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  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I was right... now having morning coffee.. have to fix the snowblower.. I could not get it to start.. carb issue.......😡
  3. Crazy A4Less Integra Prices

    Not sure what you are asking. Are you saying use a pre/pro with your Yamaha and outboard amp? If so, your Yamaha AVR would have to possess "main in" inputs for it to be used as an outboard amp. I believe they are. I am pretty certain the DHC-80.3 msrp was $2999.99. Bill
  4. I’m considering two R-115SW’s I found for $800 and returning the SVS PC-2000 I just bought. The only thing I’m concerned with is the amplifiers since buying used I won’t have a warranty and I’ve noticed quite a few threads about amplifier failures with speakers not even that old. Is this just a case of the usual forum making it look worse than it is? A new amp is $200 so that’s half of what I’d be paying for the whole speaker.
  5. Crazy A4Less Integra Prices

    Wow, are those really the original prices? The scratched off ones. I have a Yamaha Receiver A1050 and small power amp. How could I integrate this in? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Some Help Please Guys 5.1 Setup

    Heavymetalhead55, Welcome to the forum. Yes by all means use your RF-7IIs as rears and use the 64II until you can buy the 64III. Heck, the 64II may blend well enough with the RF-7III's that you will have more time to save up the $$$ for the 64III. Bill
  7. Forte III

    Thanks for the link. I found all the qualities mentioned in the review to be true for the Forte I's especially being amplifier friendly. How much better is the Forte III? I would sure love to personally find out. Bill
  8. Weight Capacity of the RP-450C

    Neoprene mouse pads work very well. Bill
  9. How much are you asking? I’ll take them if it’s within my means. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. 1977 Belles ONLY $6500

    They look like this.
  11. crossover for klipschorn

    An active crossover such as the Yamaha SP2060 or Xilica 4080. Hands down the best.
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  13. La Scalla speakers

    Thankyou Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Agree 100%. I would think the damping would be beneficial for the dome ringing, reflections, and time smear as moray states. I know the damping is the key to many high end tweeters sounding sweater and having better waterfalls but give a listen I guess.
  15. RSB-11 stuck in firmware update

    Mine is also doing the same thing. Is there a solution to it
  16. Hello My RT-10d powers up but n sound. There is power going to display and I can make adjustments but no sound. I opened it up and found burned components but I can't identify them since no schematic. The first image shows the whole board the second shows the burned components. 1 is a resistor the other appears to be a diode maybe? I cannot tell. Any help would be appreciated. If you know what these components are or where could get a schematic that would be great. It would be good if I could get the schematic because there is also a TH3 which I believe is a thermal fuse that is out also. But I'm not sure what the replacement value should be. Thanks Pete
  17. 1977 Belles ONLY $6500

    Down to $4500.
  18. I know this is a long shot but you never know. Looking for a set of grills or even just the frames for Tangent 5000's. Or maybe plans to make frames would also work if necessary. Anyone?
  19. Forte III

    Someone here asked if it was possible to see the interior of the Forte III. A store selling on the net in France did this test: In english http://blog.son-video.com/en/2017/08/review-klipsch-forte-iii/ In french http://blog.son-video.com/2017/08/test-klipsch-forte-iii/
  20. Suggestion for HT Receiver

    MultiEQ is a low grade version, MultiEQ XT is better, and MultiEQ XT 32 is reputed to be the best. Even if you stick with MultiEQ, read this through; it's the best I've seen. "Audyssey FAQ Linked Here"
  21. NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Good. That’s how it should be. I love Tom Izzo, but he doesn’t always do that. I love it when the walk-on practice players score and the scholarship players cheer and congratulate them.
  22. Some Help Please Guys 5.1 Setup

    A lot of People of here seem to know a lot more then i do so i figured i would ask you guys for help. So I have a pair of klipsch rf 7 II's and was looking to get a pair of klipsch rf7 IIIs would it be ok if i used my rf7 II's as the rears and the RF7 III's as the fronts and kept the rc64II as the Center till i was able to save up for the rc64III. I Just read a couple threads on here how some speakers frequencies and stuff don't mesh well together so i was wondering if this set up would work well thanks in advance.
  23. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

    Had to do a factory reset on my phone as the battery was dying too quick. This on a Droid turbo 2 phone with a 3750 mAh battery. SOMETHING was draining it and those damn cookies all 2256 would NOT go away. Some were super cookies. Data reset, browser reset, every settings that one could dive into just would not erase those cookies. Tried multiple cleaning apps too. Factory reset it is. Now my phone is running battery smooth. Yaay!
  24. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    I've seen AC/DC a half dozen times, they're my favorite band, and it was sad to see Malcolm go down the last few years with his dementia. Rock on, brother, RIP.
  25. This is a massive necropost, but I have this exact same problem and I couldn't find a newer thread about it. None of the suggested fixes in this thread have helped me.
  26. Max Volume!

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