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  2. I was working at a factory on a little hill. There was about 4 inches of snow on the ground when they called it a day. Oh ... did I mention there was a stop sign at the bottom of the hill?
  3. Anytime mate! We have a vinyl thread. Other mates here mate. Like your decision. Let us know. Bet should sound Rotel... Cheers!
  4. Too many to list individually but many thanks for clearing this up for me and putting me on the right path, greatly appreciated. As much as I love the look of the sixes I think I'll be keeping the amp and sending these back and spending the return on something else without the bells and whistles which I don't require. Thanks again!
  5. The punt = gambling on the near wall to wall 24/7 horse, greyhound and trotting races we have over the pond here 👍
  6. Australia mate. I figure you ask because of the price, if so, would you believe I actually had a $300 voucher which knocked them down to the above price.
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  9. Where is the location. I'd prefer not to ship and I'd be interested if it is possible to pick up
  10. That sounds like a protection circuit activating. That amp has more than enough power at 150 watts/ch. It's hard to diagnose from a post, but I'll bet the tweeter protection is saving your tweeters. Turn down the volume. All things have a physical limit. You've found one.
  11. Really, it could have been a little hotter in the mix.
  12. That capacitor is probably bad. If you measured using 120Hz or 1KHz, that reading would be 3-5 times higher.
  13. Feed the Sixes with the preamp outs on your A11 or trade it for a preamp only. Keeping the A11 has more flexibility.
  14. That looks like - Organised Kaos or Chaos ?. Or is it Could be a combination of both Info below Define Chaos Chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion. It is characterized by a lack of organization, structure, and control. Chaos can be found in various aspects of life, from the natural world to human behavior. In nature, chaos can be observed in the unpredictability of weather patterns, the randomness of natural disasters, and the complexity of ecosystems. In human behavior, chaos can manifest in the form of riots, protests, and other forms of social unrest. Define Kaos Kaos, on the other hand, is a concept that originated in ancient Greek philosophy. It refers to a state of disorder that is not entirely negative. In fact, kaos is often associated with creativity, innovation, and change. Unlike chaos, kaos is not characterized by a lack of structure or control. Rather, it is a state of flux, where old structures are broken down and new ones are formed. In this sense, kaos can be seen as a necessary precursor to growth and progress. Here is a table summarizing the differences between chaos and kaos: Chaos Kaos Complete disorder and confusion State of flux Lack of organization, structure, and control Not entirely negative Associated with social unrest Associated with creativity, innovation, and change
  15. all you need is a thin rubber pad under the speakers ,
  16. None of that sounds off at all. The PrimaLuna should be excellent and it has plenty of power. It sounds like you may have 2 issues. The woofers are new. Woofers really do need some time to loosen up. After I first heard them, I was disappointed in my new Heresy IVs thin sound. So, I ran dub-step with full bass boost through them for about 80 hours (not too loud). Just shut the door. At 40 hours they were much better and probably didn't change after that. Give that a try. You can experiment with using the 4 ohm speaker outputs, too. Older La Scalas ran about 6 ohms in the woofer's range and I expect the new ones do, too. The other is that the La Scala's don't reproduce the lower 5 or 6 bass notes of a double bass/bass guitar very well. Cornwall's will, but also add some distortion that will "fatten" the sound.
  17. Mouser electronics. THE goto place for quality.
  18. He'd been doing it for over 30 years at that point so guess there's good nights and bad nights for him!
  19. Tell y'all what... When it's 19 and you're out in it the whole time it isn't fun. But it made it to the low forties this afternoon. Got sick but I'll live, will have that home next Tues morning!
  20. That was a terrible recording of his voice. Awful. JJK
  21. Been a minute since I have been on the forums(I.E. Work,Kids) I have a single lascala I'm looking to trade for an rc64II or rc64III. I'm starting to downsize the system so looking for one of these two. I have been using this lascala as a center channel since i got it years ago.I put a new k33 in it around 3 years ago and upgraded the caps. Its not in perfect shape it has a few dings here and there I never refinished it since it was hidden. Its missing the k77 in the photos I have it somewhere around and will include it.Local pickup/trade from area code 46706. Feel free to pm me with trades/questions.
  22. Have scoured the Internet for days cannot find the thread diameter and pitch for buying some mounting screws for the bottom of them or possibly using spikes to prevent resonance from the cabinet they will be sitting on. Please let me know what size screws or spikes for these. The KS speaker stands come with them but the manuals do not tell you what size they are please please help
  23. Bob Dylan on Letterman in '92. Amazing list of musicians for the night...
  24. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    As it was a cold and snowy day outside I deceided to continue to record some cd´s on my Teac V 6030 S Tapedeck. It´s my third mixed tape w/intwo weeks . The first was a CD Blues Compilation, the second a analogue Vinyl Rock Tape and the third was a CD Soul / Funk / Jazzfunk Mix . To give you an idea how it looks when I´m a busy DJ 😂
  25. It's only been 52 hours since he started this thread. He'll be back.
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