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  2. Westcoastdrums

    WTB ATI 1502 Amplifier

    Use the 15% off coupon today via the app if you didn't already buy
  3. Gilbert

    Best Childhood Memories

    My nephew thought it would be a good idea to use his cattle prod to stop his unruly dog from pee'ing in his home; Unfortunately, when he shocked the dog, it took off spaying shit all over his new home. I never laughed so hard in my life.
  4. Shiva

    CL: klipsch cf 3 - $450 Sarasota FL

    he could use just a tad more light in the pics. nice price for the Epic CF3's.
  5. avguytx

    CL: Speakers Klipsch Epic CF3 - $400 (Cumming, GA)

    Maybe version 2's? Wouldn't be too hard of a job to tackle if the cabinets are solid. Heck, if one could tolerate them as is, they'd be in business. That front panels vinyl cover coming up might be a challenge to get to sit flat but maybe some Landau top adhesive might fix it. Or just rebuild front baffles.
  6. I offered $500 for the whole she-bang but he didn't bite. That stuff is in a sad state of being.
  7. I see a super sale Black Friday just around the corner from that warehouse.
  8. Shaun K

    Peavey CH1 biradial horns

    I'm pretty sure he owes me a favor or two, so I don't think he'd have a problem picking them up. He lives in Langdon and works in Calgary, not sure which one might be closer to you. If the UPS thing falls through for the other guy let me know, thanks.
  9. Very nice home, bet you can't wait to move-in and get the tunes rolling throughout the home.
  10. Dave A

    La Scala Variant

    Hi Moray, I figured it would go deeper but not by a whole bunch of hz. Something to do with parts I find I have on hand once again and it is an excuse to make a top section for using my larger MAHL tweeter which will make a big difference. Add the two together and it becomes a worthwhile project. I have those plans and many others but like how bass sounds from MWM's and want more there since I have the space to do so. The MCM 1900's are really remarkable and I want the extra bass the supers would bring to this set.
  11. moray james

    Peavey CH1 biradial horns

    Shaun I have one person who is considering to have UPS ship them He is not sure about pricing if he changes his min then you are next in line. Give your brother in law a call and see if he is willing. I forgot to mention I have a pair of Peavey SP1 Mk lll two way crossovers for these. I want $50.00 CND for the pair of these if anyone out there is interested.
  12. Khornukopia

    K-510 / K-691's ... horrible sound ... SOLVED

    Good to see that. Could get even better when you fine tune your miniDSP settings.
  13. moray james

    La Scala Variant

    this is not much different from a Peavey FH1 and it is not going to get you very much lower (a few Hz only) than a LaScala. If you want bass extension look to a either a University or a Beck California. fh1_002.pdf
  14. Shaun K

    Peavey CH1 biradial horns

    I'd be interested in these. My brother-in-law lives in Calgary, he could probably pick them up if I bribe him. I see him in Winnipeg about once a year so I'd be able to transport them back home to Minnesota soon.
  15. Very interesting project.
  16. carlthess40

    Subwoofer choice

    Two 12's are better then one 15". But that 15 is a bad a:: sub Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Shaun K

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    I brine mine for about 24 hours. I just leave it in the garage since it's cold enough up here in the frozen north...stays at around 36-40 inside the bucket. Good thing I didn't have to brine it a few days ago when it was 3 degrees outside.
  18. I won't take you up on your offer to sell the horns under the condition you order some for me at your preferred buyer price. Just the horns I have drivers.
  19. Haha long line Just got them working ... going to keep them for a while.
  20. Dave A

    La Scala Variant

    Of course it is Claude, there are priorities after all and thunderous clean bass is at the top of the list.
  21. Today
  22. DirtyErnie

    newbie seeking KG 2.5V info

    I blew one of mine a few years ago (3? 4?). Did some internet searching for speaker repair. Do that, there's a shop in Tampa area that probably has spare drivers and could also fix what you have.
  23. Thaddeus Smith

    Crites CT120

    I have the A-55G and CT120 combo in La Scala's with a modified Type A network and find it enjoyable. Dunno if it's "right", but it sounds good.
  24. Cody_Mack

    Khorns Houston

    Chuck is that your store? Rick
  25. codewritinfool

    Khorns Houston

    For those who don't want to click, KB-WO, $2900 for the pair.
  26. Rivernuggets

    Audiophiles Anonymous

    Nothing out of place here. ☺️ For me I started to realize when moving through the basement was getting difficult.
  27. deep3shot

    Juicy Phono Pre-amp - ebay

    It's been a long time since I've seen a Tercel for sale. I'd love to demo one. Day dreamer, I am.
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