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  1. The Stagg Jr #16 will get opened soon! Know it's hot like I don't usually have... but it's that or the 12 year Weller's! Underwriters are waiting on figures from the title company so it's a done deal. Had to borrow about a third of the cost... So I did pretty darned good since everything has more than doubled in the past 2 years! Got to set a lot of things up in the near future. Plugged my PC in for 5 minutes when I was last at my storage bin. It had been almost 6 months. The SSDs were supposed to keep the data for a year but I didn't want to push it.
  2. I'm positive those will sound great @dirtmudd!!
  3. Rub it in Paul. (pun intended) I've seen pics of you modeling a couple hats so I know it's true. Could be those Mediterranean genes helping out with that!
  4. He must have been hungry after running around town like a teen!
  5. Hello stranger, you've got him pegged. Of course he did something that they'll use a lot of words to convince gullible people isn't wrong.
  6. Bruce, I've got too much gray in not enough hair to be called young anything anymore.
  7. "I said wait, stop a minute I said now don't, go too far I said wait, stop a minute Cause I really really really got to have you" I'm just hanging out waiting on the now slow underwriters working since 11/9 on my newer, not hypothetical situation.
  8. Tigers will get a bowl game out of this ho-hum season. Maybe next decade
  9. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Alright George, that one is pretty good though. The first Van Halen was played over and over by everyone that I knew the year it came out. We had never heard anything like it with our exposure being what it was. Their first two concerts in town were sold out fast and standing room only at the coliseum!
  10. Only if you keep trying to convert me politically and into a Bucks fan🤣
  11. And my boys finally made it into the list. Ah heck.
  12. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Hi @AndreG. good later Tull there! Think I've said before here that I can not go too long without some Jethro Tull myself. The drive back up to VA the other day was rain and very heavy rain the whole way. Had this and then the Allman Brothers "Beginnings" playing the entire way up. Played each twice before changing because I wasn't changing CDs until I was stopped for a wreck or some other slowdown.
  13. Homemade linguini with sauce as a side dish every holiday when I had an Italian as my other half with twenty nearby relatives
  14. Aerosmith's "Rocks" did it to me the year it came out... think "Cat Scratch Fever" did it the year earlier too! * I was 6 when that record came out, didn't know about Crimson until the 80s
  15. Well off and on for the past couple of months I do. Tonight... back in my hometown, Charlotte, got to search my storage bin for estate paperwork that isn't iny lock-box. Need more paperwork for the $$ Look what came while I was typing!!
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