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    "Don't tell me my cabling is snake oil unless you've made direct comparisons yourself and couldn't discern the difference." And if you can't?.... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. & like the song that was my answer: I don't know But I've been told If you keep on dancing You'll never grow old
  2. I always thought your avatar was:
  3. @MicroMara Got mine new and disregarded the "Digitally Recorded" or whatever it was sticker on it. After listening to a couple tunes I started reading the cover and realized that Saga had made a very clean sounding live record! So no problems with mine either. Hope you heard the last song on that Down on the Farm LP... "Feel the Groove" is right up your alley... Rich, low vocals and about as funky as they ever got! The above song is from a few of the survivors of the Skynyrd plane crash.... they had left SC to fly down south and they did not observe a stringent flight readiness protocol.
  4. Have that on a cd @Full Range only other LP right now of theirs is a great 70s recording like the MTB above. It's playing now, y'all can listen with me kind of "Six Feet of Snow" 🎵
  5. And that is a well done live record too!
  6. Oft-mistaken for southern rockers RIP George!
  7. JohnJ

    Food Porn

    Eat grapefriut or drink real unaltered juice. It will eat the cholesterol out of you!! Swear to God it works, and you might need the tip if you don't know about it
  8. JohnJ

    Food Porn

    I'm pulling this taco up on my phone and sending it to my brother!
  9. Melody Ann Unto These Hills the title track The original copy of this that I have... a cutout early version?..... I don't think there would ever be a remaster. There is no need for it!!
  10. JohnJ

    Food Porn

    Especially with the slaw made at home instead of the mystery minced stuff.
  11. Appreciate that Paul! Same genre... supposedly but when you listen to this particular Marshall Tucker It's more than just country- rock or southern-rock. You'd have to listen to the whole thing. My favorite MTB record.
  12. JohnJ

    Food Porn

    Dang. Are you a chef too @sunburnwilly? Or just love to eat and learned how to fix it?
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