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  1. Well me too Chris,except after having mine all these years I'll dig out the putty, find the screws then replace the drivers and crossovers to make them Heresy IIIs!!!
  2. Nicely done appraisal of your equipment / experience. Especially for your first post here. Welcome to the community @ceiber!
  3. What's The World Coming To---

    Luisas near Park Rd shopping center here !!!!!! They have got a clay oven big enough to bake one of those frigidaire sized cars!
  4. What's The World Coming To---

    Godfathers was where I had my first and best pan pizza, nobody else has done it right since. What's with 1 tbsp of pizza sauce on the whole med (it's called large now) pie? Pasqualies was killer inn the early 70s, Shakees too. A whole in-law family of Italian from Boston I was affiliated with loved Papaginos, I like dough under my pie, not a cracker! Palermos has been pretty good from the freezer, good flavor, but the toppings have dwindled the last couple years.
  5. Understanding THD in tube amplifiers

    Yep, and it's always nice to get to the root of the issue!
  6. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    I've got vta again and azimuth now, never had that on a tt before. Styli have always looked perpendicular to the cart when I got them. Don't care for the shiny on the 1Xpression but I'll be ok Should be leaps & bounds better for this discerning (picky) fella. I've seen those uTurn since I started refurbishing the stereo last fall, they do look nice!
  7. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    That problem tt is outta here...... Thank y'all for your ideas and suggestions!
  8. Understanding THD in tube amplifiers

    Ditched that tt, got some $ back and a deal on a better one and a preamp. Thanks for all the ideas folks!
  9. Jubilee Clones -

    If only I'd seen this a few months ago. Very nice Justin, a little more compact than Jubes with the big Horn on top!

    You guys having a blast down there? Got your tune on for you @dtel. Something from my 1970s happens to be in there!! lumbo or gold I cannot tell.
  11. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    I know that took some effort to get it calibrated after constructing. I won't be doing that, but was thinking of disconnecting the amp internally. That tear-down on youtube shows a stacked pcb where the switch is on the back, so couldn't see the preamp. All in time. It sounds decent as is, I've got that bug and want it better. Sounds great with that iTube2 will hook that up again and chill.
  12. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    Hey @Full Range If I recall correctly you said that you made that incredible tonearm on your rad turntable..correct? Seriously thinking of "removing" that preamp permanently from the signal path. My warranty is up in a week, resale value isn't enough. a Rega 3 or Pro-Ject Classic isn't cheap and i'd still have to pickup another phono preamp!!!! Top it off if it wasn't for that I'd still be pleased with this chunky kinda masculine appearing tt. Thinking F it, remove that from the circuit, practice soldering again on something benign with wires in it. when I'm comfortable with it - do it. Asking, ot obviously if I took pics of the guts if you think you would be able to help me identify that preamp circuit. **googled found a teardown review. Had an offer of $150 for it. Ticked off and will consider.

    Happy Birthday dtel, you've contributed a lot of useful knowledge and experience here that has helped more than you know. I'll find that old Beatles record with the song on it and blast it on my Forte IIIs for ya!
  14. Understanding THD in tube amplifiers

    Good thought but no, all this equipment except the dinosaur cassette have the new type plugs. We outfitted the house with those kind of sockets a decade ago. Stereo is on one of the three pronged outlets that are actually prevalent here.
  15. Understanding THD in tube amplifiers

    Found the issue and I've decided how to remedy it for now. My turntable that I read about at an audiophile site that "Someone at Audio Technica" told him "totally removed the internal preamp from the signal path in this AT-LP5 as opposed to the previous AT-LP120" DOES NOT function that way. After Plan C produced a much worse humming / buzzing I called Audio Technica here. The tech gave me that info. The Pro-Ject Tube Box DS produced a massive increase in S/N ratio set at the middle of three choices compared to the first two. That increase accounts for hearing more of the issue I suppose. Sometime in the future I might replace the whole tt setup but right now I will return an iTube2 to the signal path. The hum/buzz it created I did have to turn it up more to distinguish. In a year I might try to part with the analog side of things here unless someone makes me an offer!