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  1. this one sounding absolutely killer tonight... disco blending by walter gibbons ❤️
  2. lewis collaborated with earth wind and fire on this album
  3. Pull Up to the Bumper has gotta be my fave -- that guitar line!
  4. I stay away from the auto, but honestly don't do that much beatmatching by ear either. I focus on vibes and let the bpm rise and fall as it may, but if it happens to be close i'll try a little more of a blend here n there. just my approach
  5. Hi all After work jams
  6. Thinking the next party should be December see you there!
  7. My neighbors are definitely getting to know my taste a little better with this new system 😁
  8. will check out and thanks for the DAC tip!
  9. classics!!! i've spent a good six months total listening through dance music year by year up through 89 so far (via charts on rateyourmusic.com + DJ lists in Tim Lawrences books), got a good 122hr playlist going
  10. I might have misled, this one is actually fixed. Power is 40W per channel RMS.
  11. Interesting, that makes sense. Thanks!
  12. Spose I could make a new thread, but may as well ask you guys first. What's a good technical explanation for what exactly something like the "Loudness" control on this KR5600 does? I can hear the difference between turning on loudness and increasing the volume, but can't very well describe it at this point.
  13. 'preciate it, and believe me we do! ☺
  14. Greetings all! What I'm breaking in my new KG 4.2s with, with thanks to the forum 🙂
  15. DJune more like it! dance cauldron haha, sounds legendary! i'm just getting started but i have no doubt i'm in it for the long haul, feels like right where i need to be.
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