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  1. Just saying, they do popup from time to time. A bit dated now: https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/d/boynton-beach-klipsch-rf7-center/7009793828.html
  2. Saw a pair of the black 5's on craigslist Florida recently. Cannot recall where, at the moment. Good hunting...
  3. Welcome, it's time to call Klipsch support and customer service...
  4. That was me.. I get pissed when I can't tailgate.
  5. That is something you can do
  6. Think they will look nice. My Heresy look alright but , could use a make over to shine. Cool Like the pattern...
  7. So, you see there are deals out, here, there, and all about... thanks guys...
  8. Klipsch is doing a 50 percent off: . https://www.klipsch.com/home-theater-systems
  9. Looking like you are doing a lot with not enough for what you want to do. You may want to just do a center, 2 main fronts and 1 sub for the moment. Also, unless you are just stuck on the Sony brand and the RP8000F, would look for holiday deals on the other RP model mains. There are other model RP that are to be found for less, that are new. A decent center to compliment them, and 1 sub at the moment. Was thinking an AVR on sale for less than a 1000... Hope this helps...
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