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  1. What I Got Today!

    That's a beaut @USNRET and FIVE-WAY tone control to boot!
  2. Max Volume!

    Another great one gone today. Writer & rhythm guitarist this time. This is easily a 2:00 pm level (on the vol pot) LP. Had the home to myself and got to crank this earlier after cutting the lawn/leaves today. Cover is shot but this lp survived my rott-n-pit pup Apollo years ago. I found a pic of him playing tug-o-war with Tegan the quaker when he wasn't the 125lb runt of the litter that he was later. He was ten pounds bigger and not in the crate anymore during the day when he destroyed a dozen lps and twice as many covers.
  3. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    I was lucky enough to see the HtH at the WWWFs Park Center here, then BiB and the one in the early nineties "Powerage" is my number one fave followed by "Highway to Hell".
  4. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    He was only 64, I only got to see them three times. They did the "rock opening" for our new coliseum (now flattened... dumbasses.) after Frank Sinatra did the "grand opening" years ago. Highway to Hell over and over and over again with Budweiser and redbud in the big-block Charger and every other car we cruised this region at all hours of the day and night back in `79 or so. We'll miss you and your antics: I'm upper, upper class high society God's gift to ballroom notoriety And I always fill my ballroom The event is never small All the social papers say I've got the biggest balls of all I've got big balls I've got big balls And they're such big balls Dirty big balls And he's got big balls, And she's got big balls, But we've got the biggest balls of them all! And my balls are always bouncing My ballroom always full And everybody comes and comes again If your name is on the guest list No one can take you higher Everybody says I've got great balls of fire! I've got big balls I've got big balls And they're such big balls Dirty big balls And he's got big balls, And she's got big balls, But we've got the biggest balls of them all! Some balls are held for charity And some for fancy dress But when they're held for pleasure, They're the balls that I like best. And my balls are always bouncing, To the left and to the right. It's my belief that my big balls should be held every night. I've got big balls I've got big balls And they're such big balls Dirty big balls And he's got big balls, And she's got big balls, But we've got the biggest balls of them all! And I'm just itching to tell you about them Oh, we have such wonderful fun Seafood cocktail Crabs Crayfish
  5. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Yessir, I wish I had not carried mine all over the southeast USA. Then that puppy that got pissed at me one time for listening to lps and not playing enough with him........ Grateful that most of what I have are still in good playing shape!
  6. Led Zeppelin 2!

    They got back with me, wanted pics of the damaged cd. Had to tell them it looks normal.... half full. I had to ask again if the downloadable version is of better quality. A thread somewhere here recently the op declared most rock recordings didn't sound very well. I've encountered that now, forty years into it. The sound is way better in the house of course, maybe sparse with the sharp vocals, guitar probably set up for that sound. Still not a MAX VOLUME disc.
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Actually surprised that I've had an LP that you do not have yet @Full Range considering your collection! Great sounding record, even the old copies! Isn't it?
  8. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You up for the duration? Poured a lot with Aerosmith but not coffee!
  9. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Hey @Gilbert I sent an email to them around lunch. Should hear back before the weekend. Shocked that a cd made today would have that kind of distortion when three instruments got a little busy.
  10. Led Zeppelin 2!

    WOW! At least mine will play, but it's like going back to a transistor radio at the beach with all the distortion when several instruments are playing at once. Well compared to my at home rig it is. Good Young band, hope they will do right by us and not ruin their future!
  11. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Spooky Tooth
  12. Led Zeppelin 2!

    DO NOT CRANK UP THIS CD PEOPLE!!! Ok at low volume. The sound quality is atrocious on this cd. I can make the sound quality acceptable in my car by dialing down the bass and usually turning off the sub with three levels. If I can listen to all my other cds in the car at a decent level then this one is bad. I will be contacting them about this to see if the download option is more clean.
  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    @dirtmudd I see your little girl prancing around like my young niece does when she hears that music too! Best Wishes!
  14. Max Volume!

    AnybodyOutThere???? What a difference forty years makes. Left is the original, embossed wings, logo and the red box, textured (leather-like) cardboard that's still black. New 180g cover is cheap, but the lp is twice as thick and sounds great compared to the high mileage original! One of my first (probably millions of others' too) turn it past noon records!!!
  15. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Saw part of a taped concert in Cali just last month. That kid singing wore low rise jeans, open shirt, big belt buckle like the iconic pictures of Plant back in the day. He moves, spins and makes hand gestures that are Plant-like. Can't say if the resemblance is premeditated or not, that doesn't concern me. I do think it's obvious they have heard/seen Led Zeppelin performances before. Previous statements are not a condemnation. More power to them! The amazon ship date is unknown now so I found their site, sent them $11.00 and maybe next week my neighbor will be asking me if Zep put out a new record? My brother that used to mimic with "That kind of music that disturbs the soul" got him to google them and he thinks they could play any college town and be a hit with their sound and their look.