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    • Haven't been here in a bit. I also own a LM219ia.  Love the amp with my cornwalls.  I have telefunken smooth plate 12AX7's like the other user in this thread, as well as KR audio 300B's.  I swapped in a NOS pair of Wester Electric 310A's for a few months to find that the stock shuguang build 310A's work just as well, and that there is no justifiable difference in tonal quality so I put the stocks back in and resold those 310A's for twice what I paid.  I have the LM502ca DAC paired with it with NOS tubes and love the combo. An amazing DAC by all means.     
    • Some of the tweeter diaphragm had that and some did not.  Probably only phenolic made by one of the companies that made them for Klipsch.   Bob Crites
    • Do what Carl did when he wanted new gear.  He found his wife a second part time job. 
    • Picked up the 530s over the weekend. Utilizing as L/R Surrounds now. Plan to do some 2-channel listening with them as well at some point. These had some issues, one of the drivers needed replaced and the cabinets have several nicks and scuffs. That said I'm completely satisfied with what I paid for them plus the cost of a new driver from JBL.    
    • I thank you for your suggestion but with a fixed income, the RP280F's are a little out of my budget right now.  What I did notice yesterday while watching a Blu Ray movie is that there was no brightness, at least not like I experience with music CDs.  Same goes with TV viewing.  Just hear the nice detail and no harshness.  My CD player certainly isn't state of the art.  It's an old Sony recorder/player I specifically bought to transfer about 500 45rpm records to CD's.  I was a wedding/party DJ many years ago and many of the tunes I had cannot be found, especially the ones by the one song wonders.  Granted, not the best quality coming from 45's but good enough for background party music.
    • Well, I got some work done on the speakers this weekend off and on but didn't take any pictures; I'll try to get some during the week  It was rather hectic at the house with my wife trying to get more of the kitchen cabinets refinished since she jacked them up a couple years back.  :-\  I had to mow the yard one last time for the season as we're getting our roof replaced on Tuesday & Wednesday so we/they needed the grass cut short close to the house so it would be easier to find the nails that will surely make their way all over the yard.  Also had to take the gazebo down for the season which is always fun.   But I did get the bases built and veneered...just need to attach the inside glue blocks and then screw them to the bottoms of the bass bins and attacked the 4 feet per side.  Oh, and paint the bottoms black.  Also got 2 of the top section pieces veneered on the top sides and edge veneered the front and sides of it so two more panels to go for the tops.  It was warm and crazy windy on Saturday so I took advantage of that to do the veneering.  It was close to 80 on Saturday until about 4pm or so then the temp dropped 25 degrees over the course of an hour it seemed.  We had winds from 35 to 60mph.  I was watching a section of my privacy fence that's been leaning that I need to dig out for 5 posts, connect to my truck and pull them forward and set some more concrete in them.  Fun.     I also filled in the holes and sanded the original crossover boards so they can be repainted black and attach everything back on.  Yesterday afternoon, I cut some of the 3/4" square red oak pieces and drilled out then attached to the upper side panels to get ready to attach to the tops and bottoms of the "top hat".  They need to be painted black on the inside, too.  I'm finally almost ready to put the terminals on the wires and mount those new woofers in the bass bins.  That's exciting...to me, anyway.  I need another 8 feet of 3/4" square red oak for making the remaining glue blocks for the top sections plus for the bases to attach.   I know without pictures, it it's not as appealing but they are definitely getting closer.  I hope to be listening to them before Christmas.  Although, the tree is going to be set up in the corner close to where one of them will be so this will be interesting to see if I can actually get them in there.  Oh well.  Still progress.
    • It seems he donated the 51% of shares but for dividend purposes only. MIT has no voting rights or control.   I also had two pair of 901 Series IV until the surrounds rotted. Gave them to a buddy with the understanding that he would have them repair. Bose authorized the repair for $150 / pair. My friend met his maker in a motorcycle vs. drunken driver accident while they were been repaired.
    • Nothing wrong with amplification.  I just believe Onkyo amps do sound a little brighter than say Denon or Marantz.  That was the first think I noticed when I replaced by old Denon receiver with the Onkyo and that is when I was using Def Tech Pro Monitors.  I'm a newbie here but have been around the hobby quite some time.  First receiver was an HH Scott so that will give you an idea of my age. :-)
    • I've said it before and will repeat. Bose has a very nice product in the L1 Model 2(with Tonematch) PA. Not only is it easier for the roadie (me) to deal with, it just sounds better than anything I've heard for vocals and acoustic guitar. I've even had a bass guitar plugged in to it (we also have the larger B2 Bass module) and it performs very very well. They got one right, although I doubt Dr Bose had anything to do with it.
    • I agree with @Quiet_Hollow regarding the Zener diode.  It’s identified as “1N3996” in the schematic above.  To test, you might temporarily eliminate it from the circuit to see if the problem disappears.  I also agree with the recommendations to recheck each barrier strip connection first.  If the easy stuff doesn’t work, then resort to a Zenerectomy.   In the photos above, the Zeners are mounted to the sheet metal L-brackets near the centers.  Temporarily disconnect either wire (red in the photos) to see if that helps.  You don’t really need the Zeners unless your using megawatts to try to fill a gymnasium.
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