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Community Answers

  1. Look into your PC soundcard to make certain that the volume is up feeding the system. Welcome @Bob ClarkClark Sorry you had to wait...
  2. Try this earlier article: New product so, limited knowledge available yet, klipsch.com has some useful. Download the specsheet for each. Bottom of sheet has NA-EUA-CCC so maybe in UK too.
  3. Looks like a 3/4: inch horn x2 tweeter. Do not know when if overseas. May need to contact Klipsch for an answer. Welcome @allanwmurray
  4. Welcome @Athena_repari Would do a Google for a schematic or other information that may help. Maybe a tech can zero in on the problem with out that information.
  5. Welcome @LikelyLagging Almost any new or used, refurbished receiver, open box, or cheap one with A/B speaker connection, read 4 speaker capable. Take your pick off market, even an AVR. Forget the watts thing and ohms thing. Find one local and run it by us. Don't forget the remote if available. Coffee time...as others may have some advice, or more. ☕
  6. Yes Dave...you are kind of parcel post, also with music... 😎
  7. Lol, yes would have to travel to Ocklawaha to catch the stripers. Catfish are generally fried not smoked but... Have had different smoked, all good some better, salt water fish. Smoked black mullet is very good and available locally at times. Dang, even a ___ likely good smoked. Smoking abit of an art to come out to my taste, done and not undersmoked and too mushy. Klipsch, just right...
  8. The seller would have to charge you for that. ☕
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