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  1. Cold. Had to take the trash to the street where the dumpsters are today. Thought I'd be alright with the wool cap and my Meindl's on in my sweats and a flannel shirt. Dang it made me shiver, put a flashlight on the thermometer... it's 20. No wonder I had to turn it down to 58 cause the heat was trying to run twice an hour after dark last night.
  2. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    Dang it's twenty until 7am here, glad I had a cup in me before I logged in. Good riffs! Band Maid made me crank it again, ya think they were exposed in utero and beyond to Yngwie, early Def Leppard and Iron Maiden? Had a couple friends that got those music rags and apparently the heavy metal gods of the 70s loved touring the big metros in Japan back then.
  3. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    More orchestrated than the last disc: If the first tune turns you off.. pull up another one this isn't cookie-cutter music these guys, especially the singer had talent. I have no idea what happened to them. * really after listening to it again, each of theirs that I have is themed such as all the tunes fit together on an lp. So yea all of those above share similarities that I DIG!!
  4. Thanks, he's one of the good ones that you'd recognize from being around here so long! Hated to sell but sometimes you have to prioritize things so I'll suck it up and keep on gettin' it!
  5. quickest for sale I've ever done, it was the oiled walnut, drew me in also!!
  6. Got most of the linens packed up so with the heat set at 60 one fuzzy one with a knitted blanket on top. then woke up cold the other night and grabbed one of the mexi-blankets that I left here for packing stuff and it does the trick. You know the striped ones, ran two though the old washer and dryer and they got pruny, all puckered up. My newer ones from the 90s do not do like that so these were the dog's blankets for a while. The heat has run at least once an hour for the past two days, I still doubt we'll have a winter. Haven't in more than a decade now.
  7. Thanks @willland Never heard one of these before, HAD to have HDMI for it to work there was no other way. The rig is SOLD!
  8. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Nope, when it's in the 30s I draw the curtains too. Locked up tight in here tonight! That's a pretty long cd still going and had to turn down the sub, it was set for a weak low frequency recording.
  9. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Sure can't read it but it's rocking in here tonight! Saw "Ride the Lightning" posted recently so I know there's another Metallica fan in here somewhere 🤘
  10. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    B b but they're so tiny
  11. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Had Jerry Cantrell in the car and listened to it twice this week. Even without that singer Layne this is good stuff. I like the fourth one!
  12. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    Had heard some bigger towers back in the day that looked like JBL's. These 220SBX's? actually make lower bass than my H2s did! Fortifying them in the cabinets sounds different than on top too.
  13. Is it chilly where y'all are? Made it to 40 by a little after 2pm est yesterday, did not get any more warm and it was blustery outside all day. Up to almost 50 today but it wasn't outside at 7am this morning. It should feel like December now, if only we could get a hard freeze to last 48 or 72 hours to kill the bugs I would not have to thump the occasional spider off the storm door.
  14. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    & this thread can do that for you better than most others here!
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