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    • I don't know of a conversion KIT, but you might be able to buy most of the necessary parts from Critesspeakers.com or an outlet named JEM, although I just recently learned that both those suppliers do a substitution of the woofer capacitors in a way that I have questions about. So, if you are capable of DIY, you can study the schematics, do a Google search about the conversion, and buy the pieces you need from someplace like Parts Express.com, for example.   There is also a highly reputable crossover network builder here on the forum, but I never know if he is retired or is taking orders, so I will let him speak for himself. 🙂
    • RIP Chris Darnell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ux32qjRGT4 No matter the safety features , at speed things can go south quickly .  He had probably done this a hundred times .
    • Since we were discussing meat @JohnJ, here's a picture of restaurants' meat locker where we dined this evening.  No London Broil on menu. ???????? C'mon Man!  
    • Thanks Dean, and yes, I think they are built right.   I did find the “suggested” -6db attenuation too uncharacteristically recessed for La Scalas, so mine are at -4db.    In another thread recently I remarked at how impressed I was with the impact on the sound of the K-77. But even at that I prefer the treble turned to 11, lol, even as a teenager I would boost the treble.    In the past month I have gone a week with each of the following crossovers, in this order; ALK, AA, and lastly A. All with refreshed capacitors. Even tried an idea from Bob Crites, an A set using a 6.8uF capacitor and tap 3, from a post decades ago before turning it back into an original A style.   Listening to the A’s right now and they are everything I like about La Scalas RIGHT up to about 80db.   And that schematic above is the Super AA, after a little “white-out”. I’m guessing Greg uses both a 1.5 and 2.5 mH coil that allows the user to select what total value works for them. I left out the 2.2R and 22R resistor L-pad across the tweeter for -3db as I can’t see myself needing that. I even boost the treble using A/4500s and SMAHLs.   Down the road I may want to try this crossover with other midrange drivers, that’s why I made the second inductor .30mH. Do you see any issues with that?        
    • I'm glad to hear you are receiving shortly. Our forklifts are 12-14 months out, some manufacturers are up to 3 years. I recently purchased a 700 lb safe. At one point I thought I could move the safe down to the back door in the winter on my own. My wife suggested hiring safe movers. If it was to be positioned in a simple location, it would have been moved with no problem, best $300 I spent. However, I of course had to have it moved in a tight location which called for more skilled movers. The movers I hired were able to get it in the location, but fought it. Looking back, I know how I could have moved it into location on my own, so should have had them just leave it in the open. Just food for thought. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
    • Bill Fitzmaurice would be best placed to answer that but ...    It strikes me that it would likely not work out well. Even if one were to build a THTLP inside that space --- essentially wrapping it in the old stereo console --- I'd be concerned about resonances. I built a minimum-sized THTLP. It's external dimensions are 72"x18"x15", so that the console would be about 10% too short. It's a neat idea, but I don't think it would pan out well.
    • I’m doing my taxation paperwork and listening to this     
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