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  1. @Shiva Those monks are pretty good, I sure thought it was five or six voices in there!
  2. Think I've posted a pic of brownies and coffee before here! But they were infused with pecans.
  3. He was SOOOO GOOD way back when he was RED.
  4. Here's that some of Joe's the stuff from jr & high school always sticks with you!
  5. At DDG I copy/pasted then put in to English. The def? Slang for something young guys like to brag about and old guys don't.
  6. This LP is more my speed. Not to compare with Pink Floyd, but obviously an adaptation of one of the best ever!
  7. Some of Joe's later music I heard yesterday... still in my head today, led me to this group. There's something special added to this one!
  8. I'm not going to tell you what your first line was translated to English with when I asked ddg to do that! But it did tell me it was similar to happy hour in another result. Dang hope you fell better too, wasn't laughing at that part only the first line.
  9. Page 270 huh? Good jammin' laid down here from several directions! Yea @Dave1291 maybe I just forgot what that album looked like? Didn't have access to it for long enough. Not finding it at either youtube or discogs from early Fleetwood Mac or even compilations from later on. I definitely remember three things about it. After the ultrasound treatment I put it on the tt and not only played the first side... but both! That was when I was putting a few dozen through the cycle every night . 2nd it was an early iteration of them live. 3rd it had both Black Magic Woman and the Green Manalishi on it.
  10. Here ya go Dave & it's Two Pronged Crown
  11. She was an excellent singer, beautiful and a good actress in that musical! RIP Olivia Newton John
  12. These are too good! Might spend the whole afternoon with the Gang.
  13. Alrighty Then, I'll Bite!
  14. Almost a crime to follow that song with.... except another done by Mr. Cooke. Kinda retro but not like their decade earlier music. Always liked their 60s sounding tunes like "First I Look at the Purse" but this is fun also:
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