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  2. Regardless, the new owner has to receive them personally at the SWAG.
  3. I'll arm wrestle for it. I can't compete with all you deep pocket guys in a bidding war. We could go by who needs them the most, but the list of characters I've seen so far - none of us "need" more speakers.
  4. No one can blame her for taking the money and shutting up about it. From what I read, it was not consensual sex. I have no axe to grind. I feel very sorry for everyone's losses.
  5. } This has great possibilities - LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE — LET THE BIDDING BEGIN — 🤑
  6. https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Drivers/product_details/index.php?id=502010305 https://audioxpress.com/news/faitalpro-announces-two-new-hf-compression-drivers-with-improved-performance-and-reduced-weight Has anyone used or heard this driver? I'd like to know how it sounds, how it compared to the previous driver if it was a replacement, especially if you replaced a stock Klipsch driver. It sounds like it might be a possible upgrade to the k-100-k in the KLF-10: It has the same crossover frequency, is more efficient, has a larger diaphragm, and Faital has a good rep. I have the titanium diaphragms, but even they start to break up at louder volumes and could use more high frequency extension. I submit to the forum's experience and expertise.
  7. } Oh ye of little faith. I’ve already got the car warming up —
  8. The crazy thing with Redbox is I can rent a blu ray disc at one for their kiosks for $2, yet to stream the same (using my bandwidth to boot) is $4. They know exactly what they are doing, charging double for convenience. I have done both but mostly pick up a disc when out and about. There are two kiosks < a mile from my house. And the AV quality is better utilizing the physical disc imo.
  9. Welkom. Goede informatie hier
  10. I have first dibs after Richie. If he backs out, you are detouring to StL on you way down (dont trust they would make it back)! Rockhound has more speakers than he knows what to do with and he was seen sniffing around the MWM post in the garage sale section. So he's out too. It's Richie, then me, then.......nobody cares who! 😉
  11. Yea, if I was in the market for Palladium floor standers, I'd but them. Merlot is so pretty. I stumbled on a pair of local one owner mint condition JBL L250TIs for my music room. I wanted those for 37 years. If not, I'd get the P39s. Just nowhere to put them. I will probably regret passing on these at some point in the future.
  12. Actually there is alot in this post! An extra supply of make-up water may be covering for a tank leak, or, may have been supplied for a system which was unused for long periods of time (previously), or it was found that bacteriological action was much better with more water-than-it-was-getting, or? Also in this post is a subtle hint of cut off the extra water and see what happens. Like observe carefully over the next 60 days. Then go with the newly found information.
  13. No pets here but I used to walk around with a swiffer in each hand it seemed. I gave up.....a long time ago.
  14. Today
  15. The way I look at it....even if I lost a little bit of sound quality, I more than made up for it in practicality and comfort. My home looks much more modern with one large room instead of two smaller ones, and being open into the kitchen makes it seem even bigger. I bought laminated flooring and installed it myself, I actually did all the work myself. My living room now is 28'x24'. I even built the wood mantle on top of a new cultured stone fireplace front.
  16. Both of those systems are beautiful, and just my style! Great work combining sound with aesthetics!
  17. Since they will be in my truck, if Rich gets cold feet, @rockhound aka the dragon, will outbid you. LMFAO. I'm glad that I didn't see all of this prior to the deal, they are such a unique looking pair that they wouldn't have left Ohio. One more version of the Heresy to play at SWAG.
  18. How much water is going into the septic? Does it appear to be a deliberate situation or perhaps accidental (like a severed line)? Fresh water supply to septic, hummmm. Local (to me) building codes required a fresh water supply to each standing waste trap on water heaters so the PTraps wouldn't dry out and allow backdraft of sewer gasses into the dwelling. While this doesn't seem to apply in your case there could be some other reason if it was done deliberately....hummmmm. Keep us posted. This may be a legitimate "repair" or may be a half-assed attempt at fixing an underlying problem. I wonder if the drainfield had dried out in the past and needed a continuous flow? how are the neighbors doing with drainfield dessication? It doesn't seem to me that it would be a problem if the thing dried up but who knows? If it were a deliberate introduction of water there was a reason for it and perhaps a better fix (as this one does sound second-rate). Are there any as-builts or permitting records?
  19. I have an ATI AT1505 with four solid channels that I'll let go for $400. Where are you located?
  20. DizRotus

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    I’m sure she would trade the ring for her daughter, Gianna, if only that were possible.
  21. More to come...... A beautiful pair of "Golden Era" Heresy Decorators with the Alnico drivers. 500.00
  22. No reply, so I'm sure it's spam. Thank you for looking out. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  23. I use a pair of Crown XLS1000s for sound reinforcement work. As far as I can tell they are quiet with horn loaded mains. Even the XLS1502 is in your price range. Where are you? I also have a Crown CT-810 that is a beast and weighs ~50 pounds. Pretty sure it is Class AB. 295 wpc. 105 dB S/N rating. I'll let it go really cheap, but shipping might be $100.
  24. There are few speakers that really interest me as far as purchasing goes. These however I believe I would have to have. I'll be at the SWAG if Richie gets cold feet. Put me down as an alternate.
  25. Items from all over will be in Hope the first weekend in April. This is a great opportunity to deliver or receive gear with no chance of transportation damage.
  26. Funny turn in this old thread. I have La Scalas and was going to port mod, then got a deal on two table tubas and will use one with the La Scalas. Looks like most agree that is the way to go. Table tuba has a big footprint. 30 x 30 x 16 per the website. https://billfitzmaurice.info/TT.html Mine are 36 x 36 x 24. La Scala is about 24" x 24", so I think you want a sub that is 24 x 24 x 12" high or maybe 16" high. Here is a Bill Fitzmaurice design that will fit, the bigger one is 20 x 22 x 15. https://billfitzmaurice.info/AutoTruckTuba.html You can also post in the subwoofer section. I think this was done with Belles before.
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