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  2. You've had the RF-7 III's? I've had the originals and the twos just curious about the threes.
  3. I had 7s Quickly sold them for KLF 30 They just did not sound right to me. Low output also
  4. https://www.discogs.com/release/23262110-Dream-Theater-Falling-Into-Infinity-Demos-1996-1997
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  6. I have it running La Scala AL5’s and now that it’s at about 25 hrs the unit is really settling down, at first I had to turn the Treble down and the bass up a bit using the tone controls, last night I zeroed out the treble and reduced the bass. I had read prior to purchasing that the A-S3200 takes about 50 hrs to break in and it’s seems to be following that. The one thing I really like about the A-S3200 is how quiet the noise floor is (the La Scala’s pick up everything) compared to my tube gear. At max vol with nothing playing I can’t hear anything from the tweeter with my ear against the gril. My tube amps, well that’s another story. I have Rythmik Audio 15” subs also attached to the preout and it drives them very well, just waiting on the heritage sub release to finish my speaker end game (and upgrade the La Scala’s once Chief releases the upgrade kit)
  7. This was part of the earlier. Love his altitude! & he' got lots of good music out there.
  8. So, I just got a pair of Stark Sound's SW15 and trying to set it up. Trying to narrow down the XO on the sub. Started with 80hz and now at 65hz. So far, because the Klipsch Chorus II are so efficient, I have the sub's volume up to 3 o'clock, 5 being loudest and 7 being all the way down. Still it provides very little output at listening levels. What are you guy's XO point on your subs in relation with the C2s? Are you using software to help tune in the sub or just by ear? Thanks!
  9. Agree! I wasn't asking about pricing, had already researched and understand the market of all things audio and have for years. It only takes one person to fall in love... And I'm already in love, just don't have room. If you all knew who I bought these with, you would get it. He was probably one of the most educated buyers of audio equipment I have ever heard of. YEARS ago. so... judgement here means nothing since you all are no Klipsch fans from back in the day is the only thing I can imagine would make people be so dumb about commenting on pricing. Vintage matters. Sound matters. Analog is not digital crap you younger people are being sold these days. I lived audio my entire life, I should know. Signed and old gal.
  10. Beautiful day, feelin' Minnesota though. Been through a lot already on that yt you have to babysit now... too many commercials for it to be worth a damn!!!!!!!!! Except for stuff like this: John Mayer doing his part in tribute to Jerry!
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325543548247 I pulled value from here and a few others. Obviously I won't get full price, but you start with what makes sense and is out there on the market and has people watching it. Quite a few. These haven't been played in years, little wear and tear and are just plain beautiful in person. So, they are unique and I'm in no rush to sell. I sold a 4k (price in Japan) Hawaiian shirt for $800. It sold in 4 minutes on Ebay. I learned my lesson about underpricing. The price reflects realistic pricing that is currently on the market and that's my business anyway... A local saves over 250 in shipping. These will sell and you can all eat this old ladies hat when they do. have a good day gents and ladies!!!!
  12. What are you using to power your 396's? I'm considering putting mine back together to try them out with my new Carver 285 amplifier thinking it may open them up a bit over the 275 I was running before. The 396's were probably the hardest Klipsch speakers I've owned to drive my little Carver VTA-20 was not up to task at all and it ran my Chorus II's fairly well.
  13. Welcome @LikelyLagging Almost any new or used, refurbished receiver, open box, or cheap one with A/B speaker connection, read 4 speaker capable. Take your pick off market, even an AVR. Forget the watts thing and ohms thing. Find one local and run it by us. Don't forget the remote if available. Coffee time...as others may have some advice, or more. ☕
  14. 600-mile round trip. Wouldn't it cost a lot less to drive there and get them than to ship them? The risk of damage should be less too.
  15. Selling a brand new 2003 NAD C372 150Wpc Stereo Integrated Amplifier. It's brand new in the original box. Never used. $1,000 Would prefer local pick-up but would consider shipping. I am in the Fresno, CA area. CL link below has additional photos. 2003 NAD C372 150Wpc Stereo Integrated Amplifier NIB! - electronics - by owner - sale - craigslist
  16. I am not disagreeing with anyone's observation about the price. For the most part, most here seemed to be a cut above the norm who are on FB. I hate to see this place to sink any lower than it has in the past few years.
  17. Any ideas how to ship a pair La Scala from Phoenix to Vegas?
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