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  1. Matthews


    Don't know what has been included in the motor build, unfortunately. All I know is it's a mild build 355 sbc. Going to pull the valve covers tomorrow to get a look at the rockers, might give me a little better idea of build quality. The 177's are smaller, single carb blowers. Likely only run it at 3-4 lbs of boost. This will be my 3rd blower motor so not my 1st dance in the park Hi Mook - been a while, my friend... Yes indeed, that would have been "a whole lot 'o shakin" goin on - HA added a little mood lighting Start polishing all that aluminum under the hood tomorrow while I decide what to do with the intake Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  2. Matthews


    nervous I was as well. Zero instruction, flying by the seat of my pants. The gun was giving me troubles at first but finally got the hang of it. There are a few runs I will have to go back and address but overall am pretty stoked with the outcome. Can't wait to go back and see what it looks like this morning. The paint should have laid down a bit overnight. Have it sitting in my make shift paint booth at work, heat cranked up to 100 degrees. Now on the hunt. Think I am going to put a little 177 blower on it. There is huge Hot Rod swap meet coming to the area real soon, I know something very cool will be coming home with me
  3. Matthews


    Been sanding and smoothing this thing out for a couple of weeks now. That is not primer. Single stage enamel, about 8 coats (snow flake white). Took me all day to shoot it, i am exhausted. Not sure what I was thinking when I started this project, Holy Crap! Think it turned out pretty decent for my 1st automotive paint job, ever. Have some classy and very tasteful trim to cover up all those holes. Next up, some goodies for the motor, Vroom Vroom
  4. Matthews


    laid some paint today, Sir Billy Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  5. Matthews


    This is what it looked like when I got it. The motor is strong with only about 2K miles on it. Will pull off the valve covers, wire keepers, carb, and filter, get them all polished up, shinning like a diamond. Searching for a polished high rise, Victor style intake manifold. Accel distributor. Won't do much more than that to the motor. Mated to a TH350 trans. It will certainly smoke the tires.
  6. Matthews


    Thank you Sir Been sooo busy. My recent work not being Klipsch, thought it not relevant to the forum. However, we have hi-jacked a thread LOL
  7. Matthews


    Thanks, this is a driver... 355 small block Chevy, Mustang II front end, Dana rear. edit: aka "lowered"
  8. Matthews


    My apologies fella's for recent lack of participation The obsession of Scala restoration has shifted (for the moment). Shifted to all American steel. Latest restoration. Shooting paint this weekend, '37 Chrysler Coupe Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  9. Matthews


    perhaps i am mistaken? I thought this was a Klipsch Speaker Forum, not an Orthopedic Footwear Forum?
  10. Matthews


    LMAO - not much Sir, it is a sliding payment scale.
  11. Matthews


    a lurker found what he needed, in and out... Likely won't hear from him again until he NEEDS something. ...just an observation Safe Thanksgiving weekend all Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  12. port holes are stock design. Custom port tubes added...
  13. Matthews


    Oak Chorus I risers, a bit tattered and rattle canned. If you call them "lifts" one more time, I am going to rip your nostril hairs out with needle nose pliers, one by one Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  14. yeah, hey Dave, some photos please...
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