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  2. At least it was easy to diagnose!
  3. Probably not a bad thing......I mean it was 85.....
  4. C1 is the very first decoupling cap off the rectifier tube...10uF 630 volt Solen.
  5. Yep...the 1985 air from Hope,AR smelled clean!
  6. A long time ago Woofs and Tweets POSTED Khorns @ $999, It WAS Real, they now reside in the living room. They are the wifes.
  8. ^^^^^ Well rounded smokes for sure ---
  9. Me We Muhammad Ali
  10. You opened up the back and let out the 1985 air?! They'll never sound the same...
  11. Welcome Woof East of Frisco eh? Hell, im east of Frisco, wait a second, everyone in this forum is pretty much "East of Frisco" Look into your Profile in the upper right of this page and you can dial in a few things.
  12. This week I purchased a pair of 1985 Heresy HBR from my brother-in-law. He bought them new, never moved them and used them rarely......these things are a time capsule. I took the back off, no doubt the first time since they were installed at the factory, and looked around...not even dusty. Now he had them painted an off white which I might change. Plan to sand to see if they will clean up for staining but will have them professionally repainted if not. The cane grills are immaculate! I hope to keep them as long as he did.
  13. I once had three Academy's and two LaScalas (still have the LaScalas) The Academy's were at the suggestion of the dealer. I guess he didn't realize that had he suggested I get another LaScala when I asked him what the best center would be, I would have bought a LaScala (and I"m kicking myself for my ignorance at the time) Anyway, the Academy was for me, an epic fail. Simply got drowned out by the LaScalas.
  14. Bummed about this. Milestone musician for me.
  15. Cigar Lounges in Reno keep changing it up a notch. Went to my fav cigar vendor and now he has turned it into a bar.
  16. Evening gents I see we are all surviving the Holiday so far. Just back in from a day on the Farm. Reno run next week yet again, bought tires all the way around for the Dually. Tires in stock in North Carolina, so shipped in it is....... Wife likes that Juuust fine. Atlantis has installed a major Tesla "Free" charging station(s) outside the Casino.
  17. 2013, and he still had it...big time. Saw him last year locally. Lots of memories here.....this is a terrific track.
  18. you need one of these
  19. No sorry needed. I wouldn't have posted it, I would have bid
  20. Yesterday
  21. Go away you talk too much. I'm so tired of all these endlessly lengthy posts newcomers subject us to. Go hang around twitter for awhile and learn how to post a succinct post. Grumpy Thebes
  22. It would have been nice if Ebay would have informed users of the massive scam and suggested how affected parties should handle it. As I said I gave up personal information, name, real address and email. No money/bank or Paypal exchange.
  23. Part of that whole southern rock kind a thang. Good grooves, now gone.
  24. Those damn French caps.
  25. The Academy wasn't really made to go with LaScalas. It will be your preference to either dial it in or go with phantom center. Once you get the center, the Academy should sell for what you paid. I lived for quite a while with phantom center, it worked quite well.
  26. I just picked up an Academy center that I am using while I wait to find a single La Scala. It sounds good, but I'm honestly not convinced it sounds better than just the la scalas. I will have to try this for a little longer to make a decision. It does however sound much better than my RC64II did with these. It is a much closer match.
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