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    Don't tell me my cabling is snake-oil unless you've compared your ofc 12g and others DIRECTLY to the same and can't tell the difference!
    If you can't... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. Geeze half a world away and it's all the same. Late 70s, at the bottom of my street 1/8 mile south they went to South High School, we all went to another. Theirs was the more prestigious locale. The rich kids two miles east went to a third hs. On the boulevard nearby across from the Pizza Hut and the Taco Bell where the McDonalds and HollyFarms Fried Chicken were was the parking lot where all the cruising emanated from. 90 cent gasoline, 16 year olds with big blocks. Every clique hated the other unless they were hooking up, then it was on. Same stuff as the fifties movies happened, it was just our era.
  2. I'm still lost in here: It takes me way back * heck LSD is on this one!
  3. That's just me @dtel I love the spicy stuff but it doesn't love me anymore!! My guts have been ruined since they swapped out my dead liver. Heck more than that too but I'm still misbehavin'. I'm hooked on these ripe jalapenos now for the past few months, suckers have about three times the scovilles of the green ones and I can't quit `em. Ate a raw habanero once, won the $20 bill but it hurt. If I eat those red j a p s in the evening I have to eat a couple of those chalky calcium/magnesium rolaids....I still call `em maalox even though that brand is long gone.
  4. His stuff before Bu Bu Bu Bennie & the Jets and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was his best imo but I had those two 45s when they came out! And I recall that best of cover from when I first started my LP collection. Good one @dirtmudd is that index card from a news story? or even if you added that, that's a good post!
  5. Lost? You've been pilfered, those were the best of the bunch!
  6. Apparently it's a nasty night in the TX, AR and crossing the MS area. Take cover and be safe folks.
  7. WOW! That is some kind of a boil with probably andouille in there with the spicy crawfish! I'd be hitting the antacid after a short while, unless a brew could calm it for me.
  8. The Debussy I've heard on the piano my whole life has always been treasured. Any drawbacks to the digital recording @Tigerman? Have a couple of LPs that are digital but the music is totally different from the demanding aspects of an orchestral movement. Your system/s could probably be adjusted to overcome any issues though!
  9. SVS SB-3000 It has the controls of their expensive ones, lots of oomph to it, clean tight bass that mates with the sounds my Klipsch make. My rig is just music. If you consider that brand (or more Klipsch) there is a member here that I can not recommend enough that carries both: @MetropolisLakeOutfitters Check the sub threads and garage sale here though folded horn subs would probably sound much better to me, I just don't own a woodworking shop or even have good clamps anymore to build a kit.
  10. Bass would be better with H3s and a good sub or two I'm sure. I doubt that the new Heresy could make the smooth midrange & imagery that the Forte III can. I got the bug for deeper bass and ended up getting a sub myself recently and I love it. It was the second one I've tried in the last year, the first detracted from what I think is a terrific sounding bass from the F3. So be judicious about what you pair with them. Does your wiring have a low resistivity to it? I like the aesthetics of your room but I'd wager the home theater folks here would suggest some more or different textiles in there too. You have landed both feet deep into it, there are a myriad of answers to your query grasshopper!🙏
  11. Hi @Fredzz0rs, Welcome to the forums! I'll have to look at my spec sheet again, but they might have to come out from the wall a little more to better utilize the 15" passive on the back. Thin sounding and seeing the tube amp there seems odd to me. Play something with pronounced bass in it at that normal low listening level. Peek around behind one of those F3s, hear all that bass? Pull them out some more and it will come out into your room. I see the doorways on each side but maybe it's possible? If you are using one set of speaker cables those jumpers (at the wiring inputs) are intact aren't they? Another tidbit is that these excel at reproducing lifelike midrange, and with the tweeter and mid being horn loaded that might be more pronounced than what your used to. You've mentioned the imaging already and I love that about my F3s! Here it is: "For optimal low-bass performance, it is recommended the loudspeaker be placed within 2 to 10 inches of the back wall." That is quoted directly from the manual. and every listening area is different, so play with your positioning and you will be able to hear the difference in the different ones. Have fun!
  12. Beautiful and 90 outside and I haven't made it `cause of kitchen and laundry chores. Gotta bleach, scrape, wirebrush, then rustoleum fish oil prime the wrought iron outside. Then it takes three coats of the white alkyd to cover that brick red primer. Nothing else does the job right. It's time. Believe I owe you some vinyl after all my recent Stanley Cup talk @Full Range Nothing else gets me through my chores like Teddy! Replaced the high mileage original LP last year but kept it's cover.
  13. My legs are as long as they need to be... but they only keep the top of my noggin 5'8" off the ground. Always got me volunteered for all the construction/destruction work in the tight spots. & having experienced those pristine LaScala up at the lake last year myself... they ruined me also, my F3's ceased to totally satisfy like they had until I went 2.1 recently.
  14. This repertoire from last night is what I used to hear changing the radio stations whenever taking a road trip. And Billy's stuff, when I put one on I just have to bring out the other, then the next one...
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