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  1. Will be powering a pair of La Scala. I already have a gorgeous TX-SV90PRO with rosewood side panels (110 wpc). The 90 will be used as the pre and is same vintage as the 504.
  2. feel sorry for that boy on the bottom! That is like a whole human standing on him 24/7
  3. Have had a couple in the past. As usual, regrets of a sale... the 508 draws a very healthy penny!
  4. On a hunt! Trying to track down a reasonably priced M-504. Have looked at all the usual places and thought I'd post here as well, just in case...
  5. there are lots of amps I'd take over this one. I just thought it was cool...
  6. perhaps a little taste of history if all true: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adcom-GFA-555-PRO-pre-production-prototype-mod-upgraded-300WPC-please-read/174549848069?hash=item28a3fb5005:g:frUAAOSw33FfyH3i
  7. WOW! - i never would have imagined... quite disheartening
  8. Ditto - those are not Klipsch speaker cabs. Not even plywood for that matter. Very cheap pressed wood.
  9. i absolutely LOVE it !!! YES! the 'turdspeaker'. I gotz a pair of 'em 🤪
  10. Randy, 'em really don't look too bad. I have seen and had MUCH MUCH worse! Just ask @MookieStl, think he got the very worst pair i had ever seen, saved out of a frat house. All ya got to do is GET BUSY !!! LOL
  11. ...doesn't take much, @ILI. Mostly just patience and time. DIY 🤩
  12. Hey Rick Been well, thanks Buddy! Took a few years away from the LS restoration scene to build my Hot Rod. I am back baby!!! LOL - Picked up a couple pairs of LS for great deal. One pair I traded my RF-7's for. That pair already sold to a VERY happy buyer and new forum member @RandyR. The other pair, pictured above are slated for full restoration and keepers. Had to drive a couple hours but got a great deal on them. Won't start restoration till Hot Rod season is over. Fancy assed La Bella's soon around the corner... 🤪
  13. those are beaters too, @RandyH000 🤩
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