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  1. Usually it is blamed on the young and dumb. Go figure...
  2. Maybe that's why they sold them. No bass...
  3. You have plenty of power. I stream YouTube to my Old school receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable. Welcome!
  4. Quest-Labcorp Testing Demands: https://abcnews-go-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Health/quest-labcorp-warn-coronavirus-testing-delays-demand-surges/story?
  5. Think I would contact the retailer, just to be on record.
  6. Do you happen to have a 3.5 mm to the same cable lying around. Just thinking that meanwhile you have a 3.5 analog input on the bar. My plasma had a 3.5 output.
  7. Wonder if rebooting unit or unplug for a couple of minutes. Since you were able to update.
  8. Exactly, a theme room. Meanwhile tell the wife black is in again.
  9. Good morning coffee!
  10. billybob


    Dang, she is a fair shot too...
  11. billybob


    It's just the swimsuit...
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