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  1. Thanks Thebes for the input, actually i was thinking about the capacitors as well, i´m also contemplating a replacement of the terminals. Is there anything i should keep my eye on, while looking up said terminals? Luckily, one of my co-workers is a carpenter and he agreed to help me with the woodwork.
  2. Hi Guys, thanks for Your kind welcome! I opened a new thread for my Heresy- project: Heritage Heresy Facelift
  3. Hello Forum, I have a pair of Heresys that were handed down from my uncle to my mother to me. From the labels i understand that they should be 1972 make and oiled walnut. As You can see, serials are not consecutive and, to me, baffling. Can somebody make a sembelance of meaning out of these? Cabinets are fine, just the veneer needs repair, its chipped in two places as You can see. I guess, the rest is mainly a matter of cleaning, sanding re-oiling, maybe waxing. I also want to make floorstands for them, found a template in the forum, great. And i have to rework the grills, the fabric is torn and one of the Klipsch- labels is missing. I haven´t opened them yet, but they do work, haven´t tested them to their linits either, don´t know if that would be a wise thing to do...? There are some other things i´ve got to get done first, but then these babies are next. Until then it´s going to be more research and maybe some good ideas from You guys. Andre
  4. My mother got a pair of Heresy E ´s ( in my dining room now), never noticed them much as a kid, they had always been there. Back in 1994 i was ready to spend my first own money on new speakers. A fellow E6 in my first unit, i talked to about it, happened to own Klipsch too, so took me to a local dealer and i got my KG 1.5s there. Had given those to my sister for severeal years until recently and am just "redicovering" them in my new workroom, hooked up to a Yamaha A-S201 and somehow the feeling i got when first listening to them in store ´94 came back.
  5. Hello fellow Klipsch- Owners, just signed up and wish to introduce myself to this forum. I live and work in Berlin/ Germany. I´m lucky to own several products by the Klisch Company, those beeing: • RF 3´s plus center, rear, surrounds and a sub; got these while I stayed with the German Air Force in El Paso TX. • A pair of KG 1.5´s, bought with my first own money. • A pair of Heresy E´s (mid 70s, my guess). These are family heirlooms of a sort, beeing passed from my uncle to my mother and then to me. When i´ve got the time i wish to restore both the 1.5 and the Heresy E. Andre
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