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    • What you say in your first paragraph there is not a good idea. Its a GREAT idea! Pretty solid speaker placement imo, however sub placement is really hard to tell if its done correctly or not. Guess you just have to do some experimenting on that front. Would also recommend a second sub. Always good to cover windows with thicker than usual curtains. Seems like youve given this potential setup some good consideration. So all in all, youve done great.
    • Hope I didn't end up under that moniker, I really wanted those @justinsweber made Cornscalas a couple years ago. Attempted to get some of those twice. Maybe later! Heck if I had known about you and this place before I started my rebuild... it would be tubes and tubes and tubes Ya know what that new washer & dryer stink, they are geared more to save water and electricity so much that they don't clean or dry clothes worth a darn. Have to rinse with vinegar to get the extra mud & saltsoap out. and sometimes dry an extra fifteen
    • Yes Sir. The place feels even more empty since they drove off with it yesterday. Been a piano in this house as long as I can remember, heard the music from it all the same. Mom not being here, except the urn in the living room and now her thing that was her "thing" most of her entire life hit hard last evening.     note the floorboard not having the newest shade on it because I was blocked from getting there. Got the flat on the walls with my brush extender couldn't get the semi-gloss.
    • Oh this could get ugly quick 😄.............I have 40 recommendations. But as I have never heard a NAD amp I will remain silent
    • You will be hard pressed to upgrade from the NAD. I have an NAD integrated w 80 watts/ driving a set of Belles and that is more than enough for their environment. I have not heard Chorus II but have heard the Chorus 1 and they definitely like more power. They are fairly efficient, but really start to kick with the extra input. I like Carver and have had several of them, but they are getting on in years. Give a look at the Emotiva's for sale in the garage sale section. They double the wattage you currently have but that should only net out around and extra 3db but I bet would sound nice together. You would even come in under budget.  
    • Hi Never had that problem, however it seems youve already isolated the problem. Have you tried troubleshooting your apc? How often did this happen? 
    • It's a sure sign your getting old, all the talk about health problems.    Just kidding, maby, everyone here is mostly old, except for the few young ones. And we know who you are, your the ones who say things like what about Hersey vs Cornwall vs RF7 vs JBL vs Polk vs in ceilings, and do I need a sub with each one and will it be better than my bose, and explain in detail please ?    OK it's not that bad, just bored. Anyway some might need those night glasses depending on where you live. Mostly because these days there is possibly many people standing in the streets and they say it's not cool to run them over even by accident.
    • Well, listened to one of them yesterday.   Did not want to open both boxes if I did not like what I heard with the one.   First impressions are very good.  If anything these are less resonant than the Truextent/2441s - less stridency on massed strings not as if the JBL were strident in any way, nowhere close, of course.  But after hearing the titanium diaphragm in the KLIPSCH supplied driver I was concerned.   CELESTION has tamed titanium.  With less EQ than was required before I get response to 22K - within a dB or so - I do not really want them flat up there.  I could have a rise if I wanted it.  Less EQ is required in general though the hump in the 1000 hz region is more pronounced but easier to quell. Nice shape.  One would think these drivers and the K-402 are very compatible.  One wonders if this is the driver Mr. Delgado will choose for his update of the JUBILEE?  He could not go wrong.   They really do go down to 300,  in fact real close to 200 - one could EQ them flat from 200 to 22k - but one worries if that would put stress on the driver and is not needed.  I like the idea of having a smooth slope instead of a cliff which is what the cutoff would be at 200 hz.   So I listened to one channel with the CELESTION and the other with the JBL,  I did not find the CLESTION channel calling attention to itself - always a good sign.  Listening to Sandy Denny on FAIRPORT CONVENTION's LIEGE AND LEIF her voice had more immediacy and dynamics from the CELESTION and a purity that I believe is due to the fact that I can get the woofer out of the way so much quicker with the CELESTION.   I like the idea of the FASTON connectors instead of those stupid spring loaded things.   There is a neoprene foam on the face which makes an excellent gasket.   They are made in the United Kingdom and not in China - a very pleasant surprise.   In my most unhumble opinion they are worth every penny of what is charged.   AND I have a screen right at the face of the driver so i will not be as confused about where to put the ports in the horn.   Now I wonder if I should place them further back from the CD or leave them just where Chris A placed his?   Tomorrow a report on stereo.  Hope my enthusiasm has not been overstated in haste.   And to find a buyer for the JBLs ...
    • This is beyond ridiculous. But hope it all works out for you. The wait will have been worth it.   Shakey
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