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  1. oh boy! excited to get these Scala's fired up again. Thanks Mook
  2. Yes please, Sir Mookie. TFM 15 will be plenty for my lil Scala's 😊
  3. on the search, once again, for a 2-channel Carver amp. Specifically one from the TFM line. Bought a nice little CT 24 would like to put together a nice set.
  4. yes, toast! Diaphragms need replaced... Pretty sure I know what took them out too - OYE 😠
  5. thanks Randy 34 bucks much more reasonable than 116 !!! ...not buying the yellow ones, they look a lil shady LOL
  6. thanks Randy, I had purchased a pair from Crites years ago. However, at that time, the round magnet K77 diaphragm was not available. Only square magnet replacements were available. Wasn't sure if that was still the case?
  7. who/where the best resource for obtaining new K77 diaphragms? ...these are shot
  8. Thank you, Sir! As much as I would love to have a 504 in the wheel house, had a hard time just coming off 150 bucks for a set of K77 from Jim LOL. With Hot Rod season approaching quickly, the 504 is low on the priority list ATM. ...it is the thought that counts and much appreciated friend
  9. morning flatgrass i'll take the HRT streamer will inbox you...
  10. Considering today's market and condition, I think $1500 would be a solid offer. Those appear to be in really nice shape to me. With a little work, amazing. Or, just some new crossovers and done... Hell, I paid 900 bucks for a pair in worse shape not long ago. Although they did have updated AA crossovers.
  11. Awesome! I'll have to pick up a pair of diaphragms to repair my current round mag tweets. Have a back up set, just in case...
  12. is my recollection correct that only the square magnet type can be re-fitted with a new diaphragm?
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