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  1. billybob

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    RIPeace! Was wondering why the host Gross was playing a previous interview just now, Thanks...sock it to me... and her playing Respect, an old Otis song she recorded.
  2. billybob

    Cool Klipsch brochure

    Ahh DUDE...!!!!!!! ...: ) A
  3. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Know I think he liked to drink was told. First thing that comes to mind is the song by his son, Jr. Think it is called The Ballad Of Hank Williams, set to The Battle Of New Orleans music. It is a hoot, that is for sure. Like Sr.'s music for sure. BTW, nice score on the lp.
  4. billybob

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Pay no attention Dave, that is just Little Rockzilla headed to Hope!
  5. billybob

    Klipsch Forte I Black Pair SOLD

    I can dig it...love them forte's...
  6. billybob

    Klipsch Forte I Black Pair SOLD

    Bump for more discussion on ethical behavior. Lol, GLWS...OP...page 3 coming up...
  7. billybob

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Happy Birthday...and many more Dave! (young-un)
  8. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Been playing with my Akai RTR. If I keep it, will put some vinyl on it. Like most Sunday evenings will be listening to Michael Barone on my local radio playing Pipe Dreams. Various works by differing artists on famous organs throughout the country. 2 hour show... Will try to pickup the station here with my wireless...; )
  9. A nice mix thanks for posting. Glad you had, or made the opportunities to see Beck. Over here, we are under a rock. Going to have to see a concert. About due...would be unreal. Thanks!
  10. billybob

    Friends of BSM

    Happy Birthday BSM...and many more...: )
  11. billybob


    Got to have a knack for it!
  12. billybob


    May as well! Have seen pic here early on with a couple of them laying down. They were between something else, cannot remember but possibly Pro Klipsch Subs.
  13. Lol, believe you are right about that. Guess I should have said Georgia. Atlanta is a bit closer. Yes if the lady is otherwise occupied, maybe Beck will surprise with Wood or Bogert...: )
  14. Knew Rogers was up to something from a radio interview awhile back. Rock my plimsoul...Wilson is just unreal ...ask BSM...; ) He is a fav. Yardbird of mine. Should be a good un...: ) Come to Florida!