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  • IMG 0208
    IMG 0208
    Nice setup!
  • IMG 1775
    IMG 1775
    Aww, smell her toes!  Do they smell like Frito's? 
  • IMG 1778
    IMG 1778
    They look cute sitting together.  Nice pets!
  • Front view of the family room HT
    Front view of the family room HT
    It is not custom made. It is the Haven 82 or 84(I forget which) from "Standout Designs". They made it specifically to house the big center channels speakers from Klipsch and Polk.
  • image
    Thanks Gimes. This is their temporary home. I have a dedicated theater in progress. There's a thread on here for my build... It's about 1/2way done I'd guess. I think the title of the thread i...

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