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  1. La Scala for PA use.

    Dang, see you are making good inroads. Some heady stuff. Did see a 15 inch Kappa copy/knockoff on the local craigslist for $50. One thing leads to another here. Cool!

  3. Chorus' in ME

    You just earned another We have a Super Extra Double RT Trekker among the ranks!!! Salute to you Now keep it between the lines Star Trooper
  4. Chorus' in ME

    If not before, you now qualify as a Klijpch Super Road Tripper
  5. Chorus' in ME

    Super Congrats...
  6. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Very nice! Sounds like you two are being taken care of by staff. Hope so! Have fond memories of that area and of course, Coconut Grove. Enjoy!
  7. Chorus' in ME

    Can hardly wait
  8. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good morning Oh and forgot. Hotel had ice cubes piped in with a contraption in every room. Old school alright and before my time. Other tales about the place but, what goes on at the Floridian, stays there. Cool place! Before it eventually closed, stayed there for several weekends off and on. Porters there were happy to see you and take your luggage. Black and white fully tiled bathrooms. Radiators for heat... Ah, was the place to stay in the day. Before my time though, of course.
  9. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Glad to hear it
  10. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    That and the more round with less base are right on target for my recollection Neil. Buffalo China! I could really live with that. Had a work connection with Buffalo, NY at one time. One employee there was always helping me out. Think there are nice people everywhere yet, something maybe the weather. Words like stoneware and boneware had come to mind. May have to treat myself as Santa has become somewhat less reliable down here. There again, maybe the weather. Thanks!
  11. A budding audiophile!

    Klipsch speakers=Cat magnet
  12. Had old school Panasonic and liked them. Remember here about the newfound digitals doing good job. May still do it. My rotel multi-player was really decent. Sony CD multi I betcha sounds decent with the KG-4-s. Even using RCA. Only have my 5 disc Yamaha. Cool...
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    That'll do for now, thanks! Old hotel in uptown Tally at one time, had a breakfast grill besides restaurant. The cups of suppose regular size were make of pottery or ceramics which appeared in white and looked hard wearing. Thinking that as recall a thicker made cup, which has to hold the heat better and that some espresso cups are made similar. Carl, just posted one of(espresso), a couple of days ago here, of course. IAC, I will be wanting to visit those thicker cups again.
  14. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Expresso use or other? BTW, have 2 cup sizes here. Smaller type may have been sold for tea, yet nice in the morning for staying warm while I savor. What I meant by half a cup which, having now. Thanks!
  15. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Decided against any for now. Peep talk put me off of sweet. BTW, what is that small coffee or tea cup called? Think it French word.