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  1. Been almost 2 years since posted this superb album. Only have 4 of their lp's... Of course the band reunited later on. They had a new promo album that is really something around 80,81... Saw them in Lakeland outdoor fest and a smaller venue in the Longbranch Saloon in Tally. Lead singer looked like a much smaller version of Bob(the bear) Hite. Really super dooper show. Thanks, and still looking local for a Hooker&Heat...
  2. Canned Heat future blues: We'll tell your future, I can't tell my past.... If you do not come to the hotel. well then, you can go straight to hell... No, can't take credit, Full Range happened awhile ago...Keep on a truckin..,.
  3. Nice peiceof kit here @Full Rangemay recall you picked up a Thorens 160...Happy Day...Rainy day, let it wash theblue away...K nocked bottom off of a Fosters till find Pacific Ale brew. Cheers Edit: Twisting by the pool id not stop our winter here. Equador, not affected.
  4. Yes, go large...and take their advice for what is known as an Experience...Welcome!
  5. Nice for different purposes...GL:WS
  6. GLWS...some mighty sweet and desirable Reference!
  7. Sortof what was referring to by parts...Heresy T-400/4000, T-500/5000 all these Tangent models.
  8. New deals: https://gainesville.craigslist.org/ele/d/steinhatchee-sansui-sr250-turntable/6826749388.html https://gainesville.craigslist.org/ele/d/steinhatchee-bundle-price-sansui-sr/6846965532.html OBO for locals
  9. Those could go quick. Had a pair of the T-500's sold to a fellow member. GLWS Lots of project parts there...
  10. Well then, hope you are ready for the new year...Cheers!!! Snbakebit in billiards parlance is not so swell...Good Fortune!!!
  11. Lol, remember one of the bands we talked about. They do put on the show now. Said before seeing them in a rather large purvue, showed myself bugging them with requests...Hope they liked, LOLOL...
  12. LA Town- Bagfull Of Boogie:
  13. Welcome again and no doubt PWK would be mote than pleased...Good Fortune to you. Yeah, Chet could pick for sure...healing music.
  14. Dang, lol I reckon so...have to show bro...he is an older dude that is Chevy since a teen...thanks again!!! Have the next older bro same thing....Cool.
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