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  1. Think about it. Are mechanical and electrical reproducers supposed to take the place of live music? NO, they're not. They are what they are. They are their own thing. They have their own place in our lives and they shouldn't even be compared to five music. I really believe that great hi-fi should sound like the best radio you ever heard. Great hi-fi affects your ears and emotions in its own way, reminding you of sounds and sound impressions. For example take a photo of a chick that you love. It is not an actual reproduction - you can't touch or smell her. But you can get a strong emotional reaction from the stimulus of the photo Some chicks even look better in photos and sometimes a simple black and white photo can be the most beautiful. Hi-fi works the same way. Hi-fi is its own beautiful thing and for me the more simple it is the better. Mono, that's right, MONO. Ya heard me, Monophonic For years people listened to it and loved it. But some hustlers told us stereo was better while they were selling us two of everything. Well, it's not. Trust me. It might be more but it's not better. https://www.drowninginbrown.com/dib_sp.htm
  2. when do you plan to post?
  3. Description 3 virtuosos of progressive rock join forces on this mythic 1997 studio album! This album has been heralded as one of the most unique and mesmerizing recordings of it's time with each track being wholly improvised and performed by this immensely talented trio! Ranging in styles from rock to fusion to prog-metal to flamenco - there's something here for everyone to enjoy! Available in CLEAR vinyl!
  4. the golden ratio in acoustics https://www.auralexchange.com
  5. here we are 5 years later.. one claims streaming is the way to go.. Prerecorded Analog tape is expensive! And streaming is the answer. Bernie claims analog and why.. And you don't get what you pay for..
  6. low listening levels on the klipschorns and still enjoy the bass pedels.. haveing a hard time not turning it up!
  7. danger $$$$$ with the orginal line up live!
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