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    •   While I guess that is possible, I don't believe that was the case. It also doesn't seem logical that you would attenuate the mid-range 1.5 to 2 dB and leave everything else alone.  However, I also never really understood how a deviation of 1.5 to 2 dB over the entire pass-band of the K-55 driver could happen. That's going beyond normal production tolerances.    I would have to look, but I seem to recall the changes from the AK-2 to AK-3 were relatively modest value changes.     Kerry   
    • I have 3---1012311---1 inch dome came out of 3 F-20 speakers--  aluminum--- used 1 year-- with housing to mate to the horn--$20--you pay postage.
    • I'm not sure I'm tracking with you Jeff.   Just think through the mathematical grammar of the riddle....   It starts with 1 + 4 = 5. Okay, that's easy for everyone to understand. The next line starts with 2 + 5 = 12. Okay, normally we expect 7 in a Base 10 system. The riddle doesn't have 7 as the result, so now the logical process is to reevaluate our assumptions. Perhaps it's not a Base 10 system? A quick check reveals that a Base 6 system gets the closest, but 2 + 5 = 11 in Base 6, not 12.   Okay, so maybe the numerical symbols have different weighting? At this point I would pause and point out that this is really digging deep into "assumptions" and there isn't much value in changing the weighting of numerical symbols. However, it is a riddle and we must at least assume proper grammar, right? Isn't grammar usually at the foundation of most riddles? Unfortunately the symbol for 2 exists in both sides of the equation, which poses certain limitations on how addition works. To end up with the same least significant digit, you must add by an integer count of the Base....Base 5 doesn't have a digit for 5 (five is represented by 10 in base 5). If you understand how to count, then this should be an aha moment at the absurdity of what was written.   I could expand on more problems with the riddle (I actually analyzed several others before seeing the fundamental counting problem), but I don't think it's valuable to delve deeper because the problem statement itself is clearly broken. I used spelling as a visual example, but this is really deeper than spelling. It's striking at the very fundamentals of math. I get on a bit of a soap box when it comes to math because these simple fundamentals are actually wrought with incredibly deep truths....and our educational system totally misses it - at all levels of education. I also have a huge vendetta against this "infotainment" crap that propagates social media. It's not that I'm against information being entertaining, but it should never be at the expense of truth. The laziness that goes into these little quips really erodes away at the knowledge of our culture - but it often goes by ignored because of the satisfaction we feel for "seeing it". I'm not just talking math riddles, but all the other reductionist simplification of incredibly complex interactions. My Facebook wall is full of "friends" posting these prideful, yet ignorant remedies.   Back to this riddle, you only "see it" when you don't submit to a proper understanding of counting and addition....and yes, it's really that bloody fundamental. The crazy thing is it wasn't until well after college that I realized I hadn't learned how to count properly. Not that I couldn't count, but I didn't fundamentally understand it to the level I do now....and it's that new understanding that makes this riddle incredibly annoying. I think we way underemphasize the wisdom of the ancients that were exploring the depths of mathematics.      In other words, I agree with Quiet Hollow who said it in much fewer words     
    • mkane,   It looks like the platter on the lower one was powder coated. Is that correct? And if so, did it make any sonic difference?   I see where Marc did the mod on the arm,I'm doing the same on my 1st XA. As you can see from the above photos, we are doing everything pretty much to the hilt. Your dark oak is beautiful.   On the 2nd XA, I'm torn on Steve taking it and having free range with it, or having Marc do it all.   By the way, which arm did Steve put on there? I'm contemplating switching out the arm as well,especially if Steve takes it. The good thing with him is that he's only 10 minutes from my house, so it makes for an easy thing.What carts are you using as well?
    • This. Precisely this.
    • Tarheel, One thing we all know  to have at  the beach with us. White vinegar. Bet apple cider vinegar would really be most essential too. Strange I did not mention before. Have never been stung but hear jellyfish can be a bit nasty... Maybe an epipen as well. Anyways, Cheers to  LF, Jake and yourself...
    • I think a No BS Klipsch toaster that brands the PWK logo onto each slice.
    • It's good i learned how to roll out these stickers, in the morning i will be applying one on the back of one of my Farmer Bud's Boat.   He requested the boat be named  > One Percent<   Oban 14 picked up in Costco today, work done, time to sip.......
    • I have only limited expenditures on new vinyl, but from this viewpoint, results may vary.  Some presses are old and produce poor quality.  Some re-masters are botched by  engineering ears that no longer here across the whole sound spectrum. Yes there are still labels that do re-issues the way they always have, as cheaply and as quickly as possible, and quality is an afterthought.     180 gram, 200 etc. bring an inherently stable platform for the music to be recorded on, what happens to that wax after it's run through all those variables and more, is a different matter.  If the recording is good then the 180 gram vinyl should sound slightly better, certainly quieter, and better able to stand up to abuse, goofs and general wear.    To quote Marshall McLuhan, it's not the media it's the message.
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