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  2. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    I just texted him saying if he would be willing to sell the RB-61ii now, I would be willing to pay $200 shipped. Will see what he says.
  3. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    Just called the seller. A guy is on his way in 30 min to buy the entire package. He said he would let me know what happens.
  4. Hello all, My first post in the community. I recently purchased an Anthem MRX1120 receiver. The receiver powers 11 channels and 2 sub-woofers. This new receiver is upgrading my setup from a 5.2.2 to a 7.2.4 The receiver can supply 140Watts to fronts, center, surround and subs with an A/B type amplifier while the back channel and elevation is 60Watts supplied by a D type amplifier. I am currently researching what speaker to buy that would match my receiver the best. I am more precisely looking to purchase back channel speakers and Atmos elevated speakers; and it is a lot more complicated than I first thought. My current setup: RP-260F fronts RP-250C Center (but will be upgrading to RP-450C soon) RP-160M Surrounds R-110SW subs x 2 I contacted Anthem to ask if I could use RP-160M as my back speakers and they said it wouldn't be a problem as long as I do not change cross-over setting that ARC had set them. As far as Atmos is considered I was thinking of getting 2 pairs of RP-140SA that I would mount high on the wall. ( I don't believe in putting them on top of floor speakers and bouncing them off the ceiling theory myself.) What I have problem to reconcile is this: the RP-160M are 100Watts with 400Watts peak the RP-140SA are 50 watts at 200Watts peak I'm worried that I am going to ask too much of the little 60 watts amp on the receiver by putting the RP-160M as back. I have considered putting another pair of RP140SA as back mounted mid- wall. the thing is I really like having great sound. I love the current speaker I have but I never heard the RP-140SA yet - if my instinct is correct I have a feeling that they won't cut it for me just like my RP-250C is not cutting for me right now. I have never owned a 7.x.x home theater before so I don't know how much signal is sent to back channel yet. My guess is probably the same as elevation channel and reason why Anthem went with a smaller D type amp for the back and height channel. I also listen to music and having the ability to run all channels might tempt me at some point. I also have a girlfriend that loves to crank the system from time to time. I worry that she won't hear the clipping that might happen with the back and height. I could in just remove them from the equation while playing music by crating another listening configuration file just for music(I can create 4 different profiles total) So what do you guys and gals think? I want to stick with the RP series I just don't know what will work best? any suggestions? Cheers
  5. WTB Pair of RS-52ii

    PM sent
  6. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    I was going to say something similar, you beat me to it.
  7. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    Sounds like he is busy packing / moving. Haven't heard back from him yet about payment.
  8. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    He should be able to request funds through PayPal, if he had PayPal account.
  9. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Just thought of something, unlike normal around here we do NOT need pictures this time, we believe it happened.
  10. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Just thinking out loud here, but technically speaking usually your subs are already delayed. Usually inside of the receiver you control the delays by setting the distance. The sub often ends up around 2.5 to 5 feet further than it really is to be in phase due to delay from the DSP on the sub amp, delay from any ports, things like that. Even if they are right next to each other it will not be the same distance in the AVR, or at least should not be. That would end up being a difference of around 3-5 milliseconds and the mains need to be delayed that much to be in phase. So no, delaying the sub even more to accommodate for a delayed sub doesn't make the most sense to me.
  11. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    I’m just not sure I’m comfortable Giving him my debit card over the phone for Square. Wonder if he can email me an invoice through square or pay via paypal
  12. Jokes?

    A man ran into his doctor's office one day, all excited. The nurse asked him what was the matter. "I have something wrong with my pecker," replied the man.The nurse told him that he couldn't enter the office yelling things about his private parts & requested that he go back outside, enter the office again & say he had something wrong with, say, his ear. The patient went outside and returned."I have something wrong with my ear." "And what exactly is wrong with it?""I can't piss out of it," came the man's reply.
  13. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    I’m not sure why I did not get an email when you tag me in this post. I would not have known unless another for member sent me a PM about it
  14. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    I texted the guy about the RB 61 he already sold one pair.
  15. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    PM sent.
  16. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Where's MM? I come back from a vacation and poof, gone like a fart in the wind. Hope he's OK.
  17. Newbie: RP-150M/250C are too bright, need to tame the tweeter

    The reference premier stuff is actually much more tame than previous Klipsch models, they were purposely made to be more laid back. If the tweeters in general seem way too bright, then in my opinion it's not the speakers doing it. Turn that room correction off and see if you like it better.
  18. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Almost twice the man then. Actually I'm 180-185.
  19. La Scala - Restored/Upgraded

  20. Today
  21. @pbphoto Yes, I'm using the proper subwoofer output on the receiver. Since I use the YPAO, it makes sense to let the receiver handle filtering and relative volume levels. Running YPAO was the first thing I did after installing the new speakers. I usually re-run it after any significant changes in positioning, since it's pretty quick. Front left/right (150M) are close to the wall, up near the ceiling; one is on a tall and narrow bookshelf, the other is supported by a bracket on the wall. They are angled left/right towards the couch in the center, but they are vertical; I am NOT leaning them forward towards the couch. I have removed the base that comes with these speakers - they are actually leaning back when sitting on that base, IIRC. Center (250C) is below the TV screen at knee height. It's sitting on a horizontal shelf below the screen; I am NOT angling it up towards the top of the couch. Subwoofer is on the floor next to the TV on the right. Not quite close to the wall, maybe an elbow length from it. That place seems to provide a fairly uniform level of bass in most places in the room (more or less). Despite the vast differences in height, center and FL/FR sound about the same. There is some difference, albeit pretty small, when I sit down on the couch vs standing up, as I am moving closer to the axis of one speaker or another. But I really have to listen for it to tell. The sound changes a little when I move off the couch, way out to the right, but again it's not a huge difference. I'll check all the sound settings on the receiver again. Maybe something escaped my attention.
  22. Pa Amplifiers to Klipsch RP-280F

    If you want an inexpensive pro amp, try a used QSC PLX sereis 1 or 2. This is a very high quality amp. The fan will need to be changed. Go for a lower model as any of them will have more than enough power.
  23. Hey Travis--remember the Doggie Diner?

    I would love that place, I would have to try them all, I love different kinds of hot dogs.
  24. If you start with the @ sign and then don't complete the name right away, ie if you leave and come back to it, the name is there but there is no link.
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