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  1. billybob


    NASA launch from Virginia this evening: https://www-wfla-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.wfla.com/weather/nasa-launch-from-virginia-could-produce-brief-green-and-violet-auroras-visible-from-tampa/amp/?
  2. billybob


    Mushrooms? https://www-popularmechanics-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.popularmechanics.com/space/moon-mars/amp36356445/mushrooms-on-mars-nasa-photos-life-on-mars/?
  3. billybob

    What I Got Today!

    Guy a couple of doors down vacuums his rock driveway way too often with his riding apparatus. Think he does it partly to please his squeeze, and just look busy. Some serious noise pollution.
  4. No doubt a new day
  5. Just rhetoric so... some can see into the future. Klipsch that is Mr. Klipsch, is likely a gift to which, we are still reeling about. Listening now... thanks.
  6. Sharp is a well known biz of course. They came out with the Linytron Plus which was in decent standing with the Sony Trinitron tech. Talking awhile ago like the early 80. Can attest to the early take on the definition, which I used.
  7. Can safely say, therein lies the complete understanding of the anechoic chamber from whence we are all here. Anything less is just a guesstimate. The effeciency is a rightly standard, that has of yet, been the standard. An apparatus with software will not get you all the way. Billy
  8. billybob


    Maybe it will bounce off of the March booster sending their space junk into the sea...
  9. billybob

    Space X Star Link

    More going up. Read an article about their satellite constellation yesterday. They will be improving latency as well as coverage. It has been coming for awhile. Still in Beta... Sure beats zero coverage...
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