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  1. Think he is following her... stalking.
  2. Heresy Decorator Birch Raw from the label. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome to the forum! Why not try your receiver as it is quite possibly good enough? Is it an Onkyo? Thanks!
  4. After you answer the last 2 posts above, using the same extension cord from another location, plug into it with the 2 prong DAC only. What happens? Now plug the amp in by itself. What happens? If all good after the 2 tests, plug both into extension. Thanks!
  5. Listen to one of us at a time now. Bowing out here...
  6. @mikebse2a3...posted this unit over on a thread just now: https://emotiva.com/products/cmx-2 Do not know the unit...check it out. @jimjimbo thanks...
  7. Don't know if would work, but Mike just posted this on another thread just now. I will get the link. Surge protector looks alright. And you plugged 3 prong without adapter into wall and strip after fixing outlet?
  8. How about it Limberpine?
  9. That was next question OP?
  10. Not everyone has a tester handy like that. Cannot hear a thing but will try again. And that is the transformer and not through the speakers?
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