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    • A new thread to clean up my old for sale. See picture. located in Chicago. open to trades. See below chorus ii pair with new crites crossovers and titanium tweeters. $900 original tags As I was sanding down the veneer I realized it couldn’t be saved so after sanding I painted them with Black acrylic enamel figuring I would redo the veneer at some point. Risers are removed and replaced with black rubber feet in the original holes and screws. I do have the factory risers!    single quartet speaker $400 used as a center channel between the chorus iis. Brand new crites crossovers and new titanium tweeters. it was oak but sanded and painted black to match. I figured I’d re veneer them as a set. it has matching rubber feet. I have the factory risers. I realize this is a littles expensive for a quartet but with the mods there is decent money invested in it. I am open to discussing it.   Items I would consider in trade with or without cash considerations each way.  RF-7 components 1,2, or 3 series. rc-64 ii or 3 Heresy Iii or IV newer RP tower speakers.   let me know if anyone has any questions.    
    • Broke out the old headphones last week to find the ear foam deteriorated to dust, funny thing was the foam in the original packaging was like new.   One would think the earpiece required a better material.    Just received a replacement set of foam and will give them a workout later.
    • I may never get off here....Ken check your text
    • @twilliams_007 congrats! wait until you get home and can lay hands on some Heritage. A couple years back, I bought a pair of R15Ms... entry level stuff. Decided I need more. After watching, waiting, came home with a vintage pair of LaScala. Only "regret" is that when the others talk about improvements going up the line, I have know nothing. Passed all the steps along the way to what I have.
    • Stay on the platform. You ain't missing much here on land. We will call you if we need you.  
    • Prior to the Belle, PWK used a WALNUT LaScala as a center.  I have it.
    • thats fine if you disagree with bob, but you included me in with bob saying "we could enjoy listening to new speakers together" when all i did was post his statements about burn in of tweeters, that is called shooting the messenger...   i asked what proof you have about break in changing the sound of a tweeter, but based on your reply you dont have any proof,  just your subjective opinion & that you disagree with bob who does this for a living.  i have no dog in this race, just posting info for the OP on the subject.     rotate a fuse???  are you implying that rotating a fuse changes the sound?  i would bet a large amount of money that you nor anyone can hear a difference by rotating a fuse in a blind test, never heard that one before... wonder what PWK would say about that???     as for what i think, i side more with bobs thoughts, new speakers do sound better in the bass dept after some break in but the tweeters usually sound the same out of the box to me, aside from adjusting to the sound or compared to other speakers ive owned & listened to for years & that is mostly your ears/brain getting used to them, not the speaker physically changing. i own many different brands of speakers so am familiar with different sounds, but ive never thought i heard a physical difference in the upper mid/tweet freq after X amount of time.  same for caps, ive changed caps in many brands of speakers & to me the sound doesnt change after 1 day or a week etc.       "want to know what a speaker sounds like in your system buy a pair"... again not sure what that means pertaining to this thread or my copy & pasted comments from bob about break in times, so i will leave that & the ice cream analogy alone.  carry on.    
    • 28W186 shipped to Canada on 6/22/81.  29X610 shipped to AAFES (overseas military) on 6/28/82.  Both as LSBR's.
    • Mornin' All   hope everyone is well   being as the wife is working at home, we needed to set some hours...[for the time] we are calling 8AM the beginning of her work. We'll see how this goes. Left to her own, she wouldn't be out of bed at that time.    Nothin' exciting today, yet...I need to fashion a handle for the whip sickle. May need to go out and cut something.... Don't think I have anything that can be repurposed. We have black willows down here.... That might work. It's tough as.  Again, we'll see how that goes.    Drinking leftover Mexican coffee. Not day old... only half day. I made it last night    Could have a fire tonight and the next couple. Highs hovering around 70. Average is 80` for Tucson. As long as the sun is out, we can warm the house... and we do have, what I call, the sun room. Catches the early AM sun. Always nice in the AM there.... even in the summer. Anyway, I don't think we'll have the doors and windows open today. If it gets to 70, it will be there for about 5 mins before it starts dropping. There is some rain predicted....any is good... but, I doubt it will be a significant amt. Quarter inch at best.    
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