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  1. First, let me explain where my opinion comes from, I have been smoking cigars for about 35 years (yes, I'm still alive). Like everything else, it's a very objective subject, so this is only my opinion, so don't get your panties in a wad. List of my 5 Favorites Fuente - Anejo, 55 Shark AVO - Classic #3 Fuente - Hemingway Classic Patron - 1964, any size Diamond Crown - Figurado #6 Just as honorable mention I will note that there a few Cuban's that are decent, Montecristo #3 and Partagas Lisatania(sp?) That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Cigarbum
  2. Just my opinion, Cuban cigars are very over rated, quality is not near a lot of others. Just saying. Cigarbum
  3. Alive and well, just doing other stuff at present Cigarbum
  4. I'll second that. Cigarbum
  5. Forgot to mention, I have 15 or 16 of them. Cigarbum
  6. First I don't know what they are,second, I don't know what they are worth. Give me a fair price plus shipping and they are yours. Cigarbum
  7. Does anyone have a use for for some of these, purchased by mistake. Ampex 196 Mastering Series 1", metal reel, brand new. Cigarbum
  8. What do you mean by inexpensive? I have a stromberg carlson 433, Craig has performed his magic on. Not a lot of watts but a real sweeet sounding amp. I would have to have at least what Craig charged for the rebuild plus shipping. Cigarbum
  9. I made three pair of these, they have the JBL 2482 drivers, they go down to 300hz, it gives you a little bigger sound. The opening is 12x24, the Khorns have the enclosed backs and sound pretty darn good. Let me know my friend.
  10. Dean, I have these, I have recently taken them from the top of my Khorns, I went with something bigger. They would come with the JBL 2446H drivers, they weight and ton. I want to say they are 223Hz, not sure without checking, they sounded real good on top of the Khorns. If your interested, let me know, I live in the mountains of GA. Bob
  11. Thank you muchly for the clarification, I appreciate the effort. Cigarbum
  12. The box set I purchased is the MFSL collection of 14 albums, included is the certification, they only made 25,000 sets, made in 1982 I believe. Don't get me wrong, I love the set and I am not wining or complaining, sometimes we have to purchase things that we really don't know what to expect. Cigarbum
  13. I understand what you are saying. I recently purchased the Collection by the Beatles, the crazy priced MFSL set. From what most have said it is the b est. I have what I feel is a pretty good system, when I first started playing then, I'm not really knowing what to expect. I also have the blue and red boxed set, so I kind of used that for reference. I guess if you take into consideration the equipment used back in the early 60"s and the different people doing the mixing there will be inconsistents between the albums. Take into consideration, this is my opinion only, I don't think they sounded that great, some had way too much bass and sounded fuzzy and some were too bright, and some sounded real good, the best I have heard. I don't know it that helps or not, but that's what I heard, or course I'm a old man and don't hear very good anymore. Best of luck. Cigarbum
  14. Brad, do you have any tapes remaining? Cigarbum

    IPad Issue

    I have recently purchased a IPad ( WiFi only) and am having a problem getting my mail to work. It seems to work fine at the few places I hang out at. I have the IMac with the Time Machine as my external hard drive and WiFi, the IPad, and IPhone 5. Everything get a good signal and the only issue is when I try to get the mail from the IPad, it tells me I do not have the proper connection. Yesterday I took it over to the internet provider in my area and had them look at it, the messed with it and got it up and running. I went from there to the cigar store and it worked fine there, then went home and didn't work, everything worked at home except the mail function. I have other things working from the wifi that work at home but only the mail function on the IPad does not want to work. Anyone have any suggestions. Cigarbum
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