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    Just thought I'd let you guys know.....this is the last week of work FOREVER......... Retiring....Friday....been planning this for 3 years. George
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    For the first time ever, Klipsch will be demonstrating the ENTIRE Heritage product lineup at CES this year. In addition, we'll be posting daily "vlogs" on our YouTube channel (and will also be available on our website at klipsch.com/ces during CES - stay tuned for that and for more announcements) Lots of exciting things going on! CES 2018 is Jan 9-12.
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    Some people were asking for a long post about my opinion of the RF-7III, so here goes. I’m not a fancy audio writer for a magazine so fair warning. Second warning, this is my personal opinion which typically means my dealer hat is off. Sometimes I’m just a fan. First of all the looks. There has been a push back against the cosmetic changes but I think it is pretty unfounded myself. Plinth: I’m indifferent on the plinth, it’s kinda cool but you don’t really even have to use it, so I don’t know why people are complaining about it. If you don’t like it then don’t bolt it on and instead use pads or something. It’s pretty simple. Chamfer: What was a big improvement in cosmetics was the 45 degree or so chamfer on the front edge. This alone makes it look much more modern. Get used to seeing this then go back to the old version and the RF-7II’s look like a monkey coffin. Matte baffle: I think this was an improvement myself. I’m the opposite of most people though. I’m indifferent to it on the black but absolutely love it on the cherry. It breaks up the sea of wood plus gives the copper woofers a complimentary backdrop to look striking against if that makes any sense. The old cherry finish simply does not match copper woofers. You know what does compliment copper nicely though? Black. This baffle probably allows the chamfer on the edges to be manufactured much easier as well. Installing a strip of veneer on that edge would slow construction down significantly I imagine. Ports: the new rectangular ports are a little funny looking but hey, they’re on the back, nobody can see them. Horn: The appearance of the horn is really the only thing I’m not a fan of. The sheen doesn’t really match and the edge doesn’t exactly blend in with the baffle. This however is way better than everybody including me expected, just more seamless than I thought it would be. I think the sonic benefits outweigh any nitpicking of the appearance, just no question, but this is the only thing that is a little odd looking in my opinion. Finish: I think the new natural cherry is a nice addition myself. I was a little disappointed in the walnut, at this point I can't recommend buying walnut. If it was the same veneer as the Forte III, sure, but I don't think it is, may possibly be stained oak or something, I don't know, all I know is that walnut Forte III's are gorgeous and these don't seem to live up to that situation. Black is always a safe bet of course. As for the sound, I think people would be very surprised. Treble: Man this horn is just straight up pleasant. I can listen to Metallica from 3’ away at high volume and I’m just comfortable. I mean yeah it’s loud but it’s not like I’m diving for the ear plugs. What other current Klipsch tower can you say that about? Nothing. It just sounds right. There aren’t any hot spots, it’s pleasant, it’s not bright, the snap of the beater on the skin of a kick drum is real nice and thick, honestly you just couldn’t ask for much better in my opinion. Midrange: Maybe it’s my imagination but I think upper midrange has been improved somehow. The RF-7II’s would often sound what I call “shouty”. I’m sure much of it was the recording, but still, mid to high male vocals sometimes just sounded uncontrolled with certain frequencies sounding unnatural. I don’t get that at all with these. If you read the product literature it mentions the separate chambers of the woofers helping to clean up the midrange and eliminated standing waves. If that’s what I’m hearing, then well… it worked. Bass: So I’m a kick drum junkie. I had Metallica’s Hardwired To Self Destruct album going, bass knob was cranked on the Parasound Halo gear. Honestly I was very surprised when putting them up against the Forte III. When the double bass flurries came about like at the end of Hardwired, I felt like these things just ate it up. Some speakers are tight but they don’t extend very low. Some speakers and subs can extend low but they’re not that tight, so kick drums can turn into a sloppy mess. I felt like these were just perfect. Double bass flurries were just tight yet I didn’t feel like I needed a sub, it was both full and tight. The additional height as compared to the Heresy or Fortes that I’m used to hearing in my living room was interesting as well, it was just a wall of super tight double bass, absolutely killer. If you set these up and the bass doesn’t sound right, it ain’t the speakers fault. I had them powered by a Parasound Halo A23 and felt like it was all I would ever need. As for general things I noticed, I love the new box artwork, that’s snazzy and modern. These things gained about 10 pounds due to the separate chambers and you can really tell it, harder to move around. Would have liked to have seen the aluminum speaker terminals from the Forte show up on these but I’m sure there’s additional costs. In summary, man don’t be trying to snag some RF-7II’s before they’re gone, hold out for some 7III’s, it’s worth it. I've had people message me and say they were in tears by the second song because they finally found a speaker that didn't make their ears bleed. I've sold some to RF-7II owners who compared them side by side and soon after the 7II's were up for sale, they said there was just no comparison. These are a very significant upgrade.
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    Jake is feeling a bit better. Short rest in the snow.
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    Jake's cheese and bacon grits.......
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    Got a new puppy a Boston Terrier that was the smallest of the litter. Wife brought her home tonight. Her name is Daisy.
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    May your 2018 be filled with Love, Joy and Peace. Have a great 2018.
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    Just wanted to say happy Birthday to my wife, I love you. I did do it in person, this is just insurance if she forgot.
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    We spent Christmas in LA (NOT lower Alabama...). Actually in Oxnard, with wife's niece. As usual, lots of Filipino food, good times... Sad seeing all the scorched earth from the fires, though. Went around parts of LA yesterday... Bruce
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    And on this Merry Christmas morning..................the scene from our home to yours...... Enjoy this wondrous day, of which a snow storm is hitting here making things BRIGHT
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    Pleased to meet you folks. I'm WillyBob. Woulda picked a different screen name had I known there is a billybob already. Please to not confuse or attribute my newbie ?'s to him. good to hear NC is thawing. I have family there. I shouldn't bother y'all with the fact that I have the doors and windows open. 75`. Been a mild winter in the SW, so far. Runnin' 10`+ normal. I Christmas'd myself a pair of R15m. My first Klipsch and 25 years since I had anything approaching good. Bad news ... I want more and bigger
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    LF's MIL had the brain tumor removed yesterday at Duke. She will have a plastic dome replacing the skull that was lost due to surgery. She is already up on her feet and feeling fine. Tough 82 year old!
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    Welcome to CC&C Daisy Post often and get dad to keep the TV on Animal Planet. He will do that for you.
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    Morning gang, hope all is well and staying warm... Missed the New Year with you guys. The Boss and I just fell asleep on the couch..... oh yea were big time partyers. So a bit late...... wishing you all a great New Year..... Cold Cold and Colder..... 30 water main around Baltimore due too freezing temps How about you guys?? At least The Boss is back in the shop this week... she should be here soon...... Hey Gary really like the Lava lamps..... very cool Wishing all a great day...... MKP :-)
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    Happy New Year! May we all do good and do well.
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    In bed by 10 though LF's coughing woke me several times. I'm afraid she is getting the bug Dinner was good especially the shrimp and vegetable fritter appetizers and the fried bananas for dessert. Jake looking more frisky this morning 23 degrees now. Hope all you gents have a wonderful 2018!
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    Happy New Year!...and good night. Wish all here a healthy & safe 2018.
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    Happy New Year! At least on the east coast
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    Thanks Carl, No it's not easy..... but it's out of my control.... all I can do is be there for Dawn and do what needs to be done! Dawn is one tough woman!! But under that tough shell she's mush. The other day Dawn was talking to one of her dads closest friends.... keeping her posted on things. Well she told Dawn how much Dad loved and admired me, she went on and on... it really brought tears to my eyes. Over years of owning the shop Dawn's dad would pull me aside every so often and ask me "how ya doing for money?? do ya need any?" I would always chuckle and tell him were good Dad thank you. With out the help of Dawn's Mom and Dad we would not be were we are today..... No shop and No house that we live in. I am for ever grateful. MKP :-)
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    Looks like some good eats and drinks around here. My loving wife made these for Christmas Dinner dessert. We had 23 family and friends join us yesterday.
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    Happy Boxing day! My friend restored Nancy's Chicago built classic. She was surprised and pleased to see the rebirth of the 1973 Schwinn Suburban she bought new.
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    Good morning and Merry Christmas to all. Nice tree there ^^^ Awaiting the kiddos to wake up I now need an attic ladder replaced. I don't want to do it. Wonder what he labor will be $$
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    Merry Christmas to all my forum friends. May you all have a blessed day.
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    They are back together and in place for Christmas. Man, once that last coat went on and dried, then light sanding with 0000 steel wool, and a coat of Liquid Gold, they just came to life. They are all done except for bass bin grills and some minor black touch up paint. Man, they look and sound great! The pictures don't really do them justice on how the finish looks. Merry Christmas to all!
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    Our goal for this project has been met. Thank you all for your generosity. We could not have made this acquisition without all of the our help. Christy
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    Finished my Bob Latino VTA ST70 tube amp. Had made a wiring error but Bob was AWESOME and pointed out my "stupidity." To anyone interested in building one of Bob's kits I would say "GO." His support is just OUTSTANDING! But ... it sounds like crap. OK; JUST KIDDING; sounds like crap since it is hooked up to a cheap set of Bose bookshelf speakers and an even cheaper Pioneer AM/FM tuner with a 6 inch wire as an antenna But it takes at least 100 hours to "burn in" the tubes ... can't wait to put it on my Cornwall's or Forte's
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    Good morning, just a pop in to let y'all know I'm having a real cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the Mavis estate. My younger brother travels world wide for Coca Cola and he knows I love Im a coffee aficionado, but am on a fixed income (retired DAV). So for Christmas he got me a couple of bags of whole beans. Darn near brought tears to my eyes. I had this coffee once before when I was in the Navy on a port call in the early `80s. Brought back some great memories. Everyone have an outstanding day.
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    Local supermarket is closing next week. Everything today is 50% off on top of the sales. $712 worth of groceries down to $356. Pantry is PACKED. We have enough spaghetti sauce to last till 2019....or longer. Managed to score a couple artisan coffees from a local roaster in town. Normally this coffee is $14 a pound which is a little too rich for my blood. But today? Woohoo! $7. Liquor was on sale too! We're good till 2020 as my wife is a lite drinker. Lol. But I managed to snag a couple tawny & Ruby ports for those moments when I feel like a sip. That will last ME forever as I'm a super lite sipper. Heck of a day. But I keep thinking...I could have bought some speakers.
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    "You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave".
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    1700 pages of drivel, er .....I mean coffee, cables and cocktails. Love you guys and gals
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    Hey WillyBob Welcome MKP :-)
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    Gosh I'm glad I'm retired and don't have to go out cause it's rather chilly. Now the big boy Jake wants to stay out laying in the sun as much as I allow. He is feeling better and that big tail starts wagging when I come down the hall in the morning Good to see. Well LF came down with the crud but being a real trooper is taking her mom-in-law to Duke for a brain tumor surgery. The tumor was removed back in 2014 and grew back just as large MIL is 82 but looks and acts twenty years younger. I plan to stay inside with short trips to the grocery store and to check on LFs place. We will get a break next Monday when we get a daytime high of 56. That should feel like summer after the big chill. You Gents stay warm.
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    Didn't make it all the way to midnight last night. I kinda like it that when the ball drops in New Yawk it's only 9pm here. But woke up this morning and it's 2018! Happy New year to all.
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    I was going to post our current temp of -12, but you spoiled that Have a great 2018 everyone!
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    We're right behind you in central time. Happy New Year!
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    Just celebrated my wife birthday. Absolutely great time. Went to Osaka sushi with the entire family and left stuffed. So much for dieting. Haha.
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    right now it's -14.... I will trade locations right now ! SEVERE WEATHER ALERTS Wind Chill Warning NYZ009-036-037-045-046-057-062-281700- /O.CON.KBGM.WC.W.0001.000000T0000Z-171228T1700Z/ Northern Oneida-Madison-Southern Oneida-Chenango-Otsego-Delaware- Sullivan- Including the cities of Boonville, Hamilton, Oneida, Rome, Utica, Norwich, Oneonta, Delhi, Walton, and Monticello 341 AM EST Thu Dec 28 2017 ...WIND CHILL WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL NOON EST TODAY... * WHAT...Dangerously cold wind chills expected. The dangerously cold wind chills will cause frostbite in as little as 10 minutes to exposed skin. Expect wind chills to range from 15 below zero to 30 below zero. * WHERE...Oneida, Chenango, Otsego, Delaware and Sullivan Counties. * WHEN...Until noon EST today. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...This is a potentially dangerous situation for those venturing outdoors. Consider staying indoors if at all possible unless it is an emergency, especially early this morning. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... A Wind Chill Warning means the combination of very cold air and the wind will create dangerously low wind chill values. Frost bite can occur quickly and even hypothermia or death if precautions are not taken.
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    Ahhhhhh you have no right to post that lol lol 44* that's a damn heat wave...... In don't think we'll make it to the freezing mark today just checked weather..... a high of 24 today.... feels like 13 with wind chill. ya know when it's that cold here Stoney and Boney don't sleep with us. They sleep right by the fire down stairs until it starts burning down.... then they will come to bed..... usually around 4/5 am. Stoney wants IN the covers and Boney will curl up next to us. Yea it's some kind of cold today..... shop is cold..... office is cold. The office is colder than the shop... I got a big oil fired heater in the bay..... The BOSS is moms again today, so I'm holding the fort down. A good day to all..... MKP :-)
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    One more story to show what it’s like to be related to me. My grandmother was getting up there in age (died at age 99). My sister had just bought a new house and my aunt brought my grandmother to town for a visit. We’re sitting in the living room and one of my sisters asks my grandma if my other sister had shown her the house? I’m sitting next to my grandma and she leans over and asks me what my sister said. So, i told her, “She asked if you saw the horses.” My grandma perked up, “oh, you have horses?" Then I got yelled at by my sister for teasing old people.
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    i want to wish everyone a safe and MERRY CHRISTMASS...
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    YES they say 140, but at 135 it has just lost most of the pink and is still juicy. They use to say 170, but at that temp the pork has turned white and very dry and tough, the way i use to cook it before doing alot of reading. When you stop it at 135 it still cooks for a while. Done many like this for us and many people who come by, there is a very very slight pink, which is safe, it's not like many years ago. If you would rather just cook it to 138-139, at 140 it's just about to turn more white as overcooked pork does and it start to dry out. Try one to say like 139 degrees and see what you think, bet it's the best pork loin you have had, a texture like juicy steak not tough or dry. I use one of those probes you leave in the meat as it cooks so I can watch the temp as it cooks. Edit; , must have posted at the same time, i didn't know about trichinosis , I was just reading, mostly from smoking sites and checked it with other cooking sites, they say 140 but I have done probably 100 of them at 135 and never had a problem or got sick in any way.....................unless that's what's wrong with me, who knows, my wife might agree.
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    Happy to report my RF7-II's and RC-64II arrived in perfect condition from Acoustic Sound Design. I also ordered RP-280's from them earlier on in the year and Mike is top notch. 7'II's in cherry are pretty much out of stock everywhere(black is still available) and I believe I received one of the last pair sitting in the wharehouse. I was able to get an even lower price than earlier advertised closeout deal on these 7II's which increased the gap further over choosing the III's. However, Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters has the best price on III's and provided great advice. Also thanks to @Youthman and the others who contributed advice. As soon as I got the II's out of the box I was wowed by the sheer elegance of stature and quality workmanship of the cherry wood veneer. These are brand new A stock(or at least was told to me by Acoustic Sound Design). To my eyes, the styling and color of the wood veneer on the II's convinced me to pick them over the III's (even if the III's have an improved sound) and I am not one bit disappointed with my choice. I will enjoy the visual appearance on the II's for years to come. I briefly hooked them up to my Marantz SR7010 while I await delivery of a Denon X6200 and R-115SW. Played for about an hour. They are not broken in yet but I can definitely tell more detail and presence coming out of these than my RP-280's in my living room on the same songs. Slightly cranked them up a little and I was floored. Dynamic to say the least! Had to turn the treble down a few notches and that mellowed things out but I think I will enjoy these for a long time. I'm sitting about 12 feet away from the speakers and these are in a basement which will be used primarily for movies and casual music listening. Enjoy some pics.
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    One of my very favorites! Now spinning side three after resleeving disc one 200 gram , 45 rpm
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    Seems like a lot of Navy guys here. Wonder if Klipsch being sold in the exchange and long days at sea; along with listening to and talking about music with fellow squids has something to do with us all landing here? Completely un-klipsch related I went to my friends change of command ceremony a year or two back. He was becoming the CO of a training squadron in Meridian, MS. He booked us all some seat time in the T-45 simulators. Pretty fun time. Fly Navy!
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    Hey all, Hope all you guys are good. The BOSS and I are good.... same ol' same ol' stuff. Well I must say I am much better today that I was a week ago. Last Wednesday I had cataract surgery in my left eye and I was FREAKING out too say the least!! Like most I am really freaky about the "eye" thing... Well all went great and I can see so so much better. I was at the point I was unable to drive at night. About a year ago I was complaining about not being able to see real good while driving at night. There were huge halos around all light. At 1st it wasn't that bad but got worse quickly. I went to get my eyes checked at Walmart. They did there thing and I ordered glasses. At the time of examination I was told I had "slight" cataract in my left eye. I'm like....... ok. Well when the glasses came in I was not not real happy.... couldn't see a whole lot better but I dealt with it. But within a few months I knew something was not right. So I went to a "real" eye doctor. Within 90 seconds of his exam he says "oh your way beyond glasses you need surgery" 20/400 in left eye! He stated I had fast growing cataracts. I feel the Walmart doctor should have sent me to a eye surgeon right from the start!! Anyway all is good.... I can see..... and I am thankful. We're getting ready to roll out and see the surgeon so he can release me to go back to work. I need to say this again....... I am thankful..... very thankful Take care my friends... MKP :-)
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    Cables, coffee --- I see what you did here?! Very clever ---. Including a cocktail with this morning shot may have been over the top. I say May have been ---