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    "Don't tell me my cabling is snake oil unless you've made direct comparisons yourself and couldn't discern the difference." And if you can't?.... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. Noticed that recently. No biggie, just something numerical with amount of posts or likes. With your hunger for the how and why and that first thread documenting your fascinating RF-7-MK IIs you're closer than you'd think to it! Heck you haven't even been hanging out here a year yet have you? Blood Sweat & Tears.... I had just forgotten how complex their music was with the brass, the funk, & the rock in perfect harmony. The airwaves left me behind sometime twenty years ago with the noise they were playing. BS&T weren't on them anymore anyhow like they were when I had the radio on six hours a day every day. Those impeccable Russians doing the Chicago tunes had one of theirs up at youtube last year then I got a couple with my boatload. Cleared the cobwebs a little! Positive and happy uplifting tunes!
  2. Kind of like that YES album from last week @Full Range "Tales From ...."
  3. I've listened to all three recently. Do you recall the theme of the trio?
  4. Think you will enjoy It has some beautiful music in there!
  5. Alright I'm still on the butterfly LP!
  6. I enjoy "Untold Passion" more. You?
  7. Think I'll stick with Carlos for the rest of the afternoon! Mellow, excellent guitar and nothing top40 about it AT ALL! This one's cover is still pretty foil but before it got aged sure it was magnificent! What's inside still is!
  8. Ordered more coffee today Guatemala Pacamera. Geeze after your pics above I've been fighting making a second pot... `bout to relinquish and do it! Zoning out on Santana today!
  9. Looks like you've got a second kilo as a backup... I doubt you ever run out of those necessities @dirtmudd!
  10. You're living it up today huh Mike?
  11. I've had that before and like it a lot! Yea I still go to ours for gasoline at least once a month. But shopping for one is so different than what I've ever done. Especially when you're talking warehouse sized. I'll look the next time I'm down there and plan ahead to use it wisely.
  12. In the early 70s all the stars got infatuated with gurus. At least it was all about Love back then. It's hatred that they most embody so well now-a-days
  13. Was going to fry some Prosciutto and have some cheese with it followed by those very sweet white figs a couple of weeks ago. Ya know the salty and the sweet with the mozzarella too? It was $24.00 for six ounces of the stuff at the store I was at. Had it with bacon instead!
  14. Ah so Flank steak huh? Nice grandma! * & I'd bet that is $45.00 worth of prosciutto!
  15. Meatballs and Capicola around some kind of stuffing? & throw it on some fettuccini ? That's going to be a good dinner!
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