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  2. Dielectric compound. Get it at any good auto parts store. Use sparingly.
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  4. @Tarheel moanin Chuckie! Oldest's birthday today so taking the fam to breakfast. Opened my big mouth in her Happy Birthday post on fb and now ppl are coming outta the woodwork wanting to come down to the Legion for breakfast. Seriously? Ok, bring her a pressie and I'll buy your breakfast too. Got any extra cash layin around? 😂 Got 4 more on the list already. Walk-in's accepted??? Lawdy! Meeting at 8 so yea, I'm screwed. 😂😂😂 MAYBE the problem is solved but I'm hittin the ATM hard just in case. lol Yea, so my inbox is now blowin up! EVERYone is coming down for breakfast since I'm "obviously" buying. Remember this "friends" bring her a present of the equivilant value of your breakfast and if ur lucky I MIGHT buy your breakfast! Doubtful but maybe!
  5. @MicroMara @AndreG. better get ya sum on the cheap while ya can. Ya snooze ya loose cause EVERYthing is selling out all over the place. UK bluesrock ster van 2023, Dom Martin verovert inmiddels ook alle Europese clubs en podia met zijn imponerende gitaarspel. Op zaterdag 28 september zal deze gigant te gast zijn in Tilburg bij Heyhoef-Backstage. Tickets: https://www.heyhoef-backstage.nl/.../heyhoef-backstage.../ He's got a couple gigs left then some down time. Firing back up in Germany. Check him out.
  6. Yes quite !! but the problem is probably not limited to this card!! Could you send me HD photos of all the cards via PM so that I can already see something visually. Looking forward.
  7. Didn't know he was Canadian. In all film characters he played always was interesting, and his smile was captivating.
  8. Yes they sent me a schematic and I had a crossover on hand to compare it to. I’ve looked over both extensively and I can’t figure out where I went wrong. The schematic is difficult to follow in this instance because the crossover itself is a jumbled mess. It’s difficult for my inexperienced brain to compare the schematic to what’s happening on the crossover itself. Anyway it doesn’t matter now because I sent it to Crites this afternoon to be done right.
  9. I have a Conrad Johnson MV-45 push pull EL34 that is rated at 45wpc. Presently, I have the EL34's wired in triode configuration so the output would be roughly 22wpc. I also drive the Khorns with a 5wpc Pass designed mini ACA I built from a kit. 5 watts plays louder than I ever care to listen. I've used plenty of SS amps over the years with various results. The CJ MV-45 with just about any tube set I've tried wins every time. It's just a sweet almost lush sounding amp with three dimensional imaging. It doesn't give up any detail or dynamics to anything else I've tried. I've never owned any McIntosh, I've only experienced it at friends places and in shops. I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to own some Mc gear though. I get the impression it is very reliable, which isn't really the reputation associated with CJ. I've been able to affect my own repairs on my amps over the many decades of ownership, so I'm not really complaining about reliability.
  10. There are a LOT of things in here I don't "get." This is crazy though. People want bang for their buck yet don't think a pro-line speaker will deliver it? Seriously? WHAT are they scared of? Not being able to drive them with what they have? Things like that? Quit it! It's really a no brainer at that price point for ANYone wanting to step up their game. Just jack the price up to 3k and someone will be on 'em in a heartbeat. 😂 Crazy out there today!
  11. @Tim Sr. nothing hard to figure out. They just did a thang! Wiki Bill Graham. It's just the way he ALWAYS rolled. Fillmore's/Winterland. Hey, ya'll wanna do it? Great guy and it ALWAYS worked. Sure he took a bath a couple times but legendary sums him up .
  12. Was thinking about a little ZZ Tops crossed with Frank Zappa.... well I came up with this Good luck figuring it out
  13. Prayers lifted up here on a daily basis Craig. Positive news is always so great to hear. Ya pull each other up outta the ditch and continue to march on in life. That's the way life rolls. Keep the faith now more than ever. May God bless you both!
  14. All quiet in Duckburg. Finishing up Little League at the larger park here. So the two kids umpiring saw a lil bit of heat lightening and had a 30 minute wait. Couple times with that and I was out the door with two innings left. Then here come the parents and said they cancelled the game until next Thursday? This is it. Their playoffs so yea, drag it out another week said no one ever. On a positive note the large city pool finally opened up. Costs and lifeguard availability were the reasons it remained closed. Lifeguards sourced thru the YMCA were wanting 18$ an hour and the pool is huge w/5 stands, no umbrellas and really not much of anything due to the prior mayors doing nothing. Have to hand it to a local woman who got things resolved on her own. Ppl donated all kinds of things and this week, w/the daily high temps, she got some local businesses to pony up for free swimming every day. Sure they got a lot of free advertising for doing it but it's truly a good thing for the community. Next week more are getting on board. The place has been packed every day. They'll get it sorted so that's one positive thing. Always nice to sit back and watch when good things just happen.
  15. Will the La Scala AL6 be offered in a passive version and if so what’s the time frame of that release.
  16. Which Conrad Johnson amp do you like?
  17. I am beginning to wonder myself about the connection between low-powered amps and horns. I had previously powered the Jubilee speakers with a pair of MC252s. Solid state, powerful amps that mate nicely with less efficient speakers. I kept feeling that there was too much energy in the mid and upper registers. Something wasn't quite right. When I swapped in an MHA-150, the sound improved significantly. I swapped between the two multiple times and felt the same effect. Logically, the MC252 produces clean, distortion-free sound and the Jubilee horns were consuming less than a watt of power at 70-80db and yet I felt overwhelmed each time I used them with the Jubilee speakers. I observed the same impact when swapping in a J2 and the MC225. The same MC252 sounds fantastic when paired with my lower-efficiency speakers (Sonus Faber). It's a small dataset ^ but seems like the HF horns *don't* benefit from extra reserve power...I have observed differently for the LF drivers on the Jubilee. The extra power helps and I have clipped the MC252s even when playing near 105db.
  18. Very unusual to hear about any corrosion inside a Klipschorn woofer enclosure. Can you share pctures?
  19. Something a little different. Highly recommend.
  20. Damn, a terrific price on these. If you’re on the fence the price alone should push you off. Their performance/dollar value is off the charts. I know this particular pair of speakers and of course Mookie too. While his appreciation of BBQ is questionable the man knows his speakers, and is honest as they come.
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  22. I was unable to unscrew the connector screws to remove the speaker (need to test connection as Sonos Amp or Speaker on left channel has gone bad) Does anyone recommend using vaseline or something like this to "waterproof" the connection at the connector nut between nut and speaker wire?
  23. 64 db with mine 60-62 once the ac kicked off. Usually when taking measurements with REW, it registers around 60-65 db.
  24. Because of the corrosion found, I'll have to address both speakers. From the factory the banana plug nuts were soldered from the factory so I did not replace the wire from the fuse holder to the Positive banana plug. I thought "What could possibly go wrong" I'll open the other speaker and check the resistance on the coil and install some new banana plug sockets.
  25. The jumper from the fuse holder was completely turned to dust. It was toast. I wasn't able to remove the jumper from the fuse holder to the positive speaker terminal because the nuts on the banana plug terminal were soldered together during manufacturing. One end of the jumper was broken off. After removing the insulation, I found no metal inside, only copper oxide. So the fix is new fuse holders and banana plug sockets. I'll have to see if I can cut the old old sockets off with my dremel tool I suspect I'll need to address both speakers.
  26. Air is on fan is going it's how. And it's kind of loud...58dB A according to my NIOSH app on the iPhone.
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