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  1. billybob

    La Scala for PA use.

    Cannot recall now without looking but I or other may have mentioned the 600's as they were the rage at Rodney's. OP may have suggested cost prohibitive. Still we discussed future events being always better than the last. @Droogne...thinking things went off well last year. What is happening this time around, please...thanks!
  2. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    And now:
  3. Will go farther. Approaching science in a non-emotional way as one knows is a proven procurer of hard data one may rely upon. The inspirational drive is not dampened by doing so. Result can, in a collaborative way, in this instance a forum derive beneficial results to ones self and to others. Having retired from my field, can now reflect upon the satisfaction derived from the human discourse from my coworkers at times and at other times, directly from the end users of my efforts. Sometime I find that given the lack of or, the access to fine measurement tools, I still must come to my own conclusion, at least for the moment. In the field of inquiry that electronics brings us to, sometime the result is nuanced. Perception then, is a vital tool to have in ones kit. Know this makes no sense to some, but the chance to speak to and associate with others of likeminded interest here, is worth all the angst that is found at times here. Enjoy the to and fro, back and forth and, like the sometime heated discussion which to those not involved may appear volatile at times. Good fortune!
  4. billybob

    PA speakers, amps near me (not Klipsch)

    Any info on the speakers? Maybe some EV...
  5. billybob

    PA speakers, amps near me (not Klipsch)

    Recognize those but no personal experience with. Those look like some possibilities at the right price. Wonder if a forum search would yield something useful.
  6. Did not know you have a spreadsheet. Industrious and empirical evidence to some degree helps some of us.
  7. Sometimes I edit so, pay no mind of course. It occurs to me for right or wrong that lacking measurement, we are embarking into the theoretical unknown, which is measured by feedback of anecdotal evidence. To me, this is fine as, discoveries both recognized or not occur also...imho Once again interesting to my subjective understanding.
  8. Dang interesting discussion. Have nothing against twisted pair and as long as the insulation is intact, Telco or not, certainly looks better, or, more orderly. IMLO
  9. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Yes can definitely handle Daft Punk...thanks. JohnJ... Got me listening to one side of the DP...Come Taste The Band...Lady Luck Doing better with internet connection ATM...seems a bird was sitting on the wire...
  10. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    The Mule...would not be too surprised if FR had this oldie goldie...Fireball...cool now we are cooking with petro...thanks! And on that note, not certain this was posted successfully if not sorry for a repeater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqDxL2oyl-Y
  11. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Doraville, that and after I posted saw Not going to let it.............was thinking of that just recently. They had some good stuff. Hotlanta... have not heard that expression lately. Went to an electronics trade show at North Atlanta. Big place think it was called the Atlanta Dunfey Hotel. Had a blast that trip...
  12. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Saw them in a Lakeland , Fl little pop festival. Melanie, Canned Heart and ARS, others but ? atm. Since then Champagne Jam a favorite...Thanks for the jog to memory. They were a nice surprise to me...think it was around early 80's but the temp was mighty hot while dancing to the Heat. Yes, they were staring at me...lol. Dave, when I was younger, I would start drumming on my desk at HS watching the clock at 6th period.Yes, we knew what the Friday night would bring, lol...Now I just have a brew and think about it.
  13. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Evening...Was looking for my Super Session several times and when found it and this, thought about Jeff Beck while on my mind with another member so some of the same musicians on both groups cuts. Miles looked slimmer back then:
  14. Continued: RE: MCS Phono Follow Up Posted by Bold Eagle (A) on January 27, 2009 at 11:39:22 In Reply to: MCS Integrated Amp surprise! posted by Bold Eagle on January 27, 2009 at 09:00:25: More surprises. It has an excellent phono section! At least with the nice MCS Direct Drive TT some one gave me recently. It has an AT71 cartridge in it, and the MCS amp seemed to like that. This would be a very good amp for a vinyl lover's bedroom system or the like. Very quiet, and very smooth and clean sounding. I also surprised myself a bit when I compared the phono to CD. For convenience, I hooked in the Sony CDR-W1 I have (a CD recorder) and the phono kicked its butt, but good. Had all the sonic character that vinyl lovers attribute to CD. I next tried my Rotel RCD-971 - much better! The phono was still a little nicer in the highs and not as bright. Cutting back the treble control 1-2 clicks made them equal. On my Onkyo A-8190, the MCS TT and the RCD-971 sound very close. If you were going to use this amp with a CD player, you'll want one that's warmer and more "vinyl-like". I'd also think using short, low capacitance interconnects for CD would help with some players (like this Sony), although the Rotel is unaffected. Lots of fun on a cold, gray, dismal day here in northern Ohio. Jerry Full thread: https://www.audioasylum.com/forums/vintage/messages/20/200760.html