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  1. @dirtmudd ya going to the dome tomorrow? Your Orangemen aren't going to go home happy. The guys with the paw prints want payback for the close game last year! Should have made an html copy of the story that looks to have been pulled from tigernet, it might make youse guys seethe, must have to get it pulled off the site.
  2. JohnJ

    Never Forget

    It shocked me into disbelief for a few seconds when I turned on the boob-tube that morning. The fighter jets from all the Air Force bases around the Cape were buzzing the area for days. The raw footage of things that really happened that morning can not be unseen by anybody with a soul that saw them. I won't forget the one time that I saw the WTC in 1996 right before or after we passed the Meadowlands headed north. They looked down below where we were on I-95 right then.
  3. You should have seen me after gathering up all the stuff, throwing it in the trunk and getting inside. It's real. I got drenched, and those big-a$$ed rain drops would have hurt if I'd have been on a bike doing 50 or more!
  4. Never could dance like Travolta, I'm wired for boot-stompin' & beer drinkin'! But darn I did a good rain-dance today, there were organic specs of something that made me have to wash the car twice earlier. Just can't wax over dirt, not time for a Zaino clay bar for a good while. But I got the top half waxed before this one gray cloud just let go of some big heavy drops and a bunch of them. High 90s must've made rain clouds at the river again.
  5. You missed a real good performer he outdid his physical stature when I saw him. Wasn't a fan, I even tripped him out a little when I practically bulldozed him running a push broom down the aisles of the record bar I worked at. I kinda stopped and swerved he chuckled and asked me "You gotta date tonight?" `cause it was as we closed when he came in & I wanted outta there that half hour later. Being keen on Aero, ZZ, Teddy, Rush and Zeppelin back then I wasn't on him either. I was also about 19 when he did two nights here starting the next night after that. Told him I thought his "Jungleland" and that other ballad-like tune of his were great asked him if he was gonna do a medly type concert quick in and out of town series.. he said naaa. I picked up a pair of tickets the next day and saw him the second sold-out night, two weeknight dates for me that week! 10th Ave Freezeout & the old stuff was great, Born in the USA wasn't my speed (top40). Nils Lofgreen was there at the mall with him that night and on the stage with big ol Clarence and him... RIP Mr. Clemmons. They did two energetic hour and a half sets each night here that time, one of the last I saw in our old Coliseum. His show might be second to only Pink Floyd of the shows I've seen. He didn't act like David Lee Roth did in 1980 but Bruce got into it and let us have it. Doubt it could be that way now, decades later.
  6. @parlophone1If you've got android rooted get adaway. Got a newer one with dual partitions a couple of years ago and the process was a little much for me so for about $30 I bought a lifetime subscription for Adguard that works on stock phones. Well that and the PureNexus Rom creator retired. @thebes think that's your carriers fault (or did you tick someone off in dc?) I never had issues like that except way out in the stix a few times.
  7. Dang even if that close to you it looks awful but nature can replenish that. IF you get rain in that area. I hope like @BigStewMan that isn;t the entrance to your home in the picture. After the big fire in FL in 1998 that we saw the start of near St Augustine off of 95....it took about a year before the fresh new green colors were everywhere. But it rains almost everyday there.
  8. @mustang_flht Your turntable is tough looking with that marble. Some trippin' tunes you posted too!
  9. They're always at the creeks here... the cottonmouths that is. The gators are everywhere in FL because standing water, retention ponds, the drainage ditches with a bridge over them for driveways. Used roundup a lot, but I put a long sleeve lightweight shirt on and wore a respirator or mask and rtfm `cause it's poison. WHO just wants to milk money from a USA company again! If you don't follow the directions you shouldn't be able to f'n sue anybody... I wore a mask working around asbestos before Reagan turned it into a cash-cow because it's pretty obvious if you bump it you would breathe it!!
  10. It's not bad, been doing it for decades, used to be once a year now it's three times. Used up one spade that had a good handle, have a hand me down semicircle blade hoe that comes straight off the handle. What's bad is my discovery of rizomes and the other thingy. Been trying to kill crabgrass here for years. If I still had the original bermuda lawn I would not have to edge at all. So those rizomes are the shoots that grow sideways out of the fescue, it's how it spreads to cover well. The pile of trees at the curb from one end to the other ten feet in and six feet tall that sat there for a year after Hugo just ruined the lawn that we had before Dag-nabbit I'm the one that put the sideways growing fescue in the lawn. UNCLE!
  11. @dtel You know about these guys don't you? Don't know about carbs but parts I've needed for mine have been here Repair clinic dot com
  12. Had a hard time finding that one @Full Range three minutes in... it's fusion well done for sure. Ha. You put it up while I'm listening! *Using duckduckgo I finally had to search for friendship band friendship lp. Ritenour has another record called friendship I found out also but not this group of musicians.
  13. Yes that's true @WillyBob, except the women fuss about them like cutting the yard on a hot day. "It's tall, I've got time... I gotta cut it." "It's 99 degrees do it in the morning" "It's wet with the dew in the morning, and I was busy" "It doesn't grow when it's cold dam*$t" My lawn mower died a couple years ago and I traded my Husky 350 for a dual blade 21" honda mower. That was a great saw, it put the oil on the chain by itself, started quickly even cut pine well if you cleaned it afterwards you could use it again!
  14. 🤣 Just grass and weeds, thing is I was pretty good at keeping the string out of chain link fences but when the string was gone and it broke my stride I'd get pissed... Yep Irish in me, love taters and spirits a hundred different ways! Get pissed because the tap would not bring more string out so I'd tap harder string would appear. Next time the harder tap produced no string so tap harder..... usually a few hours did it and the dummy that forced me into it would cuss. I'd say you hired me for such and such then tell me to do this and I told you what would happen. What's the matter here? Never liked weed eaters anyhow. I was a good hard worker, 10 hrs work for 10 hrs pay... usually they'd laugh and I'd never have to touch one of those again. I have fired a few bosses in my life though. The attitude is strong in this one.
  15. With respect to the regular bacon here, the thick stuff has had the meat content to it. The regular (thin) Smithfields that I used to always buy exclusively is mostly fat now so it isn't even worth buying at all. The "them" that perveted our American food last decade think I eat five time my body weight in fried foods, soft drinks and salt and sugary crap. Dummies... us "old" people know about the food pyramid and moderation. I just couldn't do that with alcohol a while back. Heck I just had soda for the first time since mid June today. And frying chicken is too messy, I only do that for making cacciatore, it's worth it when I'm finished and I can't fry it up as good as the colonel could. And I'm pudgy now so fat foods are few and far between except for that six weeks of continuous canollis a while back! Wait that's dairy!! Eating out is too risky with hateful minions working everywhere - don't want their body fluids at all. Gotta run, fifteen feet left of 150 of edging in the front yard, I do it by hand with a straight hoe, a broom and shovel. Broken dozens of weedeaters in my life.. I warned them whoever it was each time.. "I've done that before and they always quit working before the job is finished" 🤔 It never failed to happen.
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