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  1. Keep looking at the craigslist. Deals can pop up at anytime and act quickly. OfferUp has super deals too, at times. Act quickly. Good hunting...
  2. Maybe the case of.possibly something, another case of riding on the coattails of Klipsch...
  3. Here man... unreal version RareEarth...cool:...:
  4. Sounds good over my ex-forte:
  5. Dang, thanks for turning me... On ...Shiva Got a horn so...
  6. See No @Full RangeRangeRangeRangRangeRRanRangeRangeRangeRangRange Was fortunate to have seen...many people took off their watch...to this day on...RIP
  7. Spoke with seller via PM... Do not know version of the Epic...
  8. No @Full Range.. On it is a very handsome hat...mine went the way of...I do not recall now...
  9. I could usually handle that or specially Roadrunner.. .lol me too...at the movie.
  10. Saturdays spent at the double features with Merry Melodies...1935... likely
  11. I probably saw it and vaguely remember...
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