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    In one respect it was a plebeian undertaking. Certainly the masses were there. The biggest misconception about Woodstock is that everyone there was a hippie. It was some kind of hippie convention. The hippies gave it it's gestalt, but it mostly just young kids raised by the WW2 generation starting to find there way in the world .It was high schoolers and college types mostly, Iif a third of the crowd was , or went onto college, I'd be surprised. Except for the decided lack of people of color, it was an economically egalitarian event. Truest phrase was the times are a changin... and they were. For example, and please don't turn this into a political thread, it's a historical thread. I was an ardent pro Vietnam War proponent and fairly articulate about it. This event, and it was not pro-war by any stretch, gave me pause. I said to myself (is that a phrase from a song?) while looking around this massive assembly , maybe the other side has a point that I should be more open too, maybe I'm be too rigid in my own viewpoint. In one sense it was a step towards maturity. Ah, there are other points of view! It started me down a path where ultimately I became more critical and then finally adamantly against the war. I then began to look at other aspects of American life and arriving at other conclusions about our great, but flawed society. There was also this sense of friendliness. The two fingered peace sign was more than a political symbol, it was the tipping of a hat when passing somebody on the street of an earlier generation. It gave me this feeling, that I still hold to today, that people everywhere would rather give you a hug and a smile, then a shaken fist or a shiv in the ribs. I became a hippie of sorts. I wanted that sense of goodwill. To spread, the community. To grow. I held on as long as I could but the rest of my generation soon went onto became the Me Generation, got jobs, got kids, got responsibility and became their parents, only worse. Nothing new about that, pretty cool in most respects, but still sad in some ways. Especially when I see that kids no longer play outside, and neighbors are something you see through your car windows while heading down some dog-turd filled suburban landscape. The mud (not really that much of it), the lack of food etc. where minor travails, compared to the cosmic buzz that was Woodstock. People have been tearing it down since the day it began, and will forever more. Eventually their view will dominate and the music will fade. But hopefully somewhere out there that spark, that warmth, that magic will bide it's time, waiting, and hoping and wishing...
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    another cat entranced by Klipsch sound, on a spread placed for her comfort atop a Cornwall
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    I'm listening to some Rock and Roll.
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    ... o O (excuse me, I need to go pour my first cup of coffee) but it's good to hear from you this friday morning !
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    Several years back they built a brand new dealership next to the interstate here in Beaumont. Every fewday they'd fill one of those big balloons with helium and fly it to attract attention and announce they were open. The first Saturday that the service department was open they had zero traffic. Technicians and idle time are a bad combination. They took an oxygen/acetylene rig and fired it up. They adjusted the flame till it was a nice blue and snuffed it out on a 2x4. With the gas mixture still going they stuck the end in one of the big balloons. After it was inflated they tied it off and naturally it wouldn't float. 5 or 6 smaller helium filled balloons fixed that issue and off it went with a string tethering it to the ground. As they let the string out they'd hit the string with WD-40. Once it got 50 to 100 ft up (I get conflicting info on the height) they lit the string and let go. The shock wave from the explosion cracked 2 of the large full length glasses on the showroom. The police and fire department both showed up but surprisingly no one knew what happened.
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    Did you order 3 fried chickens and an order of dry white toast?
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    Couldn't remember if I had posted this pic in a different thread or not but this was my main system for watching TV and movies at my home I sold last November. Unfortunately, with work, moving and projects at the new house, I haven't had time to setup the system in the new house. Hopefully soon though... Here's the "old" setup. New setup is going to have some gear changes/updates but the CF3 v1's will definitely remain part of the system.
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    https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017 Klipschorns, Belle Klipsch, La Scalas, some good electronics.
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    That sounds terrible. But what it actually was didn't sound bad, depending on the green sauce. The Cod traveled a good ways to get to the desert. Was at a restaurant in Arkansas once and someone with us asked if i was going to try raw oysters ? I said no, I never traveled over 8 hours from a coast to trust a raw oyster that traveled just as far.
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    I have replaced my Polk Monitor 70's (whose tweeters I've blown ten years in; that's a hint) with these speakers, courtesy of an attractive Amazon offer likely related to their supercession by the newer RP-6000F. These are my impressions of the Klipsch after a week (it seems longer than that) of ownership: My listening space is small (200sf); the speakers are used in an essentially nearfield application. Pointed straight at my back, 8 feet away. I'm powering them with an Onkyo receiver of sufficient output to properly exercise a speaker. By comparison to the Polks, these things are not worth much at low power levels. No delicacy in their response; no real definition or separation of individual instruments/vocals.They're actually kind of muddy and lacking in that sense. They seem like the lower drivers and the horn don't really communicate, and there's a hard divide between what the two subsystems offer, I won't be playing them as background music while I'm sleeping. OK, so let's drive them a bit harder. O gawd, now I get it. I don't know, and can't measure, whether their efficiency is equal to the published figures, but one does not tout - or build towards - "efficiency" in speakers unless one desires their evaluation to be informed by how loud they can play music correctly. It's my impression that they can play pretty_damn_loud. The quality of these speakers is directly related to how hard you push them, and having flogged them like a rented mule for the last week I feel I can safely say that this is what they like. The harder you push them, the better they are. They're at their best at "I'm gonna get evicted" levels. The transient midrange lack vanishes, and bass is strong and tight down to the 40-50Hz level one should expect of such small drivers. I'm disconnecting my subwoofer just for the pleasure of listening to them; I'm gonna have to build a better sub than I already have to appropriately augment this setup for what I play through it. There's a pair of JBL LSR-305's in front of me for the low-volume, delicate work I sometimes desire from speakers, and they're damn good at it. I don't want that from my "main" speakers; I want them to potentially get me in trouble. In terms of "potential for trouble," the previous Polks can't hold a candle to these Klipsch. I'm so_damn_happy I bought these. I considered Elac alternatives, but they felt like bigger versions of the JBL's which I don't need. These Klipsch are for turning my amp over "40" indicated (and they're ten digits lower than the Polks for the same SPL). Don't buy these if your sensibilities are delicate, you love tube amplifiers, and you want to discern the subtleties of the individual instruments of soft jazz. They're not for you. If your tastes are more towards "crank them, up, d00d," well, you haven't heard your Holy Grail until you've heard Klipsch. I'm gonna get evicted. It'll be worth it.
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    No fun running out of Cabot XSharp or mustard here either, they just fit well. Glad you back back up and running though & hope y'all are on high ground!
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    I find myself listening to more RAP lately . . . . . . mostly at intersections.
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    there was a great video on line some years ago, some guy on a Friday night walked into a convenience store, he picked up a case of beer and then asked for a carton of cigarettes (pretending to have a gun) and then he quietly left the store. Police turned up at his door a short while later to arrest him. He had been layed off that afternoon and he was on his way home broke and still had his construction hard hat on with both the name of the company and his own name on it. I guess he just forgot it was up there for the surveillance to see.
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    Great! Happy ladies are nice to have around!
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    Spare ribs in the smoker here.
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    with having a kid.... they are on demand... with all items.... it's not that I don't make them.... when you hear her say I'm hungry.. it's here and now ! I just got yelled at... that I washed her glass of ice water..... "what did you do with it !" " you always do that ! GEEZS...... "
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    There is a Greek festival in Tucson. Can't say I've been. If it involves food, can't be bad. nothing happening here. Prolly should have gone "downtown" this AM. 1st Saturday of the month street market. Getting time to see some local tomatoes. May be a slim year for them. Been too warm. They won't set fruit. Cherry toms are not bothered by it. still waiting for rain. We're getting a little humidity from TS Ferdnand. Rumbling around. We'll see. "Monsoon" is winding up. Not a good year for summer rain.
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    In 1990 with the Heresy IIs it was an add on option. ** It's strange to see the storm on the horizon going on for two days now. Before it got completely overcast yesterday as always it was easy to see the edge of the rotation of the dark storm. Glad it weakened before it got here for y'all Chuck. Sad that it happened by sitting on Grand Bahama Island for almost two days.
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    communicating with the owner of those Heresy. Was swamped with responses. Hoping honesty will get me the deal. They were saying that they may have seriously undervalued them and asked what they are worth. Told them $400- $500 depending on condition. They are/were the seller's mother's. We'll see what get. I asked about her amp as a package, if available
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    ....and ordered Jubilee bass bins to sit my 402's on.... Now the four month wait begins.... All the research and looking at plans for DIY and in the end, I just couldn't shake the thought that other designs would have been a compromise. So, Jubilees it is. I have the Xilica working, will try and get ahold of the PEQ settings for the combo I have. Selling my Prima Luna amp. The big Crowns are just rockin out, and so clear. My brother is taking the Altec 19's. Relieved that I will still be able to visit them. Anyway, I feel pretty Zen about it all, despite the outlay.. and just maybe I will do a DIY sub if required, to scratch THAT itch.
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    Hi All - so an update here, where these bad boys are now in my possession! The cabinets were in somewhat rougher shape with some lighter scratches, no deep gouges (the Craigslist pic resolutions were not good) & there was some shrinking of the front side black edge material (kinda plasticky stripping) & grills dusty/dirty & no badges. All the speakers look in excellent condition though - and has the short tubes, so thinking V2. I will post some pictures over the weekend. BTW - OMG - I knew these bad boys were heavy but holy smokes, 100# each - have to eat my Wheaties when moving these around!!! Long story short - $350 for them and I felt this leaves me some room for updates. Now have something to dink around with over the 3 day weekend . I think some cherry stain and wood conditioner will go a long ways here & then I'll see about crossover build - my first objective is just to give the cabs/grills a thorough clean and fire them up for some initial rock & roll! I'll be sure to check out the numerous Epic refurbish topics/posts here - this should keep me occupied for a little while. Now have to thin the heard - my Forte 1s and Heresy 2s will have to head out for a new home (leaves me with 9 Klipsch speakers). Thanks to all on this wonderful forum! Aloha, Rick
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    Yes mine are boring, until they are turned on, kind of like an old girlfriend.
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    Just hangin out this afternoon. v
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    I agree with your decision Elden. Unless there are dedicated bike trails, we’re too old, and too smart, to mix it up with distracted drivers. We took longer coming back, due to a stop for ice cream. Now my coccyx is screaming at me.
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    I like Amy Winehouse and especially her unique voice
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    that's the way I remember them. Used to drive by them on my weekly trip to Chicago. Wife got in touch with the gal that wanted the kittens. Notice past tense We have 2 kittens. Thanks?!? So... I am gonna be busy. At least we aren't feeding every 4hrs. Wife was funny last night. She went to the bar and had a couple pau hana drinks. 2 michiladas[sp?]. I put some old Beatles on. She was singing along. The louder the stereo, the louder she got.
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    Today I got all the wood I needed for my next project. A custom made audio equipment rack. This one will go in the JBL theater room. It will not be like the last 2 racks I made that are sandwiched between Klipsch Chorus II's. I am planning for something a bit more toward the high end furniture look with this build. 60" height 25" width 20"depth with casters. 7 shelves plus the top.
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    Ever start nosin and all of a sudden something jumps out at ya? Yea, you've got most of the albums and you want to just throw them all on and go? Easy way out for me today was another "Best of" album from 1973. Randy California grabbed a handful of guys and started jammin in 1967 with hit after hit. After all, West coast music didn't take long to get to Ohio and corrupt all of us innocent, law-abiding youngins! So yea I cranked it and found myself singin along. Sounded even better today than "yesterday!" Yup, happened a bit later too! Grand Funk Hits from 1973. The group from Flint, Michigan is just a tad closer to home for me.
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    Playing now the second solo album by YES member Industry reviewers did not favour this album but fans did Artist - Jon Anderson Title - Song Of Seven
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    Turn your hands so they oppose each other at 90 degrees, put them together, put the "outside" of your thumbs together. Blow between the gaps of your thumbs and raise/lower the fingers of one hand to make the unique whistling noise that was used for this music The trumpet part finishes it off very nicely and gravel-ly!
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    Pot and boobs. What's not to like?
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    Weigh everything for consistency. Most will recommend starting with a 1:15 (coffee to water ratio) I prefer closer to 1:10-12 ratio. Weigh the water at heated temperature (200 deg F). Fresh ground as course of a grind as my burr grinder goes. I use a kitchen scale and electric kettle with temperature setting to keep things consistent. Start with enough water to just wet the grounds and stir, let sit for 30sec to bloom. Stir again, add the rest of the water, stir again, put the top on. let sit for 10 mins. Press and enjoy! If your looking for a great french press the Frieling double wall stainless press is impressive, keeps coffee warm for at least two albums. As with changing audio gear, when experimenting to find your own ideal taste, only change one aspect of brewing process at a time, otherwise you never know what actually "changed" the taste. This might sound excessive just for coffee, but if I don't get a good cup, I don't hear the music right... then the real problems start ha! Good luck!
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    Diverse I'd say but with a love of Klipsch horn loaded loudspeaker systems.
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    Don't get in your car with short pants and sit on vinyl seats.
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    The "limiting factor" which caused the Heresy to be a three-way "CLOSED BOX" design (AKA "sealed cabinet" design) was directly due to the use of a short excursion woofer in it. With the short-excursion woofer, a sealed cabinet was a necessity to keep the voice coil from being damaged from "slamming" at high-output levels. IOW, as the cone moved forward in excursion, the air volume inside the cabinet reacted to that excursion like a vacuum to limit its forward excursion, and as it moved rearward the air volume "over-pressure" limited its rearward excursion. This issue can be somewhat nullified with the use of a longer excursion woofer...thus allowing for tuned porting of the speaker....it is what it is. The cabinet still NEEDS to be built as air-tight as possible with the exception of the port, itself, in order to eliminate internal volume air leaks from anywhere EXCEPT the port...this provides for consistency in the performance from cabinet to cabinet. The other problem involved in porting the Heresy was ALSO always related to its interior volume...which was originally specified to eliminate the slamming of that short-excursion woofer. Even when we went over to the drop-in front HBR speakers, PWK was quite concerned that with the new construction design, the interior volume of the cabinet would remain "In-Spec" ...that is why I had to take one "at random" that I had built and carry it over to the lab for PWK, himself, to measure the interior dimensions so that they matched the interior dimensions of the previous HDBR build specs. That is what PWK is doing in this pic...measuring the interior volume of the HBR cabinet I had just brought over to him...the first thing he asked me was whether I had built it specifically for the measurements...to which I replied: "Negative, Mr. Paul...I pulled it off of the pallet I had just moved...regular production"...PWK smiled and said "Good, that is what I asked for!" I had been told to await his measurements and then let the foreman know what he said...so I did...that is how I got this pic...while waiting. BTW, it was good to go!😉
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    I'm becoming a bit coin whiz! I transferred my tax money on the lottery winnings and it's been received he said. Should be here any day! It's being delivered to me by Wells Fargo in an armored truck and everything so I have to stick around til they show up. You get a toaster, everyone gets toasters!!!
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    I see you OD 🤣 Bookshelf speakers next to your MWM's?
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    Elden @dtel you’re a blast. You’re wise to avoid static electricity. First, no more mohair sweaters or sneaker loafers. They rub some people the wrong way. Then we could bathe you in Cyastat have Christy do a PVA peel on you. Dave @Mallette swears by it. TAA_articles.pdf said:
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    If I were the OP, I would be very disappointed and disturbed by most of the content of this thread
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    85degrees,90%humidity and light rain. Laying in a hammock outside in the bar listening to music until I get tired of the muggy air.
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    Ties are on opposite ends of the capacitors to cancel out dielectric wave phase irregularities. The round thing is a combatistrator. Patent Pending.
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    I am not sure about the color, but you should always use the two piece balls designed for distance if you be using your speakers outdoors.
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    When it falls of and were on the next page we can just erase it. Al Gore called and said we made the internet skip a second when it was all loaded it was so much, the forum even slowed down for a few minutes.
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