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  1. Here is another sleep aid: Goodnight OT...goodnight I'll see you on my dreams...
  2. Very nice selections tonight... you all! Thought of Fountain. Played some of the 10CC last night and then saw your post. Yes, think they are a bit refined sounding in a UK kinda sound way. Good midday FR, goodnight Gary from the Hall.
  3. What's this about red crushed velvet....good material.
  4. Hoping that the new III is everything it is cracked up to be. My bet is, it is...
  5. The fortr'1 has a 12 inch passive.
  6. Very interesting The metric used to affect speeding in that country state of mind. Thanks and yes, guess they better sort it out. I may be of much use there as I would have a good incentive to learn metric. Fascinating ..Thanks!
  7. Compliments on the surrealism Mark, to your wife. Pretty darn cool!
  8. Appreciate it Neil. Actually that cubic inch to liter conversion is what was really considering. Makes me feel better then about a "how big" comparison. Comes into play when filing same engine, lol. Volvo has the lier mostly so, seven quarts US Gallon. Alwayss check dipstick when serviced. I can cope after all, lol
  9. I hear you. more than just one idiot posting. Love to egg it ... on.. Good Weekend!
  10. Still struggling with it here. If I can find the mile to KM conversion will stop guesstimating when I hear it in metric, in movies and such. Mystyfied in Fl.
  11. For certain man. That is a good copy..into his live performance. Wish I had.seen. Welcome to the hearty party. Especially spin during the week. Cool A good place to contribute, imlo Listening : Marian and Bill,
  12. Yes man, Baker Street. That ans sleepwalking and other pretty cool stuff from where Isit. Love that song. Hanging out of town still so. Liking the picks and...reccs. Good evening... Listening to the 2016 remake of Bridge Of Sighs on the tube. The RF-3 when pressed will suffuce. Thanks, for Linda and her cohort. Talent does not cover it! Enjoy!
  13. Lol, what a hoot!...
  14. Cheers...