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    • The peaks that you refer to are less pronounced with the TADs than with other compression drivers I've used.  The FaitalPRO HF20AT uses pretty much the same PEQs as the TADs.  I picked the TAD 4002 as a "best case" to show above.   IIRC, the now discontinued K-69-A driver (i.e., P.Audio BM-D750 series I) was the one that required the most PEQs to flatten its response.  Generally, the better the drivers, the fewer the required PEQs.   Chris
    • Are the peaks mostly TAD 4002/K-402, or is this usual with other compression drivers on the K-402?
    • Sometimes even a blind hog finds an acorn.
    • At some point do crossovers require rebuilding? If so how do you know.....judge by sound?
    • Price reduced to $80 plus shipping
    • 2018 College Football Rankings - Week 8   I know you're not supposed to quote yourself, but in West Virginia we have a saying, "sometimes even a blind squirrel can find a nut."   http://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings   Ohio State, Oregon and NC State all dropped 7-10-7 pretty much as expected.  Washington State jumped +8, Michigan went up 2 to fifth.  Everyone else was relatively stable.
    • Stanton 500AL with 78 stylus will work well. Also Shure M44 with correct stylus. Audio-Technica VM670SP is a good one at 150.00. Shure M78S at about the same price.  Ortofon 2M 78 is excellent at 125.00. Grado 78C is another excellent one.  Lots of debate over whether the cartridge should be "true mono" or not. I've not heard a great deal of difference. However, the BIG difference comes with the addition of the RekOKut Re-equalizer at a bit over 300.00. It provides over 50 different curves and goes in line with the RIAA phono preamp you have already. For that, Technolink TC-778 is a fine choice at less than 70.00 or so. Actually, it may be the biggest bargain in outboard phono preamps as I find the sound of it to be quite excellent for modern LPs as well. It means you can use a TT with interchangeable head shells to switch back and forth for either use. Same is sold under the RekOKut brand for a little more money.

      So, turntable not included, your at about 500.00 to get to the upper tier of hearing 78s in ways you probably never experienced. The best of them are "hard to believe" good. If you prefer to save money you can play them with the correct stylus in RIAA mode and then use digital means to apply EQ to get the best sound. I learned what I have by gradually doing it, the RekOKut being the last and largest expenditure as I like to play them directly...though I also record the best ones. As to turntable, as long as it is in decent shape most will do as the speed of 78s produces much less rumble and the high tracking forces mean much less compliance as well in other areas. Any old quality table in good condition will do. 

      Acoustically recorded disks have NO eq applied. Every electrical record producer had a different EQ to start...hence the need for the RekOKut or other means to correct. As you get into the 40s they get closer and closer together. Some of the earliest LPs were recorded with NAB EQ, which the RekOKut has a setting for. 

      Yeah, like all things audio, it's a rabbit hole...but one with a finite bottom unless you really get crazy. I think the 500.00 I mentioned would satisfy all but the most equipment crazed music lover. 150.00 or so if you are good with the EQ correct by other means method. Later 78s sound often sound excellent with nothing but RIAA and the right cartridge, so you might just start with than and expand if you find you want to play a wider variety of these old relics. I can guarantee you this: You will hear recordings that sound better than anyone ever heard them at the time as the recording technology greatly exceeded the available playback technology at the time. I love both "time traveling" with these records as well as wowing people who've never heard them played properly. How good? Well, try the Kid Ory "Muskrat Ramble" from 1926...90 years old! Also perhaps the finest drumming I've ever heard with Gene Krupa/Benny Goodman doing "Sing, Sing, Sing." Both are minimum compression mp3 files but I think you'll get the idea.  Muskrat_RambleOry.mp3 SingSingSing.mp3
    • This blending of K402s and horn bass might get addictive.  Peavey FH1s in da house! 
    • thanks.  actually, he has 5 of them...
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