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  1. Not their best song, but... This does help with the pressure... with 800W behind it!
  2. That pork looks better than mine today. But I'm good... baked some thin chops in lipton onion soup, made mashed potatos and peas... had coffee & pear halves with a blob of mayo and a little grated cheddar on top for dessert. @grasshopper Made a big difference with my old sealed Heresy IIs. You can take that to the bank. Even though they didn't fit in a corner like K-Horns do it seemed to amplify both the spl and imaging some. I did not like them off the ground even though I tried it a couple times. It impeded their good sound pressure. Always liked my L & R to be as far apart as possible so I gravitate to the corner placement. The RP600s are more than 2' off the ground to get their sound past obstacles to the back wall. Just pulled the sweet spot all the way back to this side of the room since I usually sit at the desk and they line up with my shoulder height well.
  3. Saw it, remembered them... Voila! Setzer's got it !
  4. Close @Dave1291! Swore there was a version... maybe by our local station for our Catawba River & city in those aforementioned 70s! Marchand wouldn't have been allowed in, and making faces like he was a couple nights ago
  5. Does he Button & Tuck hot-rod interiors on the side? Not that I'd laugh after hearing that! Interesting treatment.
  6. Bought a small tube of something called Turgikleen at amaz a few years ago. Sure the $ is scary now. Following directions it was great, did not use the distilled except in the cleaner. Rinsed with warm water in the sink with zero residue. Dried with clean soft towels and that treatment kept the vinyl quiet up till I packed it away two years later!
  7. That whole LP was on repeat where I lived until the next GREAT LP came out. Late 70s R&R won't suffer competition from any other era! I just can not find the version that I know, but the bruins get it tonight! Oh NO they didn't, and haven't in over five years down here !!! "Love that Dirty Water..... Charlotte You're My Home!! Ours was just red clay mud dirty not polluted. Y'all got beat down! 4-1
  8. naaa, just interchange them a bit! Ringo's Goodnight Vienna short song
  9. That was "The" car chase for a few years, silly and still the biggest. "Ronin" with a former favorite actor of mine was better. "C" is for Chase This one has way less rocket launchers and guns than the other chase in the flic!! * Plus the first wrong-way chase I'd ever seen... talk about vehicular choreography!
  10. Three? It should only take that long back and forth. But with those youngins swerving three and four lanes over? Without even a turn signal?(what are those sticks sticking out of the wheel?) Sometimes they just get run over. Must be every time I'm on I-85 the last couple years. Not a cloud in the sky today several wrecks on the way up. Northbound was closed for a big-un on the way back. Then the 20 min from the hwy to the hood... That road was closed with lots of blue lights up around the bend. My lungs are clear, just the sinus' snot left now.
  11. In my neighborhood... early teen years we played pigs & freaks... not cops & robbers!
  12. Besides Sterno, refried beans or "Goin' up the Country" from Woodstock ? I'm at a loss dude. *Police Cruiser coming down the road?
  13. It was just a bowl of oatmeal + OJ for several days. Had to continue my supplements if I couldn't eat right. Pasta and garlic bread were so good today... now it's dirty dishes and laundry for several hours. & refill the Luzianne jug
  14. Well without sausage it's not greasy. Tomatos, garlic, olive oil in the Fettuccini are healthy!
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