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  2. A comment in an earlier post got me thinking about this subject. I can only speak of my very limited experience with new vs nos tubes, and offer some thoughts, but I'd to hear from other tube gear owners. I think we can all agree that there is a preference for the old famous tubes of yore, but we also know that NOS it a term used loosely by some sellers and we don't always get what we paid for. And, I believe that new production tubes have suffered in their reputation for reliability by new production problems, and many say they don't match the sound quality of the old. I think that mostly covers the controversies in a broad stroke. Well at this point, having used new production tubes for a couple of years only, I can't really speak to the reliability of them, other than I have only experienced one failure in about two dozen new tubes. But NOS tubes, from several sources, even reputable ones, have had about a 1 in 5 failure rate within a short time of initial use. I've bought at least 50 NOS tubes in the last several years. Models of new and NOS tubes include: EL-34, KT-88, 6V6, 12AX7 and its derivatives, 6GH8A and its derivatives, 6C4P-EV, 5U4G, and a few others I can't remember. Except for the Blackburn-made Amperex 6GH8A's (the best sounding tube I have ever heard), the new production tubes have sounded better IMO. Now, granted, I have not spent a grand on a quad of NOS Mullard EL-34's, but I did buy a NOS set of SED Svetlana EL-34's, and the truth is, an 80.00$ quad of New production Mullard's sounded just as good at almost 1/3 the cost. Here's what I think: Reliability issues with new production tubes will soon, if not already, be a thing of the past. Tube makers are working out the kinks, and they can probably do it more efficiently than could be done in the past. And because new tubes are almost exclusively used for sound reproduction, the focus is on sound quality. That was not the case in the past. And finally, given enough demand, new tube sound quality will surpass that of any and all old production tubes. Something to think about the next time you have to buy: Buying new supports new tube development and improvement. I, for one, would love to see to what new levels of sound quality and reliability new tubes could be taken, by scrutinizing the old designs we love with modern testing methods and remaking them with improved production capabilities.
  3. Skelt

    More horns

    A cornwall cab for scale
  4. Skelt

    More horns

    A matching pair and a single. Unknown make.but looks like an altec with a threaded driver mount. Could be EV or Cerwin Vega? $50 each + shipping
  5. Im not sure about the preamp but sorry to hear about your bad situation. Hope and prayers coming your way!
  6. OK, I paid 200 for it !!! Any takers?
  7. What I like seems to be all over that chart
  8. Saw DMH post this in RTM Tuesday and it's been eating at me all week so today it was time! Stereo/Mono who really cares? I received this album from a life-long friend living in the UK who's since passed and it's one of my most cherished in my Beatles Collection. Their 4th studio album and this, the 1st pressing, was released in by EMI in the UK in 1964. Such a great LP ANY way you look at it! Thanks to DMH for jogging the memory! Ohhhh, I sooo don't want to start on the Beatles stuff but I kinda do after hearing this great LP! Discogs? Never would have known it was a 1st pressing but knowing him it figures!
  9. Today
  10. There are. If it were that simple it would be done.
  11. So it behaves as a filter by affecting the resistance. It also looks like it does not need to be a fancy cap as current that goes through it does not through the driver. Sound correct?
  12. The weekly Associated Press Football Poll was just released. 1-Clemson 2-Alabama 3-Georgia 4-LSU 5-Ohio State 6-Oklahoma 7-Auburn 8-Wisconsin 9-Florida 10-Notre Dame. There are 5 SEC teams in the top 8. Other Big Ten teams in the top 25 are 11-Penn State, 14-Iowa, 20-Michigan. I am really surprised Michigan is ranked #20 after yesterday trailing Wisconsin 35-0 in the 3rd quarter. I really believe there are more than 19 teams that should be ranked ahead of the Wolverines. Hahahaha! I wonder if U of ❌ is still negotiating that "Contact For Life" with Harbs??? 😎
  13. The Macro Tech is doing a phenomenal job with the K402s. Open, super clear, precise imaging, freakish dynamics and utterly engaging. When I swap it out for the Primaluna (which I had expected to be far better), I am immediately disappointed. It sounds like a toy by comparison. This is very interesting. I have had friends borrow the Primaluna who report that it is better in most ways to most of their gear. The answer is though that I most certainly have not abandoned hi-fi amps for pro audio gear. The Crowns were cheap, nearby and made for a good starting point for me. Luck has meant the Macro has inadvertently become a staunch benchmark on the 402's. As time and opportunity permits I will try different amps on them. No hurry, but I would like to get the noisy fans of the pro gear outside of my system. The Crowns take a solid hour to reach critical listening warmth too... My friend has an F3 and another First Watt amp to try, and I think I might get to hear a SIT 3 and F7 also.... I am sure they will be phenomenal, but I will put money on them not having the palpable dynamics of the Crown. We will see! I am always happy to be proved wrong!
  14. You guys probably favor north of the border and I'm more south. I see exceptions for me on both sides though.
  15. 5 reels if anyone wants them.
  16. Unless there are more leads going to the battery pack than just the plus and minus, you should merely parallel them.
  17. Fully protected/hermetically sealed, film and foil in oil. Pretty fair pricing actually.
  18. I was referring to the Heresy II in my post. That would be the K-76 tweeter and a K-53 mid yes? That's okay though because I'm assuming you'll say that's even more inferior to the K-107 anyway. So, let's just have a look at the Heresy III since that's what you're referring to. According to Klipsch, the Heresy III and Cornwall III each use the same K-107 tweeter and K-53 midrange, yes? So, from what I gather from all the reviews, it's pretty much an overwhelming vote that the Cornwall III, which uses the same tweeter and mid as a Heresy III is practically superior in just about every regard to the Forte III and yet the Heresy with the same high and mid driver as the Cornwall is somehow inferior to the Forte III. How does this make any sense? So, perhaps it's the design and size of the cabinet influencing these decisions or maybe too many individuals who conduct these reviews have placebo. Personally, I think the newer Forte III sounds hallow and harsh compared to the older Heresy II and Forte II. I'm not in the camp that so many are led to believe that horns are harsh, so don't get me wrong. I absolutely love horn speakers. I run a Dynaco ST-70 Bob Latino tube amp with 36 watts a channel and a Decware SE84UFO 2 watt Zen with my Heresy II. I have a Dynaco PAS II and Aretha preamp. These all sound absolutely spectacular with the Heresy II! Beautiful and silky smooth with each amp, not harsh. There's something odd about these Forte III's so many rave about though and I'm a bit dubious if these are really improvements. I'm really not all that much into specs since they don't always tell the truth about how something sounds. IMO, that has a lot to do with the acoustics of your room, where the speakers are placed and from where the listener is sitting. In my actual profession, people often think newer is better. I don't always subscribe to that camp like so many others do. I've seen countless cases where newer is often worse, not better. Kind of reminds me of movie sequels. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks the newer drivers on the Forte III are a bit on the bright side.
  19. @jwc Bourbon flavor chart.
  20. Here are the speakers I have and that might help you. RP-8060FA (Towers) RP-504C (Center) RP-502S (Surrounds) SPL-150 (Sub) CDT-5800 C II (Rear Heights) Sofa 1 will be my main. Since I am close to the wall i got the 502S based on my understanding and reading in the forums. I am trying keep my corner towers to angle at 22 degrees as per dolby recommendation as that is the only set I can probably plan. The ones in the rear I cannot go dolby recommended way and looking to see some suggestions.
  21. That does help, I missed the update with the diagram initially. Front soundstage: I don't know what mains you have. You've got them in the corners and toed in heavily. I prefer mains equidistant to the center and slightly toed in. A single sub near the middle seems good, if it sounds good to you with no nulls or peaks. Surrounds: I don't know which surround speakers you have. A di-pole would be best so it isn't playing directly into your ear. Is Sofa 2 is your MLP?
  22. Prelude and Fugue in B minor, BWV 544 Very good recording quality and performance in this video. Chris
  23. I have a store pick Elijah Craig and also a Buffalo Trace. They're very good IMO. Whoever they use to pick them out seems to like the same things I do. They're getting a good reputation as far as their picks go so they sell out almost immediately.
  24. I just posted the layout in the first post. Does that help? If not, I will post my room pictures with the construction going on. Hopefully that will be good enough.
  25. I mis-understood. It might help if you post a picture. Speaking for myself, I'm not very good at visualizing.
  26. Looks and sounds like too... cool
  27. I would think so.
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