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  2. OP has a good one there with Tommy Bolin. Just had a listening session with fellow member @codewritinfool and Post Toastee was one of the many songs we listened to. Often depends on my mood or what speaker/upgrade/update is new. While my guitar gently weeps - Santana w Yoyo Ma and India Arie Lenny - SRV You - Bonnie Raitt / Allison Krause Beginnings - Chicago Uptown Funk All usually get a spin. Hard to pick a ONE go to.
  3. I have thought about experimenting with different colors of paint on crossover boards and adding various powdered metals to the paint.
  4. I use them only on one driver. Like on the KPT 904 to tame the 510 horn + DE75 down with the factory crossovers as they were to strident otherwise. There might be better ways to do this but it is all I know to do and I am not a crossover expert to know what to alter to balance the HF to the LF on a two way like the 904.
  5. If you put L Pads in Klipsch speakers they are no longer Klipsch speakers.
  6. Talking about the Chief's views. Thanks!
  7. Appleply is Made in the USA ----- 4 x 8 sheets is the standard size - 13 ply-- whereas BB is available in 5X5 or 4x8 -also 13 ply --
  8. To my eyes yes. Maybe I should just post the numbers on them since I do not know the year they were made. They are not the decorator type though.
  9. I guess I would have to see it. Is it just solid lumber?
  10. PWK did not favor Lpads going back to 1958 The Trouble With Attenuators by PWK.pdf
  11. I did not. I just asked for the best quality veneer core. I showed them what I was trying to duplicate and this was the best they had. I need to go to some of the other local lumber yards.
  12. Have not been inside but BB with no veneer, unless am having my eyes deceive me.
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  14. Noise Canelling This type of headphones is also called active noise cancelling headphones or ANC headphones for short. Active because here a small computer uses microphones to perceive outside noise that hits the headphones and eliminates it through anti-noise. Without any caning, I like this technology.
  15. and do not use Lpads in Klipsch Speakers -
  16. Six Wives of Henry the Eighth - Rick Wakeman
  17. Does that mean BB on both sides? Or B on both sides? I asked about B/B (no footballs on either side) but they did not have any where I went.
  18. Well I wanted to sit next to the 32' organ pipes and that was a specific goal. I wanted that realism and those double 15" woofer bins you now have are what made me wonder just what was possible.
  19. 45$ per sheet of BB 5x5 , sounds like a great deal nowadays ---
  20. Thanks Randy, I will pass that compliment along. I already showed him some drawings for the La Scala and he is ready to try it. I bought the plywood in 5x5 sheets for about $45 per sheet, that was six weeks ago.
  21. Keep the Chief happy...he may be a fan...
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