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  1. Look mA, no hands: https://silodrome.com/mag-lev-audio-ml1-levitating-turntable/
  2. Looking at the discontinued items under Klipsch.com is the go-to.☕ https://www.klipsch.com/discontinued-products-klipsch
  3. Welcome! Going for a cup of joe. Maybe someone here can help... 🔊
  4. Thinking that you are being realistic About expectations. Sure why not. There is the future for changing.
  5. Yes you can cross at 60 for some overlap of bAss, experiment with 80. Would try large or small... experiment and yes room response. Sounds like a good plan. Nice system...
  6. Would definitely try the 5s, even by themselves.
  7. Welcome! Nice reAd... Would be surprised if Distortion in practically all positions. Others will be here to say more... enjoy!
  8. Guess he is going to trust you too. Has been member since 2020. Money in hand may work for you. Given time, your speakers will sell. CaNt qualify, but think he is really down under. Read All his posts. Your call...
  9. Hey now...hay is for horses !s good morning to you too. first you spoke recc I have A lye down... good suggestion .. . Lol
  10. Pretty certain you seen my PBS postings of. roy Thanks, like version...
  11. Cool... you have excellent taste, Looking for a delivery... lol Thanks, mate, you know... Cheers !!!
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