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  1. Big state Alabama...looks like a deal...
  2. If you want want to, send him a PM as OP is not following his topic...
  3. Specs show 35 hz but sure the size and bass extension would satisfy...
  4. Those almost looks like what Klipsch would have in mind for an Epic continuing series... guess the dimensions online... interesting...
  5. Seems I remember a Packard Bell entity ...👕
  6. Just a fantastic display of beautiful...
  7. You may want to wait to refresh the X-Over capacitor s until you hear how they sound now... plenty of time for that...
  8. He should be following his topic here. You can include the seller also by quoting him, as I did you You can also PM seller by sending him a private message Just hover over the seller's avatar, or click on it to see the Link...
  9. Slippery Elm good for sore throat ...🙀
  10. Dang, almost done...let know the outcome...we are international... as you know...on forum... Cheer
  11. Same rotation if necessary you feel for the F-20's, but only if curious about. The fun is always with having a new to you kit and taking the time to explore the sound. You would be more likely to integrate the Velodyne, although the 10 inch may well suffice given whatever space you are filling...to each ears. .his own ..
  12. Welcome and think would go with the new Klipsch package kit for a bit of listening in your space and then rotate the Voll into the system and then the other sub, if you feel missing something. Just setting up and tweaking for HT will take some time to get it close. What amp / electronics are you going to use...? Edit: Nothing to be gained by the R-52C II...
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