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  1. It's better being a little late than pregnant
  2. I'm sending them to @KROCKhe will play them over the phone for me !
  3. 20231127_112757.heic 20231127_112749.heic
  4. Not a fan of the era of Genesis on vinyl.. But they did put on a good show.. there a live act ! Phil should of ended the last show with the musical box... He wouldn't of needed a mask...
  5. 📸 Look at this post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/share/KryF3R2Ys3oNEyUr/?mibextid=qi2Omg
  6. I took pics from add files when they loaded it turned them into files On Sunday I should be receiving acoustic sounds atlantic-75 selling England by the pound and the doors la women 45 rpm
  7. 20231124_131840.heic 20231124_131908.heic
  8. What would you call the Jubilee?
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