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  1. @Coytee Find one? Got a scarcely used Pixel 3a XL here that with the right case you wouldn't see the whatever it's called pale purple color. It's got a few payments left hit me up if interested.... no wuhan bug here or near here ever!! Not the fastest one out there but its good. Great batter life, not waterproof was on Google Fi or their cohorts T Mobile & Verizon off of wifi. SIM free or not or both.
  2. Some guy... cough, cough... Mike sent me one that sounds great. Have yet to hear it all in one sitting but that could be possible now. Didn't say he wanted tree-fitty but hinted I'd need more soon Been trying to get stuff done but my real brother is here helping out..... it seems to be taking longer, but good to have him around for a while.
  3. Thank You All so much. It's tough but not a surprise after the last year. Might have regrets but it's looking like I'll be up near Boone, Blowing Rock within the year. Couldn't handle the taxes here myself plus it's time to vacate this prejudiced town. Those exercises recently first thing in the am? Yea right... about six times in the first two weeks, off and on since. Without the caregiver job now I'll try that again. If you're in good shape you don't get as hot or as cold as when you're out of shape!
  4. We lost our mother today. Actually Heaven gained another musician. It stinks but we recognize that she has not been in any pain since this morning at 10:10. Got practical, legal and financial stuff to take care of real soon. A lady that has grown dear to us since she moved in across the street called earlier tonight to say something was left at the beginning of the drive here. Well New York City folks aren't all stereotypical. This one is loved after only a couple years here. Imagine that this is one way people from up there honor their friends. I can actually visualize Love springing from the Earth, blossoming, growing wings then off to HeavenšŸ˜„
  5. One more from a long haired city boy long time fan (back in the 70 - 80s)
  6. Winding down with a shot & a cube and some not too slow Fleetwood Mac: Perfect:
  7. Yes Sir: https://en.terencehill.com/index.php?sel=budterence
  8. Good Stuff @Full Range still like the Spaghetti Westerns even after the tenth time. Thanks for the tunes and the good times that tagged along with `em Mr. Charlie Daniels!
  9. "You can call me "George"" where's the tip of my hat smiley!
  10. Wow, sad day here might lower my flag although I'd have to jerry-rig it (no I don't hate jerrys) Late all four or five times I saw him but Fourth of July at New Smyrna or was it the Volusia County Fairgrounds or the Cabbage patch. Or a street festival downtown here, people would wait.. lots of people would wait to hear his story-telling to music. Bike Weeks could be a blur.... Living near the beach for `bout a decade was a blur. CDB was always good clean fun!! His genuine good character on display as he entertained all of us. The man was a true Southerner, nothing wrong with that. He knew right from wrong and unashamedly would speak up about it anytime with intelligent eloquence that enrages some. God Bless You & Yours Charlie
  11. That has been my shoeshine box full of stuff for about forty years now!! It's kinda thin but it is REAL cardboard
  12. While things are somber around here with my mother in her final days... my brother and I have had some memories we've brought up that have kept the past weeks from being plain awful. Seen good stuff pass through here and My Collection?? From what I think I'm keeping I've had to put early 70s softer harmonic stuff in my reconfigured closet. Lots of Poco came with the last group, Steve Winwood that I do remember some other stuff too. Now in the rack I did get some YES that I did not have before, some Who, Wishbone Ash and more from Hawkwind I got to check out. A couple look possibly like they are blues too. early and repeat Floyd, a much more clean DSotM Great year for vinyl here, not so much for our family C'est la vie really fits with this week. RIP Charlie Daniels You will always be loved by many around here!!
  13. Good Morning @Tarheel Is your TT behind the door under the Prima Luna? If I ever made it over there you would have a hard time getting me to leave one of those zero-gravity recliners!! To understate it, nice listening area!
  14. @MicroMara nice rockin' and funky-rock and the pre-disco Atlantis I'm hearing! & here I go with the other from that deal I got most recently. It's a rehashed and thrashed quickly pressing of an old recording that is just..... Just as good as someone here said it was a couple months ago! Quiet with resounding bass, clear highs and "aeroplanes up in the sky" Literally shames my early 90s cd of this recording but can't play Mother & Goodbye Blue Sky all together. Easy trade-off, this sounds terrific!
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