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  1. billybob

    KP-250 II

    May as well be in Timbuktu:
  2. Yes, I looked at Omron and Digikey for mine. You want to make sure you are getting the right relay with exactly or really close specs. Values likely printed on plastic cover was my first clue. Along with a service manual for mine. Take care...
  3. Saw a guy using some contact cleaner with a straw on can. It left an oily residue. Deoxit brand or CRC left no residue. I told him.☕
  4. Glad you got around to saying that. Was going to. Replacement for mine is 5.98. Likely just to speak to a repair tech. just saw locally. My relay stopped clicking. Sorry for the slight Yammer I have in the morning. Just got a cup of coffee. Hope it will help. Good morning ... coffee.☕
  5. That is abit where I am at with mine. There are in alot of some YouTube videos some that are either replacing the entire relay switch. To get at it properly to clean, some desolder the switch. The contacts in the relay is what they are cleaning. The top cover of the switch if can be removed easily enough, without damaging for access to the contacts. Problem is, there are resistors, etc., In close quarters around the switch, which can be damaged if attempting with out caution. So, yes, if can sell a small hole in top of switch, without plastic debris falling into the switch, further complicating contact operation in relay, would look closely and possibly be able to directly insert small plastic straw onto the contact portion. Cycle switch while light spray several times. And after all this to consider, whatever method used to clean, no guarantee it will fix or help problem. Measuring the voltage level operating the switch may well come into it. It gets more involved as well. Maybe bubo will say.
  6. Yes, having a decent phono section and remote a good thing. Rotel, Parasound worth investigating likely.
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