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    • During my 8 years working as an F-22 flight test director I sat about 20' from the aircraft in an UN-insulated, metal trailer house with plexiglass window. Doing burner runs was a "blast". This photo is from the test cell but you get the idea.

    • For a $100 budget I would look at some of the Class D options. A lot of bang for the buck and surprisingly nice sounding for what they cost.   I put together these parts and was astonished at what I was hearing.    and you will need to add this and with very limited diy skills one will have a quality sounding amplifier for less than $100.        
    •     It looks like cosmetic damage, but, ........  You paid for new, undamaged.  Make sure you get that. 
    •   I lived under the landing pattern for Burbank Airport back in the early-mid 1980s, when Lockheed was building assemblies for F117s (Stealth Fighters) at its factory there. (Looooong since torn down after Lockheed packed up and moved to Georgia in the early 90s.) Around once a month (always at night) a C5 would fly directly over my condo on its way into the airport — you could tell it wasn't a commercial airliner because those four TF39s sounded nothing like the JT-8Ds that powered the 727s, DC-9s and MD-80s that usually flew into Burbank. When I heard those engines, I'd get in my car and make the 20-minute trip to the airport, parking at a side street just off the north (takeoff) end of the runway. There was a chain-link fence that provided a view of the entire runway from my left to my right.   I could look down towards the Lockheed hangars, where the C5 (sometimes it was painted MATs white/gray, other times it was camo) was parked with its nose cargo opening elevated, and would watch as very large items (the size of a small school bus) covered by tarps (and surrounded by armed guards) were wheeled up the cargo ramp into the C5 — on nights when the runway was wet it totally looked like a scene from a spy movie.   After a while the C5's nose would slowly lower, its engines would spool-up a bit and it would slowly (very slowly — from that distance it seemed no faster than a walk, but of course it was) make its way down the taxiway towards us (there were always several people at this vantage point — a C5 flying an approach directly over a valley with a population of over 1 million people makes for a poorly-kept secret indeed). It was only as the plane drew directly across from us did you get the full impression of just how BIG that thing was; it looked like a building was moving under its own power.   The C5 would then turn towards us from the taxiway onto the runway and would wait there (just a few hundred yards away) while the pilots ran through their checklist or waited for takeoff clearance. Then they would spool-up the engines and HOLY SH*T, you never heard anything like that in your life!!! You were being shaken from the inside out as it roared past us, and in a surprisingly short distance it would be off the ground. We would watch it fly south gaining altitude until it made a graceful U-turn towards the north, heading (I assume) to either Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale (for final assembly) or all the way to Groom Lake in Nevada. We'd always wait until it was completely out of sight (and sound) before we went back to our regularly-scheduled lives. (One time one of the camo C5s never stopped after turning onto the runway and made a rolling takeoff. That was exciting!)   Believe it or not, those C5 takeoffs (I probably saw a half-dozen over the years) were not the loudest aircraft takeoffs I've ever heard. That honor belongs to a B-52H that I managed to see take off directly over my head after an airshow at Van Nuys Airport. At the show I spoke with the pilots, who told me what time they were leaving the next morning, so I called-in late to work, parked my car and walked along the fence until I was directly under the takeoff path at the south end of the runway. Sure enough, the B-52 started its takeoff roll at exactly the time the pilot told me it would (SAC crews are meticulous about time) and flew directly over my head, no more than two or three hundred feet up. It was probably the loudest sustained sound I've ever heard in my life. Awesome, indeed.
    • Hello! I am new to the world of speakers and Klipsch.    I bought a pair of RP-160M Bookshelf speakers but I still could not find the right amplifier for this.    According to this page on official Klipsch website, it says that I need an amplifier that matches the power handling of the speaker, which is 100W @ 8 Ohms. But when I was researching on the forum, I've read that many people power their speakers even with 5W amplifiers. So I got really confused.    I was considering this one after researching because I really liked the look of it. It is a tube amplifier around $100. But I am afraid it may be too small of an amplifier.  (   I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for the right amplifier for RP-160M speakers. Since I am a beginner, I wanted to find something around $100.    Thanks!
    • File with Amazon now. I've done two clams with them. It takes time but the get the job sone ups and usps are a pain I. The *** to file with. I have a amp that was boxed at one of their stores and got damaged and they still wanted to deny then clam. I even has a video of the store clerk packing it to show them, that took almost 8 months to resolve , but in the end I finally won

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    • If I can't afford next to pat, then oldenough might be the next choice.
    • What do you mean by eating bad? What did you eat?
    • You mean there is a difference between a=b and b=a?   Fascinating.
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