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  2. If you're talking about a three-way using the Jamboree bass bins (good to ~500 Hz) and the JBL 2505 tweeters (good from ~5-20 kHz), the problem really is "what is going to provide the SPL between 500-5000 Hz?". If it were me, I'd use a dual-diaphragm 2" compression driver to go from ~500 Hz --> 20 kHz and find a good horn to cover that range (a K-510 would just barely do it) and sell off the 2505s. The BMS 4592ND drivers will cover that band easily, or more if you can find a horn with a larger mouth size. The cost of two BMS 4592NDs is about $1100. You could also try a winged/stacked set of ESS AMT-1s for a much lower price (about $650), and sell off the 2505s to foot most of the bill for the AMT-1s, the wood for the wings, and a DSP crossover (such as a miniDSP 2x4 HD). That would be a pretty good approach. Any way you go, you'll need a calibrated microphone (e.g., UMIK-1, $95) and USB cable to your computer running REW (freeware) to dial everything in using a DSP crossover. The K-402s and K-691 drivers would work really well (i.e., a KPT-402-HF assembly -- which you can buy from someone like Cory at Paducah). You could mount the 2505s on top, but you'll need two miniDSP 2x4 HDs (or one miniDSP 4x10 HD for everything). Note that you'll need 6 channels of amplification to use the Jamboree bass bins, K-691 midranges, and JBL 2505 tweeters. Chris
  3. A decent take away: https://theconversation-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/theconversation.com/amp/how-could-wearing-a-mask-help-build-immunity-to-covid-19-its-all-about-the-viral-dose-146201?
  4. Quick question to ask. I recently purchased a set of 1990 Khorns and wanted to ask how the serial numbers breakdown. My HF and LF Serial numbers match but I curious on the number structure breakdown. Example of one serial number and other information on the tags is provided below. KBOOHF 90050856 90-23427 07/20/1990 – 08/14/1990 Thanks for the help! John
  5. One on ebay in Jersey https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RC-7-Center-Speaker/264872575451?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131231084308%26meid%3D6f1cca5bb7fe44cdbfdb56225aeece58%26pid%3D100010%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D114249792454%26itm%3D264872575451%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDefaultOrganic%26brand%3DKlipsch&_trksid=p2047675.c100010.m2109
  6. ok - so , what I would do in disconnect the old caps , with an ESR Meter and check the old caps for ESR leakage since you can't test them in circuit - -mount the new caps with new wiring and listen over a week for the changes using both the old and the new caps , on separate hookups --------WHY? ----so as to basically allow you to switch from one to the other for a real live comparison in case , you prefer the sound of the old caps -
  7. must have missed that. was just curious where you saw that & if its really accurate, maybe their way of testing was different than what klipsch used to get the numbers... 6db is a pretty big difference.
  8. These are currently pending to Rev2damax!
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  10. What midrange driver do you plan to use? If you plan to use a JBL 2405 tweeter, then I'm assuming this is a 3-way project.
  11. Henry, Here are my Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps, fired up under the table. Not a very good pic under there... Bruce
  12. Sounds like you've gone to great lengths to set everything up according to Dolby recommendations, which is great. As for the upgrade path, the center speaker is your most important, so I'd go with the best center you can afford. If it's the RP450C, then great. Next I would look at a second sub (and as big as you can afford), so R-115/SPL-150 or any other 15+ inch sub that fits your budget. Unless you have seriously lacking bass, then you might consider going second sub first and then center. I don't have personal experience with your receiver, but it should be perfectly fine for these speakers. As a matter of interest, why aren't you interested in Dolby Atmos. I found Dolby Atmos to be an incredibly worthwhile upgrade to my system.
  13. Earlier in this thread I posed a link to a review from 1995 where it was measured at 94.3dB, which is below the listed spec of 100dB.
  14. That was fast, didn't even see the post. 😬 I like the look of aged Birch with a clear finish. Curious what these are like. Did someone here get them?
  15. Leave him alone. He's good for the used speaker market.
  16. Dude.... If you're looking for one, post a WTB thread here in the Garage Sale section. Shakes the tree and helps us hoarders let something go.
  17. Question of the day. Will Rockhound ever keep anything he buys for more than a year or so?
  18. The down side of motor run is size but the upside is they likely won't need to be replaced in our lifetime. I am restoring a Fisher X1000 and it has a few lytics but it is the only thing that fits so that is what I'll use the JJ are pretty good.
  19. I thought that is what the PS section looked like. Old school and it worked in the past so should work now. I have done the same thing on some of my builds years ago. Many say that way improves the sound. Using motor run caps, excellent quality film caps, instead of electrolytic's is always a good thing in my book.
  20. Thank you and billybob! Forgot to mention that I do not have Dynamic Volume, Dynamic EQ or anything like that turned on. It's only the MultEQ XT 32 at Reference mode. Crossovers are 80Hz all.
  21. C'mon, guys! For those of you that have done the research what did you come up with for the best of the latest discontinued (or discounted) Atmos AVRs?
  22. 1. The center speaker is supposed to be localized, its main job is to center voices on the screen. The 450C is an amazing center and will match perfectly with your other speakers. 2. I would start by adjusting the output level and see if that helps. Also, go in the menu of your receiver and turn off anything labeled Late Night Mode, Dynamic Sound, etc. 3. You have an awesome receiver. Spend some time getting everything set up with it.
  23. ZenAgain


    I agree and look what started it off, a political meme spread on Facebook that was not funny. Irony is a ***** sometimes and as I pointed out, those toilet paper memes weren't "Jokes"/funny, but designed to be passed on social media to denigrate an issue or make people look stupid. Fwiw, I like Jeff but if his first instinct is to find a RBG meme and post it on the Klipsch Forum I think that brings us full circle in agreeing it ain't funny. It also proves the point that it takes more effort responding to memes than it does to post them--THAT is the Social Media/Forum discussions weaponized propaganda strategy being used by the Russians and sources right here in the USA. EDIT: I apologize for not posting anything funny in this thread but Jeff invited me to participate I wanted to also give a conscientious response along with a *confused* LIKE to his observation. These are fun things to discuss possibly on another thread.
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