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  1. Excellent!
  2. Well I would try what you just suggested. Have heard 1 pair of the 15's and thought they sounded good. Cannot say how they compare to the 51's but, suggest the 15's a better match than the Quintet. Let us know...
  3. I would go for it and if you wanted to in the future, you would have the option to put the 42's back in their previous position if wanted to. The 51's sound like a decent deal and would go more with your system timbre wise than the Quintets being Reference. I would look at the specs on the 51 versus the Quintet as going to presume the 51's go lower somewhat. If free shipping, that would about do it for me, decision wise. Others may chime in.
  4. I have a TW(EV)-35 in a mono speaker that sounds great. Finding a single diaphragm for the K-77 used or new may not be difficult at all. Someone on the forum maybe a possibility. As for the collected woofers, craigslist comes to mind. Sounds like you now have 3 pairs of desirable Klipsch speakers. Congrats...
  5. Gone to the Darth side. Good move!
  6. Ditto on the NPR. Rarely hear raised voices. It is like a different era of civility. Listening to local NPR classical station at the moment. Just finished binge watching New MST with Nan this last week on Netflix. All 14
  7. Thanks Bill! These are awesome indeed. My e-bay advert shows 4 watching, whatever that means. lol
  8. They say it imparts an earthly and strange aftertaste.
  9. Contemplation underway. A bit of a mystery underway here. A Gabriel fan may happen. Looks
  10. The OP has not remarked. The presence seems in your face but somehow acceptable in the format. Satisfied I am with the sound reproduction of what appears a private session of more than 1 contribution. Refreshing!
  11. To be sure , or rather certain. Top Notch as may say JacksonBart... The acoustics come into play it seems, but the artist and song come through, your listening experience of the tracks. Stately old ar4chitecture appear to have acoustics of strange yet pure, I wonder. Thanks for bringing up your experience. Like the crackle of the fireplace, natural. Sorry, just abit overloade3d
  12. Been spinning more and enjoying it more unlike smoking. Thinking FR is sandbagging and going to show us some more gems. Hope so... Know I may keep something at hand. If I know
  13. Fairly well and listening. Chuck is a cool fellow member for sure. May post something else. What you got my man? :