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    "Don't tell me my cabling is snake oil unless you've made direct comparisons yourself and couldn't discern the difference." And if you can't?.... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. JohnJ

    HULU Anyone?

    I'm using Hulu too, got the "E" yesterday that they've raised the price by about $10. The DVR I can't get to record every game by a team like fubo can. Love fubo but don't like soccer or tennis or beach badmitten. They have fox regionals now, so my NHL team is covered. But they will never have ESPN or abc local. That's what I need for my college football team. Fubo has close to total1080 content, Hulu has a lot of 720. That obviously makes the picture and sound superior on fubo. But Hulu covers both my teams with their inferior gui. So I'll stick with them 100watts/channel with the supers covers the sound. Frndly covers her hd hallmark for $8/ month. After the initial setup <$70 a month is way better than the $200 spec um was wishing I'd pay. The on-demand always works now!!!
  2. Although I understand the addictive personality, the need for pain Rx's can lead to abuse. The answer is not to reduce the dosage for patients with documented chronic, acute need. The answer is something folks don't want to hear now-a-days. Personal Responsibility.
  3. So instead of another repeat offense title game it might just be Clemson vs OSU this season. Remember New Year's Eve at the Fiesta bowl `16?
  4. @mr clean we're probably close to the same age. It was alcohol, weed, some pills and one year of wasted $$ on that powder for me. Shouldn't have said "former", I'm still here. Do enjoy a shot or two of bourbon infrequently but that's my limit now. You stay clean & happy friend!
  5. I was thinking of pointing the exact thing, they were like Journey's east coast bookend! Then our power went out...... and the pc was in the middle of updating unbeknownst to me Revived the pc... blocked third party cookies again, wtf does msft flip that switch every time (insert mad as he11 smiley) @dirtmudd I did tell you in a roundabout way that my NA group had a couple of incognito visitors one Saturday night prior to a teddy & aero show here?
  6. Some mellow music after both my teams got the W today! I relinquished the den so I can pump it up a little back here while the supers are cranking a movie.
  7. After having an iron block LT-1 for a few years the new LT-2 looks interesting. Tall but the dress kit looks good under the glass. Best thing about it living in the south is that turning the ac on cooled the engine instead of the opposite. Don't see how the improvements in power could be done without the reverse-flow cooling that the LT-1 revolutionized (at least for me). https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=625920
  8. Good photos Jim! Shake-up at the top again, It's a shame that Tua T. got hurt like that. Gotta hurt for all of you Alabama fans because of how capable he was. Not just the rest of the year but a fracture in that large of a bone could mess up his future too.
  9. Yea being a former addict myself and having those 12-step meetings just change me over to coffee as my choice drug I do too. But then there is today when i get the pork chops cooked in time after getting mom's meds, breakfast in her, both of us showered, two loads of laundry done..... Two matinees today first intermission is almost up for my `Canes up 2-0 over the Timberwolves and Tigers going 11-0 real soon. So second coffee being only the 20 oz min for my pot I ground for 5 seconds and got too much. It will still be fresh the next time I need a fix!
  10. Oh Yeaaa! Lock those beans down, especially after grinding them and it will taste the best it can be!
  11. Didn't know there was something synthetic in the make of them but darn, mine sounds really good.
  12. 7 & 3/4 That ain't squat, topped 10% here about ten years ago, And I'll put a tiny home with big current capabilities up in the hills just as soon as I can.
  13. Hope that pre gets worked out for ya Dave. Ever buy a double album that only has three sides? Twice in the last couple a years that's happened to me. This band put an etch on the blank fourth side, not as clear in the picture but it's a wolf. If you love Southern Rock you'll know how refreshing it was to see the tv special with these guys a few years back. Was going to put up "Medicate My Mind" but this struck my fancy just now. Blackberry Smoke "Up on Cripple Creek" Play that one through... "Deep Elum Blues" follows with Billy doing some pickin'.
  14. Nice, makes me think coffee isn't enough this morning! That's the way I like to do it. Make more than I need and enjoy the leftovers. Cook less, eat more!
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