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  1. Don't think the speakers are out of line but location sometimes. You could do as you just did with Best offers. That and either bundling the speakers at a discount, or just knocking a little off of the speakers gets potential buyers off the fence. Also,.keeping this on the radar by bumping this advert should work. Thanks
  2. Think I saw that in a related discussion y'all were having. Yes, definitely Klipsch. Yes, you may have eased his mind. Will stick with what I said. You owe me no explanation but, glad you have. You seem to have things together perhaps more than myself,lol... Please stick around and help these new members out, if you want to. Members here are not always available at times. Welcome and as for the cat, a simple photo will do. Funny as almost named a Siamese bobtail billybobtail as suggested by another member. What a hoot and welcome to the forum... Edit...just saw OPs forum name is bobtal. Serendipity...
  3. Did you try plugging unit in a different oulet in another room going for a different circuit... Thanks
  4. Just as long as you realize that there may come a time when listening to music, DVD music, streaming music may come into it. With the 5.1and up systems that you pay good money for there are typically timbre or series matched centers that are usually offered in a package. There are no really good reason to not when possible match. This also comes into play when listening to 5.1recordings made for your system. As for matching, do the best you can. And as for bashing, hope not to disappoint but, just a discussion. Besides, a pure direct mode and I am a 2 Channel guy. Glad you guys are helping each other out with the HT... Mostly it is your ears and taste that tend to satisfy the most. Cheers
  5. Well what do I know about subs...
  6. Simon and Garfunkel yes, sounds like fun indeed. Have their live CD playing for the crowd in Central Park. Would sound terrific with the DAC, hand clapping and all. Good fortune on any endeavors considering.
  7. billybob

    NFL 2019

    Who again is the underdog here...
  8. If the sub in question is compatible with hooking straight to the preamp sub out then why not indeed. Congrats and welcome. Would try first just the CF speakers alone.
  9. Did some reading on that unit since I saw it mentioned and realizing you were to get it. The 2 chips in the DAC appears to make a difference. Since others and yourself posting positive results, cannot think not recommendable, albeit the manual appears lacking in the details. Thanks
  10. Same is said about the electronics burning also. Cannot dispute this as have witnessed this on different occasions. Real or perceived, your ears may well do the same. Enjoy
  11. billybob

    NFL 2019

    Almost like a Fran Tarkington. Even exeeds Tebow at certain levels of play.
  12. That would be the crossover setting in hertz. If the speakers in your sound system do not go low enough in the bass, subwoofer will kick in where you want.More to it but for now set it to 80 for movies and listen for Abit. Then try it on 120. You may prefer setting on 60, or even 40. Just depends on what you are listening to.
  13. Forgot for a minute you are not in Great Britain. Just a title of a OO7 Film...book, for your eyes only. Nothing derogatory intended, I can assure you. A bit frivolous at times, maybe. Nothing to apologise for. On the contrary, still rather enjoying the progress of your presentation here. Thanks for asking.
  14. Reminded me of...You Got To Get Me To The World On Time... EP...
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