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    • Excellent information, and I would add that whether the crossover in his K-horns (which I also owned for years, along with a few pairs of La Scalas), is suitable for single ended 300Bs perhaps depends more on the crossover in question.  The lower order designs, such as the type A and/or AA actually are very suitable for SE 300Bs, 2A3s, 45s, PX4,s, and so on.  It's when the amplifier is forced to contend with higher-order designs, such as the type AL (rather infamous on this forum, but actually sounds quite good with enough power in front of it -- IMO), that lower output amplifiers (eg most single-ended triodes) start to run out of steam -- not so much from wild impedance swings, but rather the insertion losses associated with higher order crossover slopes.  When one's amplifier is able to squeeze out only 1.5 - 8 watts or so, the greater number of passive components required by higher-order crossover designs is not unlike a 2-wheel-drive sedan trying to navigate through deep, soft sand, mud, etc.  In other words, the fewer the number of chokes (aka inductors), capacitors, and resistors (as in fixed or variable L-pads), the more single-ended-amplifier-friendly a crossover tends to be.     This is one of the reasons that there are those (and I include myself among them) that really like the sound of very high quality single, full-range drivers that don't use crossovers -- except sometimes for the parts required (or more accurately, desired....I don't care for them) for baffle-step compensation.   To the OP:  That's really neat you've corresponded with PWK in the past!  Very special indeed.  We might remember, as well, one of this illustrious gentleman's comments regarding amplifier output.  "What the world needs is a good 5-watt amplifier."  I hope I have that at least mostly correct.   I used single ended triodes with our K-horns and La Scalas (and Heresies) alike for decades, and was able to get extremely high, undistorted volume levels from all of them.  However, what's loud to one person might not be the case for someone else; so one can't discount the importance of  listening tastes and priorities.  In general, though, and in my own experience (which is unique to me, as well as some other old timers here who enjoyed the same speakers with low power amplification), I am absolutely comfortable saying it's possible to obtain very, very good sound quality from single-ended amplifiers and Klipschorns.   I would agree that a constant reflected impedance can be beneficial, but would humbly submit it's most certainly not mandatory.  If it were, Klipsch would have been more aware of that characteristic than we.  I built my own 6db/octave crossovers for my k-horns and la scales, often with a true band-pass for the midrange. Moreover, I found I actually preferred a variable L-pad to the autoformer, the latter of which (just for me, mind you) seemed to sound veiled in comparison.  Moreover, one did not have to change values of input capacitance to the mid-range horn as one does with the changing of taps (in order to attenuate) on the autoformer in order to maintain the original crossover frequency to the tweeter (which if I remember correctly is 6kHz).   Despite the fact that Klipsch is using another vendor for crossover repairs and upgrades (rather sad and unfortunate in my personal view in a historic sense as it relates to this forum), I could not give the Crites family http://critesspeakers.com I higher or stronger recommendation for their understanding-of and experience-with Klipsch crossovers.  The same can most certainly said for ALK Engineering, and Dean (although I think he may not be doing crossover work any longer).  All three of the above have spent decades offering upgrades and repairs...and kits...of extraordinarily high quality.   I've used my own 300B amplifiers with both the type A and AA networks, and they absolutely sang through the monster heritage horns.  Good luck in your search!
    • It's interesting that nobody in my family has had a cold since Covid showed up? Could the common cold and even the flu disappear because of measures against Covid? 
    • PS add a location to your Avatar City is fine ....
    • I have a bunch of older surround aps basically stereos with surrounded grafted on to them some were $4000 new and sell for $50-100 now Turn off all of the surround and processing what is left is a really good stereo.   Modern surrounds in direct mode can sound great some Yamaha's have stellar specs in direct mode and the DAC is built in
    • I think your better judgement will thank you....
    • Analog Tech Plateaued in the 1970s or early 80s There are lots of great choices from this era when Stereo was king, and manufacturers had the best engineers money could buy Even today, every Engineer would jump at designing audio electronics.   I would look around for a mid power 40-75 Watt integrated from this era there are so many of them one that has already been rebuilt or a mint unit that goes in for a recap and rebuild the day you buy it These units are proven and well known and low tech Metal cases, transformer and displays don't age under normal circumstance Get one with tape in, tape out and you can use an equalizer or other high performance processor $300 used in good working condition   Mandatory Tape port-s 1 tuner port 1 or 2 Aux ports for DAC 1 or 2 Phono Ports MM or MM& MC   Dual monoblocks , 50W are a niche with a cult following Kenwood, phillips and others these sell very fast   So many choices Yamaha, Pioneer, McIntosh, Kenwood, Harmon, Marantz and so many others Most, all, have MM ports or you can go outboard for $150   If it cost $350 in 1970s = 10 OZ of gold 2022 10 OZ gold = $1,800 x 10 = $18,000 amp
    • RUSH  Yea baby - love them 
    • I can’t have the ZXPC shipped from eBay due to outrageously high shipping costs  I’m considering buying a pair second hand if someone is willing to ship them to Europe (Brussels)… 
    • The deal on cherry is back on today for 24 hours on the 280f
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