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    • We had an attorney that specializes in elder law and estate planning do ours.  It was amazing how many different scenarios he covered that we never dreamed of but could easily see happening.  He went several generations in the future with stipulations and was extremely thorough.  
    • Mine's at the shop.... I'll take a pic of it tomorrow I think the trophy is there too......   MKP :-)
    • I whittled a race car out of a piece of balsa wood once when I was in cub scouts.
    • Just curious do you guys think there is any sound quality difference between the older Klipsch speakers and say a brand new pair? Have they updated the drivers or crossovers? I do remember a member that had the old La Scala's and then purchased the II's and said they did sound more refined and smoother. Anyone here with experience with newer Klipschorns? 
    • Tiger's opinion of trusts varies from mine. I tend to think there is a time and place for a trust but that caution should be used not to use them unnecessarily.  They come with bureaucratic layers of their own, such as having to file special tax returns, etc.  I have had occasion to undo a trust by family agreement simply because the trust made no sense in light of the family dynamics.     Trusts are most useful when you don't want to give the person the money or property without strings attached.  The probate process is not expensive or lengthy, contrary to what many trust-peddlers will tell you.  The myth that probate will drain estates dry was conjured up by "financial adviser" outfits that would go to hotels on a circuit and sponsor "free" workshops in ballrooms designed to scare people into using their services.   A typical probate should cost no more than $2,000 - $3,500, which is probably less than the thousands people spend creating and maintaining trusts.  Once you create a trust, you still have to maintain it (at least for tax purposes), year after year.  There might be some exceptions I am missing, as trust law is not my forte, but I think I have it generally right.
    • I got the small EQ'lizer in the system.  This is a pretty nice unit  and simple to operate with some nice feature.  No, it's not as nice as a parametric EQ but, it can get the job done for some finishing touches.  It's less than 2 lbs., lol.  This for people who want to setup something quick and not spend a lot of time on the FR.  Just thought I would capped this thread with a finish.  Thanks for all the ncie responses!
    •   Nor in Mississippi .  MISSISSIPPI ! for crying out loud !  
    • Why are these not sold? ! ? You west coast guys are slackers. These would never last this long in New England.
    • Thanks.  Yes the bass is tight, deep and balanced with the rest of the speaker's output.  It's been a long time since I've heard KLF30's. I like the bass better than the Chorus II's I used to own.  The KLF20 bass seems to go deeper and has more punch, grunt and growl imho.  Pics coming soon.
    • Here is an excerpt from the AARP website:  For informational purposes only....   Is getting a will expensive? It can be, but there are also numerous free resources to help you draw up a new will or update an old one. Wills on Wheels. After her handicapped son died, Jean Turner of Denver needed to update her will for her three surviving adult children. But Turner, 79, had neither the money nor the mobility for the legal task. She lives on Social Security and a small pension as a retired hospital nurse assistant and suffers back pain so severe she is homebound.

      Wills on Wheels, a volunteer committee of paralegals and attorneys in the Denver area, came to Turner’s rescue — literally. They drafted Turner’s will, advance medical directives and a financial power of attorney. The documents set forth Turner’s treatment choices if she cannot speak for herself and name someone to act on her behalf in financial matters.

      They delivered the documents to Turner’s home and witnessed the signing of the documents — all for free. Although they are not affiliated with each other, there are Wills on Wheels programs in other states. To see whether there’s one near you, type “wills on wheels” followed by your state into an Internet search engine. AARP’s Legal Counsel for the Elderly. In Washington, AARP’s Legal Counsel for the Elderly program works with volunteer lawyers to provide free wills, along with other legal and social services, for low-income residents of the District of Columbia. LCE’s staff and volunteers assist more than 5,000 older people each year. Serving Our Seniors. This program offers free wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for health care and property to hundreds of seniors in 25 states. In Chicago, project chairman Justin Heather has been forming a nonprofit Serving Our Seniors Foundation and website to continue and expand the project. Pro bono wills programs. Many more programs exist across the country. Some have age and income limits, but seniors aren’t the only beneficiaries. In some areas, younger disabled people or HIV/AIDS patients may qualify, as well as veterans, active-duty military and first responders. Type “pro bono will” followed by your state’s name into an online search engine to see about programs that you might tap.