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    Cambridge CXA80 - CXN - CXC - [Pro-Ject Classic - AT33PTG-II - Tube Box DS2] - PFi15 - AudioQuest Type 8 - CBW Klipsch Forte IIIs - SVS SB-3000
    Realtek & Schiite + mono tubes feed Polk TSx220 on the pc

    "Don't tell me my cabling is snake oil unless you've made direct comparisons yourself and couldn't discern the difference." And if you can't?.... "Why you need Klipsch Willis?"

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  1. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    It pre-dates my Heresy II days!
  2. LaPalma Do y'all remember when one of the big dramatic doomsday ideas was the east coast of North America underwater all the way to the mountains? It was contemplated that if a huge chunk of the volcano fell into the sea the tsunami would be incredible when it reached here. Not worried, because if I was... wtf could I do about it in my situation? Tuck head between...
  3. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Many, many times I've played that one. That guy was incredible with his musical imagination. From DSOTM to all of his Project's stuff. IRobot was as trippy as if Pink Floyd had done it when it came out!
  4. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    So now I have more Crimson than I ever did. Two of their first, Starless, Red, 80s Blue Yellow & Red, Thrak & USA. Then a couple Projekcts. Never had this or those post-group ones or Thrak or Beat prior. The schizoidshop comes through again: very hard to find the full disc online so here's the one where most of it came from.
  5. Seems you've passed the "First Step" Elden! Hi my name is John and I'm almost a success story. I switched addictions at your meetings😂🤣😂
  6. Or call the phone number of SVS in the info or from online. They are good with their customers.
  7. I dig the way you ROCK! @MyOwn
  8. Thank You @Subway I could not give you a thanks and a laugh at the same time so I made it separate! It was almost a meep meep just like the cartoon. My neighbor was a Mopar salesman back then until the gas crisis. Several times he would have a GTX, Charger, RR or Duster. Twice he had one of those Superbirds before NASCAR banned them from the races. Geeze all those great cars and I recall the Coyote Duster air cleaner (that's a blast from the past) We (all six of us) did manage to get Mike's dad to take us all for a ride in that second Superbird he got to drive for a while! My first car was a... you guessed it, a big block `73 Charger SE. Yep a smog motor, but not real bad we could correct those issues then and set it up to breathe right! Great article will finish it tonight!
  9. Then things would pick up while the smart ones were trying to ease off a little for the ride home.
  10. If you did listen to George above, Elvin dropped by that night! There was always a "lull" a few hours in
  11. I'd say that it is pretty hot for September!
  12. Well Thursday nights were quarter beer nights....
  13. Another staple from the late 70s on the Southside: "Short-haired city boy"
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