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  1. Think you will find them in Ocala craigslist also. Think spks. are physically in Floral City along with other stuff, having bought from seller before awhile back. Cool...
  2. Was thinking it was around forum somewhere. Good job finding and posting it...
  3. If had something to trade and the space...
  4. Found that interview, BTW... Had seen that lp cover somewhere but, definitely heard that song before. Melancholy a good word for his works and joy also. Enjoy Van...😎
  5. Your welcome, thinking if wrong, the forum would correct.
  6. Welcome and when you get there, you will find good examples posted there. Thanks!
  7. Cornwall Walnut Oiled Cornwall Birch Raw Cornwall Decorator Birch Raw Heresy Walnut Oiled Heresy Decorator Birch Raw Heresy Birch Raw
  8. billybob


    Thule mostly green in summer.
  9. Nein... Der speaking za duetch? @RandyH000 @MeloManiac @AndreG.
  10. Lol, no his record labels enforcer. According to an interview about 4 years ago, was listening to Tommy James talking about his record label being a little different than some others. Anyhow Van was on same label. James was saying that Van was being pressured to do single hits like in the 60s. He wanted the freedom to pursue LPs. Finally came down to the breaking point. Thankfully, he was able to get out of contract. From memory, the jist of... PBR station late night interview.
  11. @MeloManiac are you familiar with the time his guitar was broken over his head by a heavy? Thanks...
  12. Both threads appear to have no OPs responsive... $300...
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