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    • I posted a couple of pics on RTM this weekend so I figured I'd post them here since I started this thread awhile ago.  The cabinet was dusty when I took the pics as I didn't want to wipe it off since the third round of paint had only been curing for a few hours.  I will be laying down the first coats of clear next weekend.  I'm using the NLT4MP-BAG terminal (pictured) on the back of my cabinet.  It has the larger 1/4" terminal spades.  
    • Im in the same boat. I like it a lot and get improvement at all positions.  Many arent into complicated setup though and I wanted to explain my view in still getting something good from it.   i dont think the suggestions are different just that some peoples room dont sound good at the outside seats and the averaging makes every spot bad.  
    • Pallpoul - thank you.   Have been researching and narrowed it down to Rogue Cronus Magnum II and Prima Luna Dialogue Premium. I like the build quality of the Prima Luna and their running the tubes a little lower. This might extend the length of the tubes as well as the amp. But Rogue also seems like the real with a 3 year warranty (2 yrs Prima Luna) and seemingly great (always available) tech support.   So the edge goes toPrima Luna. Nothing like a 1st hand endoresement. Good news - it seems I can't go wrong with either.        
    • No affiliation:
    • NAD and Anthem but they are not of the massed produced kind.   Bill
    • Bob and I were talking about it and he commented that a spike like that should be audible.  I don't trust the T3A's any more.  From now on I'll just toss them.
    • I've told the story on another thread about moving into a house in 1985 where my 1978 KB-WOs (autographed by PWK and re-oiled a dozen times with Casey's TruOil by yours truly) sounded absolutely terrible, replaced them with C-WOs (that performed light-years better in that room) and after 7 years of gathering dust, sold the K-Horns. Although 16 years ago I bought a house in which K-Horns also wouldn't work (no corners, no places to put artificial corners), those speakers were my first audio "true love", and I've always wished I could have held onto them.   My other regret was selling a 1984 Gretsch drumset (2 x 22" basses, 12", 13", 16", 18" toms, 5.5" snare, red rosewood finish) that no longer worked well for the kind of music I was playing (experimental/fusion). I eventually built my own home studio that the Gretsch set would have been perfect for. On the bright side, in 2013 I got a Ludwig Legacy Maple drumset (2 x 22" basses, 12", 13", 14" 16" toms, WMP finish, 5" Black Beauty snare) which is the finest instrument I've ever put sticks to. Perfect for live or recording.
    •   I guess I'm lucky, because after Audyssey calibration with a microphone spread of 3 seats (8 mic positions), the sound is better with Audyssey than without in all 5 seats (5 seats across, fairly close together, on a couch in a room 16.75 feet wide).  I hear that Audyssey is now recommending a closer mic cluster than it once did.  Before I started, I put in a medium amount of absorption and there is a large amount of diffusion.  The only thing that seems worse in the farthest apart seats (seats number 1 and 5) is the imagining, and it is not too bad with movies.  And, I'd say that even in the extreme seats, the imaging is better with Audyssey than without.
    • I haven't heard honesty from either of them.  I don't recall what they spec'd my AVR354 at.   Emotiva was the first brand that gave me an honest to God specification on WPC - 65 WPC all channels driven, 130 WPC into 2 channels in Class A/B at 8 ohms.  I've seen that Cambridge Audio also does this, as does Arcam.  In general, I've found - if they market in box stores, they're probably full of hot air.
    • What brands (more or less common and affordable) are the most honest abotu WPC? I've heard Elite and Harman and the rest are not.
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