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    • I'd generally agree.  I bought a pristine pair of 20 yr old La Scalas, finished from the factory and I didn't like the sound.  I didn't modify them because of the same reason.  Not even an lpad or anything to balance the sound.  Sold them because I thought they needed to stay stock. (I do kick myself for that though :-) )   Just looked and didn't realize there were two versions of Sevens.  My Mark Vas were with the piezo and 5lb alnico magnet on the woofer (same as yours). 1975 version.   The main thing with Frazier is the efficiency.  The pots aren't going to add anything there. I rebuilt my Mark Va's into Seven's when I owned them and did seek out the midranges and tweeters if I wanted to build an Eleven since you could buy parts from the Frazier dealers.  Nothing to gain in the efficiency area from the specs on the original drivers. The series crossover also didn't hurt and probably helped ease the use of the pots.  I think a lot of the Frazier's gains were from simplicity and good drivers.  On the tweeters, since they are capacitive (assuming piezo), the pot could probably be replace with a different value that was close and be reasonably good. If you are stuck, lpads would be the way to go if you want flexibility/ adjustability  and can't find the pots.  Also there are ways to sweeten up the tweeters that is worth looking into.  Then you would likely want to switch to lpads on the tweeters.  I noticed the Seven with the mud version of the woofer on AK and it appears that had lpads.  Think that would have been a little newer.  
    • I actually agree with you. My comments were aimed at the weatherman spinning things for ratings like "Stay in the house it's too cold", "We will get waves of rain", "Drink as much water as you can", and for ordinary thunderstorms to go hide in the basement. I did watch the chill index (the first or second version of the Air Force) for the exposed flesh freezing times when I was in Greenland, Northern Canada, and Alaska. I believe it was based on how fast a chicken would freeze. There are newer versions now spun out as much as you can spin them. JJK
    • He made the 10,000th post in this section.  Glad things have been so successful here.     Maynard
    • If you are having a laptop computer in your setup, there is a guy on www.thomann.de in the review section for Xilica that had a hum problem and how he solved that. I would copy/paste it but it is difficult doing that on my old smartphone.
    • I used those in Technics tables for my DJ biz in the 70s.  I purchased two extra styli, but never used them.  The 681EEE was durable—tolerated back cuing—but sounded excellent also.   For everyone’s convenience, a photo of the subject TT is attached.   Rumble could be reduced by the absence of a physical connection between the platter and the motor and base.  Don’t see how, or why, it would reduce wow and flutter.  Get the tonearm to levitate also and you’re onto something.  
    • Send a few to me and I will post them.
    • We enjoyed it as well.  Glad you made it home safely and I will post my thoughts a bit later.  Daylights burning and as we say in the mod world, cables are swinging and time to set a home.
    • On the other site ( audiokarma ) there is a guy named snade. Who was in the same situation as me. He had the same pots and couldn’t find a replacement. He went with the l-pads and he claims that he can’t hear any difference. Others on the site who have heard them say the same thing. His reasoning was that other sevens he saw had l-pads. I would love to stay stock , but if I can’t I’m leaning towards the pads because that makes sense to me. I’ll let my ears decide once I try the other set ups out. 
    • The only thing I have against that notion (and I'd usually suggest the same) is that from what I not much know about Fraziers is that off-the-shelf parts were combined in specific ways to good result.  Hence my focus heading to staying stock.  Were it me, I'd try both ways and have them speak to a umik so I could see what I was hearing too.   Or maybe just go stock and be done with it.
    • Well-engineered to last the warranty period, just!
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