnings... This morning as I got ready for work, the first gusts roared through.. Did not think too much about it... Until I was in the driveway getting ready to leave the house for work.... I noted some debris on my Escape's hood... Closer look showed I had TWO dents from a smallish dead branch from the ASH tree which is out in the back yard! After some 'oh chits', and getting upset because in the 4.5 years since new, there are only a couple of small blemishes on the whole SUV and was in near perfect shape... THEN, I noted the darn windshield was smashed under the passenger wiper blade and the multi cracks ran all the way to the headliner area! Well, 'Dent Doctors' can remove the dents, and the windshield is covered for free... I am sorry that my 'Ford Proudly Built in Kanas' sticker may be lost....and the windshield is a special 'noise cancelling' type and I would hope they can replace it with the same... Here are a couple of photos..............and all by this little stick .....well, that was how my day started..... Thanks for watching
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    Afternoon all..... The question of the day....... Do I pull it out or leave it alone?? lol lol MKP :-)
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    Good Sun morning gang 38/Dry, and dam sure feels like it. Swapmeet walkthrough produced NO goodies. Wife talked me out of Corndog, Huevos Rancheros was not hard to talk me into. This year we have decided to try a new Breakfast joint EVERY sunday, this we have done so far. Some ok, two great, and a few that will not see us again, great pastime.
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    Good Friday and Cheers to all here @ C C and C...I do read this just about every day, just don't post a lot. So I had this past Monday off. My friend fell in love with a Boxer Puppy, Puppy is located in Cedar Rapids Iowa about 4 hours one way... Drove friend to Puppy and brought Puppy back...About 8 1/2 Hours driving...Love friend, love Puppy...
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    That puny looking little truck is going to clear that much snow ? Obviously I am no snow expert but it looks a little light for that job..
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    Good morning everyone............Just read the back 2 pages.........Best wishes for our Elden in successful recovery! Meanwhile, back to a familiar topic .. The LAST bag of Starbuck's Christmas Blend about to go into the burr grind jar..... Enjoy the day everyone, maybe a blizzard in a day or two for us ?? Oh, here is the fresh photo....
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    Afternoon gang Wife has been spring cleaning this week so i told her take a break. She is out entertaining the Indians for the afternoon House, Cave, RV, projects and now the refurb of "The Lawn". Shopping and pondering spray-on or roll down sod, both about the same coin. And Gee, i just remembered those wonderfull sprinklers that need Re-work, like all over the yard This is going to be a busy spring, My Farmers are already trying to Bribe my azz. The one bud with my 36/38 ford truck in the barn, says come out and put a new Carb on it and you can drive it That's what they said years ago with the planes too. Wife just checked in, she played 3Hrs w/$20.....coming home with "C" Note......
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    Anyone heard from Chuck.....not me the other one?
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    My brother just sent me this pic... of me, around 1967. With my '63 D-28. Bruce
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    I woke this morning to a flat tire. Aired it up and drove over to Discount Tire. One screw in the middle of the tread and a nail by the edge of the sidewall. Time for a new tire. Luck = preparation meets opportunity I have the replacement warranty, so I get a free tire. Actually, this is the 3rd tire they have replaced for free in the last year. It was getting time for new tires anyway, so I purchased the other back tire. I prefer to replace tires in pairs. Now for a cup of Sumatra dark roast.
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    somewhere in these forum archives is a post to me by Amy. It is a picture of one of those ear horns with the Klipsch Logo on it. Her joke was that these were the Klipsch hearing aids.
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    Sounds like you and Thaddeussmith are having similar thoughts.
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    Happy to see Mike stop in to chat! Lot of bad news here this morning so I'll add to it. Hears my bad luck story.....actually my this winter story......and from a normally healthy guy. So far 1 root canal and crown. 1 rotator cuff tear and rehab. 2 URIs, and 1 UTI. Went to the dentist last week and the new root canal and crown has an abscess and must come out. So after 5 trips to the dentist (2 dentist) and $2000 later I had to get the tooth pulled. The gum will heal and then I'll get an implant and another crown ($3500). Its hell and expensive getting old. LF is returning today after 2 weeks of taking care of her mother's estate. Her mom passed away two Thursdays ago. She was able to list and sell the house in that short time. So on these down notes. I hope you all have a great weekend.
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    Doomed to be a sailor from a young age, i wonder if i was a test subject? This was my dad's first (dry) sub 1962, model 600. The popular series was the model 300 as seen in Flipper/Thunderball. Everyone in Newport/Balboa had boats, and some dam fine one's at that. We had Subs, interesting childhood.
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    Morning all Been a few REALLY busy weeks. Got a lot of the little "annoyances" fixed on the Volvo.....runs like a scalded dog...holds a good 14lbs of boost when in it...been extremely happy with it so far. Tallied up for all the little stuff I've spent getting it back into daily driver condition....I've got right at $2000 in it....guy stopped by the house on Monday asking about my little Civic....told him it needed a Transmission Lockout Solenoid but that it had 78,000 original miles and that A/C and all power worked....he took it for a drive and came back an offered me $2000 "as is" So broke even!!!
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    That figures, glad no one took pictures, it could have been bad. Had a rough week, all the food and drinks I could handle, felt buzzed and like I was going to pop from eating to much all week long. I do love clear blue water