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  1. He may just get both pairs, 1 pair free as a gesture. Merry Christmas sir!
  2. billybob

    Chorus in VA

    Dang, sorry Not working out for you...
  3. billybob

    Chorus in VA

    Sure sorry Chorus did not work out for you.
  4. The Captain is a bit long in the tooth and with background, could write books on the subject. As a layman, it is not germaine but interesting. Will compliment the Captain. Recommended to have own thread where whoever can hash it out. FWIW...
  5. Appreciate the thought. Really am not wanting or in need of likes. Main thing is your getting the answers you want and need so. Just ask...
  6. Ultimately, subwoofer need not be same brand. Depending on what is available to you.
  7. Prefer wired but wireless continues to improve hopefully.
  8. Yes would not use 4 of the dipole speakers in this application. Subwoofer could have some self adhesive veneer applied over the finish if you are handy.
  9. As for the distance from rear surrounds and side surrounds, that prewired position seems well enough. Unless the side and rears have enough distance from each other for the sound to remain somewhat independent of each other, you could consider forgoing for the moment and just using rears. Choices, options until you can hear what you have and then decide farther down the line. Will await your response.
  10. Looking at your proposed list and being mostly prewired, can see you having about whatever you want in that room with views. Your proposed 7.1 audio system looks workable in whichever choices you make. As to the center choice, either the Heresy 4 which will create a matching front stage sonically and visibly of course. The 504 will work but expect less harmony and heritage like sound. All of the newer choices use different speaker type than the Heresy, yet is capable of being adjusted to sound well enough for most. Others will come into this topic with their views and opinions. Instead of me saying too much that you may already know, please ask specific questions. Billy
  11. Let's start with the subwoofer. You may have to go with what is available to begin to match veneer. In some HT systems the sub is hidden, or at least not as well seen as the front speakers. You mentioned small. You may get lucky. Likely could get away with an 8 or 10 inch. Were you thinking of placing the sub near the front speakers as is common lately? More to follow...☕
  12. Welcome and wonderful! You will want to give a location, maybe a couple of pics or so of speakers and( most importantly) post all of this in our Garage Sale section. Thanks... @letaz77
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