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  2. It's not something I really NEED but one channel isn't working on one of my phono cartridges. Not sure why but the adapter for my Stanton P888s (P-mount) has loose wire connections coming out of the cartridge. I tried crimping the headshell leads but no luck. Lastly I spread apart the pins coming out of the cartridge but that kinda gives me the eebeegeebies. I can get a new adapter on line but I thought I'd try you guys first. TYIA !!
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  4. I see a lot of discussion about mods and maintenance items. Should I consider changing out the capacitors and other replacement options as these speakers may be 50 yrs old and well used. If so, can someone please provide the exact part numbers for the parts needed? Speakers sound fine to me but I have no idea what these replacements/upgrades might provide to clarity, soundstage, etc.
  5. We don’t live all that far from MO “hill folk”. Stay on the periphery and you’re good. Heading deeper into the hills, hearing banjos in the distance is the first clue you’ve gone far enough. You’re pretty much on your own after that -
  6. Yes, as well as a bit of thievery.
  7. I have presented these albums a couple of years ago This weekend is a Jeannie Lewis spectacular An multilingual Australian artist with an incredible vocal range
  8. Hi! I'm new here, but I'm glad to have stumbled across this. I recently got back into 2 channel listening when my folks bought me a new turntable to replace mine that had died years ago. I had an old simple Sony setup that now lives in my shop. I've wanted Heresy's for years, but they always eluded me. I picked up a cool little setup with a Pioneer SA-5200 and a pair of Infinity Qa's to get me by while I kept looking. Finally this summer, I found a pair. He wanted a lot for them, but I kept an eye on them and asked a few questions. The already had the titanium Crites upgrades and new Crites crossovers, he dropped the price, and I drove from small town South Dakota to Minneapolis and got them. The serial numbers match, 1978's, HD-BR. I read the HD-BRs didn't come with grills and as a result, didn't have the front baffle. I don't know when mine were augmented, but they have a "bullnose" or a quarter round installed on the front and a grill in a color I've never seen on another set of Heresy's. The thing is, I also got the original boxes from the guy I purchased them from (He bought them from the original owner, but didn't have answers for my endless amount of questions). The boxes show a fabric type, so am I to assume maybe that they were custom from the factory? Anyway, I absolutely love these things and they were great with my little 10wpc Pioneer until this week when I picked up a Cambridge Audio CXA81. HOLY COW! What a difference!!
  9. What possible difference is being debated here ?? 🙄
  10. Posting this here..some unique Cadences on the first Album Thoughts ,?? Music 🎶 s formulaic ,4/4 these days
  11. Seems like Arby's used to .... I ended up making lasagna with chicken as "meat" in it. The local store was waiting for deliveries, so, I went with what I had... bird. I used thighs. Stewed them in red sauce until the meat fell off the bone. -------------------------- @richieb I was visiting fam in Indiana. Telling my BIL II was planning on stopping in MO to do some fishing. He cautioned me about the hill folk. I mulled that over a few and laughed.... I am a "hill folk".
  12. Brent’s funeral was today. Had a nice slideshow of him, family and friends. Lots of emotions but his suffering and pain are gone and he’s now at peace.
  13. Those are in great shape! Wow!
  14. Hi all, I am new to the forum. I'm looking for the cleanest sound I can get out of my new RP-600M's. Current amp is a Pioneer VSX-517 110-watt receiver. Anytime I want to really crank it, it overloads and shuts off. Replaced all wires. Running 16 guage speaker wire. I can't have this. Need it loud and clean. No radio or anything else is needed. Just running a 1977 Pioneer PL117D turntable with a Fosi Audio Box - Tube Preamp. Subwoofer is a real old Polk-Audio. I'd like to stay under $500. Should be able to handle the heaviest of all heavy metal and shake up my neighbors. Thanks! Mitch
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  16. Thank you for your generous reply. You make light of something interesting: How a good (jazz) mono record vs. a stereo record is more desirable objectively..... but then, you listen to a sample such as early columbia / teo macero produced stereo recordings - possibly 1st 200 recordings that were released. They sound pretty amazing - example dave brubeck: Time out 1959. I agree with you for certain, but some of these early ones are impressive to my ears despite the limitation of a record vs. digital.
  17. Klipsch Cornwall 4 , Used -- Klipsch Dealer HI-FI Heaven -pair 4200$ - no Affiliation https://www.ebay.com/itm/134222929409?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5337478673&toolid=10001&customid=9b462f3c-7369-11ed-944c-383837653262
  18. 🤣🤣🤣 Stupid is as stupid does.....
  19. That's a fair assessment Shakey. I appreciate the thoughts.
  20. Yeah, that’ll work…..
  21. Says they’re going to larger speakers. Jubes?!
  22. It's not irrelevant when you are listening to stereo recordings the other 50% of the time. Of course that is only if you have a source capable of excellent channel separation for stereo recording playback. Vinyl stereo playback systems have awful channel separation. Not really, no. If you are on the fence about whether to get mono amps or a stereo unit ask yourself what source do you use most? If you say vinyl then the cross-talk is horrendous with vinyl playback and mono amplifiers aren't going to matter since the pollution has already taken place at the source. If you listen to digital sources then mono amps will be technically beneficial the other 50% of the time when you listening to stereo recordings. Digital sources have excellent channel separation compared to vinyl playback. There are other benefits to running mono power amps other than channel separation. It's the lesser of two evils to have longer interconnects, especially balanced ones while keeping the mono amplifier directly next to the speaker with a very short speaker cable length.
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