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  1. Household appliances among lists to be concerned besides just the audio. Any customer hooked to an outlet that is on the warm range side of an operational window is in jeopardy of prematurely burnout connected items. Least of which is the common light bulb.
  2. No Affiliation: https://okaloosa.craigslist.org/ele/d/pensacola-klipsch-cornwall-speakers/7487534779.html
  3. Nothing like having plenty of room to transport, and a friend.
  4. Blankets are nice for lying on. Have had good results with laying speakers on their backs. And it takes 2 for your back not to suffer. ☕
  5. Hello, I would take this up with the power company. Not aware of your source but, would have them address your concerns as, they have systems that control, or attempt to control voltage at powers entry into structure. Unless, I dreamt it.
  6. Got to watch auctions. In Tampa awhile back now, a member got a black Khorn pair for $202...may likely still be in alerts.
  7. I heard that... Lol 🍀
  8. Yes, I see the link is pretty specific. This last, maybe SS has a 49 kicking around.
  9. Would give them a call just to make certain it fits your specific requirements. Have you reconed before. What did you find out about the seller?
  10. Maybe something will come of contact with the seller. Hope so...
  11. Did you check using Ohms at the driver? Thanks!
  12. Another option is Luxman R-114 115 or 117. Do not let the wpc scare you. You have volume control. ☕
  13. Do you require a phono section? What is your budget? Remote control? Thanks!
  14. Like it @Bubo... profile fits a young lady I drew. Some silhouette...:
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