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  1. billybob

    Hurricane Michael

    We fared well thank you. Never planned to leave yet, had a plan if needed to do so. In a rather large camper with a brother nearby. Plenty of rain and wind yet camper rv held steady with no blackouts. Have not seen the news but sure there is plenty about the panhandle, especially the PCB area. Weak signal here made this thread informative for me. When I go out later, thinking some fared much worse abit closer than us to the water. Am located maybe 2 1/2 miles from gulf mouth of river and 300 yards away from same river. Higher ground than some here. Thanks for asking...
  2. billybob

    Hurricane Michael

  3. billybob

    Hurricane Michael

    No we are good here at this moment. Thanks for updates. Still have power of course. Sleeping myself at the moment...
  4. billybob

    Hurricane Michael

    Is there an NOAA update there @dtel...looks like PC was the eye target earlier...thanks!
  5. billybob

    Strong Rhetoric on China

    Lol, you could not throw the bully boy and China on US for all the green tea in China...
  6. billybob

    Lava lamps WHAT is the current latest and greatest?

    Those are cool...ish! Maybe some Poe...ish...
  7. billybob

    These Chicks Rock. Their group name though...

    No, yes they Rock et out...nice and quiet laid back...like a chick band man...
  8. billybob

    Rocky Mtn Audio Fest La Scala AK5's

  9. billybob

    KG4 versus Quartet

    The Dynaco's may be interesting. If you can match colors of both model Klipsch, you can just get way with swapping them in and out of a closet. Similar size you see...lol As for the upgrades to the Quartets, listen for a bit first so, you will be able to appreciate any upgrade later.
  10. billybob

    KG4 versus Quartet

    Keep them both! You will have seller's remorse...enjoy!
  11. billybob

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    So, Friday evening, and listening to the lp recently and now. Little of teen music as you ruminate about your youth, of course the clubs as well yet, Davies got around and flourished these 50+ years :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFCXt3osccM&index=2&list=PLrtPMuiedcKq4F2YS_SnnkiOHBq9mcEP5&t=0s
  12. That is all fine, and think it is the AVR of course, yet, it would be nice to test any receiver against the speakers. Any stereo receiver...alright. At least you have patience...
  13. billybob

    Lava lamps WHAT is the current latest and greatest?

    He may come...
  14. billybob

    How many beers did you have in college?

    I'm not hip...
  15. billybob

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Could get a little dicey...