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  2. Thank you Marion, everything is now sold!
  3. Yep whichever path we go down we will certainly make sure its safe!
  4. CANT

    KPT-335 HF/MF

    Looks like it’s now $225...
  5. I guess it would depend on the floor, I will trust the builder to figure it out. Maybe include a strap to hold it all together?
  6. Like that Jimmy Buffet song........"The weather is here wish you were beautiful"
  7. Check out KEF’s comments on Bi-amping https://www.kefdirect.com/blog/bi-amping-101 miketn
  8. The 402 is the big top horn on Jubes and other things and the 904 is a bass cabinet. This pic, 402 horn on top and 2 single mwm bass bins
  9. dtel

    Super MWM

    It's a bad habit, not even counting the mwm bass bins I did 3 other subs designed like the 1502/1802. With two of them, I used a car type sprayer, one to add clear, mine and a friends which was painted on the inside. This made a few fumes but the worst was one I did in Florida. We went down to Palm Beach and I couldn't haul a compressor and everything to go with it and he wanted it black on the inside. So I just used a bunch of spray cans to get the inside black, spray cans are the worst for fumes. Luckily he wanted the outside stained and clear but spraying the inside was bad. I had a respirator but it turned out to be somehow clogged and all I had was the little paper mask, never again.
  10. glens

    Super MWM

    Agreed! I was merely expressing a notion, not passing judgement or hurling insults. To continue the expansion that got truncated on the exterior would require it be done in the middle, and that might be desirable for another reason as well, but then the back chamber volume would need to be recovered, by what, shortening the primary horn section? Tradeoffs is tradeoffs. I'm anxiously awaiting measurement reports on this. I really like the idea.
  11. Want to buy: Groove Loud and Proud edition. Preferably new. Anyone have one? Thank you!
  12. How's about a good old fashioned Jube bass bin?
  13. Cinder blocks might not be the safest option in a dance environment. Nobody wants to have a La Scala fall on them.
  14. Measurements will tell the story. If it were me, I would opt for a 300 Hz. Xover point and a different mid driver, and go 3-way with it. But it's not my money, or yours, quite frankly. He can always add a "snout" if it's an issue when measured.
  15. Today
  16. No, I’m not offended at all. Sure, stereo signals do differ from left to right, but are more alike than when one side is powering the bass content and the other one is driving the treble content. In my imagination, the amps would be carrying lopsided loads. I did say it was a bit silly. As for the dual-mono part, I’ve seen and posted pictures of the insides of the MX-D1 amp in the past. There’s two of everything, except for the power lead in and the on-off switch. It was a statement product for Yamaha, with minimal compromises, and able to power any kind of speaker, even down to 2 ohms. That’s probably why MSRP was $5,000 when they came out in 2005. Unfortunately, having a mid-fi name on a hi-fi product didn’t help sales, kind of like the first-gen Ford GT. “Sure, it’s fast and all that, but it’s a Ford. For that money I could buy a Ferrari.” In regards to the horizontal/vertical thing, one amp doing bass and the other one doing treble is horizontal, right? I can safely say that this kind of thing never ever comes up in any conversations with my non-audio fan friends, which is most of them.
  17. Same question please...
  18. Yeah, the little mountains around here probably don’t compare with the ones in your backyard. The biggest one we can see is Mount Baker, 120 km/75 miles away in Washington State. It’s 11,000 feet high, and is visible most days, if it’s not raining.
  19. what ever you have at hand that is solid and stable will do the job I am sure. even cinder blocks would work if you have them around.
  20. Is the 402 an earlier variant of the 904... thanks
  21. The application here is a room full of people dancing, so the aim is for the mid-range and tweeter to be raised to just above head height. Any loss in bottom end from raising the cabinets will be compensated by a couple of subs (it should also be noted that there will be khorns in the room too, the La Scala's are centre channels). My initial thought is to roll the subs off around 80hz. I think there will be a fair bit of house music so we will certainly be feeding the bottom end. What would your advice be regarding stands? I was just thinking some heavy timber boxes built to the dimensions of the La Scala's.
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