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  1. Alcohol and vaccines?... maybe !
  2. It was a good movie, saw it on a big screen when released. Sort of reminds me of the DJ in another movie set in NYC, Jersey called the Warriors (?).
  3. The Chorus will best any of the other mentioned...glws !
  4. Guessing you ran the unit before having the service work and will be able to hear the difference.
  5. Thinking you are talking about other than a port. Interesting? Thanks!
  6. Guess there could be there, but have not seen a post here about resonance perceived problem regarding either speaker. Thanks!
  7. Welcome to the forum! If your speakers are working (?) can see no real advantage on going with 12 gauge. Look at a speaker close enough to figure how put together, maybe you can disassemble without damaging beyond repair. A reason for no reply so far is the limited times it was done. Keep this topic bump every day or so for possible quicker response. Thanks! @Resin Green Dragon
  8. Yes, you have 3 posts since you got here. Post 2 more times on the forum here and your PM will be enabled. Would post 3 more for good measure when look at your account. Welcome to the forum! @pikequest1
  9. You seem to be homing into some of my thoughts so, not too far from a similar page. That is trippy about the building and the wind loading improved by eliminating some of sail effect. Decent shape analog tuner may Come into it, as fine tuning. Nice to have a standalone anyway. Mine has analog and led readout. Have some ideas will bounce on PM. Started earlier and got too wordy. Evening...
  10. billybob

    CF-4s - $2700

    This inflammatory price for used Klipsch came before any first of year inflation. When one should get a Klipsch product for hyper inflated price tag, they well may say, I paid abit too much. All is well until then. Never pay more than you can turnaround and recoup your outlay. We shall see...
  11. billybob

    CF-4s - $2700

    Give it a bit, not going to last long. Already signs of seller's coming down to earth...
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