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  2. Last update - LASE was out of stock (web store wasn't current). I have not found new/NOS K53 diaphragms anywhere. Fortunately one of the forum folk has parted with a used pair so I'm good to go. Cheers, Pete
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  4. Geoff, here's a suggestion: why not build yourself a pair (or a quad) of single MWMs, using all the gear out of the doubles that you have? I understand that the carpentry is not that complicated. dtel can tell you about that. That way, you could get them into the house. Or bring two in the house and leave two in the garage. Win-win!
  5. You may have already done this but with a light source shine the light from the inside out to check. In my case there was an ample bead of glue applied on the motor board but it did not make contact with the cabinet walls. So I used the Gorilla original formula expanding glue on all seams since I was in there.
  6. Posted these 2 speakers a couple of years ago and had a few hits but was too busy with work to keep up... now I'd really like to get them out of my garage. Also including the Yamaha reciever pictured. I don't want to ship these monsters so I'd prefer someone that can come pick them up ASAP but if the price is right and you want to pay for shipping by all means just make an offer. I have more pictures here on Craigslist Austin. Make an offer and tell me when you can get them in a private message with some kind of contact info or reply to the craigslist post. Thanks yall!
  7. That's an awesome amp for home use. The fact that it has RCA inputs and regular speaker output posts makes it so you don't have to mess around with XLR converters, Speakon connectors, etc. Plus built-in DSP!
  8. An acoustically transparent screen will allow you to place your speakers behind the screen and not have to raise it so high.
  9. remove the passive and look inside the cabinet , I am not sure if this was standard procedure , but klipsch used to place a loose piece of paper with the speaker's serial number /stock number in some Forte Speakers . Good luck , if that does not work reach out for advice ,for an aftermarket recone kit with ( no affiliation ) https://reconingspeakers.com/
  10. on these 500s all inner seams have a heavy coating of the hot glue klipsch used in other models of this era like KGs & KLFs, they are sealed & make full contact everywhere, no bracing just some ~2" long blocks of wood placed around the seams. i hope they dont have bad glue or the loose front/rear boards that some KGs & many KLFs had.
  11. that makes sense to me. & looking at the pics of the 5000s they look exactly like my 500s. i will post some pics of them later today.
  12. That looks marginal. But I read the chief mentioning some time ago that the capacitors failures may add in the series configuration. Is there also some phase shift if the coils keeps the same value and the cap differ? Ok, 2.2 uF is within the tolerance range of the original spread, so the first one e.g. in an AA should be quite right.
  13. FYI: the current passives klipsch sells for forte3/4 are cosmetically different than the original forte 2 passives, they have a foam or maybe rubber surround where the originals have a pleated fiber surround, if replacing both & you dont care about correct look the new style are ok, but if only doing 1 or want original look the F3/4 are different. look on ebay as they do pop up for sale occasionally or place a wanted ad here. another option is to buy a recone kit from simply speakers that are the correct looking cones & are relatively easy to replace.
  14. check out this thread https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/157069-what-is-the-purpose-of-a-vertical-cornwall/page/2/
  15. Is there a sequence across the back of the tops?
  16. you can do both , that's another advantage of the Vertical CW , they can be placed either upright or on their sides with great sound
  17. I can fully understand your point and wish you good luck to find a nice pair of e.g. Heresies. I never had those but sometimes I read here that the first generation or the newest ones are preferred by some. Anyway, all series might be very good. Talking the older ones you are now quite well prepared regarding the topic of caps🙄
  18. I can't use any of that stuff because my stuff has to be shiny. If you knock off a dB, you can do polypropylenes and polystyrenes without issue.
  19. Well I wont be able to lay them on their side in our living room unfortunately
  20. @Limberpine the real advantage of the Vertical Cornwall is that you can lay them on their sides , and the mids -tweeter are then in a horizontal position similar to a CW1 , although at the far left , and right , these speakers are 1 left and 1 right speaker , and the motorboard cutout on each speaker is different .
  21. I am always interested in amplifiers I have no experience with. I will check it out thanks!
  22. I hear you, he seems to have a very good attitude about the whole thing and he still likes the amplifier which is all that matters. I am sure he understands he doesn't require the power so the amp's deficiency in power isn't effecting him. I tried telling him that since he likes it and wants to keep it to at least bring it up to safety standards but he isn't concerned. I would just hate to see anyone get hurt, the safety is more concerning for me than the performance of the amplifier.
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