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  1. SVS has better sub feet you can get for the isolation of them. Looked at their site they're $50. Got mine two years ago for less. Have wood floors over a crawlspace and they worked very well. They should come with each sub!
  2. JohnJ

    Carbon Steel Pan

    @dirtmudd How'd you do that? No not the meal with that decidedly green herb and lemon mix that Mediterraneans do all to well with meats. How the heck did you quote me from the 4cs over to here? Saw the butterpat kickstarter thing from the android phone feed but they're too $$. Great idea though, I'm only at this address 8 more days. Been tired of my Lodge's rough surface for frying eggs, also my Cuisinart French Classis Tri-ply. I'd lose part of my eggs in either pan. even with a little grease from the meat left in them. Not my new small carbon steel one though... It's nice for all that I've made even with cheddar in the eggs. Now answering the phone made me leave the dogs too long in one spot but I think it will even out before too long. Avocado oil takes some heat before it will smoke!
  3. Nice and cool here today. Except for the red-hots, well halfway to a red-hot flavor hot dogs I just made. Anybody tried these? They're good!
  4. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    YES! Listening now. One of the first shows I saw was their Grand Illusion tour!! * Towards the end it sounded like Freddy and Queen for a few stanzas.
  5. Seem to be getting heavier by the hour so here's the slow one that ends the latest played:
  6. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    Now that's pretty cool, NIN was big for a good while, their stuff with Bowie was good too! It's on the forums somewhere from a couple years ago!
  7. Nice evening. Outside chores made more tolerable by some good 70s stuff. Up Now:
  8. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    This was filling the block (not like Klipsch but it carries when backed up to something solid) from the boom-box earlier and man I was taken by the simple beauty of a couple of them.
  9. Got most of the big ones done, the 8' X 6' *(now) Bay Laurel is left and have the sides tamed already. Met the newest mailman around here a while ago. Fitting along with my attempted naughty humor from yesterday I did my best not to chuckle when the man told me his name. Holmes. Oh Lordy I'm not good with the PG lately.
  10. That's dry weather `round here! We barely cleared 80, felt like cr*p after waking up at 4am today. Just my guts being weird, happens off and on since `01. An hour ago had some Clam Chowder with saltines nope they don't have salt anymore, sprinkled some real stuff on it with the ground pepper. Got some of my good Luzianne tea and I'm headed out to trim these big bushes it takes me a six foot ladder to do for the very last time in my life 💪 !
  11. That bathroom tile was in this place originally. The countertop and all the flooring is Seuss-like stuff!
  12. What the heck happened to the grid this year??? it was normal then they flipped this round all around.
  13. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    Two great oldies there @billybob and @Subway. Memories Galore hearing them again! Seems the ones from my teenage years always make me remember good stuff. Those two would get stuck in my head and I'd hum them for the rest of the day.
  14. Rain is gone, 80s are gone, y'all have been busy huh? I got mail for four houses across the street in my mailbox had to go play the mailman without any funky music in the background.
  15. Before unleaded car engines and unleaded gas at the pumps in the early 70s? I'm not sure about that, but really don't know anything except my dad said it was available when he was young. He was a teen in the late 40s. the 104? out at the airport was the GOOD STUFF!
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