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  1. @babadono I turned 16 that year never even went to a dead show until the 80s. I did see, hear & experience Jerry G! My birthday night third week in June it was still like 95+ after dark and humid with the magnolia smell everywhere and sticking to you. Right after dark my two buds tricked me and dumped several dots into my hand, they did theirs but where did mine go? I'll stop there. Didn't hang with them much after that. Did run into *om in Atlanta a decade later he still thought of it as a triumph, and got a good laugh out of it.
  2. Guess I should have let you know the name of that color is what made me laugh. Nice shade of grequoise? Maybe that's one of the colors in a macro shot of one of those dragonflies in bright July sunshine. My bedroom is a lightened taupe, it was a stock interior color at Bennie Moore last decade. Sherwin Williams 6253 Olympus White is the pc room.
  3. Might not be the case but... Is your secret dietary? Less fried foods, more lean meat, more fruits & veggies. Good clean water. There's something to it! And not bingeing on any one fad for this month and another for the next. My brother is seven years younger and he does that and has a beer gut without the joy of beer. For cardio reasons that's sometimes called the widow-maker. The bonehead won't contemplate the issue when it's brought up by me. Nature is a balance, and we're part of it if you think about it! Not a greeny but some knowledge / philosophy can combine to our benefit.
  4. I just stretched backwards a little past what I'm allowed. Trying to make two moves on the ladder for one wall. They aren't as bad as when it started back in 08 or 09. & I don't have to do those contortions every time anymore... but it must be a forever thing like bursitis or any of the other things we just get dealt! Actually wonder if I ate to much blotter or dots that one summer in 1979. Maybe I'm getting microburst half-life flashbacks. & it was:
  5. Hey @dtel the grey room with the desk? That's a weird color, very white base with five shots of black and one of " new green" @Dave1291 feel better man! It took a shot of Elijah Craig barrel proof and I'm relaxed and much better. Step ladders and a vertigo attack stink, so I held on and listened to my Blue Oyster Cult earlier!
  6. Hey there, welcome to the forums! It takes a little bit after you join before everything become available to ya. *Try typing the individuals name with an @ in front of it. You will see the choices pop up in a menu then click the correct one. They will be notified!
  7. Things are starting to come together here. Been busy with everything at the same time which means it takes longer. Can't control the legal cr*p, wish I could. Anyone interested in a 3BR, 1.5 Bath 1400 sq ft on .41 acre in the South Side of Charlotte? Complete with deer, bunnies, red tail hawks, coyotes sometimes, brown eagles... on display at any given time!
  8. Our Sticky Red Glistening lumbo was $30 when I started all of that in `78 I think. Acapulco Gold was $40 though, and worth every penny. Christmas tree stuff came way later on.
  9. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    Love the "No Quarter" cover! As for me? I was dancing again earlier, strange yea I know, but... Certain R&R tunes do it to me, some bands (UFO) have several that I just can not be still listening to Here's the culprit!
  10. JohnJ

    Food Porn

    Interesting combination of ingredients. The guitar above is nice too
  11. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    & the rundown opine is: @billybob I recall that one from the transistor radio days. Thanks for the deja-vu! @MyOwn Mr. Finley puts his all into that one. And darnit the blues come from those experiences that a lot have had. I'll admit to having my ----s charmed off of me before that led to a year or longer of abuse that I took... just because... Then Chris Cornell could have been better known as the greatest rock & roll singer in a long time but he checked out & I teared up! Have You Ever Felt Like?
  12. That's tough @dtel and bet it smelled good working on the cedar.
  13. No humidity here since this morning today either! Check this out, I opened up and it'd dried out and heated up the air inside nicely!
  14. Stuck in the house waiting on a phone call to do with the estate It's been not so bad recently except for the storage of stuff, spent a lot of evenings vegging out in front of the tv recently. Watched some strictly for entertainment stuff and get to see some of the plays, from my hockey team on the NHL app that came preinstalled with the Roku. Even got a couple condensed games, but hate watching a game when I already know the outcome except the Cup Finals from 2006!! Finished up a kind of silly sci-fi/mythological series from down under called "the Amazing Johnsons" the other night. Caught the first "30 Coins" that seemed like pretty good suspense but the cheesy special effects at the end of that has kept me from going back to it. Now it's "Half Worlds" on hbomax I started last week... interesting stuff, a little gory.
  15. Yea I did not notice those palms and the Polynesian looking geometrics the last time the tiki bar got published here. Cool. A dremel or a big pocket knife?
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