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    • Always wondered about the difference with home and pro, so I asked Roy and he say he doesn't design differently for either.   I would guess maby some of the pro stuff may handle more power ?  To me if it sounds good I don't care what they call it. 
    • Sorry that was “speaker” would only have glass slider behind it. In other words, different speaker environments..doesn’t seem to affect the KEF’s at all..but those woofers are self contained with an upward output..no passive radiator.
    • Ain't nothin' but a party!   nightrain: Hi tcee....wazup ?
      tcee: hey whats up
      SYSTEM Greeter: "Btrue2me2" has left the room
      tcee: any clinton followers
      nightrain: George or Bill ?
      tcee: DR FUNKENSTIEN!!!!!!
      nightrain: ok cee.....I take u dig the Dr ?
      tcee: no doubt
      nightrain: Dr. Funkenstein: Mad'glad scientist, master technician of Clone Funk; outer space tribal leader of the descendants of the Thumpasorus Peoples.
      nightrain: That Dr Funkinstien ....tcee ?
      Jonjazzy: Kinda like Sir Nose daviod on funk.
      nightrain: true Jon !!!
      nightrain: LOL....Jon !!!
      tcee: the bigger the headache the bigger the pill
      nightrain: Downstroke: Standing on the verge of the Beat; a march to the rear towards the Final Splank.
      nightrain: Bop Gun: Funkenstein's greatest invention - one blast capable of splanking the funkless. Star Child zaps Sir Nose D'VoidofFunk with the Bop Gun and Nose dances to the rythm of the flashlight.
      tcee: free your mind and your *** will follow...where'd you get your funk from.
      nightrain: <---was born with his FUNK !!!
      nightrain: Flashlight: Funk-flesh artillery of the Bop Gun.
      nightrain: . Irre-ducible essential pulse, life force, hyperventilatin' Groove. Not only moves, it can re-move; will sit and sit and never go sour. "If you got Funk, you got style".
      tcee: promentalshitbackwashbackphsycosisenimasquad...THE DO DO CHASERS MUSIC TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BY
      nightrain: : State of mind and then the condition and position of your *** ("Free your mind and your *** will follow"). When you just say "Funk it!" and rise above a spankic situation.
      nightrain: <----thinks tcee......knows his stuff !!!
      Funky Moon: Think so too !!!
      tcee: tcee is a she
      Funky Moon: Excuse me!
      nightrain: <---likes tcee even better now !!!!
      tcee: funk gettin ready to roll
      nightrain: what city are u in tcee ?
      tcee: protector of the pleasure principal...we have returned to claim the pyramids...partyin on yhe
      nightrain: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      tcee: CT>>>funk cravin' NEW HAVEN
      nightrain: Mothership: Outer space chariot bearing Star Child and Funkenstein back to Earth when it desreves a global splanking.
      nightrain: How old are u.............u seem to speak my "language" ???
      Funky Moon: LOL
      tcee: gettin down in 3-d so good its good to me
      nightrain: ouch !!!!!
      tcee: LOL ready??????26
      Jonjazzy: Hey train what's the plot behind the Black Hole thing.
      nightrain: man.............................whew !!!
      Funky Moon: Where you get your funk from?
      tcee: a big follower!!!dad
      tcee: he left me lots of wax before he passed
      nightrain: sorry to hear that !!!
      Jonjazzy: Tcee you knew how to make a P-Funk sign at what age?
      nightrain: well....he taught u well !!!
      tcee: big bang the only way sir nosed could make a jackass out of da funk.....about 3 yrs old
      nightrain: chit !!!!
      nightrain: <----wishes he were 27 yrs. old right now !!!
      Jonjazzy: I'll bet that was so cute.
      tcee: motor bootie affair baby!
      nightrain: P.Funk (aka The P.): Pure, uncut Funk, the Bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      nightrain: Pinocchio Theory: If you fake the Funk, your nose will grow.
      Jonjazzy: I Like that Big Bang album but I can't spell it.
      tcee: where you can dance under water and not get wet
      nightrain: "aquaboggie"
      nightrain: <---can do dat dance !!!
      nightrain: LOL
      Funky Moon: Macarena?
      Jonjazzy: Trumbepilion
      MYSTYQUE: lol moon

      nightrain: "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie",
      tcee: psycoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop
      Jonjazzy: Ya'll know the album the one with big bang therory,
      nightrain: "she is just tooooooo good" !!!
      nightrain: What about it Jon ?
      Jonjazzy: I was on that Bo.
      tcee: i got it....... igot it
      nightrain: really ?
      tcee: yhea
      nightrain: <---likes ta BIG BANG !!!
      tcee: shit on the tip of my tounge
      nightrain: Big Bang Theory: Funk set the universe in motion; ignition by Funk. Ain't nothin' but a party in a Black Hole.
      Jonjazzy: I'm trying to spell the album title "Trumpet type name.
      Jonjazzy: Trumbialion
      tcee: there are 8 million tails in the universe this is just one of them BUT they
      nightrain: damm
      Jonjazzy: Pin the tail on the funky.
      tcee: ALL hve black holes
      nightrain: LOL
      Jonjazzy: Yeah that one.
      nightrain: he tcee.....
      Jonjazzy: Glory hall stidip
      Jonjazzy: Glorallstipid
      tcee: me?
      nightrain: <----has mine written down........is too old to remeber it anymore !!!
      Jonjazzy: 8 million tails in the naked universe here's just one.
      nightrain: <---has "fried brain"
      tcee: no...im a clone of dr funkenstiena concept of specially designed afronauts
      Funky Moon: A true child of da FUNK !!!
      nightrain: so that means....
      Jonjazzy: Man I was on that Red Bud then it was a faint memory!!LOL
      nightrain: ...there are more like u......tcee ?
      nightrain: Red Bud .......Jon ????
      tcee: do i have to put the handcuffs on your mama?
      nightrain: been usin them album covers again I see !!!
      Funky Moon: LOL
      Jonjazzy: Columbian Red
      nightrain: <---figured that !!!
      tcee: wind me up
      Jonjazzy: Funk attack inc.
      nightrain: Damm Right !!!
      tcee: bootzilla
      Jonjazzy: You got to pull my strings.
      nightrain: Zone of Zero Funkativity (better known as The Nose Zone): Home to Sir Nose; region of snoozation.
      Jonjazzy: I sold that cassatte for BIG Money about two weeks ago.
      nightrain: how much Jon ?
      Jonjazzy: Player of the year.
      Jonjazzy: $25
      nightrain: <---still had the "paper shades" till recently !!!
      Jonjazzy: My homeboy has a Bootsy collection
      nightrain: cool
      Jonjazzy: Man come on
      nightrain: yeah....I did
      tcee: rotorooter baby
      Jonjazzy: I have the album at my sista house.
      Jonjazzy: Hollywood Squares
      nightrain: I had em up on the refrigerator......with 2 round magnets in the eyehole's holding them up
      nightrain: till my daughter got a hold of em
      Jonjazzy: And the wife got rid of them right.
      nightrain: (see above)
      tcee: one nation under a groove
      tcee: nothing can stop us now
      nightrain: That's where I live at.....tcee !!
      Jonjazzy: I remember you saying that I told my homeboy that and he tripped.
      nightrain: really ???
      nightrain: Law of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication: Give the people what they want when they want and they wants it all the time.
      Jonjazzy: hey remember that Maggot Brain 45 in that Album I was there.
      tcee: do dat stuff
      nightrain: really ?
      nightrain: u know something.....
      Jonjazzy: 4-15-78 Monroe Civic Center Monroe La.Ground Zero.
      Jonjazzy: Check the Album
      tcee: damn...
      nightrain: ...this is the first time that we have actually discussed P-Funk in this room !!!
      tcee: im buggin now
      nightrain: LOL
      Jonjazzy: Withone of them thangs
      nightrain: why is that tcee ?
      tcee: blow your horn.
      nightrain: <----neck ain't long enough....tcee !!
      Jonjazzy: I know that,I never really like \d parliment I liked Funkadelic
      tcee: really..knee deep
      nightrain: I liked em both
      tcee: never missin a beat
      nightrain: LOL.....tcee
      tcee: whos says a funk man cant play rock
      Jonjazzy: I'm the Kidd Funkadelic
      nightrain: thoes dudes on the net say that tcee
      tcee: uncle jam wants you
      Jonjazzy: Are undisco kidd
      nightrain: Jon "kidd" Funkadelic
      Jonjazzy: You got it Bro.
      nightrain: yup
      Jonjazzy: Cause Holly wants to go to Calif.Holly would if only holly could Holly would.
      nightrain: Overlord & I went to see Funkadelic together.....back in 73, Jon...
      Jonjazzy: I like that song and I don't know why.
      nightrain: ...they were the opening act on a bill with Rare Earth & Sly Stone
      tcee: trivia;who did bootsie play with before he got on the mothership?
      nightrain: The JB's
      Funky Moon: JB of course
      tcee: hotpants
      nightrain: Both him & his brother....played on Sex Machine !!!
      tcee: word?
      nightrain: damm right !!!
      Jonjazzy: Red Hot mama from Louisana going to savanah she's been couped up to long.
      nightrain: go head jon !!!
      tcee: smokin some shit
      Jonjazzy: Mama be my Beach remember that one.
      tcee: oh yhea..
      Jonjazzy: Remember funky Dollar Bill and standing on the verve of getting it on.
      nightrain: This chit is badd.........I can't believe this is the fist time in 3 mo. that we have talked about P-Funk !!!
      nightrain: oh yeah....Jon.....
      tcee: children of production to produce inconjuntion...
      nightrain: .."Amerikkka eats its young"
      Jonjazzy: Feild manavers
      tcee: yhea,funkin for fun
      nightrain: I'll never forget the first time I saw that MF come out.....in a diaper !!!
      nightrain: badddd chit !!
      tcee: you may as well pay attention cause you cant afford free speech how do you spell relief
      Jonjazzy: My Homeboys liked Paliment and I like Funkadelic cause I dug jazz I dug rock anything with twing but I ran into a good freind who told me there was so much more ,find the void that you
      tcee: cholly!
      Jonjazzy: Funk getting ready to roll
      nightrain: YO
      Jonjazzy: My Favorite Cut by Funkadelic
      tcee: mine too
      nightrain: That tune is rolling in my head as we speak
      tcee: you want take mw?
      nightrain: I never knew....
      nightrain: ...u mean out on the Usenet
      nightrain: hey....tceee...
      tcee: no
      tcee: this is my first time on here
      nightrain: ...did u check out George & Co. in concert this summer ?
      tcee: yhea in c.p.
      tcee: sittin on the speaker gettin zooted
      nightrain: <---is rolling !!!
      nightrain: u know what....
      tcee: plecebo syndrome
      nightrain: ...I have always heard that works with women...
      nightrain: ...but u are the VERY first to confirm it for me !!!
      tcee: chocolatecoted freaky and habit forming
      nightrain: "sittin on the speaker"
      tcee: mmmhmmm
      nightrain: so tell us.......
      nightrain: ...who else do ya listen to besides P-Funk ?
      Jonjazzy: Man most of those P-Funk song remind me of My homeboys.
      nightrain: Yeah......"If ya hear any noise.....its just me and the Boys"........hit me...........da da dadadda !!!
      Jonjazzy: But you know what?
      nightrain: what Jon ?
      Jonjazzy: I just love those mouses to pieces>
      tcee: jb of course.....swing down sweet chariot...let me ride
      Jonjazzy: Or mises
      nightrain: ....let me ride
      tcee: i can do my thang under water
      onjazzy: Hey Bootsy why is your face like a star?
      tcee: the better to funk you my dear
      nightrain: Earth Wind and Fire, Rufus, the Meters, Johnny "Guitar" Watson , War, the Isley Brothers, Average White Band, Kool and the Gang,
      Jonjazzy: One of my Favorite P-Funk cuts is "Deep"
      nightrain: Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St band, the Impressions, Curtis Mayfield, and Buddy Miles, P-Funk, Hendrix, Chick Corea, James Brown, Billy Cohham
      tcee: pick up the pieces,shining star,funky stuff
      nightrain: , Sly Stone, Living Colour, Passport, Rick James, Cameo, Miles Davis, Lakeside, Stevie Ray, D'Angelo, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Manu Dibango, Micheal Hill’s Blues Mob, Defunkit
      tcee: why cant we be friends,family affairall the way live,purple haze
      nightrain: u know your chit....tcee
      Jonjazzy: Don't forget Kleer,Pockets,Intant funk ,fat larry's band FatBack,Faze=o ,Slave,
      tcee: freddies dead,i found love
      nightrain: u have all of this stuff at home ?
      Jonjazzy: I Like the off brand Funk Bands
      tcee: i really like whats on your mind by brass construction..you know that one
      nightrain: yup
      nightrain: --digs "Brooklyn Funk"
      tcee: say whats on your mind
    • The B&K 200.7 was my second multi-channel amp.  It was fantastic.  Only sold it when I upgraded to the Sherbourn 7/2100 (200x7) amp.
    • So my concern is the passive radiator functioning differently on left than right....and if any issues could be overcome? u can see in pic the situation on left. Incidentally, those are KEF 107’s..anyone heard both the 107’s and Forte iii’s? Picture wouldn’t upload..but it’s a semi corner..wall and wood built in entertainment center to immediate left of speaker..tight fit..on train speaker would have only glass slider behind it.
    • They make some quality products. 
    • I think the people at the National Weather Service may be having a party, at least one of them. They are predicting a low of 69 degrees Tuesday night  with a 20% chance of snow, and Wednesday a high of 92 with a 60% chance of more snow, probably not.   Wednesday should be nice the projected snow should cool of the 92 degrees a little.         NOW until
      7:00pm Tue Flash Flood Watch Tonight
        Heavy Rain Low: 69 °F Sunday
      Showers then
      T-storms High: 87 °F Sunday
      Night Slight Chance
      T-storms Low: 70 °F Memorial
      Day Tropical
      Possible High: 85 °F Monday
      Night Heavy Rain Low: 70 °F Tuesday
        Heavy Rain High: 88 °F Tuesday
      Night Slight Chance
      Showers then
      Slight Chance
      Rain/Snow Low: 69 °F Wednesday
      Likely then
      Likely High: 92 °F              
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