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  2. Bubo

    Food Porn

    Bills Prime Seafood and Steaks, no view just good food I would eat here 3 times a day Chincoteague Island, Virginia Wallops Island NASA launch site is across the river, has some good displays Children's novel if your are taking small children https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misty_of_Chincoteague Menu https://www.billsseafoodrestaurant.com/menu
  3. This could be the ticket.
  4. babadono

    Food Porn

    Yes Sir close. But if you went by my place you was lost Actually work a few miles from Pechanga, live perhaps 15 to 20 back in the hills.
  5. I thought you may have considered the F8 over the J2. Supposedly same signature in sound with improvements. Then I am sure you will enjoy your J2 being it is one of the most popular FW designs. https://www.firstwatt.com/f8.html
  6. Bubo

    Food Porn

    Rio Grande Ft Collins, Old Downtown Courtyard in the middle of the block, is nice when the weather is good Food is good quality standard Mexican food https://riograndemexican.com/
  7. I think a lot of the "audiophile mindset" constraints on loudspeaker design are going to go by the wayside--and probably sooner rather than later. Now that the original patent is expired (US6411718), I think it's something that KGI has to look at at some point (and sooner rather than later). The competition is necessarily coalescing in the home hi-fi business with the demise of theater and PA marketplaces, i.e., Don't know yet what brand "X" is going to do, but I wouldn't bet that it's going to be something that this company and others are going to be able to ignore. I've learned that it's best to jump on the bandwagon early--in order to keep it from being yet another case of "disruptive innovation" eventually overturning the players in the marketplace. I think of the early loudspeaker marketplace of the 1940s-50s, and the players adopted formerly patented technology--and quite rapidly to stay in business... JMTC. 😐 Chris
  8. Bubo

    Food Porn

    Boulder Dushanbe Tea House I would eat here 3 times a day during the summer https://www.boulderteahouse.com/dinner-menu Check out the Tea Menu https://www.boulderteahouse.com/tea-menu
  9. Those H3 are a good deal. And they are compact floorstanders.
  10. Can't break the laws of physics. Can't even bend them. The XT1464 is 16" wide. That 16" dimension puts it right at 431 Hz, which agrees rather well with the response curves cited earlier. Math works. My friend has mentioned an interest in bulding a MEH, but frankly if he intrisically doesn't like horns then I doubt that he will like multiple entry horns.
  11. fini

    Bob Crites RIP

    One could never recreate my initial delight of finding an electroshock therapy machine in the museum basement. It ended up really improving my attitude.
  12. A little off-topic (but still related), Greg: One of the things that is happening with the selling of compression drivers that can go down to 300 Hz is that it's forcing the issue of larger horn mouths to those that "don't want things to change...". This has two positive benefits, at least from my knothole: Actually eliminating the midrange driver in horn-loaded HF loudspeakers (at least) requires a single horn that has K-402- or K-510-like shapes (straight-sided throats to spread the HF coverage out, with tractrix/straight/exponential mouth flares to avoid coverage waist-banding at lower frequencies, and a minimum horn mouth size). For 300 Hz, the min. horn mouth dimension is 23 inches. For 600 Hz, that is still 11.5 inches (still pretty large). Otherwise, loss of directivity will occur and correspondingly, loss of on-axis SPL blow the mouth loss-of-directivity frequency. By going to a single large mouth horn, using a multiple entry horn approach becomes much more attractive, from a directivity, time alignment and point source perspective, and from a cost to build perspective. It's actually quite easy to put a grill over the horn to make it look like a Cornwall, etc. (and that's about the size of a horn mouth that it will be in order to support a 300 Hz crossover frequency). The type of horns that Danley uses (dual-flare straight sided) out of plywood is easy and cheap to fabricate using jigs/fixtures to hold the parts for gluing and stapling. Both of these developments are being driven by the advance of compression driver technology--in the 1.4-->2 inch exit diameter categories. The subjective listening results speak for themselves. Using DSP is now becoming a technology enabler. Chris
  13. I've seen a few at pairs between 800-1200. As far as how much my KLF's are worth, I'll figure that out with the seller. I don't mind putting cash on top. Cheers.
  14. Great site I use it as reference often..
  15. DM sent on XO... please call me when you get a chance. Thanks, Brian
  16. Actually, I have a pair of Altec 288 drivers that would look very nice attached to those XT1464 horns.
  17. Today
  18. No Claude no... The only thing Tripath is good for is the trash... I tried to like em but just can't. I can listen to them shortterm but never longterm...
  19. TasDom


    A Parliament's member?
  20. Edgar I feel for you. I don't really see any way out of this from the sounds of it. On the upside, you should have access to some really sweet drivers at a discount pretty soon...
  21. That's a good point. He may be interpreting that general rise around 1500 Hz as horn resonance, when it is really interaction between the driver and the horn. When he removes the horn and listens to the driver alone, there is no acoustical loading so the response falls off significantly as frequency is reduced. The FR plots show the cutoff just below 500 Hz, which is all he needs, I think. So it should be fine from that standpoint.
  22. My wife hates my Heresy IIIs and calls them "huge"...and they are the smallest Heritage... Cornwall - LV and diamonds for the next 10 years as payback Khorns - divorce reason: "irreconcilable speakers" Jubilee - murder reason: "temporary insanity and self-defense from speakers"
  23. If that was actually the problem, then this would be true. All of the reviews of the XT1464 that I have read have been overwhelmingly positive, and not one has ever mentioned a mechanical resonance problem with the horn. Presumably this has been addressed in its basic design. He seemed surprised by that. I wasn't.
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