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  2. I suppose he had his reason for posting on the Sweetie project thread section instead of posting here. I am glad to see him back though and it looks like he is going to fulfill his obligations. Very talented guy.
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  4. I have all the parts to build this project. At least I hope so with shipping cost these days. Pictures of the PS section I finished yesterday as well.
  5. I have some DE10 tweeters with DaveA lenses I am going to try. I also have DE120 tweeters. Although I like the K77s that's what I am listening to now. I am using a CSW clone. I will try my ALK CSW-450 also. Rich
  6. That makes for a nice sub-centric respite from my Alice Cooper Saturday am! Reminiscent of the HU, with a different energy, thoughtful moral to the lyrics @EmilC
  7. That's a good one Duke. Finally sold mine and replaced with a Transcendent Sound "The Masterpiece".
  8. There are many on this site more educated, smarter and more talented than myself that I like to ask questions to learn more. I am just an old man that lives by himself with his dog that likes playing with electronics. It all started in my 20's when there were many electronic kits you could buy and assemble yourself. I once built a B&W television from a kit and it worked! Surprised me. At least it worked on VHF. My normal day is waking early with decafe and oatmeal then a walk around the neighborhood with my GF who lives down the street. Then if I feel like it and have no chores to do around the house to spend a few hours in the morning working on some electronic project of mine. Then lunch, nap and later listening to music or watching TV if I can find something that makes me happy. This is how I spend my retirement. Life is good. I started this thread for those that may have an interest themselves in the process of building a nice sounding amplifier at a low a cost as possible using good parts. It is not cheap being that good iron is expensive these days. Maynard designed this amplifier and him and I like the sound it makes. One will hear what Maynard and I like if they decide to build this amplifier. When you buy any good audio product whether electronics or speakers you are going to hear what a designer or team of designers have got together and decided this is what sounds good to them. At least you hope that is what is done and not something just thrown together for a price point to sell. It is really that simple. This design of Maynard's sounds as good as anything I have built in tone, vocals and soundstage. It makes decent bass for most but for those that like strong low bass put a dedicated piece of audio gear that makes good bass called a sub and you will have a system as good as I have heard lacking nothing. That is those that like the SET tube sound. No perfect pair of speakers or amplifier for everyone. I like it. Maybe it is that it uses a pair of NOS power tubes. Tubes made in that day were made by the giants of the electronic industry. The new production tubes are made by small companies for a limited market. Not like the era when tubes ruled.
  9. "Sorry Charlie" Beans that taste good Not beans with good taste!
  10. I still don't understand if, when I measure a full scale sine with a multimeter and look for 2.83 Vrms from an amp speaker output, leaving the volume knob as is, would that voltage change when fed to a loudspeaker? Also, I made a test once with a Yamaha RX-V381 powering a R-51M and a KL-650-THX, both brand new, and played the battlefield sequence of Tenet downmixed in stereo (LFE discarded). Consider that the Yamaha outputs a 100 Hz full scale sine at 2.83 Vrms at -22.3 from nominal 0 (according to a PeakTech 3441) and clips above -4.5 (22 Vrms) from nominal 0 when all 3 front channels are saturated with the same sine. During Tenet, the R-51M was -9.5 from nominal 0 and the KL-650-THX was at -11; all went well and the amp never shut off. After that test, I played a 500-2000 Hz -20 dBFS pink noise. The R-51M sounded clean up to nominal 0, which is ~94.5 dBA at 1 meter, the 650's tweeter crackled a lot already at -5. I wish I performed the pink noise test before Tenet, so I would know for certainty if the 650 was like that out of the box or if it got damaged by the amp during Tenet. What do you think is the most probable scenario? Thanks.
  11. It COULD be done, BUT: - higher quality parts might change the voicing too much and there's always a chance to make the speaker sound WORSE unless you really know what you're doing and are prepared for a lot of trial and error - definitely leave the original crossovers untouched and BUILD NEW ONES with improved parts. That way you 1) keep resale value intact and 2) have a reference to compare the sound.
  12. Very nice, I trust all this work will be worth it ? Back when I thought I could play guitar ( never really progressed beyond crunching chords ) I tried to replace and modify the bridge saddle on my Hohner Acoustic to lower the action. Kind of missed the mark on the E string, added a small piece of felt to bring it back up from buzzing. Thanks for showing what's really involved in proper tuning.
  13. You may want to try B&C DE10 tweeters with ME10 horns, and time-align them by recessing them a little. Works wonders for me - tweeters are super cheap but sound great (need some break in, tho, as they will sound too hot at first) which crossovers are you using?
  14. Um, what Beatles track has the dog barking outside the studio ?
  15. Man, I thought it was common courtesy to have your asking price 20% more than target, give a 10% discount just for showing up to buy on time, and another 10% if buyer wants to haggle more. You firm pricers take all the fun out of it. Lowballers should be shown the door as quickly as possible.
  16. This is nuts! This is probably cow bone although the advertisement didn’t actually specify 🤔 The gold box is a set of nut files recommended to me by my good friend Brad who is an amazing luthier and guitar tech(Brian Setzer, Prince, Sturgill Simpson, etc.) but is currently volunteering in the Ukraine helping to evacuate the elderly and infirm from areas under attack. the radius was matched to the bottom of the nut slot. Lots of sanding. Before and after showing how much bone was removed. And all fitted in place.
  17. For me it's the same-- if it's something I really want and price is fairly reasonable but as a general rule I'll haggle a bit. A lot of people just want to get rid of stuff and figure its worth taking a little less just to be done with it, move on with their lives and such you can usually tell the "shedders" from the "sellers."
  18. Pretty logical and prolly spot on. Just the way so many things happened back then.
  19. well , based on what we see so far with the K-5-J horn and the K-33 Jensen woofer and the EV T-35 tweeter , the Speakers would be made between April 1960 and May 1964 , how about you show us the midrange driver , is it the SAHF ?
  20. I'm not good at that, I Can never walk away after I find something I really want and I've taken the time to go try and negotiate. It usually goes something like this... seller is asking 100, I say I will give you 80, they say no, I say okay... 100.
  21. Eh, not in my 20s anymore. I had a guy show up at my house to buy a dirtbike and he tried to do the trick where he showed me the cash. I think that he should have known that I have seen $2500 before and will not get too excited. I told him that I assumed that if he drove in from out of town, he brought enough cash to buy the dirtbike.
  22. I surely am older than dirt! The best sound my fellow (10th grade) orchestra members and I ever heard, only to be beaten or equaled about 21 years later by a very, very few direct-to-disk/SME/Ortofon (light wt.) combinations, and very, very rarely equaled since by a few Blu-rays or SACDs, was a 22.5 ips. 6 channel, magnetic, recording of a 114 piece orchestra in 1957, that turned those few of us who were not yet audiophiles into them, instantly, Alakazam! As a fairly large group of us were leaving the theater (yes it was a film) we realized we could not walk out on the ultra-dynamic exit music, so we went down near the screen and found that it still sounded great, even through the damn curtains! The vinyl was horrible. We EQd it 6 ways for Sunday, but played it over and over anyway. 45, or so, years later, the DVD was passable with tender, loving EQ. In those days, for 70mm, there were 5 big speaker systems behind the screen, and a 6th channel, with signal tones guiding its surround sound to left, right, rear or all off-screen speakers. The film in question was the original version of Around the World in 80 days, in 70mm Todd-AO, gloriously before the X-Curve, with the sound custom set up in each 70mm theater, the goal being flat from typical seats, beginning to roll off at 12K Hz or so, which was the upper limit of both JBL and Altec theater speakers in those days; the magnetic tracks extended to 15K Hz a la Ampex professional tape machines then, and Ampex was hired to design Todd-AO sound. The original sound elements, in 6 channel, were recorded of full coat 35mm magnetic film (with a 24mm wide magnetic surface (.9449"), providing a wider surface for each track than 1/2 track 1/4" tape, and later transferred to the magnetic tracks on the film shown below. 80 Days played well into its 2nd year in San Francisco. When it finally came out in 35mm mono optical, it was unrecognizable.
  23. Shakey, it is hard to disagree with you. Once again you have demonstrated your insight and brilliance !
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