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  1. Woodwinds & Brass, especially the saxophone are always nice
  2. Thank You Paul, if I'm lucky maybe I can get them all done before 2021!! As for the recharge: the first Heart LP I bought was this one.. not exactly this one... I wore the first one out. Bought it for "Barracuda" & "Kick it Out" Love it 40 years later for the other excellent music on it.
  3. A recharge is what I need, and will get soon, more to follow. Fedex came early today, it's almost 10pm now and I just got to open this up... The gauge of that cord handles some amperage, can't put it on the extension cord. I''l be doing close to professional LP cleaning soon.
  4. The year? Just one? Didn't know it could be narrowed down like that!
  5. Know all that brass sounds good at your place @Full Range ! @Dave1290 Yep music at the dentist, all of the above played in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Muzak or the channel of it that he had quit buying the records when the 80s came out!
  6. Think I read they had 135mph winds and called it a bomb cyclone. Need PWK at times like this...... bs, think it's called a post tropical cyclone that far north with snow instead of rain, did it get a name? Cat 4 hurricane up north! Good grief. Seen one blizzard in my lifetime and I'm glad it went to 40 F the next day. March `04... 28" in the flat spot in the middle of the patio. Had to step on the coffee table to climb out of the sliding glass door `cause around the houses, cars, bushes it was four feet and more deep. Thunder, lightning and 55 mph wind that even hit Cape Hatteras that day! 14 here yesterday morning, didn't break 30, today we will!
  7. Gotta test the motor, rest of the stuff gets here Wednesday they've got 1.5 gallon jugs of distilled for sale several places around so have to pick up a few and get started while it's too nippy for most anything outside for me. Got the first three candidates lined up already two new to me and the first mfsl I ever got. Hope the ultrasonic doesn't interfere with the wifi
  8. Are those beans dried 'naturally" like just in the sun without being washed? That's close to being the honey process where the shell is taken off but that's it, the mucilage is left on (like the brittle thin stuff around a roasted peanut). That is terrific when started with good beans, got a 6 oz sample put in my last order of coffee and been on it for the last four days... will end tomorrow drat!
  9. You guys would laugh at me being cold when I took the trash out at 6:30 this morning. It's 60F in the house at nighttime and I went outside in my sweatpants and a tshirt when it was 20F. I've got to tell you that I'm still pretty quick!
  10. Well, I'll have to play the keepers! Janis huh? She covered the airwaves here a decade later in `79 Now this gals voice grabbed me when I heard them on tv doing spring break or something in the rain at the beach. Not saying there is any comparison except in female and the emotions expressed!
  11. So plans got changed, some LPs will be here Saturday when the previously scheduled trip happens. Doesn't sound like it will even be a whole crate, but I'm going to ask if he's just planning on putting a stack in the front seat just to put a crate upright open to the back and put the seat belt on it! The spinner got here from Baton Rouge this morn, just need the tub and the tergikleen to arrive!
  12. Heck Yea! My original pressing still sounds ok, and ya know what? I always noticed it was heavier than a lot of the other records I had. Some of these re-releases are really primo.
  13. Not really I'd call it self-imposed brainwashing, not with admonishment though. It is on the individual to make behavioral changes.
  14. Yep I searched for it and it looks like it earned the Rocky in the name!
  15. Glad you mentioned that, the one I talked about won't quite go fine enough to make expresso.
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