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  1. dirtmudd

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Buh hum bug.....
  2. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

  3. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    its ok.... need a nice audio rack... or I have to build one... and a couple of listening chairs... more vinyl , more vinyl ,.more.vinyl... and some art work..
  4. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    it's 9pm to 7am here....
  5. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    I'm surprised the cops... aren't here yet... the dial is at 1o'clock...
  6. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    included Photo Share| Previous | Next
  7. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    yes they are... bought them new june 05..... have the real circle sed 6l6gc in them... jan Philips and rca clears
  8. dirtmudd

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    seems like everone is having fun here... and I'm hanging with the other dics
  9. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    just a dusting.... and the weather's warming up the dynaco st-70 series 11 sucks.. and the dared vp-20 stomps in the ground !. with only 14 bench tested watts... Conrad Johnson pv-7 preamp
  10. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

  11. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

  12. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

  13. dirtmudd

    The Other Discs

    I'm playing a great double disc ! and I just picked up a vintage vinyl copy... a few weeks back.. thanks so much brother John..
  14. dirtmudd

    Beatles TRivia Contest With Free Goodies! Yeah!!!

    I stopped by my father's on monday... read some doctors assessment It said he has chronic kidney failure... but I wish it said dr.dre's the chronic..