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  2. Wrong direction. Reference speakers and KG line do not mix. The timbre' will not even be close. Do it right the first time you will thank yourself later.
  3. Hope you can enjoy the garage sale. Please take note of the OBO... Upon a time it was a place to enjoy. GLWS !
  4. Hi I love your Finale F138-FFX Premium Build EL84 SEP The BMW Metallic Brown ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ We still do not see your last photos with us @joessportster Maybe a problem with the functioning of the forum? You hosted the photos on the forum? Maybe @Chad needs to look at this problem!
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  6. And, By the way @dwilawyer, Do not appreciate your arbitrary deletion of mine and others constructive posts informing members here of our autonomy in self moderating the garage sale. If you want to moderate, do it in a timely manner as have the previous moderators. And please, do not step on my posts again. Thanks for your effort. What a heavy handed gent, running amuck... Cheers and, copy... Mallette...RIP ! Sancho... friends... Peace n our time.
  7. Welcome, 4 to 600 depending Thanks!
  8. Dang, asked the OP if he wanted to, to start a a new thread. Not too late. So much for that...
  9. no the driver stays -we would only replace the diaphragm in the HF , from a Titanium diaphragm to a poly diaphragm , abut 30$
  10. It works, I've had personal experience for 6 months but catch it very early or use it Prophylactically,,,, Rog
  11. I had a hybrid Magnat with more power before the Cayin, same price range, I do not want to go back. I am more into relaxed listener but sometimes I like it loud too but with keeping the musicality. So I went the other way instead of buying like a 5k Yamaha 3000 to get what I want, I went for the Cornwalls and kept the Cayin. The CWs are filling my room with music whereby the Heresey did bring the music into the room. I would have to force them too much in this case. My experience now is that it sounds loud, even when I play at low volumes. Neighbours are happy Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  12. Welcome to the Forum. This is a very, very old thread. You would probably be better off posting a new post with your question.
  13. THEY likely need to come to my room with pro heresies and dual 18" Ported subs. I HIGHLY doubt they could stand Claude's room. I know I would be in heaven ๐Ÿป
  14. Don't tell anyone as it blasphemy here, but I sold the first watt m2 as the parasound a21+ killed it at low volumes and easily DOMINATED it as the volume rose. Same speakers, cables source, position. All the same.
  15. Hi, no doubt about it.. ๐Ÿฅต ๐Ÿ˜ But I was referring to the power they can handle, not me.. According to published specs.
  16. I could likely EASILY live with a 5 watt or less 300b... BUT, I have my preferences and I don't like soft and romantic. I love crisp, modern, dynamic, slamming tight bass and as good of a spatial and palpable midrange as one can get. That's how I ended up with my choice. But believe me, anyone local in socal is willing to come listen, as the system is turned up, CRYSTAL clear to PAST concert levels (I'm less than 15 feet away from the speakers and the subs are QUITE serious for this room). It gets extremely silly quick and if you hang around past, I will smile and leave because I can't take it.
  17. I'm using a 40 watts per channel 6L6 based amp with Heresy 1s and a sub-woofer. Before the 6L6 amp I used a 3.5 watts per channel amp using two 6BQ5 tubes. The increase in power with the 6L6s was pretty noticeable at higher volumes which I almost never use. I agree with @Westcoastdrums I'm living in the first 5 watts. I would have moved back to the smaller amp but the larger amp has better sound quality everywhere it operates.
  18. If you need more, you NEED KP250s. Just picked up a pair and upgrading the tweeters to Dave A MAHLS as we speak (waiting for them to arrive). Those, along with my dual proted 18"s, I can almost guarentee that neither you, nor your buddy could take it at more than 50% volume sustained
  19. No, not true. If I played your speakers through my parasound a21 amp and even tried to touch the limits that you could sustain (unless you are used to 140 dB car audio or 130+dB concerts ALL THE TIME) you would be driven out of the room far below 100 watts.
  20. I bought a Parasound A21+ for my 104 dB (in Free space) JBLs. Why? 500 wpc. The hell is the matter with me right? First 5 watts are in class A, that's where I spend most of my time. Was worth it to me to have unlimited power and class A often.
  21. Hi, thanks to both. WCD, yes it's what the guy liked, but my impression is not only based on that single listening sessions but on the fact that the Heresy are a sealed box design and that they can sustain up to 400W of power; this seems to suggest a loudspeaker system with an optimal volume level higher than that of more 'domestic' units. But yes, I am aware that the PrimaLuna is a very good amp and that is why I am extremely reluctant to consider a replacement. My question was about the experience of people with a solid state, powerful amp with the HIIIs. best, Max
  22. I have connected my Fives to my Windows 10 laptop for weeks, and suddenly, it no longer works via USB. In Windows 10 settings, it is now known as "Bravo HD FW Update" instead of "Klipsch The Fives". Other input sources, including Bluetooth and old school Aux, work. I'm also not able to update to 5.8 firmware as well, like several other forum users.
  23. Travis, you always do a great job, not poking at you. Just saying, in the light of this forum, poor taste to beat down a seller verbally in his own thread. Sure, someone wants 5k for a pair of heresies, many might speak out negatively AND publicly. That wasn't the case here with OBO. BUY IT OR STFU. Simple.
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