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    • Here is a picture down the throat.          Next here it is with woofer in place and wired ready to close up.        Here is a side view and for those of you without a 402 my hi-tech modular support milk crate gives a size.
    • I rode for a lot of years (past tense) and beauty, or sound, is in the eye or ear of the beholder.  Every sound will be pleasing to some and offensive to others and as with life, the extremists on one side or the other, will have a basis for an argument.   I try to keep my music levels under offensive (understanding that's my definition and boundaries) most all of the time, but I piss people off that their level of tolerance is silence.  That said, when I was 16 rolling in my 69 Chevelle SS with a worked 396, hooker headers, thrush cherry bombs and bells at the end, it brought a really big grin when I could downshift into second, coming off the mountain and into town, letting it roll up to about 6000 rpm's and watch the porch lights come on, all the way down the street, but I was 16 and wouldn't do that today.  (That's a lie, I still would, but not nearly as often, and now I live in Ohio, and it's pretty darn flat)  LMAO.     My last 2 wheel ride was a BMW K1 and I never changed the factory exhaust on it and it was pretty quiet, but the CBX prior to that, not so much.  Looking to get back into riding, but I'll go adventure bike this time and go with a Beemer  R series.  Always wanted one and makes a great bug out bike for the zombie apocalypse.     
    • I have a 1 year old SL-1210gr which betters the new SL-1200 only slightly in terms of specs.     My 1210 is .Absolutely the quietest TT I have ever owned plus piano notes are rock steady.  And when I cue up the same 12 minute song on both my CD player and SL-1210gr and synchronize them they both play in perfect sync with each other  all the way to the final note.     ...No warbling sustained piano notes, no speed issues, and no audible rumble whatsoever.  ..I've never been as impressed by any exposed rubber-band/ motor TT.  
    • lol Mike     looks like the lady had it under control.  That guy is lucky the rabbit distracted her and then the cops saved him.
    • OK Hatrack you get your wish. Cleaning up the shop again today and I have moved it for the last time. Drivers removed and cabinet going to the ridge top graveyard. These parts will be going to Hope too where I hope they sell and I don't have to hassle with packing and shipping.
    • I've built many custom redwood/cedar and cypress decks over the years and if you are willing to spend the money and especially time to pre-stain everything properly with the best materials and do multiple coats and then 2 finish coats with regular reapplication, the look can't be matched.  Most people aren't willing to do that or aren't sold correctly to begin with and end up regretting that decision.  As in cookers, there's no "ultimate best" but plastics, given the correct support can provide a much lower maintenance alternative for wood, but concrete or pavers, which can also be done elevated, are another alternative, but still there's trade offs no matter what.  I haven't really researched what to do with composite "plastic" decking to bring it back to life when it oxidises (everything does), but I would imagine with the increased popularity, there's got to be things on the market to be able to paint it.  There's no doubt, the composite decking, given the variety of color choices available, and a builder that understands the structural differences between that and wood, offer a much more ascetically pleasing product that will remain that way with a lot less work for a much longer period of time.   This year, I have to install a second and third level off the main deck and redo the pool deck (hopefully) and the vast majority of that will be stamped concrete, and the reinforced slab for the smoker/oven build that I've decided to do.      rplace:  Your whole deck and cooking area with the egg look fantastic!  Nice Job, how long has it been in?
    • Yeah, you know, I've read that so many times for so many years. But without any evidence, it's just an assertion without proof.
    • Don't mess with the Easter bunny !    
    • I only have 3 jars of that Carl, my brother robbed me for everything else.   MenloBob, that looks good too.
    • Loud pipes saves life... A lot of idiot drivers out there... Either in cars or bikes...   But I'm not into road riding...   This works for me..     but not sure where or  what tree .. to plug it into...    
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