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    • If you were around the 4th turn area in the late 70s, early 80s and saw a huge scaffolding platform around 20' tall, that was probably my older brothers doing. He did that every year for 10 years. They finally told him "NO".    Those were crazy times for sure, people smoking weed out of giant bongs, "show us your Ti*s" signs everywhere, and the cops just let it all happen. Very enlightening for a teenage boy. Being around 600k+ people and half of them partying, some never even knew there was a race going on.   It's completely different now, only about 325K people, and it's family friendly. You can even choose your own style in Glamping.   My brother is a spotter for Helio, he's going for 5 wins there.
    • Nice pair right there.  Should sound pretty sweet.  GLWS brother! 
    • I caught that too @Vivi but if PWK came up w/a nickname or name I'd be the last one to question what he called anything.  Chief Engineer Roy Delgado was prolly called Roy UNTIL PWK hung the moniker "Chief Bonehead" on him.  Now maybe he did and maybe he didn't THAT I don't know but...  Nope, not sayin a word here.  I just scrolled on down.  😂😂😂
    • ok you got me to google it... nothin'... what is a montagator, pray tell?
    • In prolly 25+ years of shooting the race that "magical" window usually showed up;.  Sometimes though, ya just wound up sittin in the car in the infield.  It was always just a lil laff when I heard it.    What a fun, crazy place the corner of 16th & Georgetown Road is during the month of May.  Worked my rear off out there totin gear, seeing the same shooters every year but the friendships made still exist.  One of the guys just called this morning and asked if I was coming out.  He calls every year just to get caught up and laff,  He's done too so we'll have it on TV.  1245 on NBC Suuuunnnnndaaaaay!  Who knows if it's DST or EST or whatever they're using in the great state of IN.  lol   We both decided if we ever go back they'll have to honor us by letting us drive the pace car.  You EVER get the chance GO.  Put it on your bucket list for sure.  It IS the greatest spectacle in racing!       Guess who's running sound?  KLIPSCH of course!   @Travis In Austin there's a Museum membership thought for ya.  4 tickets for race day in Indy!  That's totally outta the box or is it?    
    • If no one bites... holler - hello@supereverything.co
    • Annnnnnd, got one inning in and the lightning started then the deluge so they called it.     Made some good use of the time though when I rolled back in.     The Nightfly is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Donald Fagen. Produced by Gary Katz, it was released October 1, 1982, by Warner Bros. Records. Fagen is best known for his work in the group Steely Dan, with whom he enjoyed a successful career since the 1970s. The band separated in 1981, leading Fagen to pursue a solo career. Although The Nightfly includes a number of production staff and musicians who had played on Steely Dan records, it was Fagen's first release without longtime collaborator Walter Becker. Unlike most of Fagen's previous work, The Nightfly is almost blatantly autobiographical. Many of the songs relate to the cautiously optimistic mood of his suburban childhood in the late 1950s and early 1960s and incorporate such topics as late-night jazz disc jockeys, fallout shelters, and tropical vacations. Recorded over eight months at various studios between New York City and Los Angeles, the album is an early example of a fully digital recording in popular music. The nascent technology, as well as the perfectionist nature of its engineers and musicians, made the album difficult to record.     This 2022 remix is ONE amazing album.  Such a great album back in the day.  If it's not in your collection I'd highly recommend it.    Revolver: Special Edition is an expanded reissue of the 1966 album Revolver by the English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 28 October 2022,[1] and includes a new stereo remix of the album by Giles Martin, with the help of de-mixing technology developed by Peter Jackson's WingNut Films, as well as the original mono mix, session recordings, demos, and an EP including new mixes of the non-album single "Paperback Writer" and its B-side, "Rain", recorded during the Revolver sessions.     Giles Martin had previously expressed interest in remixing the Beatles' pre-Sgt. Pepper albums via special "demixing" technology developed at Abbey Road Studios, but wanted to wait until the software improved enough to be used in such a project. Speaking to Rolling Stone in July 2021, Martin said that the software was "getting a lot better" and that he was "constantly looking at how we could approach it if I ever get to [remix] Revolver or Rubber Soul, early albums, which a lot of people want me to do".[2] In October 2021, Martin told Super Deluxe Edition: "I don't think it's ready at this moment in time",[3] but noted about Revolver: "There's not as much bouncing down on Revolver as there is on Pepper. There's not that many instruments, it's not that complex."[3] – Giles Martin on the "demixing" technology used to remix the album   In late August 2022, Martin confirmed via Twitter that Revolver would receive a remix,[4] with a further tweet hinting at an additional surround sound mix.[4] The reissue was officially announced on 7 September 2022.[1] Martin confirmed that the "demixing" technology had improved considerably by that point, and credited the work done by Peter Jackson's audio team in the development of The Beatles: Get Back for making the new remix possible.[1] To promote the reissue, the new mix for the album's opening track, "Taxman", was released as a preview.[5]      
    • It’s an example of what it will be, the photo is an earlier prototype. What will be given away is the final version before production. 
    • The one in the picture is a laboratory prototype, basically a current AL5 modified with the new components for testing.  It is one of the pair that we heard at the Chief Bonehead class back in March (https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/224127-chief-bonehead-class-spring-2024-new-iterations-of-the-la-scala-and-klipschorn-coming/).   The winner of the contest will get a pre-production pair.  Those are the pairs built to work out the steps in the production process before final production starts.  So, they will essentially be a production pair, just built under Roy's supervision.
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