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  1. People make mistakes, even at Klipsch. Who would´ve thought You´d discover it after living with them all these years. Welcome to the forum! These are copies on ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/150494161745?hash=item230a26ab51:g:T~oAAOSwoydWqBd~
  2. Well, i gues the best option would be Crites. Ask what price a single XO would be. A pair is close to 200$, so maybe about 100$.
  3. I forgot the Crites family, they sell new XOs. Although Bob Crites, the founder, passed recently, his son Michael carries on the torch. After Klipsch, they are the ones to turn to if you need spares or repairs and tips. Mail them: https://critesspeakers.com/
  4. Welcome to the forum! I asume "broken" as not working anymore. Have You checked eBay? Often parts turn up there. If You are handy with electronic repairs, just try to bridge broken conductor traces on your board. You can also look at the sales section of this forum, maybe a member is selling the part You need.
  5. Welcome to the forum! If You posted some pictures the guys can help you better with that identification. Usually the serieals are stenciled into the wood on the backside of the cabinets.
  6. @murad I bought these connectors for my Heresy E, which have the same terminals as Your Cornwall and they work well.
  7. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    I' not sure how much soldering you have to do on the Nixie as all resistors are SMD, as an amateur these are hard to solder. You probably just assemble greater components.
  8. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    The vita says that the owner of the page designed this amp and other gear himself. He´s an engineer and musician. He dosen´t reveal where he has his kit-parts produced. So you could say it´s "Made in Germany".
  9. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    Thanks! As always, it´s a matter of how much money you want/ can spend. Let´s see if more suggestions turn up.
  10. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    This is a DIY alternative, maybe: https://getaudio.eu/en/elekit-tu-8100-pcl86-single-stereo-tube-amplifier-diy-kit/ Two watts is barely adequate for the Heresy?
  11. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    Yep, price doubles for us...
  12. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    I was about to pull the trigger as well, but then thought it through once more and customs charges could be quite painful here in Germany. I will finish refurbishing my Heresies first and then maybe go down tube alley. Had a look at the DIY kits on Cube Depot, one can get those in Europe as well, also worth pondering.
  13. AndreG.

    Tubecube 7

    This is what Steve Guttenberg "The Audiophilliac" has to say about the Tube Cube 7/ Miniwatt N3:
  14. Had the CD-box in the mail today, used – the case is a bit battered but the discs themselves are fine. Great music, recording sounds even better on my big system. Thanks for another great suggestion George! @MicroMara and @Shiva for first posting. Next week i´ll order the live-recording of the concert in Royal Albert Hall.
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