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  2. willland

    Heresy 1's receiver matchup??

    Not weak bass, just weak low bass. My experience is the same as you, strong and punchy also with great tonal quality. Bill
  3. Trane


    Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Today
  5. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Mornin' all I get to drink coffee and watch the news this AM. Wife got to watch the rerun of the wedding, last night, w/o my comments. I bit my tongue and was quiet. Harry has an Jaguar XKE convertible. Sweet. ........... I remember getting an XKE in my Aurora HO scale car set. That and a split window Vette
  6. Full Range

    Show us your great photography thread!

    I took this photo of a hard working tug boat Early morning work while we were docking in Auckland NZ 
  7. jrkpilot

    Heresy 1's receiver matchup??

    RESULTS !!! The Crites crossover updates came back quickly as I was promised...installed them and muscled my speakers up onto those high corner shelves...hung the 14 ga wire and rigged the "Baby Marantz 2215B"...( the HK's left side just puked....damn ) but...OMG !!! I now have a concert hall in my garage/shop !!! I have never heard tone like that before ( granted, I never got around much )....all levels amazing...and for those who bitched about Heresy's weak bass....WRONG!!! mine is huge, strong...I cannot use Loudness control other than at low listening volumes. Are the original tweeters a little shrill...perhaps, but I love it all. Proves that even in not the best of spaces, these babies sing. Can't wait to compare tone with the HK when it returns from the doctor ( $$$$$ oh brother )....Thanks Klipsch people and bloggers everywhere!!
  8. DizRotus

    Favorite Craft Beer

    Other than some dreadful efforts decades ago by the now deservedly defunct Chelsea Brewing Company in Chelsea, MI, I’ve never met a craft beer I didn’t like. IMO, the whole idea is to stay local, which means Griffin Claw in Birmingham, MI. You can’t throw a dead cat without hitting a craft brewery around here. Hop Cat has nice offerings and good food too at several locations. Bell’s Oberon or Two Hearted Ale are my go tos when on the road, If on the menu. When not on the menu, I’ll ask the server to recommend a local IPA. My fear is being at some catered event where all the bottled beer choices look like urine specimens. Finally, my brother offers Bell’s after pressure from his sons, when we visit him at the lake. He sticks with his Miller Lite. I forget what that tastes like.
  9. Full Range

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I am playing a great symphonic prog album by Anthony Phillips released 1977  This album reminds me in some parts to the Genesis - Trespass album So that is a plus as I have read that all of the tracks were written by Phillips while still with Genesis A sleeper album that deserves more exposure Artist - Anthony Philips Title - The Geese And The Ghost ************* If Anyone is wondering what painting that is It’s by a young artist called, Autumn De Forest - American Gothic 
  10. 314carpenter

    Help about 7.1.4 speaker placement

    And have the pioneer in pure direct mode to avoid additional processing after the denon.
  11. The History Kid

    What I Got Today!

    American Military University, it's part of the Public University group. I opted with them since work has a good relationship with them, and there's a chance at some loan forgiveness there.
  12. The History Kid

    Aragon Amps vs. Emotiva XPA

    Have a bead on some Aragon amplifiers, and am trying to get an idea for what kind of power and quality I'm dealing with. There are two amps that stand the chance of being replaced with these Aragon amps, both are UPA series amps from Emotiva, one is the 00 subseries, which I am positive the Aragon would be an upgrade. However, if I'm going to run an upgrade, I want it to be something that'd perform at the pace of the XPA that now anchors my system. Does anyone have experience with the Aragon amplifiers? How about both Aragon and Emotiva? Comparable? Vastly different? If so, how? ETA: @opusk2k9 - I think these are your amps that I've been stalking.
  13. wdecho

    Amp Camp Amp

    I also have some of the 7297 Chinese boards and prefer them over the Chinese 3116 boards. Supposedly the 3118 is the same as the 3116 with the heatsinking reversed but maybe because a better Chinese design the cheap little Chinese 3118 boards sound better than the 3116 ones I have tried. The Wiener is taking the TPA3118 to it's peak potential from all accounts of those that have built one that I have read about.
  14. wdecho

    Amp Camp Amp

    I also did the same for years before doing any posting. I only started being active upon retiring. The Amp Camp's are a good example of a single ended well designed low cost class A amplifier. Many here have had doubts about the cheap little lap top charges with the old kits sold at diyaudio and rightfully so, but the reason was keeping the cost down for beginners and being safer than building a linear supply for a beginner. The newer kit has a much better switching power supply with the kit and also 24V. Someone on the other forum asked Nelson about why he has not used a switcher on his Firstwatt amplifiers and Passlabs. Below is a short answer, In the case of First Watt, I initially bought 2,000 sets of power supplyparts, and I am not quite done with them.In general, noise, availability, and reliability of switchers are a problem.The kind of switching supplies I would want for PL and FW are really quiteexpensive, and would generally have to be custom made.With regards to ACA and some other projects, a decent switcher hasthe tremendous advantage of being simple and SAFE. The Amp Campevent would not have been possible without them. Also the cost wasvery cheap, as there was (and still is) a glut in the market on 19Vswitchers used for laptops.
  15. carlthess40

    Denon PMA 1080R, TU 800, and DCM 440 $300

    Are you looking for cash only or any trades
  16. absolve2525

    Altecs on EBTH and they don't know what they have...

    My guess, they'll end up going for $1000. Who knows what woofer is in there.
  17. Full Range

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    A little more prog in the solo career of a former Genesis member A truily melodic and beautiful album from 1981 based on George Orwell’s book 1984 Would make an excellent inclusion to any prog collection  Artist - Anthony Phillips Title - 1984
  18. codewritinfool

    Parks Audio...

  19. codewritinfool

    Favorite Craft Beer

    Drinking O'Dell's Myrcenary. Darned fine beer. Thoughts?
  20. twk123

    3 minutes to Miller Time

    Just break out a bottle Hoss...
  21. There is enough impact on accidents from AV tech to warrant that, but frankly surprised they are doing it. Guess it's an actual fact of free enterprise competition. It will get better all the time now until you are paying 0 for it. Dave
  22. Certainly the most tested tech of all time, but impossible to do without releasing it when it is at least safe enough to use with human override. If you have some ideas on how you get the millions of miles and situations beta tested that would be worth hearing...but it isn't possible anymore than it was possible for the airlines to be 100% safe or for automobiles under human control. When I was a kid cars had no belts, metal dashboards, and solid column steering wheels. Current AVs are a 1000 times safer under any circumstances and under your concept every car on the road would have to be withdrawn. 50k lives per year is not what I call safe. Dave
  23. I recently bought these speakers. In general, I am very happy with the sound quality and the convenience/versatility of these powered blue tooth speakers; however... Unfortunately, they make noise. I set them up as a bedroom system and it is loud enough to be barely heard across the room (when the heat/AC is off) at my bed (12 feet from front of speakers). The sound is similar to the sound of an old fashioned modem with white noise and a higher pitched whine (but not nearly so loud). I think I will need to return them, but wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with this issue first. Additional information: 1) Noise was present when I first turned them on - no inputs connected! 2) Noise is present when set to Aux, Phono(Line), Optical, or Blue Tooth 3) I hooked up a CD player and noise is still there when CD is paused or between songs 4) The volume control does not change the volume of the noise; however, the mute button will completely eliminate the noise. Thanks for your help!
  24. Spirit_Rises

    Help about 7.1.4 speaker placement

    Dear wvu80 I connected a rca cable from denon's height 2 pre out to pioneer's any available inputs like DVD /CD/DVR etc.. White and red rca cable for left and right speakers.Then i choose the dvd in from pioneer and i could able to get sound from the last 2 channels. By the way from the amp assign menu on the Denon i choose the 11.1 channel.
  25. Schu

    Parks Audio...

    Puffin installed. I have to say that this new dsp based phono pre sound quite good considering its modest price point.
  26. DizRotus

    Black Klipsch La Scalas in Texas

    That’s about right, eh Dave @wvu80?
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