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  1. JohnJ

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I always took the automatic tonearm lift for granted! That would be a luxury now @Full Range
  2. Good luck with that tag team of transporters @WillyBob these good folks here have made some really nice gestures towards you on that!
  3. My sub out is round kind of like an xlr but different. So guessing it hooks up to a self powered sub.
  4. When I play Low Budget the bass in Superman comes from both sides very well. Now if that's above 45hz I'm covered!
  5. @Shakeydeal I use the A for high the B for bass, but they are banana plug connectors. If I was using twisted wire still think I could do that.
  6. How do you guys deal with a sub ? How does one replicate both channels properly. My amp has a single connector for a sub so it could do something about all that. Just think I might need a right and a left sub and that's too much stuff around the room.
  7. I've appreciated your opinion since the few days I lurked before joining. I remember someone wanting to get some Delgado badges made. I for one would gladly pay for and put on the front of my Forte IIIs because these are great for their size, sound quality and that 99db/watt sensitivity! Haven't been exposed to the KI-396 or Jubes but that would make my admiration several degrees more serious I'm sure! I'm starting to question my sanity, put on a second qt of coffee.
  8. Dang, yours are great cosmetically and the mods are too. Logistics are the stickler since you're about 800 miles away!
  9. @Maximus89 the F3s do that low volume with full detail and their range very well, better than the H2s did. @Shakeydeal Thank You. If this actually goes through I will have to force myself to part with the Forte IIIs. If Carl was closer or intent on this, I love the look of those and trust what he's said about them! Think he was just doing that in jest. If @Maximus89 just made a veiled offer I'd have to consider. You would then, have the next "bite" here. I'll pm you if/when I'm done re-arranging the whole den, emptying my stereo cabinet and moving it too. There, that's plan a, b and c. I've read about caulking and dynamat to level the output of the three drivers. I know that both ALK or Crites can achieve more balance for the LS with their reapective products. That would come into play before any cosmetic work would need to be done. I'm sure I'd be smiling for weeks just plugging them in here anyhow!
  10. JohnJ

    NHL Playoffs

    I am, but the Lightning haven't played playoff hockey recently....they had their chance. Stamkos & Kucherov ...... I've seen the damage they can do. Vasilevskiy has been off lately. All in for the Golden Knights, think they can get through the cap's D.
  11. These were out about a foot or more, and they were obviously impressive to me. Thanks for the input. Found a bunch of La Scala threads here the last few days.
  12. Not yet, didn't take any. They aren't pretty like the reddish golden one above in TX. They aren't dented, scratched or anything either. Dam&it ovi @1:02. I will do crossovers not sure which yet if I get these. Dynamat on the outside of the horn throat?
  13. Looks smoked too, goes well with the grille!
  14. Beautiful, that would match the walls in the den, like the floor in there too. Wood is Good.
  15. Dude there is hardly any playing time on these, he's a musician. Told me after doing that all day long for years he wasn't fired up to listen to music when he got home. This fella got these when he had a chance with connections to get them at cost back then. After viewing and hearing them these are cherry!