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    "Don't tell me my cabling is snake oil unless you've made direct comparisons yourself and couldn't discern the difference." And if you can't?.... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. Yes It Is !! Baba Yaga is on the Way!!
  2. "pulled out" some more that I've got and miss. Been over a few hours today, so not entirely coherent... but totally rock! RIP They're different now but UFO's still got it as of this in 2011: Steve, Joe, Brad, Tom & Joey:
  3. Pulled the pro speakers out a little the other day. The 1/4" felt pad arrived for the rug that's not here yet, put it down. Mids to lows seem more solid, just a little, the sound absorption brought the separation and "presence" into distinction. Pulled the sub into the mix, low pass at 36 then 32Hz now 30. Vol at -24 up from -38 as before. Listening levels have gone up. Made it past the bass interruption, Xanadu is on and my music is more like normal, except better now! Love the way the mids & highs emulate a LaScala!
  4. Nearby creek? Saw copperheads the same place I saw moccasins when I was a kid.
  5. Like 4 ohm K-48s!! Guys I wasn't going for that punch line & throwing it at y'all with that well known video. It was Jack's detailed what, how & why that I thought fit in with prior comment on the right that got me here.
  6. We're not far from coliseums and big cats right now. God Help Them. I've heard some of the hymns he and his groups did. Atlanta Rhythm Section did a lot, but in the South back then it was more prevalent than now.
  7. OK @ClaudeJ1 Think I comprehend you a little more now having good KP-301s in a small environment. Now just need Danleys, love my cheapo hybrid monos with the rusky tubes!
  8. That whole LP is alright! I put it in your LP thread a few years ago when I got it through the ultrasound and found it was a good listen!
  9. Geeze the solar flares from the third one on are amazing @sputnik
  10. Hey now be careful guys... I've seen @ClaudeJ1 as he's spoken with experience and with proof to back it up. I think he might be holdin' back right now...
  11. Went from 1500 RPM cruising (`73 Charger just purring down the road doing 90mph) To three grand in a truck getting on the highway. Now let's get to the dragstrip with that V-8 350 Vega with the big slicks on the back end! Have come up with almost all of AC/DCs best LP live after msft wiped all my bookmarks from my rig, most were the truth about that germ )*&%#%re from a couple years ago. Ignorance from someone in diapers back then is the only way I could see that rage was superimposed over the vid. Maybe they think the music is angry? Nope not this band! These guys were not at all about that!
  12. That's good! I'd steer clear of snakes that look like those. Now a Chinese Water Dragon? He was sooo cool until the day he got out of his aquarium and could run 30mph+ on his back legs around that house! They aren't herbivores either! Have teeth like you'd expect from a dragon. You have to buy little white mice for them to hunt and eat!
  13. Yellow Touches Black... Jump Back! Yellow Touches Red... You're Dead!
  14. @Dave1291 It'll get here before mine does... This will have to tide me over!! DOM ROCKS!! He does those raunchy guitar riffs like Joe Perry did long ago!
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