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  1. Thanks Jim! I have a pair that I need to restore. Someone did a bad rattle can job or two with gloss black. They have the full enclosed top like the black one Seti posted. Thanks Seti! The woofer is top loading and you pull the top off cabinet to access woofer. I'll try to get the serial numbers off the cabinets.
  2. Hey Jim. How rare are runt La Scalas? How many were produced?
  3. Selling off some of my klipsch items i've collected over the years from the auction site. $40.00 pair shipped, PayPal gift. Please indicate which pair you want in pm. I'll go in received order. The sealed oval pro badges are about 3" long, the other oval 2",, rectangular pro are about 3/4"x3". All are OEM.
  4. While doing some spring cleaning I came across these badges. They were originally bought for my Jubilees but ended up not using them. $40.00 pair shipped priority mail. Paypal gift and US shipping only. Size is roughly 6"x 2"
  5. forgot to mention the JBL cabinets...The 2226 is a fine driver, but the JBL cabinets are lousy particle board with a vinyl overwrap. The 904 cabinets are superior.
  6. Hey Justin, go for the 904 bass bin, if Tim still has the kit-456 systems for $400.00 a pair that may even save you a few bucks (as it is 904-lf). The 904-lf up to the early 2000s had the k-45-kt woofer which buys you another 10Hz extension or so over the k-45-ep in later 904 cabinets. Several members have been very happy with the 904-lf combined with the 402 or 510 horns, active and passive.
  7. Unless you've handled this in some other way, the problem is the HF is too hot by 6dB or so. You need to get and L-Pad on the feed to the driver and adjust to taste. Remember these were made for behind screen use and need some work to get right in the home.
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