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  1. Huh? We got a half inch of sleet, enough freezing rain for some icicles, then four or five inches blowing at 50 mph for a couple hours. And I'm at least 400 miles south of you. Roads are clearing better today and it is halfway gone now though. Yours will stay longer since you don't warm up as much. We'll hit 45 today!
  2. Just talked with my bambi provider. He's laughing at me right now, said sear it in a pan with oil, s & p. The put in the oven. So I'm going with that and putting any other flavors in the wild rice!
  3. Thawing a couple pounds of bambi back strap today. Thought I could cook it tonight, but drats. Not knowing what would happen weatherwise I tuned the temps in the fridge and freezer way down Saturday. Put it back to normal yesterday but it won't thaw until tomorrow now. Any others consume venison in here? Not going to make bacon to use that to cook it on the stove in cast iron. Cant grill, mine is three hundred miles from me with the rest of my stuff. Olive oil is my standby but might go with butter since rice will be under the meat on the plate. Might go mushrooms and burgundy, could do a sauce with that.
  4. Dang, `morning bud. You are turned around worse that I was from laying down with a headache a few night ago at 8pm then waking at 2 am, 6-8 hrs is usually what I'll sleep a night. When I was young 4-6 was the best I ever got, being in demand like I was then!
  5. That one rivals the Chrysler Building in NYC as being one of the only ones that could host those first Ghostbuster characters. Definitely cool.
  6. Yes. I've always twisted the strands the same way they were inside the cover. Could just be me or that it made it easier to get the wire into the socket. When I rebuilt my stereo a couple years ago I looked into non traditional wiring. Read that stranded wire can introduce crosstalk or some other distortion. That stroked my ego and validated my deductive reasoning on that. But it could have been their way of justifying the cost increase on their solid copper wiring!
  7. Ahh Haaa You've got it bad Mr DJ. And have turned into all of our worst enemies, the dreaded, back-seat driving, blitzed out of his mind, listens to no one until ejected The Turner-Upper!
  8. So the sun came out and radar has cleared. Just the other side of GA off I-85 seems like this berg gets winter stuff more than north of the NC line on the same highway. Half inch of sleet, then a little freezing rain and several hours of light snow. If your southern you'll get the never outgrowing the excitement from a snow forecast. Older now, I prepped for losing power if that rain had come first... does make the neighborhood look better! They didn't make it to the church this morning.
  9. Good job there! Some expensive things I get shipped to me don't even get packed half as well to protect the objects.
  10. Get Out some of that black labelled Jeff Beck and jam on it! You know which one I'm talking about @Dave1291. Or that one ELP record that just floored me with my newer sub hooked up. There are just too many to choose from that getting down to 18hz was just mind-blowing to me! Jeff's most recent bassist... Tal? Bet she'd sound better now with your new improved setup!
  11. And the rest of that release is even better "Lotus Blossom" right after that was the one that caused me to get that one recorded!
  12. I get that, and that's what made me decide when I was 16 with the very light in the rear Charger to be slower and steady. I would look ahead and actually run stop signs and red lights on the way to work if I could to keep from getting stuck! Don't recommend that to anyone incapable of being cognizant of the particular intersection and cops around.
  13. Hey Paul, along with the JLP this guy was on the air a lot and plays a mean saxophone. Still good on a Sunday also!
  14. FL & TX are where to be now-a-days for business, taxes, health and cost of living. In the 90s my income went up 20 + % just from reduced taxation. Not sure how long it will hold true though. Both kinds of coyotes came to CLT the last couple of decades. Some folks in the "proper" zip codes had their precious coiffured pets out overnight unattended and would wake to evidence of malfeasance. Now if we could get the weatherman to get back to his job instead of doing dc crap. Ever seen two hours of "Heavy Rain" look like this? It ain't pretty here but it's shelter for now. Got up at 2 to hit the head and man that rain was loud on the windows on the e se side!
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