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  2. Thanks for your interest and answers. I read the post for dating the year of manufacturing and I understand that it's difficult near 2000. The crossover is AL4 but my scala is one cabinet and the mid-range is the K55x..
  3. Does anyone remember when double albums were pressed so that Side A was backed with Side D, and Side B was backed with Side C? This was so that when you put them on a record changer, the B side could drop down and play right after the A side. Then you could flip them over, and Side C would be followed by Side D. Later, after record changers became less popular, double albums were pressed so that A was backed with B, and C was backed with D. Some old double albums eventually came in both versions. I was long used to the original (changer) version of Electric Ladyland, so when I was at a party and saw the new version, I was pretty amazed to see Side A on the back of Side B, since this was never announced anywhere that I read, it was just something that I noticed one day. I recall that I could hardly believe what I was looking at, but I was in a party state of mind at the time, so...
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  5. Nope, not even close. That data is laughable! Another example of the internet showing data that is skewed! My data from these graphs is taken directly from the union contracts, which by law, are posted online. I've included the typical progression over a teaching career. You've seen the first year data. I also included 10 years experience with a master's degree and then 20 years experience with a master's degree plus 30 hours (of college courses) Also, to get to the "20 years with a masters plus 30" level on the pay-scale costs the teacher at least $25,000-$30,000 of college courses... not to mention any additional courses they take for certification. A lot of districts don't reimburse portions of continuing education like they used to. For example, our district used to pay $75 per credit hour many years back as an incentive to further your education and offset some of the expenses related to renewing your teaching certificate every time. So if you took a college graduate course that costs $500 per credit, and it's 3 credits, you would end up paying $1,275 instead of $1,500. Ha, don't even get me started on the whole sports thing! I actually presented in front of the board of education on that topic... I suggested we gradually raise the $50 athletic fee to the actual amount it costs to run the sport. (about $100-$200 depending on the sport) That way the district sports programs would pay for themselves and the district would stop spending over $700,000 a year out of taxpayer money at the middle school level alone just to have sports! In my opinion, if people are paying a huge chunk of their yearly taxes towards school districts, it should go towards the cost of educating all children, not for a minority of those children to play sports.
  6. Yes thats true, and what a mature karen response of you 😆 But still i aggre with u so i removed that.
  7. The woofers that come in the H-3 update kits are the K-28s. And the kits cost only a few hundred dollars. They’re a great deal, or at least they were in 2008, when I bought mine.
  8. Just adding some injector cleaner to the fuel sure beats having to disassemble and cleaned gummed-up carbs! Why gummy? Because the more volatile parts of the fuel evaporate first, leaving behind a goopy or even hard-as-varnish residue. Sometimes a bike would have sat so long that the carburetor jets could only be discarded, because no solvent would remove the hardened gum, and using a drill to clear the precisely-sized holes would have ruined them. Less time and money to just pop in some new jets. And that’s how it was when I was young!
  9. Dainese makes great riding and racing suits. I wish I had got one, way back when.
  10. Mon Cher Claude , tu pensait que c'est des H1 --c'est des H2 , Bonne Fete des Peres -
  11. You know what they could have done with the blank side? Left it actually blank, without a groove, so that at least you could use it to check and set your anti-skating correctly.
  12. Why would you take the trouble to post an opinion and then say if someone has a different opinion, you couldn’t care less? How old are you?
  13. Congratulations to me, I just got trolled by our troller Thad. My 1,024 posts are plenty enough. We all can’t have high amounts of posts like you trollers, because we only post when it actually contributes to a thread.
  14. Nice of you to offer these items. Hope someone will make good use of them.
  15. Hi! I only did that for the experience, I have several horns to audition and some horns to build yet. Right now I am trying to sort a new (finale) amp. I was just so impressed of the Axi's dynamic ability with or without horn. A waveguide doesnt load much, if at all, so its not that impressive I guess considering for some, its old news....the dynamic ability of compression drivers that is.
  16. Good stuff Ron, thanks for sharing.
  17. Says the guy that's been here since 2005 and only has 1,024 posts (at the time of writing).
  18. I have no idea why that happens. I know for me I do sometimes read threads but do not comment if it's something I'm not really interested in. OR if it's something I do not have any experiance with because i don't want to give an opinion on it if I have no knowledge or experiance with the subject, mostly because I don't want to mislead. There have been many times people "played" with the facts and others take it as truith and before you know it it's being repeated as the truth and is no where close. .
  19. So I put the Fortee IV’s in place of my Rs-62 II’s and what a perfect match to my La Scalas. I had to drop the Fortee’s volume a touch but I did configure them as full range (large) speakers and they fill in perfect, so well in fact I dropped my sub volume by 3db for a smoother base presentation. I’ve been experimenting with 4 channel stereo and I really like the sound. Now it’s a waiting game for the Scala center to arrive.😁😁😁
  20. I would recommend the R-52C with its larger woofers. I've heard of many who purchased the 34 only to go larger soon after.
  21. I'm picking up an Integra DTR-5.8 tomorrow. Going to see how it compares to my Sony STR-DA5000ES. I love the Sony for its sound but it is pre-hdmi so all the audio I feed into it is either optical or coaxial digital. The Integra has hdmi and processes lossless audio through it. I had an Onkyo TX-SR805 years ago but never anything from Integra. Anyone have any experience with Integra? Because it's older I won't be able to route any video through it, I'll only be using it to process audio.
  22. People are shy.. like me a retired auditor who used to bust C-suite bal$$$$. It’s ok, people will comment. Sometimes more than you want?
  23. I only go on a few forums, but find it interesting the few I do have many views on threads, but much fewer replies. Many look, but only few reply. I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting the large amount of views compared to the low amount of replies. I understand it, but it’s an extreme ratio. I’m surprised more viewers don’t reply being they’re there viewing showing interest, but not commenting.
  24. They actually sound better than 44 year old originals.
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