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  1. I still got one as well, should turn it on more often. We might run into a problem here in old Europe, as production of classic lightbulbs has been stopped by EU law a feww years back. Every no and then i think to myself, i should put away some spares, before they run out of stock in Germany. What´s the situation in the States/ Canada?
  2. I feel with You, these might be good speakers, but then they are quite a drive away. Had the same thing with a receiver i was interested in lately.
  3. Flowerpots on speakers... I bet those cabinets will have some stains for shure. I´d be weary of a seller who treats their speakers as just another piece of furniture. On the other hand, if they are all good inside and sound right, the cabinets can always be fixed. Do You have a chance to listen to them before you buy?
  4. So, it finally turned out to be a Marantz SR6008, five years old and in almost pristine condition. The 4310 was too far away and someone else got to the 4308 first. Set up the Marantz yesterday, and, after some starting trouble, got it to run. So far sound is great already, wonder how much better it will get once i´m done. As Wuzzer pointed out, i don´t need all the high resolution stuff now, but this way i´m set for LED in the future.
  5. New sub-project. This is some of the wood for the risers i will make. They´ll be only around 10cm high, but it´s enough to raise the 1.5s to roughly ear-level on my computer desk. Parts on the left already received some oil.
  6. I´m in a pinch right now. I found two offers on Ebay. One is a Denon AVR 4310, missing the Audyssey mike and i´m also doubtful about all over it´s condition (haven´t seen it live yet, pictures online look rather shabby.). This one´s quite far for me to get to. It´s 300€ plus the mike for 40€ and about 11 years old. Then there is a AVR 4308. It seems to be in much better condition, although 13 years old, comes with everything and has all the firmware updates aviable from Denon. It´s closer to home and 210 bucks. Now, i´ve read that the 4310 is supposed to sound that much better then the 4308, really? Anyone with experience? I value this forums input, not shure how to proceed.
  7. Thanks for Your input Wuzzer and excuse my late reply. I did some hunting, but it´s quite difficult to find decent gear. You´d think there should be tons of stuff here in Berlin, but no. Either i won´t fit my needs or it´s overpriced. I almost got my hands on a Yamaha RX A2030, but then it turned out the guy was selling it for his friend and there was no way to listen to it and check, and hell yeah, for 500€ i want to test... I now found an offer for a Denon AVR-4306 wich seems decent. Any thoughts about that particular Denon?
  8. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Got interested in them when i read about them in the vinyl-thread, arrived yesterday: And this came in yesterday as well: Great records.
  9. Hello Guys, I thought for a while if i should start another thread asking about speaker/ receiver combinations - here we go again. I´ve been pondering about getting a new av-receiver for quite a while now and it was always the new stuff i thought about. Recently i had a chat with a local dealer and i told him i needed a receiver for a 5.1 set-up and it should be a universal model ( for there is a chance i might be moving from Germany to Japan in a few years.). He told me, why buy new? I still have a CRT-TV (last one made by Panasonic), so i won´t need the very latest UHD ect.. And once i move, i just keep my speakers and buy used again in Japan. As one of the possible choices he recommended the Marantz SR6010 which fits nicely with my budget. I want to drive RF3s, a RC3 and RS3s for HT and my Heresy Es for stereo. Power for stereo should be enough at about 180 Watts per chanel. I´m a little worried about HT, the 6010 will supply about 95 Watts with 8 Ohm speakers per chanel. Do You think the 6010 will be enough to feed the RF3s? Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Are there real, ernest people out there that buy "accessories" like this. Isn´t it obvious that this is Voodoo?
  11. AndreG.

    CD's at Amazon

    My sentiments exactly. I like to have my stuff in my shelves and not online, i can still export my music to more mobile formats if i want.
  12. @MicroMara, ok now i get it, get rid of the plasic assembly also. Thinking about it, this might also be the better asthetic solution. Never thought about that, thanks! André
  13. You like'em where they make the most impression.
  14. Those look fine, exept i will have to use thread adapters, because my original feet/spikes look like this: But i think, i saw those adapters on the Viablue site in the link You provided me with the other day. André
  15. Since we talk about spikes and other solutions; my RF3s came with the choice of spiked feet, or rubbered ones. I always wondered wich are "the better ones"? Personal preference? Or is one better than the other at decoupling the speakers from the floor? I have laminate boards on concrete as a floor in my living room. André
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