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  1. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    That's funny @jazzer They don't look too great, and I put a few big rocks in each so the H2s wouldn't make them walk around. Looking at craigslist and yard sales when I'm out early on Saturdays I'll find something more suitable eventually but for now it's no biggie, silver spoons aren't needed here either.
  2. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    @Full Range Don't we all !! Forgot to mention that until recently I didn't comprehend your signature. I've experienced that so-in-so now and understand completely.
  3. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Thanks bro, that's not too bad. Trying the google thing now, but I use hostsmvps on my pc and it slows the search down taking out the hundreds of characters prior to the actual link.
  4. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Elusive Disc right now, this is the only problem I've had with them. Sure I'll have to find something else to trade it for...but nothing takes the place of that lp I have not owned since the early 80s.
  5. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Friday Music copy? Wow. I'll not get any more of theirs if I can help it. Otherwise the sound is what it should be! And where on that lp would there be a worse place for that darn noise to happen?
  6. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Shiite Happens! Got a 200g copy of Close to the Edge to finish off my "gotta have it" Yes records. I've got to send it back, they don't have more..... surface noise on the beginning of "And You & I" and a bad warp.
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Like that pale bowling ball look on your copy @dirtmudd!
  8. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I recall some of y'all talking about things written in the dead space at the end of the music. My DSOTM from `73 has gene on it in cursive on one side. Animals from `77 has banjo on it. Great tunes for doing something I haven't smoked in decades.
  9. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    @Woofers and Tweeters Yep, especially since it's a Christmas cactus. It had red all over it from Thanksgiving until probably a week or so ago if it is like the one here!
  10. Show us your great photography thread!

    Now that IS cold @Ceptorman we're only in the high 20s now and it's kinda cool compared to 2018 so far! Worst I've been in was -5 on a liquor-cycle going about three miles away to watch a playoff game. Snow and ice all over back then (80s) here in jim&tammyland in Jan every year. So downhill I could go about 35 or 40 mph...and the snot froze my ski mask to my face.
  11. Show us your great photography thread!

    So this is exciting for a retired southerner that's seen TX, the bayou states and the Carolina beaches get more snow than us the past decade. Looks like we'll have a half foot by tonight. Our bonsai dogwood looks cool with the snow on it too. With what we've got in the fridge it's gonna be chili or Texas hash for the next couple of days plus chips, frijole and salsa!
  12. Show us your great photography thread!

    `Mornin folks. Got a little bit of snow today. Big goose feather type that the "big snow, little snow" phrase came from didn't hold because it's turned smaller and doesn't appear it will stop until dinnertime. I planted a group of volunteer saplings in the front yard to stop the heat of the afternoon sun and ten years later they're about 30-35' tall. These tulip trees make a yellow-orange-green flower in the spring that turns into a wooden shell of that flower until the next spring. They look like little ice cream cones right now!
  13. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    Like this huh? I'm cheap and haven't found anything to use that better than an old five. Five gallon paint bucket that is, you'd be surprised at what old painters use empty buckets for. The other one is on top of two of them so it isn't as obstructed by the sofa it's behind in the other corner! It makes a big difference in the sound to the La-Z-Boys especially for movies.
  14. Forte III

    The midrange "mumps" horn is an improvement from what I've garnered from here. What I know is compared to my Heresy IIs the Forte IIIs don't quite slam you with the sound in the same way. Sealed vs radiator? The bass is still tight and much deeper though... when you set the direct radiator with the wall(s) well. The mid makes a much better "soundstage" for vocals and instruments in that frequency range. My stock Heresy IIs need new caps but still do ok. They could never produce the kind of spaciousness and separation of the instruments that my Forte IIIs can. Since the sound-staging I'm talking about comes in the midrange I'd bet it is that "new" horn from the pro series!
  15. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    @vasubandu Did they take the $75? Looks like somebody got it and it will look great flanked by a set of Reference or Heritage speakers!