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  1. Another thing. Pioneer usually have decent watts per channel so, would try that first, of course. Thanks
  2. VOR, we have been waiting for you to come. Welcome! Another Epic speaker for center is one option and not necessarily a 3. Guess a 1 or 2 could be used as it is in HT setup if able to find a single speaker. Not familiar with the watts per channel of the Pioneer model to mains and center. Not sure which Klipsch center you have now but fairly certain the AVR has been enough. Thinking your unit has preouts for connecting to an external amplifier. My new to me CF-1'S want more power than able to put to it with 50 wpc so thinking of going at least 125 wpc myself. Thinking in your case 150 to alot. Have you tried just the 2 in stereo mode with the AVR? As for ear level, the design with HF in the middle, think no elevation needed. See someone more experienced with these chiming in...cool. @Voice_Of_Reason
  3. HBDay...and many more to come!🤩
  4. billybob

    USPS slow

    Don't know if mail-in ballots postage paid for USPS. And is the preferred method of delivery. They may be playing catch-up.
  5. Yes it is. Can only imagine the IV's. They just got a great endorsement from the OP.
  6. Would love to hear a pair. Have the Heresy 1. Since May has been long enough to know. Interesting job. Others will be along. Slow day here. Congrats again on the speakers!
  7. Sounds like you are really digging your speakers...cool.
  8. billybob

    Hurricane Sally

    Well good! And thanks for the heads up on the area @RTR . Seems you were correct on Sally's meandering. All the best to you and your locals.
  9. Like your plan OP! Creased or not, still a desireable speaker.
  10. So you are looking for the Ti and not the phenolic
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