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  2. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    And I'll leave tonight with this - the XA, albeit with a bit more power, smokes the F3 from top to bottom. Far superior bottom end, better balance, smoother less grain on top. May be a keeper (but how many times have I said that) !
  3. FS: Klipsch Palladium P37F and P27C in Chicagoland

    Is the 39 that much better or because of the size of the cabinet, the sound produced is fuller? This is close to me, I would have a hard time selling my Khorns for these. Mark
  4. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    A quick side note if one is using tablet or smartphone devices To check Artist and band associations of a music nature I use & recommend an app called Discovr May be more available ? But check It out
  5. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Have an F3 sitting next to the XA25. I think NP might be on to something --?!?!
  6. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    and on Secret World Live - Peter Gabriel
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Near same here LS with First Watt amp Good source and we are in heaven
  8. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    something a little different one of their earlier albums
  9. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    His skills are such Yamaha has his signature drum kits, or did.
  10. wristwatches

    Chris, What do you think of this? TY Mark
  11. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Vinyl or not I've got a Chet Baker disc on, great closed mike recording. Damn may as well in the room, well he is ! Standing between the LaScallas and in front of Pass Labs Class A power. Im not sure the LS have ever sounded better. Even my wife was commenting on them today and she's heard mucho gear run through these parts ?!
  12. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    If memory serves me right Manu Katché has played with Tony Levin of King Crimson
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    He’d be one up on me ... i didn’t get a merit badge during my “brief” boy scout career. We were akin to Pappy Boyington’s Black Sheep Squadron. Oh things were fine when we had the drunk guy as scoutmaster; but, when he quit and we got a new one, man did our image suffer. We may have been misfits; but, when i was falling backwards out of the loft over a basketball gym, and one of the other misfits reached out and caught me .... i figured those guys were alright ... and the scoutmaster was wrong about them.
  14. wristwatches

    Part of my job is to look successful, clothes have to be crisp, shoes cleaned. And I never thought it was a big deal, but everyone commented on how nice the Omega was, the Casio I wear now, people question it. My attitude is "I don't give a F*** what people think of me, they pay me for my ability to help them improve." And then I say I need a status symbol. What kind of fool am I? only A TOTAL FOOL Mark
  15. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Some people consider the King Crimson track Red as prog / jazz fussion
  16. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Thanks Range Heard of Earthworks, never heard any tunes Have an old John Klemmer and funny, just listened to it yesterday ! And now a couple you might check on - Manu Katche , Playground Manu Katche , Neighborhood Tomasz Stanko , Suspended Night All on ECM and Tremendous recordings. Katche is a phenominal drummer, Stanko the same on trumpet. Really these ECM recordings are some of the best I've heard, great dynamics and range. The Katche discs with volume can lift you out of your chair. Check em -
  17. FS: Klipsch Palladium P37F and P27C in Chicagoland

    Wow, good deal. Don't be afraid of Buying the P37's, they are about the same size as RF7s, not small speakers at all.
  18. Show us your great photography thread!

    unless you have relative there, IN is largely forgettable. not much going on .............. that why HoosierHysteria. Basketball
  19. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Now if you want classical guitar/ jazz Fussion try this for size
  20. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I have no personal knowledge regarding the accuracy of the testing done by 23 and Me, and the like. The DNA testing used in forensic evidence is rigorously documented, as are the credentials of the experts involved. More than thirty years ago we used DNA evidence to convict a guy of robbing a store. During the robbery in Battle Creek, MI, one of the robbers was shot in the hand by a fellow robber. Rather than seek emergency treatment locally, the robbers drove to Detroit, approximately 2 hours away, and presented to an emergency room where unexplained gun shot wounds were common. It didn’t work. He was convicted by the exactly matching DNA in the store. Another time involved a paternity case. The county prosecutor brings paternity actions on behalf of the State of Michigan so that responsible fathers pay child support, rather than the state. While waiting around, we were discussing the then “newfangled” DNA testing with the expert witness. He confided that DNA testing only showed him as a 98% chance of being his own daughter’s father. I’m certain the tests are more sophisticated today. Using 23 and Me in a criminal case would be like using a Boy Scout with a merit badge in fingerprint comparisons. The science is real, but the expertise is not.
  21. wristwatches

    Don't buy the expensive watch. I have a 2 tone GMT and never wear it. I thought it was cool when I was younger, now I feel silly wearing a status symbol. That Casio is one sweet watch. For $40 it is a no brainer. Get the leather band for a different look.
  22. wristwatches

    I've been looking at that Casio and also the $200 Seiko. They can take a beating and keep running. I'll probably look for another Seamaster and pick up a Jenny Caribbean along the way. Andy ( @HDBRbuilder) turned me onto some classic watches. The problem is there are so many great watches at reasonable prices, it's hard to drop 3200 on a Seamaster. Mark
  23. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Artists / bands or records of note in the Jass fussion space You have a good knowledge of what’s about but fingers crossed I have given you something different in the list below Earthworks ( Bill Bruford ) Patric Moraz & Bill Bruford collaborations Allan Holdsworth John Klemmer John Serry Jakob Magnússon Tony Williams George Duke
  24. Belle Review

    For not allot of cash I would recommend picking up a used DAC. I always like Burr Brown chips. One box Redbook jitter is magnified in a way with Heritage.
  25. Crown D-45 schematic

    I understand the function of the differential to single ended converter( the first opamp after the input connector). What I don't fully understand is the second opamp. It is a typical non inverting amp and directly in the feedback loop with the rest of the discrete components and yet is provides almost none of the gain. I was surprised when I verified this by measurement. What is it they say....Live and learn. Oh and you meant Q110 and Q107 not187 correct?
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