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  1. Lol, yes Neil, it had good reviews. Glad to hear it. Does travel well, what with bouncing back to me to correct. After calling this one and that one at the post office in Florida and Michigan, they had to think I was a postal inspector, or more likely a nut. lol
  2. Looks nice too!
  3. What? Rest In Peace!
  4. Yes they have gotten so even I could sail one...
  5. Can you salvage one from another piece of equipment? Parts Express and others appear to be the go to place.
  6. Sing that song all the time(to myself), not when GF is around though. Nice!
  7. Yes sir, Stealin' is a rocker sure enough...Got the live double and yes, pretty decent recordings!
  8. Thanks OT, I will.Used to listen to this show with Marion on those lonely trips to Tampa. She was big on the Duke and the Count:
  9. `Count Basie:
  10. It would be nice to attend, however unlikely for me. Hope as well Klipsch is there. Recall the pics from last event Michael attended. Thanks and good show!
  11. Rest in Peace Roger...007 Very good as the third Bond. Abit tongue in cheek yet a really decent Bond. Thanks!
  12. That is right! Nice! Think it was/is burninator with the B and O. Keep on spinning,lol...
  13. Lol, yes belt! Thanks for that! Leaning toward a Klipsch debut carbon at some point. Like all of the tables others have shown, like your Beogram?
  14. It is a Technics DC servo automatic SLBD20D. Cost new was retail around $150. Got the stock P-34 cartridge head. It is in nice condition and, sounds really a lot better than it should. Good reviews ! Will do an upgrade before long, maybe. It is forgiving and loves minty to good, although fair works. The phono stage is quite nice for a 1980 integrated amp.. a NEC/Japan model,era.
  15. Fleetwood Mac WB Records Live double LP: