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    • The voltage drop across a tube rectifier will depend on the voltage applied to the plate(s) and the current draw.  You can get an idea about this from the data sheet which shows the expected DC voltage available at the input filter cap (most equipment uses a capacitor input filter - choke input filters have different parameters).  An example is below for a 5Y3.  The voltage drop for solid state rectifiers is insignificant in high voltage applications.  There are some other considerations for the latter as well including the value of the input filter cap.   Maynard    
    • I tried twice to get the pictures to work.  I'll try again.
    • The You Tube car repair videos are fascinating. JJK
    • The internet is more like a living/breathing public library (I still like libraries).
    • Two systems in the house. The main system has a sweet spot established, room treatments etc. I enjoy listening in stereo in that room very much. No need to compensate for anything. Imaging and soundstage is rewarding.   Second system is in an unfinished basement. Concrete walls, exposed ductwork etc. Speakers are plopped down in the middle.....not in corners or next to a wall. This system, unlike the main system is high powered and gets played loud 100% of the time.   I've found that in this system, two speakers played in mono play more cohesive. Everything is more solid and honestly, gives me the urge to keep turning up the volume because it just jives so much better than stereo in this situation.
    • I’m an optimist, with just a little effort, their is hardly anything  that can’t be learned  via the internet, or at least get a general understanding of the topic . I’ve been able to expand  my knowledge in so many ways through the years ,it’s unbelievable .And that’s just one important benefit, I remember before the internet ,just how  difficult it could be  to find important items  that I needed ,it was hard   for the buyer to meet up with the seller , (old car parts is a good example)  the parts  existed but where are they , and who’s selling  ? Availability for everything has expanded tremendously  . Now days I can get absolutely anything I need no matter how obscure  or rare the item may be , or maybe through the internet I will discover a new and improved product  that I was completely unaware of , it’s amazing.The market place has grown to worldwide access, for example I can buy a  old Klipsch speaker part from anywhere in the country or world , cause those part are out there, and I have a powerful tool at my disposal  to find those parts . These benefits also apply to the thousands of businesses that now have access to an infinitely expanded market. Need  an out of state weather report, a trip to Vegas , flowers for the little lady , fill out a job application, order dinner, pay a bill , get an Uber ride ,most use the internet   .My wife is a bit old fashioned though , always physically shopping around for difficult to find items  , I help her out , I get on the iPhone ,order , next day its in her hand , she seems so surprised. As with all technology , unintended consequences  abound , I think the internet is here to stay.
    • That's a surprising belief.   Hey, Google.  Restaurants near me.
    • Von Karajan directing the Brandenburg Concertos... must be like Pink Floyd covering Pete Seeger. Oh! They did that, with The Wall!   On a serious note, I love Bach and I love Von Karajan! What makes this particular recording special, in your opinion?  
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