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Community Answers

  1. You just hit the right number of posts. Try message function again now, if you want to. Thanks @EZirl
  2. Yes @Hotrod363765 needs 5 posts to PM. Has 2 atm.
  3. @merkin https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220194-2-hsu-tn1220-for-sale/#comment-2823692 Academy...
  4. Welcome back @Hotrod363765 You may want to post these in garage sale here along with some pics, location and prices, if you want to...
  5. Welcome...do you have a price in mind? Yes unfortunately pics sell and show condition. Having pic problems also at the moment. Maybe someone here can help with posting some along with the rear labels. @AugustaJunk
  6. Yes, never have bad rapped Bob...never would.
  7. Did you get your sixes from nearby or, the USA? There @zerodown
  8. Did a search using"sixes". Came back with 82 results. One of which I chimed in...(big deal, lol).:
  9. Welcome...since you are somewhat committed, may as well see and hear for yourself. Should be a line level/phono switch, which would give you the option of using an outboard phono preamp. Here is hoping you like. @zerodown
  10. Klipsch recommend JEM cap kits. Do a search here. Welcome to the forum. How do the speakers sound now to you? Thanks! @MrT58
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