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  2. Cornwall IV or Chorus III, either/or, TWO 15" woofers and a K510 in the same (beautiful wood veneered) cabinet would set the record straight! Maybe a two piece grille, one covering the woofers and one for that big beautiful horn! Bi-wireable of course. The high frequencies would be at the right level too! I have yet to hear a single woofer speaker deliver the punch that only TWO woofers can deliver. These would be CerwinVega killers. I can't see anything holding a candle to them - literally - that flame would be blown out! And the clarity and definition would make a musicians jaw drop! I had CLSC 215's prior to my first pair of Cornwall's, and soon after CW2's. I sold the Vega's with no regrets. I could accept a little less bass from my Cornwall 2's, but I could not listen to the CV's after hearing the definition the Klipsch's give effortlessly. Nothing against all the other recent additions to the Klipsch line-up, but once agian, "there is no replacement for displacement!"
  3. I had 1/2 cup at 0615 @ work this morning. Nothing else all day and I do mean nothing; it was a long day. Now at ~1730 it's time for air conditioning, snack and something stronger than coffee (even more than that strange brew I made with gifted brewer this weekend JJB).
  4. Funny @oldtimer the public school system didn't even have chocolate milk here until about third grade, that's all we could get until about 10th grade. Then we could have what every southerner drank, iced tea. They probably made about a million milk addicts here!
  5. Man, you growin the hot ones!
  6. You have to laugh when he is selling a Gen 1 XPA-5 and asking $1400 used. The most he paid new was a grand
  7. Diz, this is a very profound thread you started. The philosophical conundrum with your proposal is simply this: If we are to ignore or otherwise not respond to posts comprised of ignorance, then the only posts remaining would all consist solely of ignorance.
  8. They would have had to be rebuilt top to bottom. By the time you were done they would have been essentially replicas. It reels the mind that they could be let go so badly.
  9. (ahem...)
  10. Lookin good.
  11. Thanks for everyone's input. I ordered the Cornwall III's. They shipped today. I picked the Cornwall's mainly due to the comments on the large size of room they are going in.
  12. @oldtimer, @CECAA850 Peppers finally starting to set some fruit....First is Trinidad Scorpions These are Carolina Reapers Lastly, Thai Dragons
  13. Here is an ad with a pair of RS-62ii for $500:
  14. Man, I hope so....
  15. Yep, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.....
  16. Richie still hasn't figured out how to write sarcasm in a manner that you actually know it's sarcasm.
  17. Just want to make sure, are we OK?
  18. Welcome here snocrazee guy. I've always hated the look of LaScalas's but those are really nice.
  19. You may as well - no one has shut you up to this point ---
  20. Need I say it?
  21. Isnt he though- always offering positive and meaningful input ---
  22. The cocktails will kick in soon.
  23. And the hot sauce too.
  24. That's what so great about this place.
  25. It's interfering with the Gold Cup final.
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