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  2. "mothers corpse" - that should brighten everyones day -
  3. Sorry about that! Thanks for all the heads up gents! $400 for RF-7s? Gee wiz...i never find anything in Houston. There's just this one guy here who sells everything several hundred dollars more than average prices.
  4. Payment sent for two -
  5. Lol, okay, I guess that makes seven - which is the "perfect number", agreed? Yeesh, I need more sleep!
  6. No Cornwall or Hersey in the Heritage Line Dean? tc
  7. Don't rush it, save the parts.
  8. THANKS! You'll need my new address, in Silver Spring, MD. Let me know when to send it, - Larry
  9. Where are these? I'm interested.
  10. And there you go again --
  11. What's Reddit -- ?
  12. Hi, folks. If the taxman is good to me, I can start building my home theater audio system. I wish to do things in stages. First up: the main stereo speakers. My priority with the audio system is on hi-fi music. I care more about critical listening of good music than on capturing the lowest rumbles of the passing tanks in Saving Private Ryan. My budget looks like it can handle something like a good used pair of Heressy's or something from the low end of the new Reference Series floor-standing speakers. I'll add a subwoofer and center channel later, but not right away. I'm think'n the vintage route is the best way to go. What do you think? How do the R-24's or R-26's compare the Heressy II's?
  13. Passive? No hesitation whatsoever. Active with an integrated amp? Definitely do your research on the company and any options for replacement after failure. Older Klipsch subs have certainly had issues with the plate amps, Elemental Designs went completely under as a result of their subs and failing plate amps. I used an oAudio plate amp with my passive sub for about 3 years before it ultimately failed. They closed up shop by the time I could reach out for warranty repair. :/
  14. What are your thoughts on buying used subs? There seems to be a lot of forum topics on sub amps that have gone bad, so is it even worth it to buy used? I was thinking about buying a RSW-12 for around 300-350 but didn't know if that was better than trying to find a good deal for a newer sub (112-SW or 115-SW). There aren't any Fry's here so I haven't been able to take advantage of their deals.
  15. FYI Maxiumus if this is not your sale then the ad needs to be listed in ALERTS, the subforum to Garage Sale. The Garage Sale section is for sales of equipment owned by Forum members. And for clarity, add "no affiliation" or "no afil" or "not mine" to your post. No big deal for this thread, you are new here and it takes a while to figure out in which forum to post stuff.
  16. @Schu, full res, linked from my webserver. Tweaked the tone slightly too. Still some softness, could be operator error learning to shoot this thing wide open and subject movement. The 85 1.2 will have quite a large learning curve in that regard.
  17. Can a K-61-K horn and driver be used interchangeably with the K-57-K/K601 in the Cornwall, in this case an '84 Cornwall 1? I see that the K-61 had varying crossover points depending on the speaker it was used in. I have both a type B-3 and CW2 crossover collecting dust. I also have a pair of both K-77 and K-79 tweeters keeping the crossovers company. I just "fell" (I jumped - lol) into another pair of '84 Cornwall 1's in fine working condition, but rough shape, so any combination in the Cornwall 1 cabinet using the K-33-E woofer is an option. I will worry about cosmetics later... The reason I am asking is I "HAD" Forte ii's. I loved the midrange but missed the impact that the 15" K-33-E woofers in my '86 Cornwall 2's have. Forte ii's go lower on paper, but I couldn't "feel" it. I had Quartets too, in really fine shape. An excellent sounding "small" speaker. Almost cannibalised them for the drivers (sacrilege)... but wound up selling them, knowing full well that if I was patient the horns would surface somewhere. They did, a year later and I got 'em. I have looked, TRUST ME, for a pair of Chorus ii's for the last couple years with no luck. I snapped up a pair of CF-3's I would have never even known about were it not for this forum. And I just passed on a pair of KLF-30's needing at least one woofer, once again due to the information shared on this forum. Which brings me to this latest diversion. Will any combination of the parts I have yield acceptable results, or will I NEED the crossover from a Chorus ii, or some other design? Once again, thanks for your help. I truly appreciate all the input the members here share.
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  19. Bwakula, those appear to be in great condition. You may consider trying to sell them for around 1250- 1350. Raw untouched birch heritage speakers are fairly rare. You could then buy some Heresys and a sub. Good luck with your search!!!
  20. I'm going over this part, myself, as Bob Latino says the VTA ST-70's (and others) need to see around 117-120v optimally. My wall voltage is pretty consistent around 125v +/- a volt. So I either use something like this... Or something like this... We use these in a couple locations here at the school as there are some old lines and voltage is erratic in some older buildings. I had one building that had a swing from 110v up to 130v. You can imagine how that affected lights, computers, printers, etc. They (our crew and the city) finally found loose connections outside on the main feed and fixed it. Do the variacs (like top choice) work off a percentage of line voltage or a set voltage output based on the adjustment?
  21. On eBay. Available in both 1.5 and 1dB increments. Anyone using these besides "Canyonman"? Talk to me - what do you think?
  22. I agree, the seller is dreaming! Even if he sold them to you for $400, you could not make them near as nice as an $800 set with the extra $400. Offer him $300 and walk away if he does not bite! Roger
  23. I paid $400 for mine and they had some nicks in the back but nothing like you are seeing here.
  24. I paid $400 for mine and they are near mint with all grill pegs intact. Yes that's not typical but I wouldn't spend more than $400 for a beater pair
  25. i have this original 'clipped' artical from audio november 1986. nice!
  26. These are birch in color- I'm not the original owner. Consecutive serial #s and original boxes with packing material. Willing to drive up to 100 miles to meet someone. My zip code is 48316. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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