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  1. Yes use the Lascala s out doors.... No need for a backdrop...
  2. Do not know about better but yes, as you may know... yes LaScala and that is just me. Just awesome.
  3. Very nice... worth it would hope...
  4. Thanks for the latest jazz, post there FR... nice... slow night...😊
  5. That works for me... have done the same thing with older RF-3's... The RF-82' come up from Fry's for a decent deal With Free shipping...
  6. Another is, are you doing a 2 channel system for stereo and or, a home theater system. Your answer will help... thanks
  7. And when say a search just key in the models of the different speakers in the entire forum...
  8. Have been reading some good reports on RP 8000's here. Do a search on the forum here mean while...if want to...
  9. While you wait is economy a part of your search or, is getting the latest model? Please excuse the question but this may come up later. Yes confusion yet enough members have experience in the various Premier line ...
  10. Welcome to the forum...a little patience and someone will tackle this for you...
  11. https://youtu.be/DDOIL5OqvYs And as all too often happens, I repeat, when names like Roy are invoked So, once again:
  12. Sounds good my man... in that kind of mood... listening now...Ah blue note. Live one ...
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