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    • Hello, I had been in search for a good used set of K-30's but the closet I could find were $1200 and 10h away from me and I almost made that trip but after reading this thread, I decided to buy all the Upgraded components from Ciare and Bob and build my own cabinets instead.  After playing with some software simulation on port tuning, the manufacture required volume for a pair of 12" woofers would be 8.5cuft, which would tune the cabinet to 35hz, at 6cuft, a more reasonable size for me would be tuned at 39.4hz.  Here is my conundrum, the original Klipsch KLF-30 cabinets have an volume of ~5.0 cu.ft. that would bring it's tuning above 40hz but I want mine to be able to play down low as much it can. Has anyone played music that gets down below 30hz or did any testing to see how the woofers perform? I am confident that playing Rock they would be fine but playing some Blues, Hip Hop or Rap that gets down low would probably challenge these? If anyone did some testing or can share some thoughts, I greatly appreciate it. It has been 1-1/2 years since I purchased the Drivers and finally will have some time to get started on the build.   Here are is some inspiration I would like to build my cabinets after.
    • https://upscaleaudio.com/products/klipsch-jubilee-floorstanding-loudspeaker-each   24,984$  Can each
    • This is just insane here. Brother was tripping that some local utility employees were buying up all the generators, chainsaws and the like yesterday at his store. My phone went off with "local hurricane statements" twice yesterday and again a couple hours ago, saw it when I got up.   Young-ins ain't right. It's going to be like a drawn out thunderstorm, and the media is hyping it for a reason unknown to me. Now you know if I'm not online for a week or longer after today that I'm wrong... Might not be as good down at the beaches... still a cat 1 though. Good luck @sunburnwilly. Sandbag those pretty Belles! Going in North of you it looks like.
    • The aluminum plate that I ordered came yesterday so I should be able to start cutting some pieces to finish the basic chassis the next few days. Still a lot of drilling and cutting holes need to be done before it will be ready to install parts and electronic components. The Hammond PS transformer should be here today so that should be everything I need to start doing some layout where I will know how and where to drill holes in the plate. The last few days I have been working on the old SSE doing some testing and biasing of it for 6L6 tubes. I missed doing electronic work while woodworking on that chassis. I like woodworking but at this stage in my life I would rather play with electronics. Less physical.    I figured out how to post the schematic on the forum of this build where it is more easy to see for members. Very simple SET amplifier with the biggest difference being the 10M45S CCS circuit. Right now the 10M45S is really scarce with all the normal sources out of them. Luckily I have a pair of them in stock. Nelson Pass uses them in some of his builds so I have some extras and do not need to order any from dubious sources until they are back in stock at Mouser. 
    • George Anderson's SSE EL-34. Most of my parts are here. At first I was just going to take the SSE I built many years ago and take it apart, install better parts and put it in the chassis but then I thought I have most everything but the PS transformer to build a complete new amp so I ordered a PS transformer and am in the process of turning the SSE that was biased for EL-34 tubes and biasing it for the 6L6 tubes. So it will be a dedicated 6L6 amplifier and the one I am now building is going to be for a dedicated SET EL-34 amplifier. Looking at the build quality of the first SSE I would be ashamed for anyone to see the work that was done. Definitely needs tidying up better wiring and soldering. So now I have two projects going on at once.    
    • It is in fact not steel - thanks for that correction Marvel.
    • $56,000 in Canadian dollars.  I think they’ll definitely sell some Heritage Jubilees.  Once the price gets into that range, $10,000 one way or the other isn’t a dealbreaker.  The Jubilee buyers likely make more than the buyers of Palladiums, but maybe not.  There’s likely a certain amount of overlap between the two groups of buyers.  The size and price of the Jubilees make them a prestige item, as well as being very high performance loudspeakers.  I remember reading that part of the reason for the Palladiums was that in certain rich markets the strike against the Klipschorn was not anything performance-related.  The issue for some buyers was that they didn’t cost enough, if you can imagine that.  In some circles, admitting how little you paid for your great speakers could be embarrassing, so the beautifully finished and very good-sounding Palladiums were just the ticket for those buyers.  Now the Jubilees are here, and they make a statement!  For some people, they might be just what the accountant ordered, lol.
    • I felt it increased the bass output (not lower) is enough so it sounds like a better overall speaker. JMO Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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