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  2. OK I have seen these about 7 months ago. I have no idea when that picture was taken but since then they have been poorly stored in a portable storage unit. When I went there to see them they were sitting in his driveway ON THE DIRT and no way to play them. AL crossovers and dirty filthy with water damage on the grilles. You go there and waste your time don't say you were not warned. I would not let this dude sell me anything and I left there commenting to him I would not believe a word he said. Total waste of a 200 mile round trip.
  3. Old RP: RP-280F as fronts RP-450C as center RP-160m or RP-250s as surround PRO-160RPC as atmos Either 1x R-115SW or 2x R-112SW (because of room size with the assumption of your room height being 7 feet) really recommend you getting two subs though! New RP: RP-8000F as fronts RP-504C as center RP-600M or RP-502S as surrounds PRO-160RPC as atmos Either 1x SPL-150 or 2x SPL-120 (because of room size with the assumption of your room height being 7 feet) really recommend you getting two subs though!
  4. FWIW getting access to the bass section is super easy. On the basis that your crossovers are well attached in place, simply flip the speaker upside down and unscrew the base. It’s worth a look in there anyway, if only to admire the big ol driver!
  5. Coytee

    RIP Millard.....

    That’s what makes it funny
  6. Thanks for your help Amstaff, I found this board https://reconingspeakers.com/product/klipsch-sub-12-synergy-amplifier-119512-euro-version-230v/ I think it will be easy to replace it by myself but question is did the speaker still works perfectly after this board burn? Can I get an easy answer before spend around 230 US dollars to get it? Thanks for your help again,
  7. Sorry for the double-post. Tap-A-Talk seems to have screwed me up.
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  9. Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
  10. Amen brother. There are so many things of greater import to fiddle with. One of my favorites are people with bad music files trying to make electrical or new super duper equipment correct the problem. I know what I have in my shop and see the looks on the faces of first time listeners and it all went through that lovely zip cord. Speaker wire is the last thing I worry about other than guage although the connections at the ends do matter. If I can I use fork end crimp connectors on typical Klipsch inputs and they wont come loose until I make it so. Most of those screw in end banana plugs work loose for no evident reason and if you don't catch it will give you problems.
  11. Initially, I would've said go for the r-34c since you have the r-820f as your fronts. Having the best matching LCR is very important. But then I read your other post in this thread saying you want to upgrade your entire system once more. Now, I'm thinking you should just wait and continue saving up the money until some great deals comes along. If your center right now is really unbearable, than just get the cheapest one you can for now.
  12. @DanMinnesota, Welcome to the forum. The 504C is actually a 2.5 way speaker, I think. The lowest frequencies are produced by all 4 woofers, which then is passed off to just 2 woofers and then on to the tweeter horn. The RP-450C is the previous generation RP-504C. Bill
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. It's a great place to be! So, a former K-Horn owner; that's fantastic! I think your choice of the RF-7III's as front main speakers is an excellent choice for home theater. I currently have a pair of the original, RF-7I's and love the manner in which they project. Considering that you, having been a K-Horn owner, please allow me to suggest that you also consider a pair of the new, Cornwall IV's in place of the RF-7III's. My reason for suggesting them is that, in my opinion, the Cornwall VI's, with their new midrange squaker, tend to sound more "K-Horn-like" than the RF-7III's. They too, project extremely well and because they, like the K-Horn, are 3-way systems, their bass-to-midrange-to-treble transition is handled a bit more smoothly than with the RF-7III's, again in my opinion. Naturally, there is a larger cost differential, but you did not mention your budget. In any case, if you do choose to go with the RF-7III's, you will immediately see a dramatic performance increase in dynamics using your existing amplification over your Paradigms due to the large difference in the two speakers' sensitivity ratings: 92db for the Paradigm Studio 20 v5 vs 100db for the RF-7III. The Cornwall IV is 102db. Should you decide to stick with the RF-7III's, I'd like to suggest the RC-64 III Center Channel Speaker. For Cornwall IV's I would suggest the Heresey III or a third Cornwall IV as your center channel (a perfect timbre match). I would agree that your choice of the THX Ultra II Surrounds (KL-525) is outstanding! As for subwoofers, depending on the size of your space, I would like to suggest either one of Klipsch's Reference Series 12" or 15" subs or the pair of THX subs, which would require their external amplifier or an alternative amplifier of your choice. Best of luck, philallegro! Happy shopping!
  14. Hi, Extract of the tests at the importer Osiris, for AK6, Cornwall III, Heresy III: click on mehr erfahren >> https://osirisaudio.de/tests-fachpresse/ if you can read German https://www.pressreader.com/germany/audio/20181207/283394832891101 List https://www.gauderakustik.com/images/Gauder_Bilder/Bestenlisten/AUDIO Bestenliste Gauder 2019.pdf
  15. There is no sealant, just the gasket that is mounted on the woofer. If there is a problem with the seal, it's usually the woofer coming loose. Over time the loose woofer can damage the gasket.
  16. Align the drivers, then create more sources out front via diffraction...
  17. Four magnets on the removable picture frame attract to four bolts on the perimeter of the K-402 horn.
  18. Next easiest check is swap the crossovers. After that, if needed, I'd play some gradual tone sweeps and check for rattling, buzzing, huffing, chuffing, etc. Beyond that comes opening to check wire terminations / connections and measure the resistance of the voice coil, both directly and through the wiring. . Your nearby homecenter will have some foam weather seal or such if you think the hatch cover needs it when you eventually go back together.
  19. Different locations in the room produce different bass characteristics. Put your right speaker where the left one is now, and vice versa, and see if the bass problem follows the bass-shy speaker. If it does, it may be the speaker. If it doesn't it may be the room's "boundary gain." Paul Klipsch recommended putting La Scalas in corners for maximum boundary gain. If a La Scala is out in the room (where some "audiophiles" put their speakers), away from any walls, and is moved to a position against a wall, actually almost touching the wall, a gain of about 3 dB, mostly in the bass, should happen. If it is then moved into a corner, almost touching, you should get another 3 dB or so. So that's a total increase of 6 dB, mostly in the bass. Since the power demand in music is often greatest in the bass (even if you use a sub below about 80 Hz, there is plenty of bass power needed between 80 Hz and 160 Hz where the leading edge of bass attacks occur) the boundary gain is useful, and as PWK said, it is like exchanging a 100 watt amplifier for a 400 watt amplifier, without extra strain on the speaker.
  20. If you cover each side in seasoning, add a spoon of butter or oil right before you add the meat, it's how you blacken something, like when blacken redfish became popular. Steak, fish, thin cut duck or just about anything, it's the only way I eat duck. Do NOT do this inside, it makes a nice white smoke, the kind that takes your breath away quickly, no way to stay in the house. Always did it outside, made the mistake once after years of not doing it to do it inside, not good at all.
  21. dtel

    RIP Millard.....

    I had no idea it was in a tree, until they told me, no way to make an excuse.
  22. dtel

    RIP Millard.....

    Sounds like something they would make here.
  23. Welcome Sorry but I know very little about the speakers you asked about so I can't help with that. But I would like to move this to home theater where you might get more help, this is mostly 2 ch here, good luck.
  24. Hi Evan. So sorry to hear your news. I’m look to buy a pair of Khorns and very interested. Are you able to send me more photos? please get in touch. Mark
  25. Just normal oxygen free #14wire, no long runs.......just another opinion...... Connectors/terminal ends I don't bother with, it's not like I am going to change out things often, bare wires are a single connection, nothing in between. I know wire type can probably make a difference in sound, but to me there re so many other variables in reproducing music I am not really concerned with better wires. I say this because source alone can range dramatically, not even counting electronics and speakers.
  26. They are recently acquired, i purchased them a month or two back. The crossovers are new crites a/4500's, and i did investigate possible amp/channel issues, and it is related to the cabinet. I assumed id have to open them up and investigate, but i could use some direction with type of sealant to use. Is there a sealant i can get from the hardware store? Or would parts express/other online vendor really be the only way to go?
  27. That’s pretty much the only way you can do it unless you get a matching amp for the other sub Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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