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  1. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Can help with some of it. Have listened to this 4 song youtube more times than I can remember. Almost a reference standard to audition new gear. May want to dampen the treble a tad as Ric likes the cymbal quite some. Alvin and Co...:
  2. billybob

    Klipsch speakers x Classical Music

    Depending on the source and your electronics, it will sound as if you are there amongst the throng, with the luxury of being in your own listening room. Spectacular with classical music...Klipsch...welcome.😊
  3. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    And now hear this:
  4. billybob

    woodworkers in the crowd, finish ?

    See you got some Heresy! Cool!😃
  5. Saw where I reposted it before but no linkage for me to the article. It was a review by Stereophile back in around 1985, when think the forte' was first introduced. There are of course reams of info on the forte, done in a search of the forum.
  6. Think my forte's were around that time. There is a review done by a couple of respected techies/critics that found the forte as the best they had heard in overall balance. They even wanted to keep the speakers that Klipsch had sent for their review for publication. So, as is and refreshed, the crossovers will put all back into spec for you. Are you a DIY solderer?
  7. Those are questions for Bob or DeanG, others...start a new thread or keep asking here and someone will be able to say...
  8. Bob Crites has a website. : Tried to post it here for you but, klick on the @BEC and you can see it listed in his profile page. Others may chime in.😃 Glad you are digging on the Ortofon Red...
  9. billybob

    **COUGH** dumbazz alert....**COUGH COUGH**

    Had a nephew who knew better cross the poles. Battery blew up and acid all over himself. Lesson learned. Trickle charger is good idea but for of a sudden jumps, just be careful and learn from tales like this one to well, focus on the task at hand. A lesson I am still learning. lol
  10. The titanium diaprahams come in a pack of 2 of course and are just another speaker tweak that can be done. The capacitor crossover refresh kit probably comes with a new resistor as well. Check with @BEC...Mr. Bob Crites for the details and pricing. He is a good source to know for Klipsch speakers. And well thought of here, of course. Have you decided what you want to do regarding a new cart or a crossover refresh?
  11. billybob


    Had only recently re-read some of Dennis's postings...Rest In Peace
  12. billybob

    JubScalas question

    go and get em...
  13. The mids have been my experience with them(LS). I can appreciate where you are coming from. Agree again...
  14. Agree, you cannot overcome the physics of size. LaScalas...yes.
  15. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Lol, I have a good imagination. Spent 4 hours yesterday just to sell a craigslist deal local. Dud had large Akai speakers that sounded pretty decent now. Some Kappa.6.1 that sounded well, alright. Some baby advents and amazingly to me, some Mordaunt Short monitor hooked to his Pioneer PL-518 TT powered by an 80 wpc simple Audiosource through a mixer. After hearing a new to me group through diff.. gear the TT playing a mintish Aja lp never sounded finer to me. He offered to let me thumb through his stack but, I was so mortified by the condition of the covers, that I passed it up due to envy on my part. You just never know, and yes, we had much in common. What a hoot!